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Best RV Tire Covers 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 27"-30" Diameter, 8.75 Tire Width, White
    Amfor Tire Covers Set of 4, Waterproof Anti-UV Sun Snow Rain Tire Covers for Trailers, RV, Camper, SUV, Truck, Fits 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter
    Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)
    Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 27"-30" Diameter, 8.75 Tire Width, White
    Amfor Tire Covers Set of 4, Waterproof Anti-UV Sun Snow Rain Tire Covers for Trailers, RV, Camper, SUV, Truck, Fits 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter
    Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)
    Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 27"-30" Diameter, 8.75 Tire Width, White
    Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 27"-30" Diameter, 8.75 Tire Width, White
    Amfor Tire Covers Set of 4, Waterproof Anti-UV Sun Snow Rain Tire Covers for Trailers, RV, Camper, SUV, Truck, Fits 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter
    Amfor Tire Covers Set of 4, Waterproof Anti-UV Sun Snow Rain Tire Covers for Trailers, RV, Camper, SUV, Truck, Fits 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter
    Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)
    Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)

    Camco RV Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector

    Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)
    • Protects Your RV Tires and Wheels: Helps protect your RV tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and weather while your vehicle is parked

    If you’re looking for Best RV Tire Covers in 2023, consider the Camco Vinyl RV Wheel Cover. This tire protector is corrosion resistant and helps prevent mold. The buckle and strap design makes this RV tire cover very easy to install with little effort. Camco vinyl protectors are available at a great price. These are lightweight tire covers with waterproof material. Camco covers are the perfect fit. They are also available in three different colors: gray, white and black.

    Camco is one of the best rv tire cover brands and it offers a great quality option that will fit tires from dust, rain and snow and all kinds of outdoor elements damage. This wheel cover comes in two sets and is suitable for tires from 24 inches to 42 inches – a wide range to fit any product on our list. Users prefer the bark and strap features, which allow to keep the covers and these are not easy. Overall, the reviewers are very happy with these tire covers and find them to protect their wheels well. You can buy Camco wheel trims in three colors.

    If you are looking for a cover that can fit about 30-32 inch tires then this is a suitable choice. Plastic material is very durable and guaranteed to be strong, which makes it durable. The material also works on your RV wheels and wheels to protect the tires from corrosion, dirt and sun. It also provides protection against harsh weather when you park your car. You will also like the compact nature of this wheel and tire protector as it means you can easily use and store it. The buckle and strap design used in this wheel and tire protector also makes the cover easy to install and remove. You can also choose the flexibility of the material, which still does not compromise with its strength and durability. It comes with an adjustable strap, which you can use to tighten the cover while snaping around the tire. It comes with a guarantee that it is able to provide your tires with the protection they need against aggressive elements.

    However, sun protection is not as effective as with other tire covers. This is a crucial factor to consider. The reason is that Camco covers are made of light and soft materials. However, if you are not going to use them for a long time, Camco Tire Protector will be the right choice.

    Camco RV Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector is the Best RV Tire Covers

    Classic Accessories RV Deluxe Wheel Cover

    If you are looking for motorhome tire covers in class, you can never go wrong if you choose this popular and unique wheel cover from the classic accessories. It is ideal for tires with a diameter of about 26.75 inches to 29 inches. It can also cover tires up to 8 inches and 8 inches. This wheel cover is so good about it that it seems to fit with almost all types of vehicles with RVs, trailers and 5-wheels. Some tire cover buyers are often confused when comparing vinyl and canvas tire covers but you can easily decide if you can learn more about this product from the classic accessories.

    This is mainly because it is made of solid and solid material, which can be easily cleaned. This material also has a soft, scratched black back that protects your tires from harmful ultraviolet rays, rust and dirt. Assuring that it is equipped with an elasticated back panel also encourages a more secure fit. A few rear grommets have been created on each cover, making it easier to attach the bottom flap, promoting a cleaner, cleaner look.

    This RV tire protector tops our list for value for money. Classic Accessories is known for being a brand that offers premium materials at a fair price. In this case, OverDrive is no exception. This heavy-duty vinyl RV tire cover has three colors to choose from: Black, Gray, and White. This RV tire cover is waterproof to protect your tires from the rain. There are several sizes available for each type of RV tire. The OverDrive model is ideal for protecting your tires from sun damage because they are made from a heavy duty vinyl material.

    However, these RV tire covers come with some drawbacks. While there are many sizes to choose from, they tend to be very baggy, so they don’t have the best fit. They only come in sets of two, so you will need to purchase two packages to cover all four tires.

    Classic Accessories RV Deluxe Wheel Cover is the Best Tire Covers for RV

    TCP Global Set of 4 Oxford Waterproof Canvas Wheel Tire Covers for RV

    This is actually one of the widest ranges on our entire list. This aspect means that these covers should work on many vehicles such as trailers, RVs, trucks, RVs, or even jeeps. So this is one of the most versatile options that we will look at. But its versatility is not the only selling point of these blankets. These covers are also made from waterproof and weather resistant materials that withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This aspect was one of the ones that people swear by in customer reviews. It should also be noted that these blankets have excellent wind resistance ability. This is an essential function, as it will ensure that your blankets do not fade in high winds. These covers also feature an inner trim with a nylon ribbon bow to help you do this too.

    The canvas material used to make this cover that it works well to protect your wheels and tires from potential damage from dirt, rust and sun when you park your RV. It’s also breathable, which means the tires and wheels won’t be too tight inside the cover. This coverage is also expected to work for a number of applications, including RVs, automobiles, cars, trucks, trailers and RVs. It can fit with tire diameters from about 31 inches to 39 inches. The cover is also suitable for 9 inch deep wide wheels and tires. It comes with a thread wrapping rod, sewing it also ensures that it fits the wheels. It also has a thread tension holder, which uses one of the simplest RV tire covers considering you can attach it and turn it off quickly. Also, it works effectively if you need some air blocking.

    You also shouldn’t sleep on the durability of these tire covers. This can be added to flannel lined vinyl. This material will ensure that these products protect your tires for years. Honestly, most other RV tire covers struggle to offer that kind of longevity. The cleaning process is another one that has received consistent praise in guest reviews. Just use a damp cloth and wipe off any dirt or grime. The installation process is also not overly complicated and shouldn’t take a lot of effort or time on your part.

    TCP Global is the Best Campervan Tire Covers

    AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers

    Amfor Tire Covers Set of 4, Waterproof Anti-UV Sun Snow Rain Tire Covers for Trailers, RV, Camper, SUV, Truck, Fits 27-29 Inch Tire Diameter
    • ★ Premium Material: Amfor rv tire covers Constructed with a 4-layered heavy-duty aluminum material: PE&PEVA for waterproofing against rain and snow; high-reflective aluminum for sun protection; and a soft cotton lining for durability, safeguarding tires in all extreme conditions.

    Amfor aluminum film tire protectors are one of the best options to protect your tires from sun damage. They come with an aluminum outer shell that provides protection against UV rays and water damage. This material provides a corrosion resistant surface that will further protect your tires. The premium version also comes with a cotton wool lining to ensure the effectiveness of the tire covers and provides a breathable surface. These protectors come in a set of four tire covers, which is great since not all brands offer this type of packaging. The AmFor hubcaps also come with sturdy elastic bands so that the covers adhere to the tires and are not easily moved by the wind.

    It is a versatile product as it is compatible with various applications including RVs, cars, trucks, RVs, and trailers. It is also suitable for tire diameters between 27 and 29 inches in diameter. You can also be sure that this product is fully functional as it effectively protects your wheels and tires from a number of potential damages caused by harmful elements, including UV rays, corrosion, rust, dirt and weather conditions. adverse. Another problem that these covers will easily solve with use is UV damage. Therefore, your tires won’t start chipping or cracking when these products are used regularly. Simple installation and removal processes don’t hurt either.

    These products also do not require cleaning efforts, which can be a problem with other models. This is another way that these blankets seem to separate from the pack in this market. In fact, customers seem to really like this look when I looked at the reviews for these RV tire covers. You don’t have to worry about buying another set either, as this option comes in a four-pack. Any RV owner in a windy area should consider purchasing AmFor tire covers. These products are very wind resistant and will remain suitable for your tires regardless of wind speed. It offers the assurance that your tire covers will never blow out or get lost.

    However, one of the biggest disadvantages of these wheel covers is that they are more expensive than other normal tire protectors. There is also no variety in terms of colors and designs. Some users also complained about the fit. For this reason, you may want to be absolutely sure that you are buying the correct size blanket.

    Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack

    Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack - Tough Tire Wheel Protector for Truck, SUV, Trailer, Camper, RV - Universal Fits Tire Diameters 29-31.75 inches, Charcoal
    • Universal Fit - Refer to our fitting guide picture for size selection, set of 4 covers fits entire tire diameter up to: 29''-31.75'', it’s NOT the rim size. Any questions can seek solution from us by email.

    One of the most remarkable options available has to be Explore Land’s RV Tire Covers. Their long-lasting, water-resistant covering alone makes them a viable option for any rig owner. They will have no trouble safeguarding your tires from the elements as a result of this.

    They can also prevent UV rays from causing damage and dry rot. The long-lasting coating makes it an appealing choice in a range of settings. There’s no reason to think the coverings won’t work on SUVs, trailers, Jeeps, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles. You also can’t help but be fascinated by its elastic cord auto lock design. It should make mounting them on a tire a breeze for anybody tries it. This entire process takes only a few seconds, making it quite convenient.

    Explore Land provides a variety of sizes and color possibilities. It makes it simple for any potential consumer to find the appropriate variation. Regular tire covers and spare tire covers for RV trailers should be easy to come by for rig owners. This company was also generous enough to include a three-year warranty with every transaction. It will give a consumer with much-needed protection against receiving a defective goods. Explore Land has a strong reputation among buyers, so you can expect them to honor it.

    It is worth mentioning that this option is available in a set of four. Buyers will receive a complete set for all of their tires and will not be required to purchase any more items. It’s far more handy than purchasing them in 2-packs. Furthermore, the fact that these RV tire covers are created in the United States ensures quick and easy shipment. We also didn’t disclose that these covers include a windproof system. When using these goods, users will not need to use ties, hooks, or holes. It’s yet another reason why this is such a practical option for RV owners.

    Kohree Tire Covers Set of 4 for RV

    Kohree RV Tire Covers Set of 4, RV Wheel Cover for Travel Camper Trailer Truck SUV Motorhome, Heavy Duty 600D Oxford Waterproof Sun Snow Tire Protector for 26-29 Inch Tire Diameters Brown
    • 🚚【Fitted Size】Kohree RV tire covers set of 4 fits 26’’ – 29’’ tire diameters. Universal used on RV, 5th wheel, travel trailer, class a, class c, motorhome, jeep, camping, and truck. ※Note: if your tire diameter is just 29’’, it would be better to choose a larger size (29''-32'').

    Kohree RV Tire Covers are an ideal choice if you want high-quality tire covers with superior stability. Their 600D Oxford cloth construction technology gives them a distinct sense of strength and elasticity, allowing them to adapt swiftly. To be honest, anyone who purchases these covers should plan on having them in their lives for a long time. In their reviews, several consumers were too enthusiastic about how durable these things were. It’s no surprise that rig owners like them so much. The Kohree Tire Covers are intended for use with campers, RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheels, Jeeps, trucks, and other vehicles. They are available in silver or khaki and are made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with a PVC coating for durability.

    They are completely waterproof and resistant to dirt, UV radiation, and animal fluids. These high-tensile strength wheel covers are lightweight, flexible, and made for long-term usage. They are suitable for tires ranging in size from 26.75 to 32 inches, depending on the size you select. They have an elastic rear hem and a hook design to keep them in place even in windy circumstances. According to users, the material is thick and resistant to the environment. Plus, if you get the right size, they fit perfectly and aren’t baggy. They’re also simple to set up.

    One disadvantage is that the silver covering may begin to peel off after some use, and the elastic may stretch over time, especially in warmer climates. Some users have also had difficulty connecting the hooks on the back of the tire since they can be difficult to reach.

    RV Tire Cover Buying Guide


    The size of your RV cover has a big impact on your final choice. Don’t invest in a cover that doesn’t fit your tires properly. With this in mind, you need to measure the size of the tire before making your final purchase. Instead of design, you should focus on the right size when shaping your purchasing decision. This, of course, fits the tires perfectly and keeps them fully covered. Avoid choosing the wrong size, as this will only create the package, which can eventually lead to water formation or friction. In addition to measuring the tire size yourself, you can also check the number you find on the tire sidewall to make sure you are investing in the right size. Choose to invest in a cover that fits exactly that size.

    Construction materials

    Specific materials used in roof construction also need to be studied. Also check if the construction is tough. Note that modern tire covers are now made from a variety of materials. Some of these materials look fancy, but if they can’t protect your RV tires effectively, you should always avoid them. Also make sure that the materials used to make the tire liner are water and weather resistant. Both features provide optimal results when using blankets. You should also keep in mind that it is natural for some materials to rust due to moisture. To prevent rust formation, be sure to invest in a blanket, which not only prevents water from entering, but also prevents moisture from increasing. In this case, you can choose a durable vinyl cover, because this material can avoid such problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a RV Tire Cover?

    An RV tire cover is an essential accessory for any recreational vehicle. It is designed to extend the life of your tires. This is a great help to save money by extending the life of your tires. Remember that your tires are badly worn. To prevent it from being damaged, you should cover it when not in use. Whenever you are not using your vehicle for travel, keep it covered with the best RV tire cover. This can extend the life of your tires. The great thing about the RV tire cover is that it is easy to handle. This ensures that your tires are not exposed to direct sunlight or other invasive elements

    Keep in mind that most tires have UV protection layers but these layers only protect your surface when your vehicle is running. Exposing it to harsh solvents and chemicals tends to remove these protective layers. With this in mind, you can take the help of tire covers to protect them, especially if you keep your vehicle for long-term parking purposes. This prevents the heat of the sun from damaging the tires.

    Do I need tire covers for my campervan?

    Tire covers are valuable if you often park your motorhome. Even if you go from campground to campground and stay straight for a week, this is a worthwhile investment. The only time you don’t want to use a tire cover is if you drive the vehicle every day or nearby. If this happens, the tire covers do not need to be constantly removed and replaced. You won’t see much benefit if you don’t save an extra tire or cover four tires in extreme weather.

    How Long Will Tire Covers Last?

    Tire covers last for several years but you may have more or less time depending on how often you use them. If you leave them exposed to direct sunlight, they probably won’t last for several years. However shady areas and moderate humidity will significantly increase their longevity. The material and quality of your tire covers will change their lifetime. For example, blankets have a UV coating that is more durable than untreated. The goal is not to extend the life of your covers, but to extend the life of your tires. Tire covers are relatively inexpensive depending on the materials from which they are made, but they can extend the life of your tires. And as you probably already know, tire replacement doesn’t come cheap. Remember to cover the motorhome with extra tires through the back door.

    How to clean RV tire covers?

    Cleaning RV tire covers is not a difficult task, which is another reason why these items have grown popular. Warm water is the quickest and most effective way to clean them. However, you must avoid using soap as much as possible. It will just damage the cover’s material.

    Instead, fill a pail with hot tap water and clean your tire covers with a sponge or soft cloth. It is also critical that no harsh chemicals or cleaners come into touch with the cover, since this could cause harm. RV owners who have vinyl covers should be aware that these are also particularly vulnerable to UV damage. This problem could result in a wide range of problems such as peeling, fading, brittleness, dryness, and much more.