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Best RV Fender Skirts 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    ICON 01424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700, Polar White
    Keystone 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1772
    ICON Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS720 - Grey
    ICON 01424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700, Polar White
    Keystone 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1772
    ICON Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS720 - Grey
    ICON 01424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700, Polar White
    ICON 01424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700, Polar White
    Keystone 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1772
    Keystone 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1772
    ICON Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS720 - Grey
    ICON Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS720 - Grey

    ICON Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700

    ICON 01424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt FS700, Polar White
    • Fits Jayco RV's and may fit these specific units: Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight, Jay Flight G2, Jay Flight Bungalow, Qwest, Octane ZX, Recon ZX and Designer

    This Jayco fender skirt is designed to fit the many Jayco brand models. This consists of RVs, RVs, and trailers, making it as good as factory fenders as a replacement for fifth wheel fender skirts if Jayco makes them too. Some of the Jayco models that this product perfectly fits into are: Eagle, Flight, Flight G2, Flight Bungalow, Qwest, Octane ZX, Recon ZX, and Designer. It will be delivered as if it were the original from the factory.

    The fender skirts are available in two different colors: white and black. To stick with the overall aesthetics and design of your motorhome, you can choose the color you want on your RV or trailer. Also, the almost sharp corners of the wing skirt give it a distinct style compared to other wing skirts as most of them tend to be curved. This makes the product stand out well from the crowd, not like a sore thumb. The material used by Icon to produce its Jayco Engineered Mud Flaps is highly durable ABS plastic. It is resistant to major shocks. This fender skirt will deflect road debris bouncing off your helmet or wheel arch, so you don’t have to suffer unsightly tears or cracks!

    The price of this wing skirt is definitely worth the investment because it is of high quality. Unsurprisingly, the trusted brand – ICON continues to offer a reasonable price for such a well-made wing skirt. ICON Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt is one of the Best RV Fender Skirts. in 2023

    RecPro Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt for RV

    The RecPro Tandem Trailer Skirt is a great product for those looking for travel trailer fender skirts. If you are hoping to replace your cracked / chipped fenders, you should take a look at this RecPro product! The wing skirt is available in four colors: white, black, gray and beige. It’s a brilliant addition to your trailer, especially when you get one that matches the paint. You can make it look perfectly connected to the motorhome or trailer, so as well as a nice accessory, it can look like the factory fender skirt.

    In addition, the wing skirt is developed with very resistant ABS plastic. It is sure to withstand the impact of road debris, protecting the wheel arch and carcass, preventing unwanted leaks or annoying cracks. This material can also resist some chemicals, so accidentally spilling or spraying liquid poses virtually no risk to its durability.

    For individuals looking for travel trailer fender skirts, the RecPro Tandem Trailer Skirt is a great option. If you’re looking for a replacement for your cracked or chipped fenders, take a look at this RecPro product! White, black, grey, and tan are the four colours available for the fender skirt. This is a fantastic addition to your trailer, especially if you can find one that matches the colour scheme. You may make it look to be seamlessly connected to the camper or trailer, so it may appear to be the factory fender skirt in addition to being a nice accessory.

    Furthermore, the fender skirt is made of ABS plastic, which is quite robust. It is guaranteed to withstand the impact of road debris, protecting your wheel well and hull and preventing undesirable leaks and cracks. Because this material can survive various chemicals, pouring or spraying liquids on it causes little harm to its long-term durability. Its resilience to high temperatures goes hand in hand with that attribute. ABS plastic has a high heat resistance rating since it does not have a precise melting point. This eliminates the risk of fender burns, deformities, or cracks.

    RecPro did, however, add UV protection to the fender skirt to make it even more robust. The structure and integrity of fender skirts can be severely harmed by prolonged exposure to heat. RecPro pushes this fender skirt even farther by designing it to be aesthetically sleek. This implies it enhances the trailer, RV, or camper’s aerodynamics by lowering drag produced by air resistance. “Aesthetically streamlined” denotes your vehicle’s neatness while also increasing its fuel efficiency, allowing you to go a little further.

    RecPro recognises that you may require more than one fender skirt for your RV, so the product is available in two-packs! This allows you to repair both of your RV fenders in a single order and adds to your vehicle’s homogeneity. As a result, it appears to have been well-designed.

    USAMADE Universal Fit Trailer RV Fender Skirts

    This USAMADE fender skirt is robust and sturdy, which is just what you need in a fender skirt. I can attest to the toughness of the thermoplastic material. Plus, when I scraped the side of my RV against some shrubs, I discovered the skirts were scarcely scratched.

    UV rays are not absorbed by the camper fender flares. My fender skirts have yet to show any signs of wear or damage despite months of exposure to direct sunshine. In reality, fender skirts must be UV-resistant, as the sun’s rays can dry them up and make them brittle, causing them to break prematurely.

    It also contains pre-drilled installation holes, which is a great touch. It’s necessary because drilling through the thermoplastic layer without causing the material to crack and split is difficult. It’s a lot easier to install them if they’ve previously been pre-drilled.

    Despite the fact that many universal fit travel trailer fender skirts barely fit on specific RVs, these USAMADE products came close to fitting on mine. I still had to make some adjustments to achieve the right fit, but it wasn’t too tough.

    ICON 01625 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

    ICON 01625 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt FS771 for Jayco - Metallic Gray
    • Fits Jayco RV models: Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight, Jay Flight G2, Jay Flight Bungalow, Qwest, Octane ZX, Recon ZX and Designer

    As Icon persists in making their fender skirts for specific brands, they replaced RV fender skirts, especially for Jayco RVs. This Jayco wing skirt is designed to fit many models of the brand, it has excellent durability and a beautiful design. Icon stands by to serve its customers with quality fender skirts for all of your caravan, trailer or motorhome needs.

    Jayco models this product for Jay Flight, Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight G2, Qwest, Jay Flight Bungalow, Recon ZX, Octane ZX, and Designer (very similar to the FS700). However, where the FS700 has shorter dropouts, it appears small and close to the wheels; This product is unique because of its style. The FS770 is longer so there is some space between the top of the fender skirt and the wheel.

    The wing skirt is available in three colors: white, taupe and metallic gray. Anyway, this one is in metallic gray only, which matches the paint on previous Jayco models. It mixes evenly with the rest of the paint, like it’s not even there!

    If you are researching the market for your wheel protection product, these skirts should be one of your potential options. This is due to the incredible durability that these models promise to offer. In detail, its impact resistant ABS plastic solidified by a textured finish can resist cracking and breaking under heavy weights. These motorhome wing skirts would be a good value for money, even if they were individually priced. The only downside to this excellent product is that it can be scratched. If you’re not careful, the exterior elements can damage your glossy look sooner than expected.

    The material is like other products, ABS plastic. This makes the wing skirt extremely resistant to impact and heat, so it will last you a while on the road. Any stones, pebbles, or other road debris that could damage the bare hull or wheel arch of your Jayco motorhomes will bounce off this fender skirt. Therefore, you will not be threatened by leaks that can be caused by chips or cracks.

    Icon also claims that this wing skirt is constructed with a textured finish, allowing it to be somewhat resistant to scuffs, scuffs, or scratches. Large or very small debris will be needed to make horrible scratches on this product so your trailer, motorhome or RV is clean.

    Alpha Systems Pair of Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt in White for RVs

    Alpha Systems Pair of Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt in White for RVs, Campers and Trailers
    • Please refer to the listed measurements to verify whether this will be a compatible replacement for you before purchasing. RecPro is not responsible for you ordering the incorrect size, and any attempt at a return will result in either a refusal by RecPro or a 25% restocking fee.

    This Alpha Systems product is one of the best inexpensive tandem fender skirts I’ve seen. It will not be severely damaged or discoloured even after months of exposure to the sun. It’s mostly due to its effective UV-resistant coating. This sturdy structure is made of high-quality ABS, as expected. As a result, the product can withstand a lot of force without bending or cracking.

    Because of its four various hues, the product is an excellent alternative for replacement fender skirts. To fit the exquisite scheme of your RVs, you can choose from white, black, tan, or grey components. However, if you don’t like the original hues, you can paint them any colour you choose.

    Unlike items that deteriorate over time when exposed to the sun, this material is extremely heat resistant. This ensures that the product remains as durable as new even after being used on a camping trip. It is also considered UV-protected, which is responsible for the deterioration of some fender skirts.

    The business designed its fender skirts to be “aesthetically streamlined,” taking into account physics and aesthetics. This improves your motorhome’s appearance as well as its fuel efficiency by allowing air to flow freely around it, minimising drag. However, not all of the clients were pleased with the goods. There were reports that the product was generic and didn’t suit their RVs or trailers perfectly.

    JMTAAT New Pair Left+Right Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt Compatible with RV Campers

    JMTAAT Pair Left+Right Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt Fit for RVs Campers Trailers 5th Wheel Black
    • Fitment: It is a universal design suitable for RVs, campers and trailers! The total length of the fender skirt is 69.3inch (176cm), the total width is 10.8inch (27.4cm). Please check the image for the size of these fenders.

    JMTAAT provides clients looking for RV fender skirt replacements with a high-quality, dependable solution. JMTAAT is a trustworthy vendor of automobile parts and accessories on Amazon because its goods originates from its own warehouse. As a result, you can rely on JMTAAT to meet your RV fender skirt requirements, as this company specialises in delivering exactly what its customers want. It might serve as a replacement for a Forest River RV fender skirt, but take measurements to be sure.

    Only one colour is available for the fender skirt: black. Because it gives a good contrast, black goes well with any other colour. This allows the fender skirt to blend in with the colour of your RV’s paint. Adding black RV fender flares as an accessory to your RV will surely give it a tough look!

    The JMTAAT fender skirt is comprised of ABS plastic, like most other fender skirts. This material is extremely impact resistant. It will withstand any damage caused by road debris or minor impacts from other vehicles. Your wheel well and hull are safe from drab and undesirable scratching, chipping, or cracking since it absorbs most of the hits and has the ability to prevent cracking and chipping.

    The material is known for its exceptional heat resistance, and laboratory tests revealed that ABS plastic has no precise melting point. Nonetheless, this does not imply that you can just expose it to fires and the like, since this could result in burns and mould. It can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, but direct flames will destroy it. Furthermore, because the product is pre-drilled, installation will be a breeze. However, don’t hold your breath for anything, since you still need to make sure everything fits in your RV.

    It would be ideal if it matched the holes already present on your RV or trailer, but if it does not, you will need to drill. You can certainly tweak and shorten the product to fit the holes, but there’s a chance it won’t be as strong as it should be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a RV Fender Skirt?

    A motorhome fender skirt is a piece of equipment that shields the vehicle from damage caused by road debris. Furthermore, the fender is said to make your RV, trailer, or camper more aerodynamic by lowering air resistance, hence increasing fuel efficiency.

    How does a RV Fender Skirt work?

    The RV fender skirt protects your RV from chips and cracks by absorbing the impact of rocks, pebbles, and other road debris. You won’t have to wait for any damage to these goods if they don’t come into direct contact with your wheel well or hull.

    The RV fender skirt is designed to extend slightly out of the wheel well to reduce air resistance. This allows the wind to flow outwards rather than inwards to the broad surface area of the tyre well, making your motorhome more aerodynamic and hence fuel-efficient. Assume you have a good understanding of how RV fender skirts function. In such case, you’re prepared to manage it, as its primary function is to protect your RV, trailer, or camper from scratches and other damages.