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Best RV Covers 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover

    Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 22-24 Foot
    • Trailer cover with thick, extended, 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable sides; protects against dust, dirt, rain, snow, nicks, and scratches

    Our first product on this list is AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover, offering a set of features that any rig owner would love in a cover. For example, this product consists of a 3-layer roofing material and a breathable 1-layer side that will ensure that your deck is protected from problems such as snow, rain, dirt or dust.

    The case’s loop closure system is another winning feature, greatly facilitating installation and use. It even comes with a storage bag, eliminating the hassle of having to get under your RV. Your front and rear tension panels should help in this regard as well. These panels will ensure that you can adjust the fit of the cover to your liking without any problem. It’s always nice to have a little control over things like this and these panels offer that.

    This RV trailer is made of three-layer roof fabric and one-layer breathable side material. The fibers help protect against rain, snow, scratches and dust. You also get adjustable front and back panels with elastic hem corners for a more custom fit to your RV. The cover has a built-in quick-drying ventilation system that ensures air circulation throughout the fabric. This reduces the amount of humidity inside and the blowing of the wind. One of the best features is the inclusion of a toss bag. The simple addition saves you from having to crawl under the trailer to lock the cover. You also get a storage bag to easily store the case when you don’t need it.

    The AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover will also not disappoint if you are seriously looking for an effective solution to give your RV the kind of protection it needs from aggressive and damaging exterior elements. It is constructed with a thick, elongated 3-ply roofing material along with light, well-ventilated 1-ply sides. This combination ensures that your RV will receive long-term protection not only against snow, rain, dirt and dust, but also against scratches and nicks.

    KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

    KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover Extra-Thick 4 Layers Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits 27'-30' Motorhome -Breathable, Water-Proof, Rip-Stop with 2Pcs Extra Straps & 4 Tire Covers
    • ✅【WIND PROOF】–The change of position of the middle tension panels on the side effectively increases the stress area and provide 2pcs extra straps to tie the body of your RV. we lead the windproof design of tension panel & windproof straps, and we believe that our innovative spirit and professionalism for rv covers cannot be imitated

    Finding a motorhome cover that has already earned the trust of many users is also easy with the Extra Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover KING BIRD. I’m sure you will fall in love with so many things about this caravan cover. These include its guaranteed resistance and high level of protection. It has a special and resistant construction. I even noticed its thickness, which shows its effectiveness in maximizing the level of protection, especially against bad weather that could damage your RV. These include heavy rain and snow. The way it is constructed also makes the cover able to prevent scratches, nicks and dirt.

    This durable RV cover is reinforced with a heavyweight four-layer fabric that makes it windproof and tear resistant. The material offers protection to the motorhome against strong gusts, UV rays, snow, dirt and scratches. While the fabric can be thick, it is also highly breathable with six vents included on both sides of the cover. One of its great features are the rolling sliding doors on the lid. This gives you easy access to the RV’s interior and engine areas in case you need to make repairs. The cover is also outfitted with yellow reflective panels to make sure it’s visible at night and to deter anyone trying to get inside. The case also comes with straps to hold it firmly and securely to the RV.

    It is also worth mentioning that this blanket is made of a very thick material: 4 layers on the top and 3 layers on the sides. This feature will give your RV a high-level shield against the weather and the elements. This product also has six air vents to deal with humidity and wind problems. As we’ve discussed in previous reviews, these vents will be essential to ensure that mold and rot don’t become a problem. It even features a unique fabric pore to make the material more breathable, further preventing mold and mildew. For this reason, the vents will increase the life of the deck and your RV.

    OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover

    OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Weather Resistant 4 Layers Non-Woven Fabric Roof Fits for 24' - 27' RVs, Breathable Waterproof Anti-UV Rip-Stop Camper Cover
    • Heavy duty full 4-ply non-woven fabric roof and single-ply sides reduces premature aging of RV and provide protection for all weather against rain, snow, dirt, birds’ droppings and scratches

    If you are looking for an option with a quick and easy installation process, the OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover is worth considering. You see, it features quick-release buckles to ensure setup goes smoothly and smoothly.

    This cover is available in two sizes with a height of 118 “: 24 ‘- 27’ or 30 ‘- 33’. It is made with a very strong extra thick 4 layer non-woven fabric on the top panel and a single layer on the Sides features multiple zippered panels for easy access and adjustable front and rear tension straps, as well as air vents to reduce moisture.

    This process doesn’t even require additional tools, which can be a real problem with other options. It is also essential to mention that curls can also help reduce puffiness in the wind as they are easily tightened. With this feature in mind, you won’t have to worry about this OOFIT RV blanket blowing away when encountering high winds. The material consists of a very resistant 4-layer fabric for roof protection and a single layer on the sides. This design will protect against all weather conditions, from snow to sleet. It will also quickly take care of scratches, bird droppings, and any UV damage. As a result, your RV will stay in great shape as long as this cover protects it.

    Classic Accessories 73463 OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

    The top of the classic accessories has a polypro 3 cover, which is a three-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric. The fabric provides extra protection to all asons and the sides of the cover are made with a single layer of polypropylene fabric, which increases breathability. There are original pull, front panel and elastic hem corners that provide custom fit for RVs. A ventilation system is also installed in its construction, which helps to create air pressure, mold and moisture inside. Even if your RVs are unlocked, you can easily access them, as extra long jeeps act as entry and exit points. Also, it is suitable for RVs that are 27-30 feet long and 18 inches long from floor to ceiling. If your RV does not fit this dimension, you may prefer other models as well. You can also customize RV covers appropriately for your vehicle to protect rolling vehicles. You will need to measure your RV from the two longest points to decide on a suitable mount with extra tires, bumpers and stairs. Capable of delivering top notch performance in any imaginable condition, the classic accessories Overdrive Polypro 3 Deluxe class c rv cover are among the top rave covers that are rented by RVs around the world. Boasting a three-tiered top and single-tiered side, this classic accessory cover will protect your investment from rain, snow, dirt, bugs, nicks and scratches. Looking for overdrive Polypro 3 Deluxe (Travel Trailer) customization with the addition of adjustable front and rear tension panels is considered as one of their best RV covers.

    When it comes to installing, RV cover reviews generally agree that the installation is very easy thanks to the built-in rope attachment. Also, the cover comes with an efficient storage bag so you don’t have to slip under the car. Designed with quality and user convenience in mind, the cover includes vents as well as convenient zipper panels to prevent moisture build-up, as well as sturdy storage bags for easy storage. . Comes with a 3 year warranty cover, which says volume about its great build quality. The blanket has a ventilation system combined with additional quick-drying polypro material, which reduces air pressure while replenishing moisture inside. It is equipped with GP panels, giving you easy access to the RV and engine bogie. It’s easy to lock in RV. The undercarriage locking strap system provides a durable and fast way to lock the cover.

    Classic Accessories Overdrive Polypro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover A lightweight, waterproof cover that will ensure your RV stays in good condition. It provides protection from even the most intense rainstorms that you will ever encounter. This claim has been repeatedly confirmed in customer reviews, as many buyers have been blown away by the performance of the product. As you can imagine, this aspect was something I was very interested in because of the tropical places that I plan camper vans.

    Classic Accessories 73463 OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover is the Best RV Cover in 2023

    ADCO Designer Series RV Cover

    ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, Gray
    • Length 28 feet 7 inches, 31 feet 6 inches (381 inches x 104 inches x 102 inches) and this cover Accommodates for: All types of front ends, Air conditioners, extra tall and regular height walls, slide outs and ladders

    Since their inception in 1955, an Adco RV cover has stood for quality, providing a high degree of protection. They certainly kept this offer, from the RV cover to the 52245 designer series with this model specifically designed for use in temperate climates with high humidity. This means that the most notable feature is the roofing material, as it will provide the most protection against rain. This is achieved by using a triple-layered aquashed top panel designed to keep your RVT as dry as possible.

    Heavy Duty Polypropylene Side Panels to Protect RV Walls with Roof Panels This side panel features multiple zipped entry points so you can easily access your RV when you are in storage. Strong bolts, straps and flaps protect against wind damage and loosen the material. The cover only provides moderate UV protection, so it may not be right for you if you are in a very sunny area. But for a huge number of people it is a high quality RV cover at an attractive mid-range price. Available in a variety of sizes, the ADCO 52245 is compatible with a wide range of commercial recreational vehicles. Since the 52245 is designed to handle moderate weather with high humidity, it is recognized by experts and seasoned RV enthusiasts as one of the best RV covers for summer travel. Thanks to the integrated vent, the ADC cover effectively withstands air pressure when working together with highly breathable fabrics to maintain ventilation, which is ideal for summer use.

    The Adco RV cover provides increased resistance to protect your RVs from rain, moisture and wind, snow and sun. This provides strong protection for your RV which helps maintain the quality of RV revision and reduces the need for washing. Snap bolts are positions on the opposite side of the cover that keep the cover stable against the wind. A strapping suture system is also used for the perfect fit at the bottom and top. The front door has a zipper that provides easy access for entry and exit during storage. The Adco RV cover is suitable for your RVs that measure 381 inches x 104 inches x 102 inches. If your RV doesn’t fit this dimension, you can choose other models as well. You can also customize RV covers suitable for your vehicle to protect the caravan. You will need to measure your RV from the two longest points to decide on a suitable mount with extra tires, bumpers and stairs. The SFS RV Triple Layer Aqua Shade Cover provides better grade resistance to rain and moisture. The side panels are covered with a triple layer of polypropylene, which removes mesh and germs. It also protects from harmful ultraviolet rays and gives the company a 2 year warranty.

    The sliding seam strapping system that is tight on the top and bottom of the cover always ensures a proper fit. Thanks to the zipped entrances, you can enter at your convenience without removing the cover which can protect your RVT from extreme heat and maintain a portable temperature inside. Combining triple-layer SFS, aquashed top panels and triple-layer polypropylene sides, the ADCO 52245 not only offers great protection, but looks great. You can pay a better resale price.

    ADCO 52245 Designer Series RV Cover is the Best RV Cover in 2023

    Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover for RV

    Check out the classic Overdrive PermaPro accessories. Thanks to the integration of light and resistant ripstop fabric, Overdrive PermaPro is able to withstand the harsh elements on the road while providing ventilation with a ventilation system. This classic accessory cover has exceptional handling features as its price range is less heavy than most covers. Using tension panels and elastic hem angles, getting a good fit for your RV will not be a challenge. Surrounding access panels will ensure easy entry and exit. One of the great advantages of overdrive PermaPro accessories is that it uses fairly long zipper tension, which eliminates the need for ladders during installation. This type of installation and management makes it one of the best RV covers in terms of use.

    Classic accessories present the best RV covers, which use Permapro Ripstop fabric. This ripstop fabric keeps water away and protects the cover from sun and dirt. The use of light and resistant fabric creates minimal chances of tearing. The storage bag also contains a product that is used to store the cover for later use. The storage bag comes with a long zipper which is easy to use. This zipper reduces the need for a ladder and allows you to access any part of your RV if it is covered. Product design focuses only on the RV cover, while trailer H and wheels do not fall under this RV cover. What else? It consists of a combination of a backpack and strap system, which simplifies the use and installation of this cover. Each side has five connection points and a weighted throwing bag that eliminates crawling during setup. A ventilation system helps to reduce internal humidity, air pressure and prevent molding. This classic accessory RV cover fits trailers 27 to 30 feet and 118 inches from floor to ceiling. The company also provides you with a lifetime warranty; You can use this blanket when traveling with confidence.

    It has a long list of features that set it apart from the crowd. For example, any RV owner will love how useful this model is against snow and rain. This look comes from the lightweight Permapro Ripstop fabric on the cover, which has special waterproofing ability. You should also appreciate the lightness of this material as it works great to provide protection against dirt, dust, UV rays, etc. along with other outdoor materials. In fact, this cover has proven to be 57% lighter than the standard RV cover you see on the market today. As a result, storage and installation is not a painful task for those who buy this great cover. This material also has a simple cleaning process. Ripstop fabric provides this ability because it removes water and dries quickly. This element seems to be another way for the blanket to outperform its competitors. The use of top cover material as well as adjustable back and front panels are other features that caught my eye. These panels make it much easier and possible to access from both sides without having to access your RV. We should mention that the storage bag was facilitated by the included storage bag made this little addition will prove to be more valuable than you think. This is another feature that shows that the classic accessories were felt by their customers when creating this product.

    Things to know before buying the best RV cover

    Protection Level

    You will want an RV cover that gives great protection. This may sound like common sense but you will be shocked to hear how many options on the market today have failed in this regard. Accordingly, I recommend looking for a cover made with a top three layer material and a one-layer side material. This mix feels trendy the way you see it on the best covers. It is a proven and practical design, which provides great protection for your RV in bad weather. You should also look for blankets that can remove UV rays, air and water.

    A motorhome cover with this type of protection will easily ensure that your vein will not be affected by the situation around you. It is also a good idea to think about what kind of problems you plan to face on a regular basis. For example, RV enthusiasts who want to travel to tropical places like Florida should pay more attention to getting covered with waterproof properties. You will also want to make sure that the top cover protection is the top groove, as this area will be most affected by problems like rainfall.

    Having a cover with waterproof qualities is also necessary for other reasons. You see, over-exposure to water can lead to mold and germ formation. RV owners don’t want to know about these two issues. Another thing to keep in mind is to cover with ventilation systems. This aspect is vital because it can reduce air pressure, which can cause tears and tears when not checked. This will prevent moisture loss inside the cover.


    Another aspect that will play an important role in intelligent decision making is the size of the RV cover. It is imperative that you choose the right size and find no alternative, which is either too hard or too loose. The easiest way to avoid these situations is to check the length of your RV. After lengthening your RV, this process becomes much easier. Matching your RV measurements with blankets is just an exercise. Additionally, the manufacturer simplifies this part by setting the cover design to match the product description.

    This aspect will save you a lot of time as it will eliminate the options that do not match your size requirements. Because of this, the number of reasonable choices will be reduced and more manageable. I suggest you take a look at customer reviews to see if anyone with a similar RV has written a review. This person’s experience can make you feel more comfortable and give you a better indication that it is the right choice.


    The composition of the blanket will also have a significant effect on its effectiveness. You are looking for a blanket made of a durable material without anything thin and grating. The only way to ensure it is lasting. With this in mind, you should choose a cover on top of them and three plywood elements. As mentioned earlier, this combination has been the standard among the top RV covers for years

    Covers with this design should easily protect your RVT from rain or snow. But you should also choose the right ingredients according to your travel destinations. Thinking about this factor should give you a better idea of ​​what kind of material is right for your situation. For example, some blankets are made in areas with high humidity and moderate climates. Others will have features designed for air regions where air pressure appears to be a serious problem. For this reason, thinking about the climate you are going to will help you determine the right material and the right coverage.

    You may want to think about the types of outdoor items frequently in these areas. If you’re planning on arving in a place like Arizona, you can probably find a cover that can effectively handle sand. There will be no damage if you keep the blanket with UV protection. We should also mention that the most common components in RV covers are polyester or polypropylene based. Both of these substances have been shown to be effective in preventing problems caused by things like snow, rain or UV rays.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are RV covers waterproof?

    There are many covers but not everywhere. For example, a cover with high UV protection may provide less protection against moisture damage because it is designed for use in a dry, sunny environment. If you live in a more humid area, look for a cover that is specifically designed to be used in that environment.

    The answer to this question technically depends on the product you are buying, yes, high quality RV cover waterproof. In fact, this is one of their main attractions! In addition to helping prevent water loss inside your veins, RV covers provide protection from UV rays, bird droppings, tree debris and dirt. Plants, dust and other potentially messy substances.

    Will a RV cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job?

    The short answer is no. The longest answer is no, as long as you take care of the two areas it will not damage the paintwork of your vehicle. Be careful when installing the cover first. Read our guide above and take your time! Second, make sure all the strapping is secure and periodically check that it is protected during storage. Loose components that swell in the air can scratch the paint, so your paint should be good if you can avoid it with secure strapping.