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Best RV Refrigerators 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator

    Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator and Deep, AC 110V/ DC 12V, Real Chest Freezer for Car, Home, Camping, and RV with-8°F to 50°F Temperature Range, Gray, One Size
    • Convertible Small Freezer/Refrigerator: This small AC 110V/ DC 12V fridge with a 65 qt. capacity has an adjustable temperature range of -8°F to 50°F that allows you to easily change it from a compact freezer to a freezerless refrigerator and back.Refrigerant Type : R-134A

    The best of small fridges and freezers, the Whynter FM-65 Portable Fridge or Freezer is a great choice for someone on the go with limited space. Powered by AC or DC, this fridge-freezer combo is completely portable, making it perfect for not only RV storage, but other travel and camping businesses as well. While most RV coolers are made to stand still, you can move them every time you stop to camp or entertain around the fire.

    With different temperature modes and settings, you can use this machine as a refrigerator or freezer. A quick freeze setting quickly chills your refrigerator, almost instantly turning it into a freezer. This model is very versatile as it can be used with any 110 volt outlet or 12 volt power supply. Even a car battery can power this refrigerator, making it truly portable. With insulated walls and lids, as well as removable baskets, you’ll get everything you need in a portable fridge or freezer. The construction is sturdy and strong, making it durable and long-lasting.

    A small disadvantage of the Whynter RV freezer is that it cannot run on LPG. It needs 12V DC or 110V power to work. However, it will automatically switch to your RV battery if the main power goes out. So there is no need to worry about that. If for some reason you lose both power sources, the unit’s insulation will keep it nice and chilly for a few hours anyway.

    During testing, users reported that the refrigerator will run for approximately 24 hours on a 100 amp deep cycle battery. Some even paired it with a 150W solar panel kit for more versatility on the go. Weighing in at just 48.5 pounds, it can be moved pretty quickly around a campground or dragged a car if necessary. Overall, this is a top-notch freezer and refrigerator that would work for any RV. With super quiet operation and extremely cold temperatures, this is a powerhouse that won’t disappoint. Plus, with the high-quality door latch, your food is safe from bears and other RVs.

    Dometic DM2652RB Americana Double Door RV Refrigerator

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    Most RV owners do not have access to a dependable RV refrigerator that will make their road travels much more convenient. If you want to have the best RV road trip possible, replace your old refrigerator with the Dometic DM2652RB Americana Double Door RV Refrigerator.

    This device has numerous commendable aspects, the first of which is the design. It has a flexible shelf design, which I believe is quite significant, especially if I want to keep the contents from shifting within the RV needlessly while it is driving. This RV refrigerator’s door lock functionality is also fantastic in my opinion. This is useful if you’re driving on a bumpy road. The lock will adequately secure the refrigerator door, preventing spillage of the contents. Another notable aspect of this refrigerator is its low energy consumption. It only uses 1501.28 BTU/h of gas, which I believe is critical, especially if I intend to live off the grid for an extended period of time. It is also powered by electricity. Your food will always be refrigerated and fresh if your RV has a good solar panel to run RV refrigerator.

    Dometic DM2862RB 8.0 Cubic Feet 2-Way Refrigerator

    DOMETIC DM2862RB 8.0 Cubic Feet 2-Way Refrigerator
    • Integrated design with optional door insert panels available, includes automatic LP ignition, available in black frame, standard and large double door

    With innovative technology, the Dometic Americana DM 2862 is reliable, quiet and stylish, making it the best 2 way rv refrigerator and best 2 way rv fridge and best 2 way rv freezer. Although this Dometic model uses bi-directional operation, both on AC and LP gas, it is cooling things off by introducing a new technology known as absorption cooling. Using concentrated ammonia expelled as vapor, this pressurized system combines with hydrogen to extract heat and reduce temperatures.

    This whole process keeps your fridge cool without using electricity at all, which is great for RVers who are constantly on the go. In addition to this functionality, this fridge-freezer combo offers convenience and reliability. By using lockable door handles, you can be sure that your food will stay sealed and last longer. The unit has several adjustable shelves that you can move freely as you like. This RV refrigerator offers a total of six cubic feet of storage capacity and is designed with doors on the right. This makes it a great option for RV kitchens where the refrigerator space is to the left of the rest of the kitchen and sink space. This refrigerator has a full steel frame for durability and also features like click locks on the handles.

    This means you get audible confirmation that the doors are closed before you leave, which has been a problem for me on RVs before (causing food to leak out of the fridge while driving!). This RV fridge is powered by gas or with a supply, and you can convert between the two with the push of a button. Automatic temperature control makes setup easy. You can’t figure out the best temperature or play guess because this fridge does the work for you. Just plug it in and turn it on. With a durable steel frame and improved electronic controls, this refrigerator is ready to meet your needs with a worry-free design.

    SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

    SMETA Propane Refrigerator RV 3 way Off Grid Camper Fridge Outdoor Refrigerator for Patio 12V/110V/Gas LPG, No Noise, Solar Fridge for RV Garage, Single Door, 3.5 Cu.Ft, White
    • 3 Way Propane RV Refrigerator-The propane refrigerator supports 12V, 110V or LPG to meet the needs of various occasions. A gas refrigerator can help you enjoy outdoor kitchen without the constraints of a powered campsite. This RV refrigerator for camper is convenience for life and travel.

    The SMETA SCD-100 RV Refrigerator is simply a great mid-range option for any budget. It comes in five different sizes and is one of the few three-way coolers that has a built-in freezer for tasty summer treats. With sliding shelves and transparent inner drawers, you will find it very convenient to use and easy to clean. Plus, with 12V, 120V, and LPG (liquid propane gas) power options, it is extremely versatile and can be paired with any of the more expensive refrigerators. If you’re looking for the best 3 way rv refrigerator, look no further.

    The best feature of this caravan refrigerator is its huge storage space. You can store a lot of food and drink. Measuring 20.6 × 23.2 × 32.2 inches, this product is designed to accommodate bulky items inside. This makes it ideal for storing lots of food and drink to enjoy long car trips. Lastly, it doesn’t clutter up RV space.

    The SMETA 3 way refrigerator is a promising unit. It is spacious enough to accommodate your food and drink for up to three days. Although spacious, the refrigerator itself is very compact, making it the perfect choice for an RV user. You can run this device with gas, electricity, and a 12-volt battery, and voila. It is definitely an option that you should consider.

    Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

    When looking for an RV refrigerator, the most important characteristic to look for is versatility. This is the goal of the Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator. Reversible doors are not standard on all RV refrigerators. This is the level of luxury I’m now experiencing with this product. Avanti’s camper fridge makes it much easier to move around inside the camper. Another outstanding feature of this amazing RV refrigerator is the adjustable leveling leg.

    The interior of the refrigerator is yet another outstanding feature of the product. The light is not too bright. The shelves may be adjusted to securely hold the contents. This extra security feature keeps the contents from shifting while the vehicle is in motion. There are no hidden areas for special stuff, thus everything is simply accessible.

    Norcold Polar 2-Way NA8LXR Refrigerator

    Norcold 2-WAY AC/LP 2DR LH 8' RV REFRIGERA
    • Silent gas absorption with no moving parts for quiet operation

    The Norcold Polar 8 LX Refrigerator is the best 2-way refrigerator because it has industry-leading storage capacity and a more modern design. This refrigerator has a massive storage capacity of eight cubic feet with external measurements of 24” x 23.5” x 59.875”. This model contains an adjustable thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature of both the freezer and fridge sections to your liking.

    This refrigerator’s controls are also at eye level, so you won’t have to strain your neck or get down on your hands and knees to modify its settings. It also boasts superb seals that prevent frost and condensation from accumulating on the back wall, which is an issue with some other RV refrigerator models.

    The Norcold Polar also has a right-swing door, making it suitable for RV kitchens with the refrigerator cut out to the right of the cooktop, sink, and other kitchen equipment. It also has two clear crispers on the bottom shelf to keep fruits and vegetables separate, as well as five shelves inside the refrigerator compartment. These shelves can be modified or removed as well. As a result, customizing the storage configuration of this refrigerator is simple, as is removing shelves for easier cleaning.

    Dometic CFX 50W 12v Electric Powered Portable Cooler Fridge Freezer

    Dometic CFX 50W 12v Electric Powered Portable Cooler, Fridge Freezer
    • Your purchase includes one cooler, one manual, one warranty card, one Connection cable for 12/24V connection, one Connection cable for 100-240V connection and removable wire baskets. Uses refrigerant type R134a

    The Dometic 12V Electric Powered fridge is a high-technology fridge and comes with good quality construction material. This fridge provides you with remarkable cooling temperature and consumes low power. The body of the fridge is stainless, with sturdy lid lining. This fridge comes in different models, and each model has innovative functions. They are lightweight, portable, compact, and have a fantastic feature of controlling the temperature through a Wi-fi app. The freezer has a dual cooling compartment. The deep freezer has a compressor that reaches -7 degrees and is very high in performance. The compressor uses AC, DC, and solar power. The product comes with a 3-Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System. It shuts the product off and saves the battery from dying and enhances the vehicle’s battery performance. The fridge has an advanced technology LED light interior. This fridge is best for road trips and van life.

    This 40-watt 12-volt cooler is a great solution for the needs of RVs, camping, picnics, parks, and more. Take it anywhere with reliable refrigeration and freezing. Made of sturdy materials with reinforced corners and closure components, durability is not an issue at all. At the same time, this electric cooler is designed to be energy efficient with low power consumption.

    Unlike regular coolers, this electric cooler eliminates the need for ice, freeing up more space for your favorite foods and drinks. The bi-directional connection gives you different power options, while an additional USB port is perfect for charging small devices like speakers or your phone. And speaking of technology, although this device has an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to switch from cooling mode to freezing mode, you can also use the companion app to control your cooling through your phone via Wi-Fi. .

    Dometic CFX 50W is the Best RV Fridges in 2023.

    Norcold N410.3UR RV Refrigerator

    NORCOLD N410.3UR RV Refrigerator - 4.5 cu. ft. - AC/DC/LP - Left Hand Swing - Beige Trim
    • Built-in Control Diagnostics provide valuable information to simplify servicing and speed up repairs

    If you want to minimize your overall RV operating costs, a small fridge for your RV is generally a good choice. If you want the best for your RV and your budget, it may be time to test the performance of the Norcold 4 N410.3UR RV Refrigerator. This RV refrigerator appeals in a variety of ways. This is one of the best Norcold RV refrigerators on the market today. It is small, light, and, most importantly, expansive. It can hold enough food and liquids to keep three people satiated for at least three days.

    Another essential aspect is the built-in control diagnostics. This gives vital information regarding the refrigerator’s condition. Because the service specialist will know exactly what is wrong with the refrigerator, the repair operation will be simplified. The thermal fuse does not simply break because this device features an automatic switchover between gas and electric. You can switch between electric and gas without fear of harming the refrigerator’s function. Finally, this product is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

    Whynter FMC-350XP 34 Quart Compact Portable Refrigerator

    Whynter FMC-350XP 34 Quart Compact Portable Refrigerator, AC 115V/ DC 12V Real Freezer for Car, Home, Camping, RV-8°F to 50°F, One Size, Gray
    • 34 Quarts or 48 cans (12FL oz) capacity; Adjustable temperature range: -8°F to 50°F; LED temperature display; “Fast Freeze” mode rapidly cools to -8°F

    The Whynter fridge is compact and has sufficient space to store your food supplies. This fridge is built for recreational trips and van life. The temperature is adjustable and has a range of -8 degrees to 50 degrees. The freezer cools rapidly when at -8 degrees. It works with 12V AC and 110V DC power. It can be operated on both AC and DC at the same time. When the AC power source is not available or fails, the DC power source becomes the primary power source.

    The design of this fridge is very sturdy and heavy-duty, that is the reason this is best suited for use in vehicles. The AC cord is 8-feet, and the DC cord 10-feet long both are enough for a portable fridge.
    It also has two removable wire baskets, a lid that is insulated and insulated walls. The outer housing of the fridge is very tough, although it is made of plastic. There is also a drain plug that aids fast and easy cleaning. The fridge has a low power indicator and works perfectly even if tilted at an angle of 30 degrees, which may happen during your travels.
    The handles are of stainless steel, and the freezer has a non-slip mat that prevents the drinks from spilling.

    COSTWAY 53 Quart Portable and Compact RV Fridge

    COSTWAY Car Refrigerator, 53-Quart Portable and Compact RV Fridge, -4°F To 68°F, Electric Compressor Freezer Cooler with Operating Panel, Groove Design, for Vehicle, Travel, Outdoor and Home Use
    • 🏆 【Compact Capacity】 This portable car refrigerator has a capacity of 1.7 cu ft and can hold up to 60 bottles of beverage or 18 bottles of red wine. Great for carrying it when you travelling and camping. The handles on both sides allow you to move it to any desired location.

    The Costway 53-Quart fridge is a compact, portable, and high-performance fridge for RVs. It is the best option to carry with you if you are going on a road trip or camping. The fridge has handles on the sides that help in carrying it with ease to your desired location.It has a 2-in-1 design: a freezer and a fridge. You can place different items in both compartments, and both work differently. It comes with a removable partition that allows you to organize your food supplies easily.

    It also has a display panel from where you can control the temperature settings and can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The cooling compressor has high-technology and can achieve fast cooling temperatures from -4°F to 68°F. The fridge does not make any kind of noise, and the compact design is very space friendly. It has an innovative memory function, so; you don’t need to reset the temperature while changing the power supply.

    The fridge has remarkable low energy consumption and high efficiency. If you want to save money and buy an extremely innovative fridge for your van, then this is the best option for you.

    ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with SECOP Compressor

    ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with SECOP Compressor, 60 Liters Platinum Compact Refrigerator, DC 12/24V, AC 110-240V, 0℉ to 50℉, Home & Car Use (with Insulated Cover)
    • ※ 【Independent Control】 - Dual zone and independent controlling allow you to use freezing and refrigeration in any combination (freezer & refrigerator, both freezer, or both refrigerators). Moreover, you can choose to turn off one zone for the purpose of energy saving.

    The heavy-duty and sturdy ICECO Dual Zone fridge is the best option if you are going on a rough road trip. It has an advanced function that allows it to operate even if tilted at 40 degrees. It can be run on both regular 110V AC and 12V DC. It is safe to use on a vehicle or at home. The insulation makes it durable and keeps the food supplies fresh for hours. The shock-proof design of the fridge makes it safe to be used on rough or uneven roads. The shell is platinum painted and is sturdy and durable. The built-in spring steel handles and corner-cap makes it stand out in the competition against other portable fridges. It has a SECOP Compressor that cools the fridge fast.

    It has spacious space to store drinks and other food supplies for a long weekend trip. You can control the temperature of the freezer and fridge. Moreover, you can also turn off one compartment to save energy.

    Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator 16 Quart(15 Liter)

    Alpicool C15 Portable Freezer,12 Volt Car Refrigerator, 16 Quart (15 Liter) Fast Cooling 12V Car Fridge -4℉~68℉, Car Cooler, 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC for Outdoor, Camping, RV, Truck, Boat
    • ❄ FREEZES WITHOUT ICE: -4°F(-20°C) deep chilling down performance ,can be a fridge and freezer.Run great with your small solar system as well.

    Looking for a portable fridge that is compact and high-performance? The Alpicool C15 is the best to buy for comfortable van life. It is light in weight and has sufficient capacity for storing food supplies.
    It works best for vehicles having a solar system. The cooling compressor is rapid and cools without ice to -4°Fahrenheit. It has a battery protection feature with three levels: low, medium, and high. It protects the battery of your vehicle and turns off the fridge before damaging the vehicle’s battery.

    The construction material is plastic, but it is durable, sturdy, and lightweight. The insulation around the fridge is thick enough to keep your food fresh and cool. The seal is tight enough to keep food clean throughout your journey.
    The handles on the side make it easy to transport it to your desired location. The shock-proof design keeps it safe on rough and uneven roads. It comes with a temperature control digital panel. The compressor has high-efficiency features, ECO, and HH modes. It can be operated on 12V/24V DC or regular 110V/240V AC power supply.

    Buying guide for Best RV Refrigerator

    RV Refrigerator Types

    There are several different types of RV refrigerators to choose from. So let us begin by identifying these types and addressing a few key benefits and drawbacks of each.

    Electric Refrigerators

    Electric refrigerators can only be powered by an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power supply. Most electric RV refrigerators require a 110-volt or 120-volt alternating current power supply, but others require a 12-volt direct current hookup.

    While these freezers can be incredibly efficient, they are dependent on your ability to connect to a power stand or store extra power via your RV’s onboard battery bank.

    Propane Refrigerators

    While they are uncommon, some RV freezers are built to run on propane gas. While propane gas is quite inexpensive, the main disadvantage of this type of refrigerator is that it lacks a backup power source in the event that you forget to check your propane supply and run out unexpectedly.

    Two-Way Refrigerators

    The two-way feature of these refrigerators mostly pertains to the power supplies that will be used. Two-way RV refrigerators can be powered by either propane gas or a 110-volt AC power supply. Depending on your preferences or the availability of propane or electricity, they may effortlessly switch between these two power sources.

    Three-Way Refrigerators

    Three-way refrigerators can also be powered by a 110-volt AC connection or a propane gas connection. They also allow you to connect them to a 12-volt DC power supply directly from your RV battery or another battery connected to solar panels.

    Thermoelectric Coolboxes

    Widely used in smaller RVs or camper vans is the thermoelectric coolbox. These refrigerators take up the least amount of room of any of the refrigerator types, and they are also often the most affordable. They keep their contents cool in general, although they do not have a freezer compartment. Another disadvantage of these coolboxes is that they do not work effectively on really hot days. So, in the heat of summer, you could open your refrigerator and find its contents less-than-cool, which is never ideal.

    Compressor Refrigerators

    Compressor refrigerators are more popular in homes than in RVs. They do, however, rely on compressor technology, which constricts refrigerant vapor, elevates its pressure, and pushes it up through the coils on the back of the refrigerator. When that vapor rises and comes into contact with cooler air, it transforms to a liquid at high pressure and begins to cool.

    It then circulates back down through the coils inside the freezer and refrigerator compartments. As it does so, it absorbs heat from within the fridge, lowering the temperature within. Finally, the refrigerant evaporates into a gas and returns to the compressor. The technique is then repeated one more.


    One of the first things to consider when purchasing a refrigerator for your RV is the size of the actual refrigerator. Why? Because, no matter how large your RV is, you will need to become acquainted with its many spots and corners in order to effectively utilize it. Find or build a specific location for a refrigerator. Make care to leave enough room for the ref’s actual dimensions so that it fits perfectly.

    After you’ve determined what size fridge will fit in your RV, determine what size storage you’ll require. If you intend to stock up on food for a longer journey, a road trip with a large group of people, or if you will be traveling alone the majority of the time. Determine the actual size that you will use the majority of the time so that no space is wasted.


    Capacity now refers to more than just the ability to hold food and items, while these are crucial elements. Capacity also refers to the various purposes and characteristics that the RV ref can have that are always available to you. As the RV gets more popular around the world, and with recent technological breakthroughs, many varieties of the RV ref come with many intriguing amenities that may make your travels a lot easier.


    Drawer style

    These are compact, and the lid opens like a drawer. They have wheels on it and are typically expensive because of the innovative design.

    Chest style

    These are small but spacious van fridges. This is the most common style of fridges for van life. They are easy to install and are cheaper.

    Standing style

    This style of fridge gives a feeling of a home fridge. It has two compartments and shelves on the door. It is smaller than chest style, but you don’t have to bend over to use it.

    Power usage

    There are a variety of van fridges available in the market. Some fridges run on 12 Volt DC, 100 Volt AC or solar energy. All the fridges have different power usage and most feasible are the ones that run on 12V DC.

    Power Needs

    You should also evaluate the power requirements of any RV refrigerator you intend to place in your vehicle. You should look for a device that can run on both propane and electricity, if possible. This gives you options if you run out of propane or if you’re going off-grid for days at a time and want to save electricity.

    However, in addition to selecting a refrigerator that can be fueled by either electricity or propane gas, you must also examine the sort of electric current that a particular refrigerator requires to work efficiently.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV refrigerator?

    An RV refrigerator, on the other hand, is a refrigerator that is specially constructed to withstand and bear the function and operation of the entire RV. The power source of the ref, its dimensions, weight, capabilities, and features are all elements that can have a long-term impact on the RV. This is why selecting a fridge designed exclusively for RVs differs greatly from selecting a home refrigerator.

    Why do I need an RV Refrigerator?

    It is more advantageous for an RV owner to select a refrigerator designed exclusively for RVs rather than a home refrigerator. The key distinction is the power supply option, the processes it supports, and the compatibility with the surroundings.

    How do these RV Refrigerators work?

    While RV refrigerators perform the same basic functions as home refrigerators, they do so without the use of a compressor or any mechanical parts. Because of the vibrations that an RV encounters when driving, moving parts are more likely to damage or malfunction.

    RV refrigerators, on the other hand, use either propane or electricity to heat the exact sort of refrigerant that they contain. In reality, the majority of the top RV refrigerator models can run on either propane or electricity. This allows them to keep your perishable stuff cold even when your RV is not plugged into a power stand.

    Can I install a regular home Refrigerator in my RV?

    The simple answer is no! Regular household freezers are composed of softer metals that aren’t tough enough to survive the bounces and vibrations of RV life. If placed in an RV, these fridges are prone to breaking or malfunctioning, and the majority of them are incompatible with DC power or a propane gas source.

    How long due RV Refrigerators last?

    Most RV refrigerators are built to last as long as the RV or travel trailer in which they are placed. Unfortunately, this does not always hold true. However, most RV refrigerators will survive between 10 and 15 years on average.