Best Air Conditioners for Van Life 2020

Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Polar White 15000 BTU Conditioners

Fan and motor are phenomenal:
Fan and motor are the two most significant parts of any air conditioning. The whole performance of the product is dependent upon these. If your ac unit has a low-quality fan, it won’t be able to function properly and won’t give enough coolness to the environment. A pristine quality motor is required for the sake of brilliance in the performance. The portable air conditioner that we have placed on number one contains these two elements of the best quality available.

Comes with a warranty for the whole air:
Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Polar White has a long-lasting warranty that keeps working for one year. During this time, the company covers any loss or breakdown of the ac unit.

An insight into the brilliant features:

Here we will present some features that have brought this portable ac unit at the top place of our list. It has a nominal capacity of 15000 BTU per hour. You can install it in both ducted and non-ducted ways. It has 115 Volt of Alternate current electric rating with 60 Hertz.

Can be installed and maintained with great ease:
The most savory factor of this portable ac unit is that you don’t have to put struggle while installing it. It doesn’t ask for hard work in its maintenance thus it can be taken care of efficiently and with small energy consumption.


Gives off a cool breeze and keeps you in a healthy mood
Has the most remarkable characteristics
Warranty of a complete whole air flow


It is not cost-effective

Maxx Air 00007500K 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote-Smoke

New and modern features:

Maxx Air MaxxFan Deluxe has the most superlative and invincible features. You can open the electrical lid of this AC through the remote controller and has a fast speed of air intake and good quality exhaust fan. Maxx Air MaxxFan Deluxe has a thermostat within which takes care of the temperature of your surroundings and makes you able to change the room temperature as per your ease.

Keeps you comfortable and fresh:
It allows you 900 CFM through which it keeps the environment functional with cooling power, ongoing and full of healthy air. You can install this easily.. Even if you keep the windows and rooftop of your van open, it won’t affect the function. These can get operated from remote places. You are ought to stay at long distances and set the precise function of these ac units just through a remote controller.

Regular flow of cool air
Keep your environment cool air and allow you fresh breath
Has all the beatific features and functions impeccably
It is portable and highly credible to bestow you with coolness in your van

We have detected no negative consequences

Dometic 13,500 BTU Conditioners B57915.XX1C0

Dometic Air Conditioners B57915.XX1C0 Brisk Air Ii 13.5 Pw Upper Unit
  • Nominal capacity,13,500 btu/hour, installation type: ducted or non ducted

Comes with a believable warranty for the whole year:
For the whole year after buying this portable air conditioner, you won’t have any worry or tension meddling in your life regarding this product. This ac unit brings along a warranty of 365 days during which the company fixes in case any issue or turbulence appears in the air conditioning appliance.

Easy installation
Most of the ac units ask you for hard work in the process of its installation. Even after getting successfully installed they need maintenance from time to time which is also a burden over the people who own them. But here, we come armed with Dometic Poler which provides an ease to the individuals who possess it. It doesn’t ask for a lot of struggle in the process of install and preservation.

Dampening brackets curtail the unwanted cacophony and make this product your first choice
No one would like to bear discordant loud noises in the environment as an extension to a cool ambiance. Where people would prefer chilly atmospheres, at the same time, they will want to noise pollution to haunt them.
In a world where many ac units don’t take care of the noise aspect, this ac unit allows you a dramatic feature that lessens the unwanted noise and makes your surroundings peaceful as it comes with dampening brackets.

This great van air conditioner stands out among the rest with a nominal capacity of 13,500 BTU each hour which allows it a more efficient performance making it the foremost air conditioning selection for you.
It can be installed in two ways, deducted and not deducted, giving you more options for effective install. It has a voltage of 115 AC and a frequency of 60 Hertz.

Excellent and superlative cooling capacity:
Dometic has a capability of spreading coolness and subtle comfort to the environment. The sole factor which makes us able to select which air conditioning unit is a better selection and which is not is its cooling capacity. This product allows ISO 5151 at 3953 Watt cooling capacity which is a far better rate than many others.


Cools down your atmosphere amazingly
Warranty of one year is granted

No harmful consequences seen

Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan

A resilient fan that performs astoundingly:
Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan is composed of an efficient 3-speed fan which propagates enough breeze to the atmosphere and is the sole basis over which the whole performance of the fan depends. Even if you place this portable ac at the ceilings, it will keep on functioning effectively and brilliantly from there.

The internally placed thermostat makes the performance tad more brilliant:
Within it, a thermostat is present which allows it to detect what sort of temperature the surroundings have so that it can function efficiently concerning the requirement.

Ability to bear all the severe climatic calamities:
In addition, this air conditioner has a rain shield that obstacles the water content from ruining the machine from inside. Now if you keep this product in direct contact with rain, no negative consequences will be witnessed upon it.

Admirable functionality of the ventilator:
It has an expedited intake of air and the capability of air exhaustion. It has a pristine sort of ventilator engrossed within it which gives sufficient protection to the interior no matter how turbulent the weather conditions get.
It has a remarkable built and availability in the color white. If any insect gets inside the machine, you can easily remove that easily from it by shifting the knobs bringing more subtle cleanliness.

Effective provision of coolness to your environment
Great convenience
No harsh climatic condition can cause bad effect over it

Expensive price

Coleman-Mach 9430D715 White Standard 08-0059 Deluxe

Coleman-Mach 08-0059 Deluxe ADB Ceiling Assembly 9430D-715 - Non-Ducted Air Conditioners
  • This Coleman ceiling assembly works with non ducted applications and works in conjunction with most Coleman Mach air conditioners.

Provides a soothing coolness to your whole interior

Coleman Mach 9430D715 White Standard 08-0059 Deluxe will bestow a subtle and chilly environment to our habitat. Where all the other portable ac fail, this product continues giving off suitable cool breezes to your surroundings. You can rely on this air conditioning for getting a continuous supply of chill air and abundant comfort.

You can launch it in your places with great ease
This air conditioner is light in weight and can be fitted in your vehicle with exceptional convenience. In one go and with little efforts you can install it. Also, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into maintaining and managing it as it is credible to bestow you with a comfortable and cool ambiance without plenty of hustle in taking care of it.

Has an adonis infrastructure
One great characteristic of this is that it is manufactured in a very elegant manner. Its structure is beautiful. Furthermore, the white tinge all over its body provides a cool and make sure for a exceptional posture.

Credible to survive in all types of weather conditions
Its body is made up of qualitative material and this is how it is able to live even in a harsh atmosphere. If you expose it to rainwater, it won’t lose its beatific performance.
Here we mention a few spectacular features of this air conditioner:
It can perform aptly combined with almost all the Coleman models Mach1, 3, 8, 15 and Roughneck. All these that have heat pumps are not liable to be used with this product.


This air conditioner uplifts the mood of your surroundings by the chilly air that it gives
Its features beat all the rest of air conditioners
Brings you convenience in the proper handling

It can disrupt your budget

Examine the profile design before buying

When you opt for air conditioning, you need to keep the height of your vehicle in mind. Those with lower profile designs are present for you which have a higher aerodynamic tendency and thus are more suitable for installation in your vans.
Where low profile designs are inconspicuous, at the same time their efficiency level is slightly on the downside too. It happens due to the less area that they have for expelling heat. There are many rv ac unit with low profile designs which too have a horizontally shaped compressor which tends to reduce the level of efficiency a bit.

BTU Rating

If you know how ac unit work, you must like be well acquainted regarding the connection between the AC unit and the BTU rating. The capacity through which you measure the heat transfer is called BTU, an acronym for British Thermal Unit. In scientific terminology, it is the required amount of heat which allows one pound of water to be raised due to one degree Fahrenheit. If the number of BTU is higher, the ac unit becomes more adept in cooling the atmosphere.

One tantalizing factor which you should always consider while buying an AC is BTU. It depends upon the temperatures of outdoor spaces, the interior of your place and the excellency of insulation in your RV.

Easy to install
Most of the individuals out there won’t comprehend it to be like a big issue if the air conditioner installation becomes messy as they would already have professionally hired to get this task done. But an intimation for you, if the task of air conditioner installation asks you for loads of efforts there are always chances that you will miss one or another mandatory part required for the sake of installing these.

It is a prerequisite that the air conditioner has to be properly and perfectly installed, otherwise you will have to face severe consequences with respect to its performance. Only an accurately installed air conditioner can allow you safety and security when used, convenience and comfort and remarkable efficiency.
Before you try your luck in the feat of installing an air conditioner, you are advised to read and comprehend the user manual that comes with the product. In it, you will see all the instructions that you must want to learn with before you make a purchase the units.

Get a hint of the air conditioners performance during severe climates

There is a direct relation between the performance of your air conditioner and the outside temperature of your environment. Venturing to Sahara or Gobi deserts where you will find only harsh hot climates might affect the functioning capability of your AC in like a lot of ways. Only a very efficient and exceptional air conditioner would be able to bestow you with cool breezes in such harsh climatic factors. So, you have to keep your eyes open while selecting the appropriate AC for yourself.
Always opt for a unit that can bear humid conditions and can work phenomenally regardless of how bizarre the atmospheric conditions get like. Choose an air conditioner that can accommodate all sorts of climatic swings.
A lot of the AC units present in the market work in the form of heaters too. These heaters are supposed to provide you comfort when the cold weather arrives. If your habitat is in extremely cold regions, then you should contemplate the efficiency of your machine to provide you the serene temperature in those low temperatures too.

Various types of available air conditioners:
Here we are going to assemble a few types of air conditioners that are present for you in the market. You are ought to select the one that benefits you remarkably!

1) Ducted RV air conditioners

This is the kind of portable rv ac unit that makes use of pipes in order to bestow you with a chilly and cool atmosphere and to keep the air of your environment inflow and necessary circulation. You need to select the destination of placing these pipes by yourself. Few suggestions are to bury them under the floor, allow them to pass through walls and ceilings. A lot of units come with ducts that are from before built well into RV.

2) Under Bench Air conditioners

These air conditioners are allowed to be installed at all the places irrespective of how less space there is available. They can get fitted even below a chair as well like as at any compartment or section that you choose. These air conditioners should be your preference if your RV doesn’t have enough height. A negative consequence in mind that comes along these is that with these you will have to compromise on storage space.

3) Non-ducted air conditioner units

As it is very apparent from the name that these ac unit lack ducts. On the other hand, they happen to be consolidated units that allow a massic circulation of cool breeze just through the blower. Internally, they resemble ducted air conditioners a lot. We personally assume that for RVs non-ducted appliances are ought to be an appropriate pick

4) Rooftop air conditioner

Ducted or non-ducted air conditioners, both of them will be suitable for you if the place where you want them to be installed is your rooftop. These rooftop ac are the best pick if you want to have a majority part of the storage space. These machines can add to the height of your automobile and tend to reduce the options available for parking.

5) Portable air conditioner

These products allow subtle and befitting usage if you prefer to have localized cooling. In case the destinations that you want to get cooled down belong to your outdoor spaces, nothing would be better for you than portable air conditioners. These AC are not subjected to give you an efficient performance in closed and covered spaces and are developed to aid you in an open environment.