Best RV Wash Brushes 2021

Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

If you’re looking for a model with a very long reach, the Camco 43633 RV Continuous Flow Mop Brush might be a great option. It comes with an adjustable handle that ranges from 47 to 72 inches depending on your preference. This adjustable handle RV wash brush is easy to use and comes with a spring loaded button that controls the adjustment process. Therefore, you should not be in a situation where this model cannot function properly.

This heavenly cleaning brush is the solution to all my cleaning problems – it saves me time and effort every time I use it to clean my RV. I love traveling in a motorhome with the family, but I have always feared cleanliness, not anymore. This Camco RV scrub brush with adjustable handle cuts cleaning time in half and my arms and back no longer hurt after every cleaning. Our motorhome gets a lot of use in the summer and gets dusty and dirty pretty quickly, which also meant I had to clean it more often than usual. I thought about investing in this RV cleaning brush and am so glad I did; I think I looked happy when I cleaned the RV using it for the first time, my 7 year old son offered to help out and join us. pleasure! (Don’t worry, I still did most of the work)

The Camco RV Continuous Flow Mop Brush is a telescoping RV bristle brush capable of cleaning most Class A, B, and C RVs. Extends from 43 “to a maximum reach of 71” and uses a brush with soft bristles designed to protect your RV’s gel coat. The brush is compatible with all standard garden hoses and has an easy-to-use on / off switch that allows you to turn on the water when needed. It has a heavy duty spray that allows you to get a really good rinse while scrubbing your RV. The corners of the brush are rubberized to help protect against scratches or scuffs. It can also be used to wash other vehicles like your car, truck, SUV, or even boat. Camco is a household name in the RV and outdoor world. Its flow-through wash brush is carefully designed, affordable, and durable enough to withstand many washes hard to reach places.

Camco gray bristles are more difficult to scratch and repel dirt and the white bristles are more difficult to pick up. Don’t worry about the harshness of gray hair because it won’t damage the surface of your RV. Its rubber corners will also protect your vehicle from unintentional damage. It is a circulation brush and there is an on / off switch where the hose connects to the handle, so you have full control over your water supply. You can also use it on your cars, boats, and parts of your house. If you want Best RV Wash Brushes, you should go for this RV mop.

Carrand 93062 Deluxe RV Wash Brush

Carrand has always been a force in creating RV cleaners. This RV wash brush is no different as it features several aspects that will make sure cleaning your RV easier. The telescopic handle of the RV brush alone should justify your attention to this model. This telescopic handle will make reaching any part of your RV a hassle. All you have to do is adjust it according to the situation and lock it in place. From there, you’re ready to quickly clean your entire RV. You may also like the brush head on this model. Honestly, I consider it one of the best because it’s super smooth and a respectable 10-inch. These two qualities will ensure that your RV will be cleaned quickly and without damage.

The slightly flared ends of the brush and the rubber bumper on the brush head prevent accidental scratching, especially when cleaning my windshield. Its 10-inch wide brush head makes it ideal for soaking and brushing and can be easily stowed away when the handle is removed and retracts to its shortest length (36 inches). However, I found that it could be a better brush if its bristles were a little more flared, to cover more area while cleaning. I found that I had to hold the brush at a certain angle to get to the edges of the windows, so I figured if the brush was a little wider my job would be a little easier.

The Carrand Deluxe RV Dip Brush is an expandable tool designed to clean shorter RVs. It uses soft gel coat bristles and has rubber bumpers on the edges to avoid scratching the surface of your RV. The brush can extend up to 65 ”in its maximum extension. It’s enough to reach the top edge of many RVs if you’re of average height, but it only limits where and how you can use it. It is definitely a good cleaning option for small RVs or other vehicles like cars, trucks and SUVs. If you have a full-size Class A coach, it should probably take a little longer to reach those upper edges more easily.

The special feature of this Carrand 93062 is the 10-inch wide brush head. You will need a brush at least as large if you plan to wash a large vehicle like an RV. Many RV owners like bristles to have just the right amount of stiffness. This allows them to effectively scrub away dirt and dust, while still being gentle enough not to scratch the clear coat of the RV’s paint job. For added measurement, the brush head comes with rubber bumpers to avoid scratching the paint if you accidentally turn the handle.

DocaPole Soft Bristle RV Scrub Brush

DocaPole 5-12 Foot Soft Bristle Scrub Brush (6") Extension Pole |Car Wash Brush Extension Pole | Long Handle Scrub Brush and Deck Brush for House Siding, Windows, Deck, Car, Truck, RV and more
  • THE “DO IT ALL” SOFT BRISTLE SCRUB BRUSH 12’ EXTENSION POLE – The DocaPole 6" Deck Scrub Brush removes dust, dirt and grime from house siding, decks and patios, cars, trucks, RVs, and more; use this versatile brush as a broom, car dust brush, duster, deck scrubber, floor scrub brush, deck scrub brush, car wash brush, solar panel cleaner, and more – it’s the perfect all-purpose cleaning brush pole

The DocaPole Soft Bristle RV Scrub Brush has become a popular choice thanks to its ability to effectively clean even the tightest areas. This look comes from its unique design, which allows you to easily clean up problems like corners. I also found the soft, textured bristles on this model worth discussing. These bristles will ensure that the scrub brush does not scratch the surface you are trying to clean. This is a characteristic that gives the model one of the best multipurpose cleaning brushes on the market.

If you need a scrub brush with a really extra long handle, there is nothing better than the Docapole Five Foot Soft Bristle Scrub that can be extended up to 12 feet. You will not need any more extensions than this. The scrub head is a bristle brush, but don’t worry. It is made of soft bristles so it won’t scratch the paint. I tried it myself and I have to say I love the results. I was able to remove hardened dirt without having to scrub violently. Since it’s leaning, I was able to even get to corners and between doors. The lock is very effective because I don’t see any collapsed posts inside. The stick is also light enough that one person can hold and use it, even when fully extended.

Next on our list is the DOCAZOO brush with an extendable handle that can reach up to 12 feet. It is ideal for people of average height. Since I started using extended brushes, it takes me less time to finish cleaning my RV. Another feature that I like about this product is the presence of flocked hairs. This type of bristle deeply cleans the painted surface of vehicles, but without leaving horrible micro-scratches. This brush gently scrubs and removes dirt from the surface.

In addition, the DocaPole brush head features a revolutionary five-sided design. This means that the hairs radiate not only from the bottom but also from all four sides. With that, you can expect this brush to be more efficient in cleaning. Also, the handle segments of this brush lock securely in place. The additional function prevents the handle segments from slipping.

CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush for RV

CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush with 68" Long Aluminum Adjustable Pole for Auto RV Truck Boat Camper Exterior Washing Cleaning, Yellow
  • 10 inches Quad all sided brush head with super soft bristles are abrasive enough to remove bugs and dirt but won't scratch paint

CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip RV Wash Brush that has a feature set that should excite any RV owner. For example, this model has a 10-inch brush head on all sides that contains incredibly soft bristles. This aspect is important because these bristles are the perfect balance between being abrasive and soft. In other words, this scrub brush will easily remove all substances present on the RV’s exterior, such as dirt and insects, without scratching the paint.

The CARCAREZ wash brush is a soft bristle brush head specially designed for RV gel coat. It can be used as a stand-alone brush or as part of a circulation system with a hose attached. Fits all standard ¾-inch posts and telescopic cleaning systems, allowing you to change your existing head or add to another post. The brush itself is 10 ” wide and has a C-shaped design that makes it easy to access all edges and corners around your RV. It is designed with a specialized bristle material to be flexible enough not to damage your RV while still being firm enough to remove even accumulated dirt and debris. It can also be used to clean cars, trucks, boats, and many other surfaces.

This model does not put too much pressure on the hands during the cleaning process. You see, it features a lightweight design, which means carrying this scrub brush shouldn’t take a lot of effort. Its two foam handles should help in this regard as well. This look will ensure that you have a comfortable place to hold the handle when cleaning the exterior of your RV.

This car wash brush is versatile enough for use in RVs, cars and trucks. Extends up to 68 inches so you have plenty of room. The bristles are strong and abrasive enough to remove sticky bugs and dirt, yet flexible enough to help RV owners avoid scratches on the finish. The telescopic handle ranges from 42 inches to 68 inches for a variety of cleaning tasks. Foam handles are very useful for this stretchy brush, as they help you hold the brush shaft firmly even with soapy and wet hands.

This brush can be used on all types of vehicles, including RVs, RVs, and boats. Some people even use this brush to clean the siding of their house. With the four layers of bristles, the cleaning process is almost effortless and you will find that you can get a lot more done in no time. This brush is so versatile that it can be used in many ways.


EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush (20 Foot Reach) | Built-in Rubber Bumper | Lightweight Extension Pole Handle | Soft Bristles wash Car, RV, Boat, Solar Panel, Deck, Floor | Bumper Prevents Scratch
  • NO-SCRATCH SOFT BRISTLES WITH PROTECTIVE RUBBER BUMPER – Bristles are soft so they do not scratch when scrubbing. Rubber bumper around scrub brush protects from damage and scratching. Scrub Brush is safe all kinds of vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, Marine Boats, House Siding, & more!

The Eversprout RV Scrub Brush is an extra long extendable cleaning brush designed to reach hard-to-reach places on your RV. It offers an incredible 18-foot reach when fully extended, yet is stiff enough to provide usable control. The brush itself is made of soft plastic bristles with a rubber stopper on the edges. It really helps remove the gel coat from your RV without damaging or scratching it.

It has non-slip foam handles on the bottom to increase your comfort and make it easy to apply real pressure. It uses a tongue lock system that lasts longer and holds the post more effectively than common twist-lock systems. Overall, the RV Eversprout Extension Pole Scrub Brush is an extra long option for those who want to be able to reach every inch of their RV. It may be more difficult to store given its longer than average minimum length, but it adds a lot of value.