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Best RV 5th Wheel Hitches 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

    B&W Trailer Hitches Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch - RVK3500
    • Fully articulating head allows front to back and side to side pivoting.

    B&W is a reliable fifth wheel hitches brand that has been around for some time, providing premium hitch to fifth-wheel owners looking for a durable and powerful hitch. The RV K3500 is a premium product designed and manufactured to eliminate neglect and give you a smooth towing experience. The B&W Companion Fifth Wheel represents premium quality and versatility that you would expect with the options at this price point. While there is nothing to ignore the issue of price, the partner places a lot of value on the lack of budget options. Outside of the quality construction, the highlight of this hitchhiking is the fully articulated head that adjusts front-to-back and side-to-side. This hitch also sports a vertical adjustment range between 16.25 and 18.25 inches. For easy and quick use this model can be combined with a mounting system under the turnbuckle bed. This fifth wheel adapter can give you the opportunity to experience the fastest but without sacrificing tuning strength, reliability and strength.

    When it comes to tying heavy trailers or other burdens, the clearly articulated head makes the fifth wheel hitches quite versatile. Improves driving quality and safety, allowing the head to rotate the hitch connection when traveling in rough areas. The included instructions are fairly easy to follow, especially during the assembly session before you can install HT on the track bed. This vulnerability is removed in two separate packages. Installation on a well-equipped truck takes only a few minutes, but there are benefits to considering the weight of the fifth wheel hitches from a second pair of hands-on or professional installations. Considering the solid construction, it is a little difficult to move around the locking bar to place it for assembly. If you are new to the fifth wheel hitch, it is a good idea to install it professionally for the first time.

    The single wheel hitch that is preferred by many parties and can still buy the 5th Wheel Hitch Money is the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch Many people who buy wheel pin do so not because of a Gossenk trailer, but because they use the adapter aspect of that entity. Do what you want to do. Its activities are carried out by B and W rotation force sub-assembly systems, which are installed in a total of ten minutes.When shopping for the best fifth wheel hitch for short bed trucks, long bed trucks or standard trucks, you should not miss out, but check out the RV 3500 at once. Based on the many reviews we’ve received, users have reported that B&W Companion is one of the best wheel trailer hitch they can buy for money. While it is easy to install and remove, its manufacturer has not abandoned the reliability and ragged performance of the 5th wheel Hitch. I would also like to note that this model with a highly articulated bed allows it to rotate comfortably in any direction with I have noticed that it can rotate side by side very easily without any problems.

    When comparing with different products, we also need to check the easy release function, which is especially effective for parking and towels on an on-level site. The RVK 3500 is made with a cam lock handle for quick and easy release and this is one of its great features. This product also includes polyurethane bushings that provide a silent, rattle-free towing experience, things we should consider when buying a companion 5th wheel hitch. If you need a functional and reliable 5th Wheel Hitch then B&W 5th Wheel is a great choice for you. Its design is special and it is very much liked by the users. This allows you to connect or connect it to your fifth-wheel receiver, often in a toad preparation kit. This unit can propagate first jaw and pivot communication using its double jaw. Easily release your hitchs using its cam handle integrated into the hitch.

    B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 is the Best 5th Wheel Hitch in 2023

    CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

    CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch, 16,000 lbs
    • DUAL-PIVOT HEAD. This CURT 5th wheel hitch features a dual-pivoting head that provides 10 degrees of lateral movement to promote smooth, stable towing

    Known for its high-quality build quality, Curt’s E16 black fifth-wheel gooseneck hitch is no exception when it comes to durability. Rated for 16,000 pounds (gross trailer weight) and 5,000 pounds (vertical load weight), the E16 is designed to simplify the installation process while saving customers hundreds of dollars on more than 1,000 options. This hitchhike is designed to work with public rail. The hitch design not only encourages easy assembly (using industry standard legs that lock on base rails), but also emphasizes quiet and reliable operation. The dual pivot head provides about 10 degrees of lateral movement for uneven surfaces and terrain. There is also an auto lock that shuts off when everything is connected. In the absence of base rails, this hitch is primarily sold as a solution to existing railroad trucks, but base rails are available from Curt.

    One of the main features of the Curt is its double swivel head, which gives us X10 degrees lateral movement for a stable and smooth towel. So, if you want a less complex experience when making the fifth wheel, you can consider this kind of feature. Additionally, this model comes with a self-locking coupler to make the welding process faster and safer. This is a necessary consideration to avoid the hassle and unnecessary movement of the fifth wheel. So in the case of a smooth ride, it is a reliable choice compared to others in the market. By choosing this 5th Wheel Hitch, you can reduce the combing and run to its meeting place. What makes this possible is the anti-knock protection plate that comes with the design.

    It is extremely easy to install. It comes with a set of standard fifth wheel brackets that cover the fifth wheel rails and brackets ready to be mounted on your bed of the truck. Also, its versatile design means you can mount it on top of any industry standard track. It is compatible with a variety of mounting options, including the legs and rollers of the OM washer system, industry standard base rails or Gusek adapters. For safety reasons, you’ll be happy to know that it goes through an internal testing center to make sure it matches all quality tests. It is also covered by a five-year limited warranty.The main downside of this hitch is that the shipping process is more than an incomplete kit. There have been many reports of unreliable shipping, with many boxes damaged. This barrier only becomes fine, but we recommend checking the integrity of welds, bolts and individual parts (such as legs) before mounting the base rails for the first time. If you see any damage, it is better to return it for replacement or any other model.

    One of its best-selling features is Hall’s coupling head which helps promote a smooth, stable and quiet ride. In fact, the head of the double axis allows lateral movement until 10 late, thus turning the trailer. Working with just one handle, the fifth wheel hinge locks automatically, which makes the hitch process easier and safer. However it would have been better if the release handle had a lock and unlock mark. In addition, it has four height adjustment positions that allow it to adapt to different truck bed heights. You can expect a quiet ride thanks to the anti-knock design protection plate and rubber bumper. It is only available in 1,000,000 towing capacity. You can run it for a long time with durable carbide powder to protect it from the components.

    The best fifth wheel HT should be easy to use, right? This 5th Wheel Hitches is user friendly and it is designed to provide a 5th wheel option for the customer working on a budget. Overall, it’s a favorite so far for its great features that give it the possibility of running the most slowly and towing. It offers the best value for money for its performance and durable components you need.

    CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch is the Best 5th Wheel Hitch in 2023

    Andersen Hitches 3220 5th Wheel Connection

    ANDERSEN HITCHES | Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection | Aluminum Gooseneck Mount Trailer Hitch Adapter | Towing Accessories | ONE Person Install or Removal in Less Than 5 Minutes! | 3220
    • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, the Ultimate Connection base weighs only 35 lbs making safe install and removal a breeze for one person in less than one minute! Although it's lightweight, this hitch is Rated at 24,000 lbs GTWR and 4,500 lbs tongue weight.

    The Anderson Hitch 3220 is reliable and easy to install. For RV owners who don’t want to spend so much time installing and uninstalling HT, they go for the 3220 So don’t think twice but go for this model. The main reason for choosing such an entity is the low weight nature. Low weight means less hassle for users in the process of installing, attaching or removing H wheels from your truck. This hitch has been created as a more regular and powerful thanks to the more summer-free couple. This feature makes a good impression on users and is very effective. It’s designed to work with most standard brands of gooseneck hitches.

    Anderson 3220 has three settings that help you adjust its height to suit your needs. Height includes low, middle and high positions. Adjustment function, as well as the grease-free coupler of this wheel hiccup, make sure that during use, this unit will not stain your hands with dirt and other dirty objects. After purchase, you only need to spend five minutes for installation, then you can realize the full potential of this wheel. It is a durable and highly compatible fifth wheel hiccup that cannot be compared to any other hiccup available on the market today.

    This industry leader in fifth wheels is designed for short bed trucks. It works well with all standard brand Guzenek fasteners. If you attach this hitch without any frustration or chatter, you can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride. Also, it has three height adjustments so you can adjust your vehicle properly. Also, it has a patented remote launch / unlock cable that connects directly to the pinbox. Another useful feature is the connecting safety chain which acts as a safety mechanism to connect the 5th wheel to the masonry vehicle. It features a funnel coupler that connects the pivot coupler assembly.

    This 5th Wheel Hitch weighs only 35 pounds, which helps you avoid it easily and quickly compared to other hits. In this case, you can simply leave this barrier during towing and then remove it to get some space in your truck when needed. Also, the fifth wheel is rigid and comes with a grease-free coupler that adjusts it and adds its strength. Speaking of power, the product weighs 4,500 pounds and is rated at 24,000 pounds GTWR. I also noticed that we were able to adjust it to three heights, 19 1/8 inches at the top (measured from the platform of the truck to the top of the gooseneck ball stand). What’s more, it has a bullet mounted inside the grease-free coupler, which means no litter-free riding experience in contrast to what is spread on the market today. Since it features patented ball funnels it is easy to plug in – a simple full installation so takes less than five minutes – and can be performed by one person.

    The base weighs only 35 pounds. As a result, it eliminates the common hassles associated with installing your fifth wheel fastener to your truck bed. Also, it can be removed and installed in less than a minute. Anderson Hitchcock knows that different towering vehicles require different fifth-wheel trailer hits. As a result, it is available in a variety of sizes to give your car a perfect fit. However, note that once installed, this protection itself completely covers the entire bracket, leaving no room for mounting the safety chain anchors. If you need to reinforce with a safety chain, you can simply buy a connecting safety chain plate.

    On the other hand, it is more expensive than other choices in the market. Overall, however, the 5th Wheel Hitches are best for short beds, long beds, and standard bed trucks and versatility in terms of ease of use and installation. If you are looking for the smoothest ride in the neighborhood then this is for you too. This hitch is the lightest and most affordable way to attach your fifth wheel trailer to your car. For this reason, it is considered to be the best fifth wheel hiccup on the market – and why it is our top pick.

    Andersen Hitches 3220 5th Wheel Connection is the Best 5th Wheel Hitch in 2023

    Reese 30142 Elite Series 18K Fifth Wheel Hitch

    Reese Elite 30142 Fifth Wheel 18000 lb Load Capacity and 90 Degree Fifth Wheel Adapter Harness (#5097410)
    • 18,000 lbs. Capacity / 4,500 lbs. Pin weight capacity with 14" to 18" vertical and 4" side to side adjustment

    The Reese 30142 Elite Series is preassembled and has a weight rating of up to 18,000 pounds. This makes it a very good option for towing slightly lighter fifth wheel trailers and RVs with a short bed truck. It has an extended length lock handle with a special quick lock mounting system for a tighter fit. The Elite Series has a heavy duty stamped round head with a 4-way swivel head and a 9-inch wide funnel area that leads to the King Pin.

    Considering this durable steel material, I doubt that I will need to purchase another hitch for years to come. This product fits perfectly with what is called a long-term investment and is confirmed by the myriad of reviews indicating how surprised they have been by its longevity. And while the 18,000-pound towing capacity isn’t the greatest, there’s nothing to sneeze at; in fact, I am assuming many of your readings have a trailer that weighs 18,000 pounds or less. If you are one of those people, you could do something much worse than this problem.

    It has a single high-strength forged jaw that maximizes contact with the King Pin to keep it firmly in place. Just keep in mind that this fifth wheel hitch is not designed to work with flare trucks or steps or trucks with tool boxes built into the side walls. Reese also paid attention to convenient installation when designing the 30142 Elite series. Since it is pre-assembled, installation time is reduced by about 60 minutes. Many fasteners are simply hand-tightened and you only need to install flexible tongue washers and tighten them securely with a wrench, which are even included in the purchase. They even set out to make the instructions easy to read.

    Guide to Buying the Best 5th Wheel Hitch


    Basically the fifth wheel hits are of two types automatic and manual. For the latter you need to physically pull a lever to get out of your truck and snatch your hitch from the slides. The RV should then slowly move your track forward to get behind the back of your truck bed. Some models will lock automatically after full deployment, others do not. Automatic fifth wheel hits, on the other hand, require no action on your part. Once you turn your truck more than 10 degrees, the lake head automatically slides to the back of your truck’s bed as the head turns. There are two main types of fifth wheel hits that should be familiar with each trailer when purchasing this product.

    Fixed wheel hitch model

    The performance of this companion 5th wheel hitch largely depends on the overall quality of the purchased hiccups. There are two types available; Others with a single jaw and double jaw system. The single jaw mechanism tends to be more affordable than models that use dual jaw systems. This model, however, has one major problem; Its limited turning radius.

    Sliding wheel hitch model

    The second main group is the most flexible option available, as it is able to rotate more than 90 degrees, making the technique easier. Like the previous model, this model also comes in two variants; As the name implies, manual and automatic cursors, their operations are carried out manually or using some automation.

    Weight Capacity

    The weight capacity of the fifth wheel hiccups is one of the few things to consider when looking for high quality hiccups. You should be able to carry any trailer of your chosen HC. If your frustrations have the potential to weigh less, they can break during use, which can lead to fatal traffic accidents. Think of the future in five years when you test the weight capacity of any wheel heater. If you have a large trailer, you may want to go with an HC with a capacity of 20,000 pounds.

    The maximum weight is another obvious but very important statistic. It represents the maximum weight that you can safely cut. If the weight of your trailer exceeds the weight of the maximum hitch load, you need to choose a more powerful model. While Max Weight measures the weight of the weight that the dam can support vertically horizontally, the tongue weight measures the vertical weight capacity. In other words, it can support the maximum amount of weight downwards from your underdog trailer boom. As a general rule, this number should not be more than 10% of the combined total weight rating of your vehicle.

    Simultaneously with the balance of the towel on the truck itself, it is important to consider the weight capacity of the hitch. Premium hitches can have a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs for larger trailers. There is the presence of smaller power but it may limit the usefulness of the fifth wheel hiccup above the heavy duty ball in terms of quality capability.

    Pivoting System

    The head of the fifth wheel hiccup where the trailer slides and connects to the HC, makes a secure connection during towing. A clear head is recommended so that it can rotate in rough areas with the trailer. Some heads use a two-way swivel mechanism that twists along the axis. One of the more expensive options is a four-way pivot head that connects to two axes for more durability. A self-aligning head with height adjustment is also helpful to get the right connection. Choosing a hitch with a pivot feature allows you to enjoy more flexibility on the road. The most common system used by many wheel hitches is the 2-pivot system, which lets your travel trailers move forward.


    Hitches can be worn, eroded, broken, chipped or scratched. And besides, you may need to separate the tools to get a closer look. Weighing one ton in weight, the hitches are usually very stiff and have strong bearings and bolts. Look for strong and firm hitches that can be easily removed at will. Look for exposed bolts and bearings that are easily accessible, pivot arms that have clamps or levers can loosen, and locks that do not return immediately. They are made of metal and have strong, tight bolts and bearings but can be corrosive, worn out, chipped, cracked and broken. You should find a strong and resilient barrier that can be quickly and easily removed. Also, you can look for one that is easy to reach with swivel arms that can release the lever and clamps and it gets locked and can be undone instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Do I need a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

    For many reasons. On the one hand it is necessary to ensure the protection of your uneven surface even the fifth wheel. This allows you to ensure that you can cut smoothly and safely. Using the right fifth wheel HT, you can easily move your fifth wheel from one position to another. For this reason, you need a fifth wheel with high quality, durability and durability. Depending on the list we present here you can start choosing the right product.

    How do I install a fifth wheel hitch?

    Installing a hitch can be a DIY process, although professional installation is recommended if you do not have experience in automotive work. Even the best, best-designed and powerful Hitch cannot perform well if installed incorrectly. Most hitches require basic equipment for installation, but some may require drilling and alterations to your truck bed. Since these models can be quite heavy, it is always helpful to help the hands during installation.

    Usually the models come with detailed instructions but the installation easily depends on your equipment experience and efficiency with power tools. The internet is also a valuable resource and if you are stuck there are lots of great tutorial videos on YouTube. It is best to exercise caution when installing a hitch. If you are not completely confident about your equipment or skills, it is best to consult a mechanic, leaving the care to professionals.

    How to maintain a fifth wheel hitch?

    Your hitch is a very important part of your setup, as it is the contact point between your vehicle and the trailer. Hitch failure can have extremely dangerous consequences, so it is essential that you be vigilant when serving and maintaining your hitch. Surveillance is the key here and you should do a visual inspection of your gear before each trip. Inspect your hitch regularly for any signs of wear and damage. If you think something is wrong, be sure to contact the manufacturer or a certified mechanic.

    Hitches suffer from a lot of stress in their daily use and improper installation can lead to errors. If your hitch is off-center, for example, weight distribution will be disabled and wear may occur on your equipment. Proper installation is an important prerequisite for a flawless hitch. Reading and understanding the user manual will help you understand how to best maintain your product. Friction is the enemy of sliding hitches, so most models will need occasional lubrication to make sure everything is running smoothly. The two main areas to focus on are the nails that grip your bird’s kingpin and the rails that slide the hitch.

    Cleanliness is especially important when serving your hitch, and regular thorough cleaning will extend the life of the product. If the bed of your truck is dirty, wrinkled and dusty, it can act like sandpaper when your child is walking or under tension. No special cleaning is required for hitches, just wash it like any other part of your car.