Best RV Propane Regulators 2021

Flame King KT12ACR6 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Gas Regulator

The Flame King 2 Stage RV Propane Gas Regulator with Auto Inverter is a solid choice for any RV owner. You will see that this model has several features, which most people would find incredibly beneficial. Benefiting from a two-stage design, the Flame King KT12ACR6 is capable of maintaining a constant gas pressure under many conditions. With a capacity of 190,000 BTUs, the Flame King propane regulator could also easily support typical propane systems in recreational vehicles. For this reason, in terms of adaptability, the KT12ACR6 is essentially the best RV propane regulator available for purchase these days. Flame King KT12ACR6 is also very easy to install, which is a huge plus if you need an RV propane regulator in a hurry.

This is rated at 190,000 BTUs and is available for less than $ 50 with the mats, or even less without them. However, if you have an RV that only runs on a single propane thank you, this setup will not be a suitable solution. This regulator is also ideal for RVs with two propane tanks and is best suited for configurations where these tanks are installed vertically. The RV Propane Tank Regulator can be easily mounted to your RV’s propane bracket and comes with two 12-inch pigtails to connect two propane tanks. The auto change feature of this regulator means that it will automatically draw propane from your second tank once it detects that your first tank is empty. This feature also makes it easy to remove your first tank and refill it before both tanks are completely empty.

Here’s a versatile and useful regulator to control the supply of propane gas to your RV, which is rated at 30,000 BTUs. This model will connect to two propane gas tanks. There is a useful automatic shift system that will switch from one tank without gas to the second reserve tank without interrupting your supply. The empty bottle can be replaced with a full bottle and the regulator will return to it when the reserve tank runs out. You can replace empty bottles without interrupting the supply. It comes with an indicator that changes color when a tank needs to be refilled. You can use it on any RV equipped with two propane tanks. The inlets for the regulator are a 1/4-inch SAE reverse torch and there are two 12-inch coiled hoses that will connect to two propane tanks. The outlet is a 3/8 ″ female National Pipe Thread connector pipe thread. Thanks to the two-stage design, this regulator will maintain a constant gas pressure even when demand changes.

This is a reliable and attractive styling option for RVs with two propane tanks. It includes a number of additional features, as well as some cosmetic options that we really liked. It comes with a pair of 12-inch pigtail connectors that fit standard ⅜ ”hoses. It has a very nice enameled steel front surface and a tank indicator that lets you know when your tank is empty. As an automatic switching regulator, it allows you to connect it to the two propane tanks and use them one after the other. Both will produce propane at a constant pressure of one psi. This is perfect for devices in your RV, especially sensitive devices like water heaters. Overall, we thought the Flame King 2-Stage Regulator was a great choice for most RVs.

Marshall Excelsior MEGR 253 Propane Regulator

As a 2-stage automatic propane regulator for RVs, the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 is one of Best RV Propane Regulators. Designed to extract gas from two tanks (one primary and one reserve), the MEGR-253 could guarantee an uninterrupted flow of propane. On top of that, the Marshall Excelsior regulator changes tanks on its own, so RVs don’t have to do manual changes if one tank runs out of gas. Equipped with a built-in gauge, the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 allows caravans to determine how much gas is left in their tanks.

If you want your new RV propane regulator to have a simple indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to refill your tanks, you’ll love this. This model is designed for RVs with vertical propane tanks and can automatically change the flow rate from a primary propane cylinder to a reserve propane cylinder with the primary tank registers empty. It also allows you to remove and refill that main tank without interrupting the flow of propane to your RV, trailer, or fifth wheel. The regulator is made from a hard zinc raw material to ensure that it will resist any damage or damage. It is designed to handle up to 225,000 BTUs. The large number of BTUs means that you can easily power all your devices efficiently. Plus, as a dual tank automatic regulator, the device ensures you won’t run out of propane quickly. It also has a colored indicator that alerts you when the tanks need to be refilled.

This is a two stage RV propane regulator that will switch your supply to a reserve tank without interrupting your supply. This model has a maximum inlet pressure of 250 PSI and the inlet connector is a ¼ inch reverse torch. The outlet connection is a 3/8 inch domestic female pipe thread, there is a green / red indicator that lets you clearly know when your gas supply is low and you should start looking for a replacement. This regulator meets RVIA, UL, and NFPA standards and has a raw zinc and powder exterior finish.

Made from raw zinc and powder coated, the Marshall Excelsior Propane Regulator is lightweight and durable. That’s why when it comes to durability and strength, the MEGR-253 is known as the best RV propane regulator in its price range. In addition, maintaining the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 is undemanding and that means keeping it in tip-top shape is a breeze. Presented at a reasonable price, the Marshall Excelsior Travel Trailer Propane Regulator fits the wallet of the average RV enthusiast.

Fairview GR 9984 High Capacity RV Camper LP Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator

Our pick for the best RV propane regulator is the Fairview RV Camper 2-Stage Automatic Regulator because it is an affordable and highly functional option. The name of the game with these regulators is that they work, and this model comes with some of the best user reviews out there. This dual tank RV propane regulator has a whopping 262,500 BTU per hour capacity and is a two stage regulator. This means you can connect two separate propane tanks to it and it will automatically switch from the first tank to the second when the first is empty. This regulator is set in a standard low pressure propane with an eleven inch water column.

So your equipment’s original propane regulator breaks down suddenly and needs a solid replacement? In this case, taking a look at the Fairview GR-9994 is highly recommended. With the ability to replace all automatic regulators used by recreational vehicles, the Fairview regulator is considered the leading replacement for propane regulators for recreational vehicles. The GR-9994 is also sold with braids so you don’t have to buy additional hardware to use it.

With this auto switch propane regulator, you will be able to connect propane tanks to your RV and make sure you never run out of gas. It will automatically switch from empty to full tank, and there’s a helpful indicator that lets you know when a tank is low. When you have installed a new tank, all you need to do is move the feed lever and it will reset the gauge. You can then remove and replace the empty tank so it can be refilled. It was set at the standard low pressure for propane, which is 11 ″ water column. The regulator has an overall height of 6 ¼ inches and is durable and easy to use. You can use it in place of any existing automatic shift regulator and it can be used on all RV models, as well as caravans and motorhomes. The wheel mounting bolts are not included, but you do get two 15-inch ACME inverted flared pigtails.

In use, the Fairview GR-9994 could connect to two propane tanks at the same time, and when gas from one tank runs out, it will switch to the other without requiring external interaction. Thanks to the indicator built into the Fairview regulator, it is possible to decide if a new tank is needed at a glance. At any time, you can apply gas pressure adjustments as you see fit. A pressure tap is also included, so you shouldn’t have a problem measuring gas pressure. For post-purchase support, Fairview gladly backs its propane regulator with a one-year warranty. So if your GR-9994 breaks down due to manufacturing defects during the warranty period, you can claim a new one free of charge from Fairview. Cost-conscious RV enthusiasts who want a decent insurance policy understandably consider the Fairview GR-9994 the best RV propane regulator.

Camco Propane Regulator For RVs

Designed to meet modern expectations and built to last, the Camco 59005 receives countless accolades from RVers, rookies and veterans alike. Because its inlets are ¼-inch SAE torches and its outlet is a ⅜-inch NPT female pipe thread, the 59005 is compatible with standard propane systems. Additionally, like many of its competitors in the market, Camco’s regulator was able to route gas from two tanks to pressure-regulated devices. With a prime capacity of 210,000 BTUs and a reserve capacity of 130,000 BTUs, the Camco 59005 meets daily needs excellently, which is why it is the best propane regulator for occasional RVs.

This is exactly what you need for your RV equipped with a connection for a double propane tank. The main cylinder has a capacity of 210,000 BTU / hr and the reserve cylinder has a capacity of 130,000 BTU / hr. You will benefit from a constant gas pressure as the regulator will automatically switch from an empty tank to a new one. Then you can replace the empty tank, and if necessary it will be replaced. Because there is a two-stage design, it will allow you to have a constant gas pressure even when gas demand fluctuates. The inlet is a ¼ ”SAE reverse flare while the outlet is a 3/8” female domestic pipe thread.

If maximizing the capacity of your new RV propane regulator is your top priority, we recommend the Camco Two-Stage Automatic Shift Regulator as it has the highest BTU rating on our list (aside from our pick of The best RV propane regulator overall!). The capacity of this 2 tank propane regulator is rated at 210,000 BTUs per hour for the main tank. It is also rated at 130,000 BTUs for its backup propane cylinder. The automatic changeover feature of this regulator means that it will switch to propane in your reserve cylinder when your master cylinder is empty.

Mr. Heater Propane Two Stage Horizontal Regulator

With a zinc body, the Mr. Heater F273763 is lightweight compared to traditional RV propane regulators, but could withstand all the difficulties associated with RV. As a result, if you mount the F273763 in your equipment, it will be years before you have to think about purchasing a new propane regulator. Furthermore, equipped with the POL tank connection, the Mr. Heater regulator is well suited to a wide range of systems. For this reason, configuring Mr. Heater F273763 is very simple.

This regulator is rated for a maximum gas flow of 200,000 BTUs per hour and has a ⅜ “female pipe thread outlet and a ¼” female pipe thread inlet, which are fairly standard among regulators and propane systems. for recreational vehicles. It is designed to be installed between the permanently mounted propane tank on larger RVs and the propane line that connects to that tank. Most RVs should have this regulator as standard, but it’s an ideal replacement if yours is compromised. It has a left hand thread on the end that connects to the nozzle on your propane tank, so be sure to thread it carefully during the installation process. And it’s a perfect two-stage regulator for P.O.L. Tank connections.

A great advantage of the Mr. Heater propane regulator is that it has a pre-installed POL connector to make things easier and more convenient during installation. The device also comes with a plastic cover to protect the valve from the sun and any other damage that may prevent its operation. Plus, it’s easy to install thanks to its standard outlet (⅜ inch) and inlet (¼ inch) measurements, nothing worse than a product that complicates the installation process too much. After purchasing Mr. Heater’s F273763, you will receive a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means you have something to rely on if you experience unexpected problems with your Mr. Heater propane regulator.

JR Products 07-30325 High Pressure Regulator

The JR Products High Pressure Regulator is designed for use in high demand situations. It is capable of meeting the propane needs of even the largest Class A RVs. It provides 500,000 BTUs of propane flow per hour and fits just like an OEM part for many large fifth wheel trailers. It has a ¼-inch connector and is designed as a replacement. Best application is for use in systems that require PSIG rather than w.c. measurements. If you are looking for a high flow regulator for large RVs, the JR Products High Pressure Regulator is the perfect choice.

If you are looking for a regulator built to handle propane starved appliances, you will love this . With a fantastic 500,000 BTU capacity, the regulator made by JR Products could be used to operate refrigerators, ranges, radiators, etc. Apart from that, having a fairly small number, 07-30325 is very suitable for arrangements with limited space. Finally, the striking finish of JR Products 07-30325 dramatically increases your visibility, which is beneficial on outdoor adventures.

This bright red high pressure propane regulator from is also quite affordable. It has a ¼-inch female inlet and a 1/4-inch female outlet. You can also buy it in a six pack if you are concerned about having to replace it or need more than one. It is ideal for places where PSIG is needed instead of W.C. It weighs only 7 ounces and has a simple and elegant design. It also has a 30 psi output. Uses standard pipe thread fittings. Besides RV, this also works easily for devices where you need to regulate the high propane pressure. In terms of compatibility, the 07-30325 contains a ¼ inch inlet and a ¼ inch outlet. The simple and easy-to-use nature of the regulator setup process ensures that you can set it up in the blink of an eye. It should be noted that backs its propane regulator with a market leading lifetime warranty. Unsurprisingly, 07-30325 is showered with praise from full-time RVs that travel year-round.

For the price, this is a very robust and reliable model. There are hardly any reports of it being faulty, not as described, or breaking down after prolonged use. While this propane regulator is quite specific to its specialty, it should be a smart choice for your RV.

Camco 59313 Vertical Two Stage Propane Regulator

Camco 59313 Vertical Two Stage Propane Regulator
  • Has integral first and second stages that ensure smoother, more consistent flow of propane gas to all RV appliances

The Camco Two Stage Vertical Propane Regulator is an easy to install vertical mount propane regulator. It is designed to provide a constant flow of 1 psi of propane to protect your appliances. It can produce up to 160,000 BTU per hour and is easy to install between your propane tanks and your RV. Fits 20 lb and 30 lb propane tanks. We will be honest with you, this is an economic regulator. It is certainly serviceable, but it is by no means the most sophisticated unit. This is a good unit to use if you only take your RV out occasionally or are looking for an inexpensive option for a backup.

But the best part about this propane regulator is its affordability. Sometimes these products can be a bit expensive with the inclusion of unnecessary additional features; however, this model remains simple and ends up being extremely profitable. Even with its high-quality performance and excellent price, not everything is positive about this product. Several customers have reported that they have encountered issues with the durability of this model, which you don’t want to see with a product like this.