Best RV Cabinet Latches 2021

Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch

Our first product is the Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch, which should have no problem keeping cabinet doors closed. It can easily deliver this ability with its five pounds of pulling force that will ensure it will stay closed even in bumpy traffic. This look is only made easier by the fact that it comes with all the mounting hardware needed for an RV enclosure for a latch. It is always a good idea when the product you have chosen comes with all the necessary parts and you do not need to buy anything separately.

Camp’N is the first choice in this category because it is versatile for use in trailers, motorhomes and motorhomes. You may also want to choose it for its high five-pound pulling force. The Camp’N can help you secure your belongings, as it can keep the doors closed without any problem. You can also go for this if you are looking to replace worn or broken latches.

Platform owners will also appreciate its simple installation process. Several buyers noted that this process was relatively straightforward in their reviews. In fact, this brand only made it easier, including the essentials of the RV cabinet hardware latch in the purchase.

The durability of the product was another outstanding attribute. Its all-weather impact resistant ABS plastic material ensures that the device will remain functional for years to come. There is no reason to believe that this product will not keep your cabinets locked for future RV trips. Most bulk buyers won’t be able to help themselves either, as this Camp’N RV cabinet latch option comes in a pack of 4. It represents a good deal for these buyers, especially with its lower cost and excellent delivery results. performance.

Either way, the owner of the platform would have a suitable option when it comes to this product. It also helps that this lock is directly compatible with OEMs found on most travel trailers, RVs, and fifth-wheel trailers. As a result, it makes the whole process much easier. You should not neglect this option with two options regarding quantity. A buyer can get the 4 or 10 pack. These options ensure that the option can meet the needs of something looking to lock up some cabinets on a Class B RV or a large number on a Class A.

Hardware House 64-4567 Contractor Pack Roller Catch

If you’re looking for a great deal, look no further than 64-4567 Contractor Pack Roller Catch from Hardware House. This option is easily one of the most profitable on our entire list, as you get a 10-pack for one low price. You think the quality of the product would be below average given this offer. But this assumption could not be more wrong. This steel roller latch provides excellent durability and should keep your RV cabinets safe for years. It also doesn’t hurt that installation was rated as easy by nearly all of the buyers who purchased them. Even the necessary screws for installation are included to avoid any issues or problems.

VR Hardware House Cabinet Locks are already a 10-item pack that is sure to save you money if you need at least one latch. This entrepreneur package is one of our favorites because it represents a safe value for our expenses. You may want to check it out if you want to buy a pack that already contains 10 pieces but at an affordable price. However, you may be concerned about the quality of these locks, but you shouldn’t. It is one of the best, after all, making it the top choice among RV owners looking for reliable locks for camp cabinets. One of the things I love about it is that it can deliver durability and excellence, which can provide security for your RV cabinets for a long time. That’s why you might want to check it out if you’re looking for value and quality.

Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock

The Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock is a simple, easy-to-use device capable of keeping your belongings in place. You see, this product is an easy to turn thumb actuated cam lock that makes it easy to use. But this product is not only useful in RV cabinets and drawers. You can also expect effective results when installing it in boxes, gun cabinets, and other storage compartments. As a result, you should consider purchasing several and finding some uses for these wonderful locks.

One of its main strengths should be the barrel-style design made of premium polyethylene. This construction makes it a practical and durable product capable of ensuring that your cabinets remain closed when needed. Several buyers were surprised by how well they managed to perform even on the toughest terrain. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as Camco has maintained a reputation as a leading manufacturer of products for many years. Platform owners will not have much trouble with their installation either. Side mount design allows for easy installation and an attractive overall setup. You will never have to see these products before opening the drawer or cabinet.

Camco is another trusted brand when it comes to RV supplies and accessories. It is a trusted choice among thousands of RV owners around the world for its commitment to product quality and performance. If you are looking for reliable locks for trailer cabinets, you may want to check out these screenshots.You may like the fact that this product also comes with a one-year limited warranty. This aspect will guarantee you some protection against a product that does not meet expectations. It is always good to have a backup plan against a problem.

Jiayi Cabinet Magnetic Catch

Cabinet Door Magnets Jiayi 8 Pack Ultra Thin Cabinet Magnetic Catch Stick On Magnetic Drawer Closure Drawer Magnets for Kitchen Cabinet Closet Door Magnetic Latch Sliding Door Magnet Cupboard Closer
  • Only 4mm thick with a magnet force of 15lbs. This magnetic drawer latch is thin enough to not be noticed. Also strong enough to keep cabinet door, drawer, lid, sliding wardrobe door or duette blinds closed. Perfect for locker doors in a caravan.

Buyers looking for rv drawer latches should take a look at Jiayi’s RV Cabinet Magnetic Grips. These devices will use a single magnet, which will have no problem keeping an RV drawers and cabinets closed and stable while traveling. If you are looking for RV drawer magnetic locks, you may want to check out the item that already comes with eight pieces of magnetic locks. You’ll love it if you need more than one latch for your cabinets or cupboards. These latches also have a strong and sturdy construction. Each of them has been manufactured from durable materials and comes with stainless steel mounting screws. This makes it a much more durable and reliable locking device.

One of the things that makes it a unique purchase is that it comes with an ultra-slim design. Still, it can count on its 15-pound nominal magnetic force, making it one of the strongest. These magnetic latches are superior for use in many applications such as windows and sliding doors, drawers, and cabinet doors. I would like to point out that this article is suitable for closing blinds. With these many uses, you may want to check RV latches for your mobile home. This option with 12 latches is another noteworthy aspect. You won’t have to buy closet clasps for a long time, which is always a good idea. Plus, the 12-month warranty and excellent customer service don’t hurt this option either.

All-metal materials of construction make these items ideal for outdoor use. They can also cope with marine use and humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. More so, you may want to check them out if you’re looking for an item that comes with stainless steel mounting screws included with your purchase. These screws are of high quality, so they can last a long time. They won’t break that easily, so they can save you time installing them again.

CRANACH Cabinet Door Latch

Cabinet Door Latch/ 4 Pack RV Drawer Latches 8 lbs Pull Force Cabinet Latch, Holder for Home/RV Cabinet Doors with Mounting Screws - Perfect for RV, Trailer, Motor Home, Camper, OEM Replacement
  • 【Durable RV drawer latches - Replacement For Most RV】- CRANACH cabinet door latch designed for solving the problem with a drawer popping open on your RV, replaces worn out/ broken cabinets latches, CRANACH RV drawer latches are a great replacement for older latches used on old RV cabinet, made it stop squeaking. the latch can be used in cabinets, drawers, sliding doors, screen doors, etc. the RV drawer catch will be needed for your home, RV, trailer and much more places.

If your RV’s drawer latches keep breaking, the CRANACH RV cabinet latches should solve all your problems. These products are constructed of an all-weather impact resistant ABS material to ensure superior performance. You can expect these trailer cabinet latches to keep your drawers and cabinets closed without a problem. You will be impressed with its ability to directly replace most locks found on drill cabinets. This advantage makes it an ideal option for anyone who repairs RV cabinet latches. It would be difficult to find other models that could make this task much more manageable.

When it comes to purchase options, a customer can get a 4 or 8 pack. Both options are available at reasonable prices. This is just another reason to seriously consider buying this latch, as it essentially sells cheap. This latch also features one of the easiest installation processes on our list. You don’t even have to take your cabinet doors apart to put them in place. Simply use the included mounting screws and a power drill to complete the installation.

Buyers will also appreciate the amazing versatility of this product. You can use these locks in a number of situations, from inside an RV or home. Their robust design makes them an ideal choice for anyone who needs to keep their drawers or cabinets closed. Platform owners will also be able to choose between four or eight quantities. Both options are available at a fair price to attract more buyers with the convenience of this option. I can’t imagine a scenario where these VR use drawer latches won’t work. CRANACH has also been kind enough to include a guarantee. Considering these characteristics, it seems that this brand was really above what its customers expect from trailer cabinet locks. But there was one area where they didn’t live up to expectations.

JQK Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch

JQK Magnetic Door Catch, Heavy Duty Magnet Latch Cabinet Catches for Cabinets Shutter Closet Furniture Door, Stainless Steel 20 lbs Silver (2 Pack), CC101-P2
  • 【ALL METAL Magnetic Catch】 Constructed by stainless steel shell and iron catch plate (nickel plating), ensuring quality and longevity.

The JQK Magnetic Door Latch is a versatile item that you can use as an RV medicine cabinet latch. You can also use it as a cabinet door latch to keep it closed even on a bumpy and rough ride. You can trust it for its high magnetic pull force, which is higher than the competition. It’s one of those things that I liked about this product. These two aspects guarantee that this product will provide quality results for a long time. You should also like the fact that this product is rust resistant. This feature further proves that it will offer a level of durability that few others can match.

This RV cabinet hardware latch is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and resistant to rust and other elements. As you may know, you will encounter different weather changes and outdoor conditions. That is why you should choose door latches and latches that can withstand these challenges. These items are among the strongest to have a 20 pound rating. You can rely on it to keep cabinet or pantry doors closed. That is why it is one of the most recommended products not only for caravans but also for homes.

However, each RV drawer lock package only contains two pieces of latches, so it may not be for you if you want a package that has at least four pieces, for example. These locks can be difficult for beginners to install as well, but most reviews have noted the ease of installation. Additionally, this product is one of the most durable on the market and can resist rust and other elements, ensuring robust performance. It is also nickel plating that improves its durability.