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Best RV Tires 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
    Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R
    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
    Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R
    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
    Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R
    Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R

    Finding the best RV tires isn’t as straightforward as most of us think. There are a lot of moving components in this process, which can make things difficult. In fact, for many purchasers, it can be downright overwhelming. This article will try to help you get rid of such feelings by leading you through the entire process. We’ll go over all you need to know about these amazing products, including types, top brands, determining criteria, and much more.

    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

    The Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire is Best RV Tires, with a fifth wheel or any other RV that you have to throw. For this reason, it is easily one of the most versatile tires on this list. And the benefits don’t stop its versatility. For example, I like its distinctive walking pattern, as it eliminates the cleanliness that the tire will feel over time. Therefore, it will keep your tires in better shape for a longer period of time around the tire by disrupting wear. This promotion of wear even across tires encourages reliable performance. See, uniformly disrupting wear, there will not be a part of the tire where the failure of the tire is inevitable where there has been a severe bite. In addition to having a distinctive pattern, this tire has additional thermal protection, including built-in weather and ozone protection. In other words, these tires can be a lifeline in these hot summer months.

    Compatible with a wide range of recreational vehicles these days, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Hall tire will compliment any motorhome. While this may seem unusual at first glance, it is one of the best RV tires available for purchase in terms of ease of adaptability. Its quiet operation is also a major plus. Benefiting from a well-designed tread pattern, Carlisle tires wear evenly over time, which guarantees consistent performance and prevents premature wear. Its rubber compound resists heat at high speeds, which helps maximize its life in most RV setups. The tire’s built-in weather protection easily handles common exterior components. Thanks to its low rolling resistance, the tire significantly improves the fuel efficiency of your car. To facilitate installation, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD has an interesting mark indicating the ideal location for the valve stem. Therefore, it is easy for Arvis to adjust the tire balance before hitting the road.

    These tires have the added benefit of limiting road noise for a variety of pitch configurations. Doing so makes the quality of the ride more comfortable and stress-free. This is a radial trail trailer tire, which means it has a stiff and strong frame designed for long sizes. This product is designed for trailer position axles only and will be able to support heavy loads. The footprint of this product has improved compared to previous models, further improving traction control for radial tires. Improving heat resistance is also important, as it will run on the hottest days of summer and no heat will damage the tire.

    This is one of the most durable and powerful tires you can find on the market. Thanks to the incredibly strong side walls, you will be able to withstand heavy loads. Advanced tread wear gives you great traction and control while driving the RV. The overall improvement of these tires increases product life by 10%. Special tires are heat resistant which limits the damage that can be caused by heat when entering. The only downside to radial tires is that you can’t drive them at the same time as competitors like light truck tires.

    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire is the Best RV Tires in 2023

    Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire

    Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire is the Best RV Tires. Steel reinforcement adds strength to this product and maintains a long service life. Radial tires will be able to carry heavy weights, which is ideal for any RV owner. Designed for more industrial use, these tires will provide great traction in both dry and wet conditions. Michelin RV trailer tires are a very effective and attractive option for any RV owner looking for new tires. The first thing that stands out about these tires is the practicality. In other words, the size and the vehicle that these tires can attach is significant I suspect there is an RV that cannot find the right size of these tires for their special needs. They love to be ultimate practical as well as a strong and durable steel case which is another amazing feature. In fact, the steel alloy of this steel guarantees a longer wear life; Therefore, guarantee that your tires will last a long time.

    This can have a positive effect on your wallet by using less rolling resistance which improves the fuel economy. Incredible benefits every time a tire helps reduce the impact of RV on our bank accounts. Also, the running design ensures that these tires will have no problems following the strict schedule I have planned for my RV. I don’t expect any problems with this tire in terms of performance. In a related note, its strong steel construction ensures that this tire is as reliable / tough as it needs to be. Overall, this product is a stable and practical item that will serve its purpose well.

    The tires of their XPS RIB trucks are the best all-round tires for light trucks and can also be used in recreational vehicles due to the power of the load range E (10 ply). No matter how heavy your RV is, a tire can hold 2,680 pounds making it a safe choice. Michelin can also be used as a double tire as opposed to a few other tires in this category. On the road, this is one of the best RV tires, Period. These are summer highway tires, which in my opinion is the right grade for RVs because they are mostly used in summer and on highways. Under these conditions the XPS RIB truck shines perfectly – stability is also great at higher speeds, although the grip is probably the best of any other tire in this class. Traction is very good in both dry and wet conditions. The same can be said about braking performance – it is one of the safest RV tires on the market.

    And it’s not just performance here. Due to the premium rubber components, the comfort of riding even on horseback roads is great, while there is almost no tire noise at cruise speeds. With a set of tires on the Michelin XPS RIB truck, your next family trip is not only fun, you can also enjoy a high level of comfort while traveling. Needless to say, this Michelin is one of the most durable and long lasting RV tires on the market. This means that even after running many miles, not only will the movement be good, but when the RV is stable for a long time, the whole tire will not lose its shape. Great news for those who have a fifth wheel RV.

    That said, the Michelin XPS RIB truck is a summer tire and is not suitable for cold climates or snow. It’s a bit heavy, though it’s a radial construction. Looks like you’re paying the price for great durability and longevity with added weight. Oh, and like almost all other Michelin tires, it’s pretty expensive. I think it’s worth the price, especially considering the safety aspect, but some RV owners might think otherwise, in the end I could have opted for more sized options – available that are just good small RVs for him.

    This product is made specifically for more industrial use, which already gives your RVT a great advantage on the road. Wet and dry traction control is incredible to say the least; The radial tire is significantly stronger from the inside, which means you can handle heavier loads like a medium or large RV. These also improve the stability of your RV and ensure a comfortable and quiet driving experience. The only downside to this tire is that traction is not the best when used on ice.

    Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire is the Best RV Tire in 2023

    Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

    The Goodyear Unisteel RST radial tire is an ST tire that represents the pinnacle of RV tires with its ability to meet the needs of the most critical towing applications, such as a fifth wheel trailer. The material with which it is made allows it to withstand the pressure exerted by the most demanding trailers. In addition to the material it is made from, there are several things that I like about this product. For example, road conditions have little or no effect on the traction of these tires.

    Designed to handle anything RV enthusiasts can throw at it, the Goodyear Unisteel G614 ranks among the best RV tires when it comes to overall performance. Built to the highest quality, the Goodyear tire is efficient to cope with demanding operations without failure and provides consistent satisfaction long on the road. As a result, many travel trailer tire reviews consider the tire to be one of the best travel trailer tires to buy to enjoy a smooth ride on any terrain.

    But this aspect is not the only thing that impresses the Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST radial tire. You must also like the shallow tread on this tire, which helps keep product temperatures at safe levels. For this reason, overheating becomes a problem for this tire.

    You shouldn’t have a problem with time in the sun either. This look directly appeals to caravanners in hot climates who like to stay indoors for long periods of time. It doesn’t hurt that this tire also doesn’t seem to be affected by road conditions that could be causing a problem. This extends even to adverse conditions such as snow or ice that cause serious problems for many other models. The tire’s lightweight design is also no reason to sneeze, as it will greatly facilitate the installation and storage processes.

    With a combination of shallow tread patterns and improved rib stability, this Goodyear tire keeps its temperature firmly under control as you move. Plus, it’s easy to spot the wear pattern on the tire so you can determine if a replacement is needed. When it comes to traction, the use of edge grooves, rubber blends, and side grooves allow the tire to perform admirably in wet conditions. Regardless of the load, the Goodyear Unisteel G614 must inflate to 110 PSI to maintain peak performance. Maintain this pressure level if you want all the benefits of using an all-steel rim.

    Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

    No products found.

    The Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire is a great choice for any RV owner with a fifth wheel or travel trailer for a variety of reasons. The first is that the tire has a central groove.

    Its nylon coating also helps to cope with those poor road conditions by adding more strength and durability to the tire’s construction. You should have no problem towing a wide variety of different trailers, such as fifth wheel trailers, boat trailers and travel trailers, due to the strength this tire provides. Another attractive feature worth mentioning is the tire shoulder design. This design was implemented to reduce the accumulation of friction that could occur between the tire and the asphalt. This is a precaution to help remedy problems that overheating can lead to in your tires.

    This center groove allows the tire to constantly track, which means you can rest easy knowing that your tires are stable and operating in optimal condition. In addition, this central groove provides a smooth ride that does not roll back under any weather conditions. In fact, these tires thrive in the harshest conditions with their primary purpose of providing your RV with a source of strength and durability. You see, the nylon coating built into the inside of the tire allows that feel of strength / durability to form.

    Most people find the price of this trailer tire more than fair too. This is just another aspect where Trailer King seems to be doing a good job of keeping customers and wishes front and center. This is also proven by the national limited warranty included with your purchase.

    Hankook VANTRA RA18 All-Season Radial Tire

    No products found.

    The Hankook Vantra RA18 Radial Tire will provide a level of durability that few other alternatives can match. This benefit stems from the tire’s intrinsic anti-abrasion properties, which prevent concerns like dry rot and rust from occurring.

    It also doesn’t hurt that this tire includes a reinforcement belt layer, which will help it endure even longer. But the tire’s longevity isn’t the only feature I admire. I especially appreciate its strong sidewall, which has proven to be solid even when transporting heavy loads.

    The three circumferential grooves on this tire should also be enticing to you. These grooves will keep your rig from hydroplaning by diverting water away from where it makes contact with the road. Another feature that drew my attention was this tire’s numerous sipes. When the road is coated in snow or rain, these sipes will provide increased traction. And it’s a feature that’s been backed up by a slew of positive customer reviews complimenting the tire’s wet-weather performance.

    It’s also worth noting that these tires are known for providing a serene and quiet ride. This benefit stems from the tire’s design’s use of long-lasting tread technology. It’s another example of Hankook’s understanding of what its customers desire.

    GOODYEAR Endurance all_ Season Radial Tire

    For every RV or truck owner who wants the best performance tires, the Silent Armor should not be missing. It’s a tough, sturdy tire that has been built over the years. These tires can work just as hard as yours. It has Silent Armor technology which makes fighting against all road conditions very durable and professional.

    One of the best choices on the market for the innovative features of Pro Grade tires. One of the ones I love is this durable walking compound that makes it super tough on the roads. It’s a giant when it comes to short-style or long-distance application, especially when it comes to crafting or hopping, in terms of skill or turmoil. You can also rely on it for a variety of towing applications, so this is a great investment. This model can also prevent punctures and cuts in its thick and durable side wall material. You will also love the great spectacular pulls. At a glance you can tell that these pulls add to the stability and smooth traction that the tire can provide. The model also has an open step that works by improving off-road traction. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor also has a rim protector that helps protect your wheels from unwanted and annoying sidewalk damage. Needless to say, this model is one of the most reliable when it comes to its precise design and each one adds durability and durability to this tire.

    Featuring a sound-canceling design, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor is one of the best motorhome tires when it comes to silence. For RV enthusiasts who want to enjoy quiet driving outside, this tire is a wise investment. Also, thanks to the relatively low rolling resistance, the tire provides a significant improvement in the fuel efficiency of your veins. You should be able to increase the reach of your RV and reduce the overall cost of fuel. The high production standards allow this model to adapt to most road conditions. With the presence of quality walking compounds, this Goodyear tire has a great appeal which makes it suitable for a range of towel / hollow applications. Considering that this tire effectively prevents punctures in addition to cuts, it will last a while on your road. This tire also has a rim protector so you don’t have to worry about field pavement damage.

    A huge plus is that the tire is offered at a very affordable price, so you can get replacements without breaking the bank. In terms of post-purchase support, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor comes with a standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturing and material defects. It says a lot about the reliability of these RV tires. One of the ways I love it is that the open tires allow the tires to be great on wet roads. Since it often faces the shower, these tires put much less pressure on those times. Furthermore, the steps and dense side walls give these tires a sense of durability / durability which makes them very attractive to regular RV users like me. Also, they help reduce street noise, which is always beneficial.

    In addition to helping reduce noise, these tires are made with Durawal technology that helps reduce the risk of tears and punctures in the side wall of the tire. And with the tendency of radial tires to thunder their side walls, this is a welcome addition. In addition to the dense steps and side walls, Goodyear has added a rim protector to protect the pavement from accidental damage. My guess is that any RV owner can benefit from this feature, as it is sometimes difficult to see where the edge of a car like the RV in Class A starts. After all, all these amazing features mean nothing if you can’t afford RV tires.

    Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire

    No products found.

    The Boto BT926 is a commercial truck tire, but that doesn’t mean it won’t function on a motorhome. Actually, the BT926 can handle the weight of quite large motorhomes due to its super-tough structure. For example, this tire has a quiet tread that will keep your journeys as tranquil as possible. It’s an aspect that appeals to me significantly because I suffer from headaches on a regular basis, and rough driving experiences increase those concerns.

    Furthermore, the tire has a high treadlife, which means you won’t have to replace it as frequently. Furthermore, the BT926 provides the driver with great highway stability as well as good handling in quicker turns.

    Based on their performance on the highway, it appears that these tires have no trouble performing well at higher speeds. However, don’t think that these radial tires are just suited for long excursions. These items include a 5-rib design that will provide excellent mileage for both long and short excursions. It’s also worth noting that this tire comes with a professional installation add-on for those willing to pay a little extra. This feature is a good touch for someone like myself who isn’t the best at doing activities like putting a new tire.

    Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

    The Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire has everything a trailer owner might want in an RV tire. For example, I appreciate this tire’s shock absorption feature, which aids in withstanding the huge pressure brought on by towing large rigs. This means that the tire will be less likely to suffer from a flat or blown out tire. The double steel-belted construction of this tire should also appeal to you. This design will provide a lot of strength and stability to the table, which is always a good thing. It was an area that many consumers felt compelled to highlight as a plus in their customer feedback. Furthermore, its design employs a cutting-edge tread compound that decreases rolling resistance and saves you money on fuel.

    This tread compound will help extend the tread life of your tire, allowing it to last a little longer. Given these attributes, it’s apparent that Maxxis spent a lot of effort into increasing the tire’s longevity. Based on user feedback, it appears that this goal was met. Maxxis’s wide range of size possibilities piqued my interest as well. This feature ensures that any trailer owner can select the ideal version for their needs. It’s comforting to know that practically everyone has the opportunity to reap the benefits of this tire.

    Maxxis M8008 Trailer Tire is considered to be on a different level because it has everything that RVers require in a tire. This Maxxis tire has low rolling resistance due to the use of first-tier tread compound, which improves a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the high-grade rubber gives the tire a relatively extended tread life in most operations.

    Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

    No products found.

    In terms of pricing, the Freestar M-108 is one of the best RV tires for budget-conscious RVers. In comparison to other options on the market, this tire from Freestar is very reasonable and provides exceptional value for money. While its purchase price is inexpensive, the tire does not skimp on quality: it will last you a long time in use. For RV owners who frequently drive long distances, the M-108 would be a cost-effective option.

    The Freestar tire repels water quite well thanks to its deep grooves. Furthermore, even in damp situations, the traction remains ideal. The tire is generally safe from heat buildup during operation due to the adoption of an unique cooling layout. Rot is less of an issue in most circumstances because the tire is resistant to UV rays. In terms of configuration, the Freestar M-108 is quite versatile. That being stated, you need use some spacers to spread the beads apart before installing them.

    Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro Grade Radial Tire

    Look no further than the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor for an RV tire that can handle both hardpacked terrain and shallow mud. This tire boasts an aggressive tread pattern and a robust casing that gives great grip in locations where no other tire could. This also applies to unpacked snow.

    On the highway, the Wrangler performs admirably, giving a smooth ride and plenty of grip for the driver. The Wrangler is also remarkably quiet at higher speeds, despite the aggressive tread pattern. The tire also boasts a long treadlife, and Goodyear backs it up with a 50,000-mile treadwear guarantee.

    However, the Wrangler Silent Armor is only available in a few sizes, which may be a problem for certain RV owners.

    What to Look for When Buying the best RV Tire


    If you are thinking of buying RV tires, you should first know the tire size of your RVT. Honestly, identifying tires is not that difficult. You see, the side walls have a combination of letters and numbers that bring the size of a tire to life. It will look something like LT225 / 75R16. “LT” refers to light truck which defines the type of tire. For RV owners who have completed RV in one of the categories, you should look for a tire that will start with “LT” in combination. In addition, “225” represents the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. Therefore, the sample width of this tire is 225 mm. This information will help you narrow down the number of options you can choose from in the RV tire market. After setting the width of the tire, “75” is an indicator of the ratio of the tires: the height of the length of the cross-section of the tires. In other words, “75” means 75% of the width of the tire. In this case, the height will be about 168 millimeters. Finally, “R” stands as radial and “16” indicates that the tire will adapt to the 16-inch diameter wheel. Overall, it’s not that complicated. And once you determine the size you need, buying RV tires is much easier. It is essential to buy the right size tires for your RV. Size is not something you can compromise. The size of the tire is indicated by a combination of letters and numbers found on the wall next to your existing tire. If you still have doubts, consult your owner’s manual or talk to a local trusted mechanic. Buying the wrong size tires will leave you with tires that will not perform or are unable to perform properly. This is a costly mistake.

    Load Rating and Maximum Weight

    You need to understand the weight that your tires support. Keep in mind that this refers not only to the RV itself, but also to the things contained in the RV. For this reason, if possible, you should get a set of tires with a load capacity that exceeds your required limit. If you are wondering what the nominal load is, its title is located on the wall next to the tire. For example, it would say something like “Maximum load: 1150 kg (2540 lbs)” on the sidewall, this is your load capacity. In this case, “2540 pounds” can hold the tire at the highest inflation. Therefore, if your RV has four tires, it will be able to support up to 10,160 pounds.

    Each tire has the maximum weight that can hold it safely. If it is attacked more than the maximum weight, it will affect its strength and durability. So it is important to know about your weight after your RV is fully loaded. This weight should then be divided by four for the load under each tire.

    Sidewall Strength

    Whatever your intention of using the RV, you will need tires with durable and strong sidewalls. For this reason, it is important to do the necessary research on each tire you are considering. In other words, read reviews, forums, websites, etc. to get a really well-known opinion that each tire you find useful. Don’t decide to rash, as getting low quality tires can put you in a dangerous position.

    RVs are heavy and put a lot of pressure on the tires. Pressure You need a tire that can withstand the load without default. Most of the best RV tires have strong sidewalls that allow them to withstand heavy loads without compromising on durability. However, some tires with reinforced sidewalls can offer less comfortable ride than others. It is a good idea to test the strength and durability of the tires along with the comfort rating.

    Seasonal / weather conditions

    Not all tires are made for wet or winter weather. If you want to travel the country all year round, you must make sure you have all season tires. Likewise, if you tend to drive your RV in the rain, you need a tire that is designed for wet weather and with a tread design that reduces aquatic life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a RV tire?

    One of the most common reasons you need RV tires for your RV; No passenger tires will be suitable or will not have the required load capacity for safe travel. Therefore, you need a tire with the right size, right load capacity, right square etc. to ensure a stress-free VR experience. After all, who wants to be by his side while screaming at the firewall’s RV because a tire is broken? I do not know. Fortunately, the next section explains what you should consider when buying tires on your RV.

    How much are RV tires?

    There are many different factors that help determine the price of an RV tire: size, manufacturer, quality, grade of your RV etc. For example, the average cost of an RV tire in class is about 300 300 each. But if you find the right sale or the right brand, it can cost up to 60. Really, it depends on the size you are looking for and the quality of the tires. Overall, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a price that’s right for your specific needs. Remember, there is always a good deal, you need to find it. And this article will help you.