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Best RV Awning Lights 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights | Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor (42655)
    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights - 10 Bronze Globes on White Wire, Fits Directly into Your RV Awning Track, Great for Outdoor Events
    Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights | Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor (42655)
    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights - 10 Bronze Globes on White Wire, Fits Directly into Your RV Awning Track, Great for Outdoor Events
    Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights | Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor (42655)
    Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights | Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor (42655)
    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights - 10 Bronze Globes on White Wire, Fits Directly into Your RV Awning Track, Great for Outdoor Events
    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights - 10 Bronze Globes on White Wire, Fits Directly into Your RV Awning Track, Great for Outdoor Events

    RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light

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    Encased in a splendid combination of crystal resin and silicone sleeve, RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light is completely waterproof. For this reason, the RecPro RV model tends to be considered one of the Best RV Awning Lights. Additionally, RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light comes with UV treated polycarbonate mounting channels that handle exterior elements excellently. The RecPro light also has a 1500 lumens output so its range is excellent compared to average lights.

    This awning light from RecPro is basically an LED strip with a polycarbonate channel, into which the strip is inserted. It comes in four lengths and an IP68 rating, which means it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes, so it should be suitable for very wet weather or sudden rains. The light is usually mounted under the gutter, where it does not interfere with the movement of the awning. However, be careful when applying double-sided tape as it is very difficult to remove or replace. It’s easy to stick the tape to the surface, but make sure where you apply it.

    The RecPro is a 16-foot-long RV Awning Lights rated to be completely waterproof, meaning it won’t be as easily damaged when exposed to rain and the elements. It also means that it is a reliable product that gives you the best value for money, as it will not be easily ruined by frequent exposure to the elements. The waterproof LED strip light is also the best choice for lighting kits that also include a polycarbonate mounting channel, ideal for permanent installation. Speaking of setup, you won’t have a hard time doing this as it is very easy to set up. And with a permanent installation, you don’t need to remove them every now and then. The awning lights are also OEM rated, proving they are high quality and work well for RV awnings. This just means RV awning lights are rugged for the motorhome and mobile home.

    Since the RecPro LED Awning Party Light installation process is relatively straightforward, RV enthusiasts can set it up in an instant. It should be noted that the RecPro lamp is a direct wire only model, so users need to drill holes for the wires to pass through. To secure the light, you must use the 3M tape provided by RecPro to secure it to the canopy. It will take years for the tape to lose its tack, which is why the RecPro LED RV Party awning light feels good time and time again. Price wise, the Canopy Light made by RecPro is available at an affordable price, making it a good buy for RV enthusiasts with tight wallets. Speaking of color options, RecPro LED Awning Party Light comes in black and white. This is the Best RV Awning Lights in 2023.

    Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights

    Versatile and flexible, the Camco 4265 Party Pendant Light can accommodate a wide range of RV applications. Attached to the canopy, Camco’s light would keep your deck and surroundings illuminated at night. During the holidays, you can use the Camco 4265 Hanging Party Light as a cheerful accent light. Unsurprisingly, in terms of adaptability, many RV awning lighting reviews consider the 4265 to be the best lighting on the market for full-time RVs.

    LED RV awning lights are another top choice when looking for a great luminescent light that adds more life to your RV and is easy to install on the awning. One of the things I liked about awning lights is that they are ideal for many uses. You can use it indoors or outdoors, as well as camping decoration and awning decoration. The 42655 is designed for versatility and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also count on it for compatibility for use on boats, buses, trucks, yachts, and trucks. Also, you will like the luminescent lights to have a great design. They are visually appealing, which is one of the things that I liked. It is also not difficult to install and it will not take long. You can install it without any problem. These canopy lights have small LEDs encased in plastic housings with a cute cartoon design. While they may not be to everyone’s liking, my wife loves them. There are seven styles to choose from, all reminiscent of the RV lifestyle. However, keep in mind that they are not waterproof like the previous lighting option, so be careful.

    Of course, the designs are not its only attraction. These lights also have great features that you are looking for in a light. For example, it uses 120 volts of power, which makes it really strong and bright. At the same time, it has an overload protection device so that it does not burn out or overheat. In the package it also comes with two replacement bulbs and a fuse in case you need to change.

    Do you find generic bulbs in standard awning lamps simple? Then you should like Camco 4265 Hanging Festive Party Light because its bulbs come in various designs: retro travel trailer, fuzzy dice, patriotic star,… So associating the Camco light with a particular theme is essentially a ride. On top of that, being an attentive manufacturer, Camco offers users 4265 replacement bulbs and fuses to solve common problems. Therefore, the Camco 4265 pendant party light is well received by RV enthusiasts, newbies, and veterans alike.

    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights

    Camco 42751 Decorative RV Awning Globe Lights - 10 Bronze Globes on White Wire, Fits Directly into Your RV Awning Track, Great for Outdoor Events
    • Illuminate your camping area or home with Camco’s Outdoor Globe Lights while adding a festive look! Globe lights are made for outdoor use and are excellent for RV campsites, tailgating parties and more. They serves as great decorative and functional lighting that can be used on recreational vehicles, awnings, decks, patios, and porches.

    This elegant balloon light set comes with 8 color options and 6-10 LED balloons that you can install under the canopy. There are different color combinations you can play with and yes, the colors of the American flag are one of them. The lights plug directly into a wall outlet, and coiled cables allow you to customize the distance between each balloon. The balloons are screwed onto the LED lamp, preventing water from entering. However, there is no official certification for water resistance.

    RV awning LED lights are also a recommended kit in the category for their strong performance and high quality. One of the things I liked about the awning lights is that they already come with 10 globes mounted on a white wire. By choosing it, you can already get 10 lights that can brighten the mood and party atmosphere. Another thing I like about the lights is that they can fit securely onto the canopy track to ensure they stay in place. The Bronze Globe 10 is also easy to install, making it the first choice among RV owners who want a reliable set of canopy lights that are ideal for outdoor parties and events.

    The hooks are included in the package and slide very well on the roll of the awning. Just hang the LED balloon on the hook and you’re done. In general, these lights require very little effort to install. Besides being really atmospheric, they also light up the area quite well. Your eyes won’t hurt when reading under these lights, but only when using the clear balloons (the red, blue, and green are not really suitable for this). And since it’s easy to change the lights, you can create a party atmosphere for socializing with other campers.

    Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights

    Dream lighting RV Awning Lights Camper Outside Porch Light Trailer Exterior LED Flood Light Bar 800 Lumen White Lighting 22inch 12v
    • A wide range to use in your interior and exterior applications, including caravan, RV, marine, yacht, camper trailer, and motor-homes, etc.

    With the inclusion of sublime LEDs, Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light easily meets the lighting needs of multiple applications. With the unique 40 degree downlight design, the 613555C delivers focused beams and reduces energy waste at the same time. As a result, RV enthusiasts who want to cut utility bills often attach great importance to the Dream Lighting model. Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light can also be purchased at a reasonable price, making it a decent option for canopy lighting.

    This practical awning light features a simple, no-frills design and an IP66 waterproof rating. You can choose a short version (9.84 inches) or long (21.65 inches) and it is available in three colors (black, white, silver) and three configurations (6 LEDs and 12 LEDs for the short version and 60 LEDs for the long version). When you open the box, you only get the drive itself and a few mounting screws. No switch is included so you need to connect it to the existing one in your RV so make sure it is 12V. This is somewhat inconvenient as it is not a plug-and-play kit.

    When it comes to strength, Dream Lighting’s light is made to resist water, dust, and moisture. So the 613555C will undoubtedly perform like a charm in regular camping settings. Dream Lighting 613555C RV Light LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so it would be years before you had to think about looking for replacements. Finally, the absence of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) in the Dream Lighting model should allow electronic devices (televisions, radios and others) to function as expected.

    To install the light against the wall of your RV, there are two holes on each side of the light. Simply remove the cap to insert a screw through the hole. LEDs shine the light downward, helping to better illuminate the area. This light is bright enough to read at night, but the brightest point is probably just below the light. The living space is well lit and your awning is immediately noticeable, even from a distance. One cool thing about the 613555C is that it is capable of repelling errors and glitches. That’s why if you like to have the most fun but are concerned about little uninvited visitors, the Dream Lighting is one of the best RV canopy lights you can get.

    Coleman LED String Lights

    Don’t have time to install a delicate awning system? If so, you need Coleman LED String Light. With tiny LED flashlights that are powered by AAA batteries, the Coleman light could be added to your rig in seconds. Coleman LED String Light also has exceptional portability, therefore you can move it depending on the situation. With a single set of batteries, the Coleman model lasts up to 20 hours, so you only need to change new AAA’s every few days.

    Capable of stretching up to 80 inches, Coleman LED string lights are known to perform consistently in a wide range of settings. The light output from the lanterns is not exceptional, but they always keep your campsite illuminated. For resistance, the Coleman light is resistant to heat, humidity, water, sunlight,… well. However, it is best not to expose Coleman LED string lights directly to the elements to maintain their integrity. As a precaution, remember to cover the battery compartment that powers the flashlights.

    When it comes to cost, Coleman LED String Light is among the best RV awning lights in terms of affordability. That is why the Coleman light is a good choice for different purchasing budgets.

    SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights

    SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing 16.4Ft SMD5050 LEDs Flexible Light Strip Rope Lighting Kit with 44 Key Remote Controller and 12V Power Supply for Bedroom TV Backlight Christmas
    • 【RGB Color Changing】This RGB Led strip lights kit can change colors,set speed modes, adjust brightness with 44 Keys remote controller. DIY selection keys can help you create your great led mood lighting. All items including IR remote controller, led strip and power supply has over charging, short circuit protection, safe value for adults and kids.

    Featuring advanced 5050 SMD LEDs that change color and brightness as desired by users, the Supernight RGB LED strip light is unrivaled once it comes to customization. By using the attached infrared remote control, you can make the Supernight light project lighting as you like. As the Supernight RGB LED strip light is IP65 rated, splashing water rarely causes any noticeable problems on the road. Plus, with short-circuit and overload protection, the Supernight runs smoothly in many VR setups.

    This is a high-tech LED strip light with a lot of really cool features. First of all, it is tightly rolled so that you can carry it easily. Because it has a self-adhesive backing, I find it really easy to install. It is also waterproof, so it is ideal to leave it outside even if it rains.

    As the Supernight light is a cut-to-size model, installation is relatively straightforward: you just need to cut a suitable length of light, glue it to the canopy with self-adhesive strips, and plug everything into a socket. Then it’s time to start creating your light show by mixing between 20 color options: blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, green, white, etc. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. Therefore, it is easy to determine the necessary settings.

    To show your confidence in your light, Supernight offers RVers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty. Only a few LED RV awning lights can match the RGB Supernight LED strip in terms of post-purchase support.

    Areful RGB Led Strip

    16.4 Feet Flat Flexible LED Rope Lights, Color Changing RGB Strip Light with Remote Control, 8 Colors Multiple Modes, Plug in Novelty Lighting, Connectable and Waterproof for Home Kitchen Outdoor Use…
    • TRANSFORM YOUR LOVING SPACE INTO A BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE OBJECT. This LED RGB rope light has 8 static colors red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan and purple and multiple gorgeous lighting modes to meet your different décor needs. The changeable and dimmable colors create a festive or romantic mood, a cheerful feel or something else just depending on your settings, enhance the atmosphere of Christmas, Wedding, Cocktail Party, Birthday Party, BBQ, Bistro, Café, etc.

    Areful is pleased to provide this high-quality LED RGB rope light. It is available in eight static colors for your convenience. It also has a variety of illumination options. So, with this LED strip, I can design my RV whatever I want. Furthermore, these LED lights for RV awnings are primarily interchangeable, and I can get them in dimmable colors. It contributes to the cheerful party atmosphere.

    The best thing about this rope light is that it is not limited to RVs. You can do the same if you want to utilize it to decorate the interior of your home. It was also not difficult for me to link these light threads. Overall, I can connect up to four strips of LED lights to cover a large area. A total length of 65.6 feet can be obtained by connecting four strands. Even though the connectors have a separate cover construction, the PVC casing look of these camper awning lights. As a result, the rope lights can survive splashing water, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These LED rope lights are simple to use and install, and they come with a remote controller. As a result, I can now turn the lights on and off, as well as adjust their settings, from a distance.

    These awning lights are also sold with matching mounting gear. As a result, the installation procedure is not too complex. When the lights are turned on, the clips are translucent and appear to be invisible. A consumer can easily mount these lights for a hanging festive celebration. These camper awning lights are ETL listed and tested for safety and reassurance. Even the plug has an 8-amp fuse to keep things secure. These lights have a longer lifespan as well. So I can now use them for 5000 hours without issue.

    When you purchase the item, you will be given a 30-day money-back guarantee. It comes with a 12-month limited warranty and lifetime technical support. If something happens to the LED ropes during that time, the product will be fixed or replaced without question.

    Enbrighten Classic LED Cafe String Lights

    Enbrighten Classic Warm White String Lights, 18ft Black Cord, 9 Shatterproof Acrylic Bulbs, Weatherproof, Outdoor String Lights, 33307
    • Cafe Light Ambience – Adds white ambient light to outdoor or indoor environments – ideal for backyards, porch, balcony, deck, patio, pergola, gazebo, garden, office, dorm, cafe, bar, restaurant, venue, tailgating, parties, camping and more

    This is one of the best awning LED lights, and you can decorate with these 18-foot-long string lights in a variety of ways. It is made up of nine sturdy, impact-resistant Edison-styled acrylic bulbs. As a result, even if you drop them or tread on them, the bulbs will not break easily. These lights are built with commercial-grade materials. Furthermore, they are UL approved for long-term outdoor and indoor protection. As a result, I don’t have to remove them when opening or closing my RV’s awnings.

    The bulb strings are very simple to install and available with a variety of mounting choices. You can put the string lights on a flat surface or hang them from the ceiling. You can even connect the strips to produce a total length of 750 feet. It makes it easier to cover larger areas. Every LED strip is connected from end to end. It aids in connecting many sets to achieve the appropriate length for any installation. This set comes with a sturdy, grounded power connection, which I like. You can just plug it into any regular outlet. It also includes an 18-inch lead-in from the plug to the first bulb. It assists in maintaining a consistent spacing of 24 inches between each light throughout numerous strands. The lights also significantly minimize energy use. As a result, there will be no need to pay a lot of money for electricity bills in the future.

    Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights

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    If you’ve always liked those globe lights that you see at garden parties or Christmas events, you’ll adore this one. It is both attractively designed and extremely durable. It’s also extremely straightforward in terms of design. If you want to organize relaxed night parties that aren’t too raucous, I think you should acquire this set. Because of its overall style and pleasant lighting, it completely adds to the ambiance.

    Another feature that I appreciate about this set of lights is that it is weatherproof. So, even if it rains or snows lightly, you may leave it outside without fear of it shattering or being swept away. It’s also waterproof, so it won’t short circuit if you leave it outside in the rain (try not to get it too soaked though). It is not only waterproof but also shockproof. Even if you unintentionally drop or strike it, it will be unaffected (most likely because of the polymer material). When I was trying to install the lights for the first time, I dropped one by accident. Surprisingly, it never cracked. That is unquestionably one of my favorite aspects of this device.

    Because it is a string light, it is also very simple to install. What makes it more better is that it comes with some stainless steel hooks for hanging. This way, you won’t have to go out and buy more hooks before your camping vacation. They’re also made of stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about them rusting when they get wet.

    What to Look for When Buying an RV Awning Light


    The type you select is entirely determined by your tastes and intent. For example, if you intend to have a large party in the woods, you should invest in a hanging lantern or rope light. If you want something more versatile, the porch light is a wonderful option. Take the solar-powered RV novelty lights if you want to save energy. These are only a few instances of how you can select depending on type. Determine where you will use RV awning led lights before purchasing them. Then, select the one that best meets your preferences.


    The color of the RV light is more important than the design. The color of the LED light will influence its strength and heat level. They are classified into three types: warm light, cool light, and natural light. Warm hues, such as dark yellow or even dark orange, are used in the warm light. The vivid blue to white colors are made up of cool lights. Natural light is the brightest and feels the most like sunshine.

    Bulb voltage

    Some unscrupulous dealers will attempt to sell you “RV LED bulbs” that are not even suited for RV awning lighting. The voltage should be checked to see if it is suitable. RV awning lights typically have a voltage range of 10 to 30 volts. The 12 volt LED RV awning lights are perhaps the most prevalent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV awning light?

    Awning lights for RVs are a type of LED light that may be connected to the side of a trailer in the awning. These LED lights are available in a variety of hues, including white, purple, blue, and others. A standard LED awning light strip is approximately 16 feet long and is recognized for delivering a very bright and hot light. However, if you want it smaller, you can cut the size. It is available not just in strips, but also in rope light and hanging light forms.

    Remote control is also available for awning lights. As a result, you don’t need to flip a switch or anything to turn it on at night. You can control it by simply removing your remote. There are even certain awning lights that can flash, allowing you to personalize your camper a little more. In fact, there are some awning lights that can communicate with your smartphone. So, instead of using a remote control, you can turn it on from wherever you are by using your phone. These lights are popular for camping gatherings and barbeques in the woods. They contribute to the overall ambiance and feel of the establishment at night.

    How to install RV awning lights?

    The installation of an RV awning LED light is rather simple. To begin, trim the strip to the desired length. Then, measure it against your awning rail to acquire the appropriate measurement. The beautiful thing about RV light strips is that they feature an adhesive on the back, making it simple to adhere them to the awning rail.

    If you want to make sure it doesn’t fall down, apply an extra layer of mounting tape or silicone glue. Then, obtain the instruction booklet for your RV lighting and follow the steps for wiring the lights. Connect the light to an external power source from there. Remember to use a ladder to hang the light. This is also covered in the directions.

    How to hang lights on an RV awning?

    Strip lights are more difficult to install than hanging lights. Install a rubber hook at both ends of the awning rail and hang the lights from there. If you want something a little more sturdy, you can replace the hooks with adhesive clamps. Clamps can perform a better job of keeping your lights from falling down. Drill holes in both ends of your awning rail and insert a wire inside. To hang the lights, use the write.