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Best TV Mounts for RV 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount

    Mounting Dream UL Listed Lockable RV TV Mount for Most 17-43 inch TV, RV Mount for Camper Trailer Motor Home Boat Truck, Full Motion Unique One Step Lock RV TV Wall Mount, VESA 200mm, 44 lbs, MD2210
    • HEAVY DUTY TV MOUNT - UL listed lockable RV TV mount fits for most 17-43 Inch TVs up to 44lbs, with VESA/mounting holes spacing of 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm. If the TV VESA is 100x200mm, you can check Mounting Dream MD2212 RV mounts for the best option. Technology of robot welding makes whole unit sturdy and safe.

    Our first product on this list is the Dream MD2210 Locking VR TV Mount. This model should be a godsend for anyone with a TV under 44 lbs and between 17 and 39 inches. If your situation meets these requirements, this device should be at the top of your list. You see, this model was made using robotic welding technology, which ensures that the stand will remain durable and strong. This feature is a welcome sight considering how much valuable cargo it will hold on your rig. This also helps to ensure that the whole unit is constructed of sturdy steel, as this will further ensure that this model is able to support your TV. This product is also quite versatile as it can work with any TV that meets weight / size requirements and has VESA spacing of 100x100mm, 200x100mm and 200x200mm.

    The Dream Mount Bracket is designed for mid-size RVs with a height of 17 and 9 inches and a weight of 44 lbs. The size is ideal for all RV sizes unless your RV is tiny. It has a locking mechanism to prevent falls while the RV is in motion. You can also move the TV to different angles as you like. This is a flexible stand that can extend up to 18 inches. This product is an all-in-one stand that deserves to be the first choice.

    This Best TV Mount for RV in 2023 has everything you want in a TV stand. There is literally nothing we could find that is wrong with this product. It will allow you to adjust your TV to any angle that suits you, in addition to being compatible with most TVs between 17 and 39 inches. The locking mechanism is another plus, as the swivel arm is locked in place when you are driving. The only real improvement anyone would want is an option for devices over 39 inches with all of the same benefits.

    Mount-It! RV TV Mount

    Mount-It! RV TV Mount, Lockable Full Motion TV Wall Mount Designed Specifically for RV or Mobile Home Use Single Arm Tilting and Swiveling 42 Inches Max, 33 Lb Capacity, VESA 200 Compatible
    • Unique articulating TV wall mount with a locking mechanism that securely holds your TV in place. Ideal for RV or motor home use. Unique gear structure with fixing knob helps TV withstand the vibration in transit.

    The Mount-It! RV TV Mount is from a brand that has been on our list multiple times. This model has a set of features, which will show why this company highlighted various products in our article. One of these features is its powder coated steel construction. This design will ensure that your RV receives the support it needs to keep it safe. It will also give this device a level of durability that many other models cannot match. This product also exhibits a high level of versatility. It is able to work with any TV between 22 and 42 inches, weighs less than 33 lbs, and has one of the following VESA models: 75 × 75mm, 100 × 100, 200 × 100, and 200 × 200 models.

    One of the most amazing things about this mount is the 180 degree swivel. This function allows you to watch TV from any angle giving you full motion tv mount. The installation process is also easy as you just need to slide the swivel into the wall bracket. You can also take the TV outside when you feel like it. Ride it! supports various brands and sizes of TVs. It can hold TVs up to 33 pounds, which is decent enough for a flexible mounting bracket.

    This model has many advantages to offer to any RV owner. You’ll be able to support a wide variety of TV sizes, and you can even watch outdoors using the included dual mount. All you have to do is just slide them in and out of each holder as you like. You will also benefit from the flexibility offered and completely customize the pivot to the angle of your choice. And the cable management system keeps it clean and organized, so you never have to worry about tangled wires again. The only downside to this product is that it does not support the same weight as the previous product. This is the only reason why he did not take the first place.

    Perlesmith RV Lockable TV Wall Mount

    PERLESMITH Lockable RV TV Mount for 13-42 Inch TVs up to 77 lbs, RV TV Mount for Camper Trailer Motor Home Truck, Full Motion RV TV Wall Mount with Articulating Arm Swivels Tilts, Max VASE 200x200mm
    • UNIQUE LOCKABLE DESIGN - Our Full motion RV TV mount was designed with locking feature to holds your TV in place stably, made from high standards steels to ensure your TV in safe hands. You can Easily lock and release your TV simply by pulling the strap. It will be a good choice for for RV or motor home use.

    The PERLESMITH RV Locking TV Wall Mount is a full motion option that will meet most RV owner needs with its quality features. This model is not one to be taken for granted by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, it comes with a unique lockable design, which will ensure that your TV won’t move while traveling. It delivers this look by locking the swivel arm and keeping it stable. This action also ensures that the vibrations of the movement do not cause any damage to your TV.

    Another attractive trait is the locking process being rather straightforward. All you have to do is pull on the strap and your TV will lock or release. It’s not much simpler than that when it comes to these processes. This model is also another great option for large TV owners, as it can support TVs weighing up to 77 pounds and screen sizes between 23 and 43 inches. Moreover, it is highly compatible as it works with four different VESA models: 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm and 200 x 200mm.

    The unique locking mechanism of the Perlesmith wall mount will keep your TV safe while driving. It also allows the stand arm to swivel and move your TV to the position you want, where you find it most comfortable. It can support up to 70 lbs which is huge for its size. The flexibility of this mounting bracket is indeed impressive.

    This product seems to have it all. It can rotate from each joint on the bracket and will be able to extend your TV a significant distance. The stand ranges from 23 inches to a large 43-inch device, which accommodates a wide range of types and sizes. Another big plus is the 24/7 customer service that will be able to walk you through any issues including installation. The steel frame will be able to support those larger, bulkier TVs that weigh up to 77 lbs. The only downside to this product is that it cannot tilt or swivel at all, which limits the comfort you can get when watching TV and where the stand can be placed.

    PAW International RV TV Bracket

    This mount is compatible with all Paw International wall mounts and is currently the best TV mount in the Forest River range. This product is made of black glass reinforced polymer, high density, UV protected. This means that this product is literally indestructible and cannot be damaged by accidental drops. This bracket is also great for protecting against rust and can be easily assembled as all installation hardware is included with your purchase. The bracket will extend your TV ¾ inches from the wall, giving you enough space to run the wires through the back.

    If you are looking for mounting brackets that are compatible with Paw International wall brackets, you are looking for the best option. It is currently the most acclaimed medium on the Forest River channel. It is made of black, high density glass reinforced polymer with UV protection. The product is delivered with the hardware installation. The PAW International is also rust free and has enough room to feed all wires to and from the back.

    This Paw International compatible holder is protected from UV damage by a strong and durable black coating. This is a great feature if you plan to install your TV mount outside of your RV during the summer. Another advantage is the reinforced polymer material which will survive shocks or accidents. The holder also provides enough space at the back to pass through all the wires. There are some drawbacks to this product, however. The first being that it is only compatible with Paw International mounts, which greatly limits the number of options you can use in your RV. The second disadvantage is that the rack cannot support more than 30 pounds.

    VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

    It’s time to pay close attention if you’re a deal hunter. The VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount provides excellent value at one of the lowest prices on this list. To be honest, it may be the most cost-effective solution discussed in this post. This type, you see, is made of high-quality steel. This design is advantageous since it provides a high level of stability and lifespan. These two features are among the most important things to look for in an RV TV mount. Another appealing aspect of this RV TV mount is its removable plate, which makes installation considerably easier. In fact, numerous people have backed the ad’s assertion that this gadget could be installed by a single person.

    After you’ve properly placed the mount, you’ll have a plethora of adjustment choices at your disposal. You can correctly level the TV by adjusting it within a 5° angular tilt range. You will also have the ability to swivel up to 180° and rotate 360° for vertical mounting, which is required for some applications. This is the cheapest RV TV mount on our list today, as well as one of the smallest, as it retracts up to 2.4 inches from the wall to save room.

    This is the greatest swivel choice on the market right now. The mount is composed of high-quality steel and can support up to 44 lbs. Another advantage is that it is compatible with televisions ranging in size from 19 to 32 inches. You’ll be able to tilt and swivel into a comfortable posture because to the good range of motion. The final benefit is that it is simple to set up. You’ll have everything you need to finish the job quickly. One disadvantage is that you won’t be able to rotate your TV. Another disadvantage is that it only supports devices up to 32 inches in size. This is a limitation for anyone who need a product that can support larger devices.

    Suptek Aluminium Alloy Lockable RV TV Wall Mount

    The Suptek Aluminium Alloy Lockable RV TV Wall Mount is a tough choice for those searching for a smaller TV mount. In reality, this model was designed to work with TVs with screens ranging from 13 to 24 inches, which is ideal for my 24-inch TV. You may also expect this device to support TVs weighing up to 33 pounds if they have the VESA patterns 75x75mm or 100x100mm. This model’s capacity to install smaller TVs isn’t the only advantage it has.

    It also features a unique locking system that appealed to me. During the locking procedure, this mount attaches both the TV plate and the swivel arms at the same time. When your RV is on the road, this operation will ensure that no harm is caused by bumps or vibrations.

    I also like how this device has built-in cable management, which prevents you from being harmed by the cable cutter. As someone who despises tangled cables, this feature could influence my decision. Another feature that may persuade me to purchase this device is its ease of installation. After all, your purchase includes everything you’ll need to complete the work. Customer evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive about the directions.

    This model also has all of the tilt, swivel, retract, and extend features that we’ve talked about in prior reviews. Finally, this device offers nearly everything a small TV owner could want in a TV mount.

    It does, however, fall short in one area, which is difficult to overlook. As you can see, this model is among the most expensive on the list. Even when compared to comparable mounts designed for smaller TVs, it’s fairly expensive. This is a major letdown for me because I was really enjoying all of the amazing features it has to offer. However, I would choose another mount because there was no mention of a warranty.

    WALI 1342Lm RV TV Mount

    WALI TV Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Full Motion Detachable Arm for Most 13 to 42 inch LED, LCD Flat Screen Display, up to 44lbs (1342LM), Black
    • Compatibility: Fits most 13-42" flat screen TVs and monitors, and support weight up to 33 lbs. Compatible with plate (mounting hole pattern): 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm and 200x200mm.

    The WALI TV Wall Mount Bracket is one of the few RV TV mounts on our list that is extremely adjustable. This is possible because to the mount’s triple joint mechanism, which allows for three different swivel locations for an articulated design. The full-motion RV TV mount is heavy sturdy and can accommodate TVs ranging from 13 to 42 inches in size. The weight capacity is the same, as it permits mounting of up to 44 pound TVs with a variety of alternatives.

    This mount allows for completely adjustable 8° upward and 12° downward angular motion. Furthermore, the three swiveling points allow for up to 180° rotation, which works best when combined with the plus and minus 3° rotation to provide the optimal viewing angle. You will be able to keep the TV at four different distances from the mounting wall: 3.25, 6.75, 10.5, and 14 inches. The WALI RV TV Wall Mount Bracket, which follows, is one of the most adaptable solutions on our list. It is a device that can support most flat panel displays with screen sizes ranging from 13 to 42 inches, making it suitable for both smaller and larger TVs.

    It also has incredible VESA adaptability, as it can function with four different VESA patterns: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm. It also has a heavy-duty construction that can withstand loads of up to 44Ibs. To be honest, the combination of these three factors is difficult to beat. With these characteristics, this mount may thrive in a wide range of conditions. It doesn’t hurt that its other features are all top-notch. For example, this model’s full motion wall mount capabilities allow it to tilt 8 degrees upward and 12 degrees downward. With 180 degrees of swiveling, this device’s swivel capabilities aren’t too shabby either.

    Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Mount

    The Master Mounts Locking RV TV Mount is an intriguing option for RV owners as well as other users looking for a good RV TV mount, such as icehouse owners, campers, and truckers. It is compatible with a wide range of TVs, as you may mount up to a 43-inch-wide TV weighing 33 pounds or less on this mount. However, you need carefully inspect the mounting pattern on the back of your TV to see that it is 100100 VESA or not.

    The Master Mounts Locking RV TV Mount has two swivel points and a separate locking mechanism that allows the TV to be locked in place when properly mounted. However, when compared to alternative options, the locking system is weaker and less reliable. You won’t need any additional brackets to install this mount because it attaches straight to the wall for maximum stability. The locking and releasing mechanism on this RV TV mount is one of the nicest you’ll find on these products.

    This function does not necessitate the use of straps, ties, gears, or knobs. Instead, you utilize a pull chain to easily release and lock your TV while traveling. From there, the mount will secure it and shield the TV from road vibrations and bumps. It also boasts a long-lasting aluminum design that can withstand weights of up to 33 pounds. This design has shown to be exceptionally durable under strain. Many buyers remarked on this mount’s ability in this area.

    It’s worth noting that this model is compatible with TVs with screen sizes up to 42 inches and VESA patterns of 75x75mm or 100x100mm. It may not be as adaptable as the other devices on this list, but it will still function with a variety of televisions. Another excellent feature of this model is its articulating arm, which can extend 14.5 inches. It can tilt 12 degrees down and 8 degrees up, giving you a little more wiggle space when it comes to selecting the ideal viewing angle. It also helps that this type is simple to install because it mounts directly to the wall. It doesn’t even require any additional RV TV mounting brackets to get the job done. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this mount could be ideal.

    VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit

    VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit with Free Magnetic Stud Finder and HDMI Cable for Most 26-55 TV and New LED UHD TV up to 60 inch 400x400 Full Motion with 20 inch Articulating Arm WT8
    • Heavy gauge steel mount supports TV up to 88 lbs. Compatible with VESA (mounting hole pattern) 400x400mm/400x300mm/400x200mm/300x300mm/300x200mm/200x200mm/200x100mm/100x100mm (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4")

    If you have a larger TV, the VideoSecu ML531BE RV TV Wall Mount may be a viable option. It offers numerous features that would be beneficial to an RV owner who enjoys having a large TV. You can swivel, tilt, and pan your TV for the ideal viewing angle with the VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit. It can accommodate up to 20 inches of pull away from the wall, which is required if you are purchasing a smaller TV. The mount has a low profile and allows for a minimum distance of 2 12 inches between the TV and the wall. The kit includes a 6-foot HDMI cable as well as a magnetic finder for simple setup and installation.

    For example, this type can handle TVs weighing up to 88 pounds and ranging in size from 27 to 55 inches. It can handle these larger TVs because to its strong gauge steel design, which provides superior durability and security. This mount also works with a variety of VESA patterns, including 400x400mm, 400x300mm, 400x200mm, 300x300mm, 300x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x100mm, and 100x100mm. Given these three characteristics, it is clear that this mount would be an excellent fit in a variety of situations. It also provides exceptional execution due to its exceptional versatility; this model can easily tilt up 15 degrees and down 5 degrees to avoid those pesky glares. Its capacity to turn 180 degrees on each side also helps. The number of viewing angles provided by this model should be more than adequate for optimal TV viewing.


    GOFORWILD Lockable RV TV Mount, Full Motion RV Mount for Most 10-26 inch TV, TV Wall Mount for Camper Truck Trailer Marine Boat Motor Home, Max VESA 100x100mm, up to 33LBS
    • HEAVY-DUTY-- This heavy-duty RV TV full motion wall mount fits for most 10-26Inch TVs up to 22lbs, with VESA/mounting holes spacing of 75x75mm(3x3inch) and 100x100mm(4x4inch), Technology of robot welding makes whole unit sturdy and safe.

    The GOFORWILD Camper TV Mount is covered by a warranty. It is, in reality, a 10-year warranty, which should offer you with adequate protection in the event of an accident or gadget malfunction. Of course, the guarantee isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about this product; it also offers a number of other features that distinguish it as a top-tier mount. Its adaptability is one of my favorites. This complete motion mount, you see, has a tilt range of 10 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards. This function should be enough to keep those bothersome glares at bay while you’re sitting down to watch your shows. However, this model also has 90 degrees of swivel on both sides to ensure that you always have the finest viewing experience.GOFORWILD creates a variety of accessories. Because they provide products for a variety of uses, their RV TV mount is ideal for tiny TVs.

    Due of space constraints, most customers prefer a small TV in their RC. If you are also installing a TV between the sizes of 10 and 26 inches, consider the GOFORWILD RV TV Mount for Camper. This mount only supports TVs weighing up to 22 pounds, making it ideal for small flat-screen TVs. It does, however, have a heavy-duty structure that allows it to secure the TV while in motion.

    Despite the fact that it is built for small TVs, it boasts a plethora of adjusting options. There is a plus 10° and minus 15° tilting motion available, as well as a plus or minus 90° swiveling adjustment. There is also a steel locking mechanism that totally locks the arm movement and keeps your TV steady at a particular angle. The RV TV mount comes with all of the essential installation instructions. It’s worth noting that this model was also created using robot welding technology. This feature offers it top-tier robustness and endurance, which should ensure it continues in your life long after the 10-year warranty expires.

    It also helps that this type is one of those RV lockable TV wall mounts. In other words, it has safeguards in place to keep your television from shifting while traveling. This locking mechanism is very simple to use, which is always a bonus. This variant is very reasonably priced. It is a reasonable price and would be well within my budget given the features it offers. This type is compatible with TVs ranging in size from 10-26 inches, weighing less than 22 pounds, and having a VESA pattern of either 75x75mm or 100x100mm.

    Buying Guide For The Best RV TV Mounts

    Types Of RV TV Mounts

    Flat Wall Mount

    These types, as the name implies, are affixed to your walls or other flat surface and hence are simple to install. All you need is a hinged piece of plywood and some basic carpentry abilities. They are very useful when you have a limited amount of space.

    On the negative, it has limited movement, which some owners may find inconvenient. If you want to move it, you must first uninstall it and then reinstall it.

    Under Cabinet Mount

    Under-cabinet Put your TV safely under the cabinet. They are available in both stationary and folded-up versions. However, these installations can only accommodate modest TVs, and hiding and accessing the connections is challenging.

    Tilt Mount

    Tilt mounts are the most adaptable, allowing you to tilt your TV up and down. It is also known as a swivel mount and has a range of 8 to 20 inches depending on the model. You can mount your TV higher than eye level because it can be tilted. Tilt mounts, on the other hand, are more expensive than the other options.

    Articulating Mount

    Articulating mounts are the tilt mount’s more flexible cousin, as they can tilt up and down and move sideways. It can potentially extend 30 inches outwards, depending on the type. When not in use, just fold the TV back against the wall. Arcing mounts, on the other hand, are more expensive. You must also secure them during transit because they cannot stick as tight to the wall as other mounts.

    Full Motion Mount

    The full-motion mount is the most adaptable, with a full 360-degree range of motion. You can virtually install your TV and antenna wherever you want without worrying about the viewing angle. The full-motion mount, on the other hand, is pricey and must be secured during transport.

    Pull-Down Motion Mount

    The most recent form, the pull-down motion, features a retractable gas-spring arm that allows you to lower your TV for a better viewing angle. These mounts can be lowered to as low as 20 inches or more, depending on the model. After use, the TV may be safely stored in its cubby. These mounts are often pricey because to their characteristics. They also necessitate additional area for setup, which is inconvenient for individuals with compact RVs.

    VESA Compatibility

    A mounted RV TV is something you’ll want to be sure is securely fastened. After all, TVs aren’t cheap, and neither are the mounting brackets. This security will be provided by the fact that everything between the TV and the mount is compatible.

    Their interoperability is due to TVs fitting mounts and brackets using a screw pattern system. These screw patterns are specified in what is known as a VESA system and mirror the exact design of each mechanism. Mounts with this screw pattern are more likely to work with major TV brands. In other words, it’s a quick way to determine whether a mount will work with your TV and vice versa.

    Ease of Installation

    Of all, no one wants to buy a product that is difficult to install or requires professional assistance. You can check customer reviews or ask your local supplier questions regarding installation to find out if it is simple. You’ll learn a lot about the product, such as its optimum fit, difficulties, and so on. Aside from that, be certain that your TV mount comes with an installation kit and instructions. If possible, avoid purchasing mounts that will necessitate the use of additional tools for installation.


    For household applications, space is often not a concern because living rooms and bedrooms have big walls that allow for longer viewing distances. The same cannot be true for RVs due to the small amount of space available in the vehicle. As a result, you must consider the available space in your RV when choosing an RV TV mount.

    The RV TV mounts feature a dedicated range of support for various TV sizes. As a result, you must ensure that your RV TV mount can install and secure an appropriately sized TV in your RV. It also has an impact on the TV Mount’s adjustment settings. You won’t be able to relocate the TV if your area is really crowded. As a result, purchasing an articulated mount with several adjustment options is pointless.

    Weight Capacity

    TVs are relatively hefty due to the numerous heavy components that they include. Furthermore, they are really important and must be handled with extreme caution if you do not want to damage the TV in the near future. You must consider the weight of the TV and choose an RV TV mount that is strong enough to withstand the weight. One of the most significant aspects of an RV TV mount is its weight capacity, which is listed with each product. As a precaution, choose an RV TV mount with a weight capacity that is 20 to 30 lbs greater than your current TV. This will increase the device’s reliability for your present TV while also making it future-proof for upgrades.


    The RV TV mounts are developed with additional safety precautions in mind, taking into account the motion of the vehicle, which could potentially damage the TV. The majority of the time, the passengers will watch television while the vehicle is in motion. Even if it is not in use, it will be mounted on the RV TV mount whether the vehicle is fixed or rolling.

    This necessitates the installation of additional safety features to the RV TV mounting, such as a locking mechanism. If the mount is not fastened in place, it will move around according to the motion of the RV, potentially damaging the TV upon impact. As a result, when purchasing an RV TV mount, ensure that it has a strong locking mechanism.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a TV mount for RV?

    A TV mount for an RV is much the same as a TV mount for your home. It is a product used to mount your television to a wall or cabinet. The only distinction between these two goods is in their structural design. RV TV mounts, you see, have features that help them deal with the specific climate that your rig presents. These versions, for example, will have built-in safeguards against damage that occurs during travel.

    A typical household one would not have these safeguards and could cause damage to your television. It’s just not a good idea to try to use a standard household mount in an RV. Using one may save you money at first, but it will end up costing you much more in damages in the long run. Depending on the circumstances, it could potentially pose a safety threat. These are the kinds of elements that necessitate the purchase of an RV TV mount.

    What size TV mount for RV do I need?

    Selecting the appropriate size It will come down to more than just the size of your TV. This element is less important than thought because most TVs and mounts adhere to the VESA standard.Because they employ the VESA standard, they can fit practically any TV into any mount. However, the TV must not only fit, but it must also be supported. If the mount is unable to adequately support your TV, it will begin to deteriorate and eventually fall.

    As a result, don’t just look at the screen size that a mount can support. You should also look at the weight it can support and compare it to the weight of your TV. The combination of these factors should give you a better notion of which mount would be best for you.

    How to attach a TV mount to an RV wall?

    To ensure that you are installing the under cabinet TV mount for RV correctly, consult the instruction booklet that came with your purchase. Before you permanently install it, you must also pick where you want to install it.

    Furthermore, you should ensure that the dimensions and weight of your TV are compatible with the TV wall mount bracket for RV. Nonetheless, thoroughly study the installation instructions that came with the mount or bracket you purchased.