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Best Portable Dog Fences for RV 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dog Exercise Playpen

    Yaheetech Dog Playpen Outdoor, 8 Panel Fence 40" Indoor Pen for Large/Medium/Small Dogs Animals Heavy Duty Pet Exercise Pen for Puppy/Rabbit Portable Playpen for RV Camping Garden Yard
    • 【Great for Camping】The foldable and portable design of this puppy playpen allows for hassle-free transfer from your residence to your vehicle, making it a perfect addition for those looking to go RV camping or travel with their pets.

    Yaheetech Heavy Duty Camping Dog Fence is one of the Best Portable Dog Fences for RV. Let your dog enjoy the fresh air on your camping adventure with this sturdy portable fence. You can choose the number of panels you want for this fence for dogs (up to 8), it is easy to assemble and perfect to travel with you on your adventure.

    This portable camping dog fence is rust resistant and features durable door locks that make it easy for your dog to get in and out of the fenced area. Plus, it’s easy to transport and store around the house, garage, or car trunk, as this fence folds flat. Finally, this portable trailer camping dog fence includes a J-shaped latch so your dog can’t escape. You could go wrong with this portable dog fence.

    This durable large-scale pen is perfect for multi-size breeds and allows your dog plenty of room to run. This pet enclosure is built with care and precision, making it one of the best options available for RV travel. The features this device is designed with increase its durability and longevity, which is perfect for a little trip outdoors. These characteristics are:

    Made with high quality coated iron panels.
    Designed with 16 panels to customize the shape
    Enhanced lightweight metal portability
    Tool-free construction
    Several variants available (panels and height)

    Most dog owners love that they can reshape the portable dog fence and that it can withstand the elements because it is made of sturdy metal. You can use stakes to secure the panels to the ground or order additional stakes from the company to create an even stronger fence. The large space also allows you to safely store the dog accessories inside the fence. The best thing about this portable dog fence is that it folds up and is very portable so you can place it in the back of your motorhome, and voila! But you may want to park next to the area where you are going to install it as it is quite heavy to transport.

    BestPet Pet Playpen Dog

    BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence B, 40-Inch, Black
    • 【A LARGE SECURE AREA】Our puppy playpen is great and keeps your pets safe from others, plenty of room for your pets and the sides of dog playpen are tall enough for a small child to reach into the enclosure. Have peace of mind to contain your pet within the enclosure. You can connect more pet playpen together to cover a larger area. puppy playpen dog playpen pet playpen

    Best Collapsible Metal Fence for Dogs and Pets for Outdoor Camping Metal Creates a large, safe area for your dog to play and rest while camping. This best portable dog fence is easy to transport and install because it folds up. Plus, the sturdy metal keeps your pet safe while indoors.

    With its high height and sturdy construction, this folding dog fence is designed with safety in mind. Small children will not be able to pass by, and neither will your dog. It is fixed in size, which means that you can only reduce its size, but not enlarge it. But you can always buy additional panels to make it a larger area. The best thing about this portable dog fence is that you can give it any shape you want. You can shape a square, rectangle or octagon according to your needs and preferences. It’s easy to set up in minutes and comes with simple instructions to help you get started.

    Not only is it made from an antioxidant metal that is strong and durable, but it is also safe. It is rust and mildew resistant and your dog will not be able to fight his way through it, no matter how tough it is. You can use this fence to protect your dog while at work. Most dogs can easily jump off a fence, so having something practical and sturdy comes in handy to keep them indoors.

    This camping dog fence is durable, collapsible, and great for use at any campground. It is spacious and has locks so that your dog does not escape. The door is up and prevents your dog from escaping as soon as it is opened. It is a great fence that allows your dog to exercise while you relax.

    This dog pen is not only easy to set up, it is also suitable for rough terrain. The joints between each panel allow you to adjust the height of each one differently. The material is lightweight and takes about 10 minutes for one person to set up on their own. Therefore, if you are going on a solo trip with your dog in a mountainous area, this could be a good option. It is just as easy to disassemble, making it perfect for travel. It also has an ideal height for large dogs like a Doberman. They can usually still point their heads over the fence, but not jump over it.

    This model is durable and built to withstand the elements with ease. It is oversized and can be customized to fit any shape. This means you can build the pen you need for the area you have so your pup can get all the exercise he needs while enjoying the beauty of nature. This is why the ballpoint pen is a highly recommended option by previous buyers and one of the best sellers on the market today.

    MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen

    MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, Black w/ door, 24'W x 24'H
    • Secure double latch step-through door access, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage

    The MidWest Homes camping exercise pen and dog fence has a secure double latch lock and easy door access. Furthermore, compared to other goods, this camping dog fence is simple to install, requires no tools, and is lightweight. It also folds flat and is made up of eight panels that are each 24 inches wide. One of the best features of this portable dog fence is that you can get it in a range of sizes dependent on your dog’s height. This prevents your dog from jumping over the fence.

    Long-lasting protection is provided by the double black coat finish. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The most distinguishing feature of this portable camping dog fence is that it also includes 8 ground anchors to prevent your dog from moving the fence. This portable camping dog fence allows your dog to roam freely while keeping him safe.

    IRIS Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door

    IRIS USA Dog Playpen, 8-Panel 34" Pet Playpen with Door, Puppy Playpen, Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pen, 63 x 63 x 34, Foldable, Customizable, White
    • MADE IN USA - Our exercise playpen with door for pet is excellent for dog play yards, play gates, as a small dog fence. Built with multiple panels and featuring the option to add even more panels, you can create a playpen that perfectly fits your needs

    IRIS U.S.A., Inc. and is a medium-sized 34” high pen suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This pen is designed to be long-lasting and durable, making it the ideal pen for dealing with the outdoors and whatever your dog can throw at it.Pens may appear simple, but they will not last unless they are made of high-quality materials and include features that improve durability and versatility. IRIS’s unit is capable of both. The following features are included:

    8 panels of high-quality materials were used in the design.
    The door is designed with two steel latches.
    There are numerous varieties (size & color)
    Rubber feet provide non-slip traction.
    This dog fence is great for indoor use because it is robust, long-lasting, and beautiful.

    It is appropriate for medium to large dogs. It is available in a variety of sizes. It has eight 80 cm panels and is available in two colors: white or black. It’s made of tough plastic and features non-slip rubber feet to keep the floor from becoming scratched. It can be used as a dog play yard, play gate, dog fence, and other things. It features a little door with a twist lock for when you wish to let your dog out. It’s also lightweight and portable. You may place it in any room of your home, giving it the shape you require and customizing it to the space. Because of its easy-to-clean substance, this sort of fence at home is highly advantageous. The panels lock into place and are simply detachable if you want to add more panels.

    Nova Microdermabrasion Dog Pen

    Dog Pen Pet Playpen Kennel Fence Outdoor Indoor Play Yard Puppy Exercise Barrier 31'' W x 24'' H - 16 Panels (16 Panels, 24 Inches)
    • Gives your pets the freedom they desire while keeping them protected? Nova Metal Exercise Pen provides plenty of room for your pets and the sides of dog playpen are tall enough for a small child to reach into the enclosure. It's a great enclosure to keep your pet safe and secure while indoors or outside!

    This unit can be set together without the use of any tools. It can be put together in minutes, making it ideal for busy RVers who need to keep their dogs entertained while they set up camp.

    The fencing is also extremely long-lasting, thanks to a rust-resistant coating. Even if you’re a full-timer, you can expect to utilize it for many years. The panels are designed to accommodate a variety of combinations, making it suited for rough terrain. The unit’s rubber feet and solid metal stakes keep it in place while in use, and the rounded edges keep your dog from hurting himself on the fencing.

    PetProgo Dog Fence Metal Playpen

    If you’re seeking for an enclosure that will keep your pups from escaping, our following entry might be just what you’re looking for. The PetProgo metal playpen is a good size and is appropriate for medium-sized dog breeds.

    PetProgo’s engineers and designers paid great attention to crucial elements while designing with security and durability in mind. The incorporation of these characteristics into the design has resulted in a high-quality pet pen choice for any RV-driving family. Among these features are the following:

    With a 16-panel design, this is a large size.
    With a height of 24”,
    A corrosion-resistant coating has been applied.
    Metal stakes are included for added stability.
    Heavy-duty materials were used in the design.

    There is no way your dog will be able to escape with a portable fence this strong. The PetProgo playpen is constructed of rust-resistant powder-coated metal and includes pegs that can be rammed into the ground for a robust structure. It has 16 panels with measurements of 31′′W x 32′′H. This gives you enough square feet to organize them whatever you like, and your pups will have enough room to run about and feel completely free.

    This portable dog fence kit is ideal for constructing a playpen or kennel based on your current needs. It’s heavier than standard food fences, but that’s why it’s so strong. It folds flat to fit into the back of a truck or RV without taking up too much room.

    Paws & Pals Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen

    Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen - Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens - Tube Gate w/Door - (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral - 40" Height Fences
    • PICK YOUR SET: Available in 24”, 32”, and 40” inches tall - All pen tube gates are approximately 30 square feet – Sets feature extra wide panels - Best for small, medium, and large pets – Please refer to our suggested size chart on the left to choose the correct size for your dog

    The Paws & Pals dog fence for camping is an excellent choice for owners of large dogs because it is not only highly robust, but it also accommodates 30 square feet of space. It comes in three sizes and stands tall to keep your pet from jumping over the top of the fence and escaping. This camping fence’s half-inch wire also keeps puppies from escaping.

    This portable dog fence for camping is lightweight, foldable, and simple to assemble. Setup requires no tools and takes only a few minutes. It is made of heavy-duty metal that is rust-resistant and designed for long-term use. This camping dog fence will provide your dog with a safe and secure environment.

    Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen

    Dog Playpen - Foldable Metal Exercise Puppy Play Pen with 8 24x30in Panels - Indoor/Outdoor Pen with Door for Dogs, Cats or Small Animals by PETMAKER
    • PET PLAYPEN - This dog pen comes with 8 connected panels that are each 24x30-inches to create a spacious play area for puppies, small dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, turtles, or any appropriately sized pet up to 25lbs.

    The Pet Trex team has taken the time to focus on precise machining and the addition of all the necessary features to deliver you a superb pen for your pet.It is built of high-quality materials, including strong gauge wire and a long-lasting black satin electro-coat finish. It will keep you safe for many years. It has eight panels that measure 76 cm high and 60 cm wide. It can be configured in a variety of ways, such as an octagon, rectangle, or square. It will allow you to flexibly customize it to the space you have available.

    It may be put up indoors in minutes and without the use of any tools. It is simple to store and travel due to its fold-down construction. It also features a dog door, so you don’t have to unfold the door to get in or out. When creating a pen that will endure the hardcore play that your dog’s get up to, there must be an attention to detail, as with many other possibilities. Precision design and construction are accompanied by the incorporation of numerous crucial aspects, which include:

    Installation without the need of any tools
    For increased longevity, premium rust-resistant metal was used in the design.
    The ability to fold flat for easier portability

    This model has several distinguishing features, which is why it is in our list. The first is the pen’s structure, which is done with high-grade metal that has been rust-resistant coated. Its design is simple to put together and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of this is done with the maximum portability and customisation in mind, which is why it is such an excellent choice for traveling with dogs in an RV.

    Pet Premium Portable RV Play Yard

    PetPremium Dog Pen Metal Fence Gate Portable Outdoor RV Play Yard | Heavy Duty Outside Pet Large Playpen Exercise | Indoor Puppy Kennel Cage Crate Enclosures | 24" Height 16 Panel
    • CONFIGURED IN DIFFERENT SHAPES - can be configured in different shapes and use in so many different ways. You can connect more playpens together to cover a larger area.

    The Pet Premium portable RV play yard is meticulously built with everything you need for a fantastic exercise run for your little four-legged friend.This pen is possibly one of the most versatile on our list. Pet Premium was designed with customization and durability in mind, focusing on what features should be included for the ideal dog run. That is, they have equipped the pen with the following features and functions:

    Designed to be shape-customizable
    Powder-coated for better corrosion resistance.
    Metal stakes that are simple to use are used to improve stability.
    Design for many canines on a large scale

    This style is long-lasting and designed to withstand the elements. It is a huge size that may be tailored to any shape. This means you can design the pen you need for the space you have so your dog may get all the exercise he or she needs while you enjoy the beauty of nature. As a result, the pen comes highly recommended by prior buyers and is one of the best sellers on the market today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why buy a portable dog fence for RV ?

    When you’re parked for the night, these structures will restrict your dog from wandering off and harming other campers or wildlife. They won’t take up much space in your setup because they fold down for transport. If you enjoy traveling with your dog, this could be a wonderful investment.

    How Big Should a Portable Dog Fence for RV Be When Camping?

    It should be large enough to allow the dog(s) to move freely and tall enough to prevent them from escaping while standing on their hind legs. While a fence may appear to be acceptable when dogs are on all fours, this is not the case when people come to visit or walk by. It should also be large enough to allow for movement. Smaller fences are fine, but if you have little space to walk around, you might consider upgrading.

    Is a Portable Dog Fence for RV Difficult to Set Up?

    Most are simple to set up and take down. They typically fold into panels, making them extremely portable. Some fold exactly in half. Paneling, on the other hand, is more popular. Paneling allows the owner to customize the arrangement in any way they see fit. You can build some movable dog fences to create a separate space for multiple animals. It enables you to be more inventive.