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How to Bleed Air from RV Water Lines?

    Updated December 11, 2022

    Bleeding out the air is all that is required if you discover air bubbles stowed inside the waterline of your RV. The good thing is that even if you are not very knowledgeable about plumbing, it is rather simple to complete. A few basic tools and a few hours of spare time are all you’ll need. Your plumbing’s air will have to be completely removed before the water pressure and stream can return to normal.

    Quick method to Bleed Air from RV Lines

    You can bleed the air out of your RV’s water pipes in one of the simplest ways possible without using any equipment at all. Since you will require a lot of water, you can and should only do this at home.

    The freshwater tank in your RV needs to be completely filled before you do anything else. Turn on the water pump once the tank is fully filled with water to move the water through the pipes. Open the tank’s farthest faucet. Even so, the water will still splutter and occasionally all you will receive is water. Just allow the water to flow for a few minutes. After some time, the water should start to flow regularly from the faucet. The air in the pipes can be completely expelled in a matter of minutes.

    How to Bleed RV Water Pump?

    Don’t worry if air is caught inside the water pump itself. This is also an easy fix. You just switch on the water pump, let a brief period of water circulation, and then open the faucet that is located the farthest from the water pump. All of the air in the pump has already been expelled once the water stops spitting and you are getting a steady stream. Prime your water pump as an alternative strategy, which is more effective. Here’s how to go about it:

    Step 1: locate the location of the water pump and then cut the water output pipe.

    Step 2: Replace it with a rubber hose and make sure it is long enough to prevent kicking.

    Step 3: Pour clean water into a 12-oz or so container.

    Step 4: Pour water into the water pump while holding the free end of the hose above it.

    Step 5: The water pump should be turned on after covering the hose’s end with your thumb. You should feel the water strike your thumb after about a minute. Once you experience this, stop the pump.

    Step 6: Disconnect the water pipe from the hose and remove it.

    The water pressure in your RV should be back to normal now that there shouldn’t be any more air bubbles inside the water pump.

    Bleeding RV Water Lines

    Connecting the waterline of the RV to an existing pressured source, such as a faucet in your home, is another, more effective technique to remove air from the water lines of your RV. As the municipal water line can pump water more powerfully, this is preferable to utilize the onboard water pump.

    You should turn on all of the water outputs in the RV to speed up the process. These include the shower, the outside faucet, and the kitchen faucet. The air should stop sputtering in about a minute, leaving you with simply a steady stream of water.

    Disconnect the public water source once all of the air has been removed from the pipes, then turn on the water pump. Since there is already a lot of water in the tubes, the water pump should prime and operate correctly. Turn shut all of the water faucets that were opened after the water pressure returned to normal.