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Best RV Patio Mat 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Ming’s Mark Classical Reversible RV Mat

    Mings Mark has confirmed the use of high quality breathable materials to make this rv mats, therefore, it will not harm the grass. This rug is manufactured with the same virgin polypropylene material found in most of the best RV outdoor rugs. Other than that, this carpet is therefore treated by UV; You can use it directly under the sun if you want. The breathable polypropylene components of this product are simply woven plastics that allow air to circulate under the mat so that it does not die under the house. This mat is coated with a protective chemical that limits the amount of damage from UV rays, which can eventually fade and fade your RV patio flooring.

    This soft and durable mat gives you a great option to keep your RV clean from dirty shoes; Any dirt picked up by the carpet will be easily washed off using water hose. It is resistant to mildew and germs and it can be stored in a simple carry bag, which is included with the purchase. Soft materials are suitable for easy carrying and this mat is able to fight against the elements with durability. This blanket is very easy to clean and you don’t need to do much to maintain it.

    There are four different color combinations for this unique pattern: blue and green, black and silver, brown and gold and burgundy and black. It is also available in three full-size options so you can choose the one that will be most suitable for your space and complement your RV patio decor. The ingredients of this rag are counterfeit and germ resistant, making it suitable for outdoor decor. It is easily cleaned with water or with an ordinary broom. It’s soft enough that bare feet and pets feel comfortable walking, leaning or playing on your body. This is one of the Best RV Patio Mats in 2023.

    If you are an environmentally conscious camper then this rv mat should be verified for you. Mings ’Mark GC1 graphic mat is a soft polypropylene motorhome mat that is soft on grass and can be used on other surfaces such as cement and wood while being free from mildew and mold. Users of this RV mat have reported how soft it is, which adds comfort for pets and small children. They can walk, relax and even play patio without fear of allergies.

    Even after being trampled, this UV resistant mat retains its original shape. Its breathing keeps mold and germs away and don’t expect any headaches when cleaning because the quick sweep runs the technique. For easy storage, it can be folded very nicely and the storage of the carrying bag makes the storage more convenient. If you have a small to medium sized family then this 8 × 20 foot rug is a great option to consider. It can withstand inclement weather and will continue to do so for the next few years.

    Fab Habitat Eco Friendly RV Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use

    Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug - Waterproof, Fade Resistant, Crease-Free - Premium Recycled Plastic - Moroccan Geo Lattice - Large Patio, Deck, Sunroom, Camping, RV - Nairobi - Natural & Black - 6 x 9 ft
    • Versatile outdoor rugs - 100% premium recycled plastic tubes are tightly woven to create a plastic rug perfect to use as a patio rug, or on decks, camping trips, and RVs. Safe to use with pets and kids as a playroom rug

    If you’re looking for an eco-friendly RV camping mat that won’t hurt what you love to explore in your RV, look no further than Fab Habitat Nairobi Reversible Mats. This RV patio mat is woven from straws made from premium quality 100% recycled plastic. It has a type of mechanical fabric that makes it very durable but also soft and comfortable for the feet.

    It is available in a wide variety of color combinations and is UV resistant so colors do not fade over time. The material used in the construction of this patio mat is also resistant to mold and mildew. This means it can get wet and dry quickly, but it also won’t start to smell strange like many fabric rugs tend to do after just a few uses.

    Unlike many of these RV floor mats, this design is also versatile enough to be used as an interior floor mat if desired. It has an elegant design that will match the interior design of some houses, but it also comes with its own carrying bag, so it is very easy to move and place it where you want and use as a rv outdoor rug.

    Reversible Mats RV Mat

    Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat is a mat that every RV owner should consider to meet the needs of their patio mat. And since it comes from a company, Reversible Mats, which will appear on this list more than once, you can be sure that it is of high quality. These are the best RV patio mats because you can flip them over and use them from both sides. This is one of the most recognized features of patio mats in recreational vehicles. This retro mat comes with a very durable and quality carrying bag. Therefore, portability will not be a problem and so will portability. This rag is available in different sizes and color combinations and you can make your own choice according to your taste.

    Reversible RV patio mat has used 100% real and virgin polypropylene in making this carpet. It is not only soft but also very durable. Due to its soft nature it will bend very easily. And polypropylene is easy to clean with water. The blanket will stand in front of the components and the best part is that it is also treated as UV. It has all the features you need for a patio mat and as a result, it tops our list of best RV patio rags. In addition, you can wash it very easily with a water hose, and it will not develop mold or germs under any favorable humidity conditions.

    The most striking feature of this RV mat is the breathable 100% virgin polypropylene fabric that allows air and light to circulate. It provides the perfect composition of materials for those who care about the environment. Mats are known to catch all kinds of debris, which can cause allergies in pets and small children, and the creation of this RV camping mat has clearly considered the features of the stroller.

    Also, because the material is slice and germ resistant, you have the freedom to keep it outside without worrying about damage from rain. Manufacturers throw in a carrying bag for mobility at no extra cost. Overall, it is clear that durability was paramount during the design phase of this Steeler product.

    Stylish Camping RV Home Mat

    If you want an outdoor caravan mat that covers a minimum of 140 square feet, the TO8187 Tropical Oasis 8ft x 18ft Sleek Camping Mat is a great choice. In addition to having a cute design, this rug also has many other features that make it a top-tier option. Look, like the other products on this list, it is made with a breathable material that prevents weed from dying.

    This beautiful outdoor mat from Stylish Camping is available in three sizes and two color combinations. The material is woven plastic to form a reversible design. Still, there is a crucial mistake: if you reverse it, the writing will be there too. Although some may be embarrassed by this, both sides can be used because they have the same texture. The texture also prevents slippage and the fabric has openings to allow air to circulate.

    The material, although lightweight, is brittle and shows signs of wear after the chairs have been repeatedly placed on the carpet. It is disappointing that it is not durable if you frequently place chairs and heavy objects on it. You’ll see obvious wrinkles when you unfold it, more so than thicker rugs. When it is time to put the mat away, it is placed in a carrying bag. It is convenient that the bag is larger than the folded mat, which makes it easy to store. In the case of dirt, cleaning takes a short time because dirt comes off easily during rinsing.

    Fab Habitat Tangier Recycled Plastic Rug

    Fab Habitat Tangier Recycled Plastic Rug, Regatta Blue & White, (6' x 9')
    • 100% RECYCLED PREMIUM PLASTIC our eco-friendly rugs are tightly woven, for added durability, from straws made up of recycled plastic. Strong and hard-wearing but soft and comfortable underfoot. The power loomed threads are woven with skill and precision. Actual colors and size may vary from the image(s) shown due to manufacturing limitations.

    The Fab Habitat Tangier Recycled Plastic Mat is the ultimate outdoor mat for camping. It is also the dream of an environmentally conscious person. You see, it’s made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and straws. Pretty good, right? Well, just think that you could be sitting outside in front of an RV knowing that the thing your chair sits in is helping the environment. I think it is a very interesting experience.

    Like the other rugs we’ve seen, this one comes in a lovely pattern and 7 different colors so you can find the perfect look for your patio. It also has a UV resistant coating that keeps colors bright and new. The material is mold and water resistant, so mud, dirt, rain, or food and drink splashes will clean up without staining this rug.

    A hose or broom is all you need to clean these patio rugs. In addition to making you feel comfortable helping the environment, this recycled bottle material also does not compromise any other aspect of the mat area. It has everything you would expect from an RV patio mat; mold / mildew resistance, UV protection, will not harm the grass underneath, etc.

    The Fab Habitat Seville recycled plastic mat is a great choice for environmentally conscious motorhome enthusiasts looking for an outdoor patio mat for the camping season because the mat is made entirely of straws Best of all, The Fab Habitat brand is Goodweave Certified, which means no child labor is used to make these handcrafted RV patio rugs.

    Camco Reversible Outdoor Mat for RV

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    As the name implies Camco Large Reversible Patio Mat, a huge outdoor rag available and at a great price. Many people talk about the benefits of spending time outside. It is not only the body that appreciates it but also the mind and soul. However, sometimes the unexpected dangers that come with camp do not always arise spiritually.

    While this mat doesn’t solve all your camp headaches, it does give you relief from dealing with dirt and debris. It’s quite a heavy mat and it’s catastrophic if you’re bored on one side. This mat is also breathable, so you can bet it is eco-friendly. But it certainly doesn’t bring all this anger to the table (or patio).

    As an RV owner, this mat is ideal for your next camping trip for a variety of reasons. Since its UV protection prevents damage from the sun, no mold or germs will form. You can even set it up by the pool. If the water keeps it wet, just hang it in the sun to dry it. And if it is very dirty, watering is the strategy to bring it back to its new state. Of all the features listed, the corner loops of this mat are a great bonus. Just add a few long joints to prevent the carpet from getting stuck in the air. Also, its different size options and different colors and patterns make it an ideal choice for every camp.

    The threads made of this carpet are woven in a way that allows dirt, sand and water to pass through, so it is perfect for trips to beaches and gardens. You can choose from a variety of sizes to find the most suitable fit with the space you need. Camco rags have a UV resistant coating that protects them from the sun’s harmful rays, which helps keep them looking new. It is light weight and folds for easy storage. This mat is protected from the sun’s UV rays, making it an attractive choice for any RV owner’s long camping trip. And since it has multiple size options, this mat can easily be a great option for motorhome owners.

    Stylish Camping RH8117 RV Home Patio Reversible Mat

    Stylish Camping 8-Feet x 18-Feet Outdoor RV Home Patio Reversible Mat - Brown/Beige
    • SOFT AND DURABLE: Made with virgin polypropylene breathable material designed to be safe to use on grass.

    When it comes to RV and house mats, we can also rely on the Stylish Camping mat for its excellent performance and longevity. The best RV outdoor mats should be robust and UV coated so that they can withstand harsh weather and last for a long time despite exposure to the harsh and rough outdoor environment. The Stylish Camping RV Home Mat can cover all bases because it is high-performing and heavy-duty enough to last a long time. You can count on it for dependable performance and long-term use if you choose it.

    This mat, in addition to having a cute design, has a slew of other characteristics that make it an excellent choice. As you can see, it, like the other things on our list, is composed of breathable material that prevents the grass beneath from dying.

    But the fact that this mat only weighs 12 pounds. That may seem like a lot in comparison to the other mats on this list. However, this mat is significantly larger than the majority of the other mats on this page. As a result, the manufacturer’s commitment to keeping the weight down, despite the fact that it’s a substantial product, demonstrates their inventiveness. And it makes it much easier to store and transport from one location to another.

    EZ Travel Mats RV Patio Mat

    Professional EZ Travel Collection Reversible RV Outdoor Rug for Backyards, Beaches, Camping Grounds, Patios, and More, Storage Bag and Mat Stakes Included, Beige/White (9x12)
    • All-Weather Outdoor Rug - Brighten your porch, deck, backyard, or camper with this lightweight outdoor mat. Designed to resist damage, the foldable EZ Travel outdoor rugs are also great for life on the go. Our unique, modern designs transform outdoor spaces and compliment any patio set.

    If you’re confident you want an outdoor rug that covers at least 100 square feet, the Professional EZ Travel Collection Green Wave Outdoor Mat, which measures 9′ by 12′, is an ideal choice. This rug is lightweight and foldable, making it simple to store when not in use. It also comes with its own carrying case, which makes transporting it easier and protects it from rips and tears while it’s beneath your rig.

    It’s also one of the few camping rugs that has its own stakes. As a result, it’s also a fantastic choice for camping in windier conditions. You’ll be able to stake it down so the rug doesn’t blow away while you’re away from your rig. This ‘green wave’ carpeting also resists UV rays, mold, and mildew.

    The colors will not fade, and it will not begin to disintegrate as rugs without UV protection will. It will also not begin to smell bad after only a few uses, as is common with fabric rugs. This 9 x 12 patio mat is ideal for camper owners searching for a dependable and heavy-duty patio mat with the durability and quality to last for years.

    The best RV outdoor rug is the go-to mat if you want a beautiful and elegant mat that will complement the decoration and design of your camper or recreational vehicle. It features a sleek design that is unique to the new paint schemes that are being rolled out on the most recent production lines. This mat also offers brilliant and bright colors that can make the RV patio stand out in the campground.

    AdvenGO Reversi Mats Large RV Patio Mat

    Because it is designed for all weathers and terrains, the premium quality mat is one of the top choices for recreational vehicle owners. It can be used on the patio, in the grass and garden, and in other outdoor areas. It is also made of polypropylene, which is resistant to mold and mildew and can preserve it from wear and tear.

    When you choose it, you can be confident that it will last a long time and serve you well for many years. It also has heat-sealed edge, which helps to prevent fraying and premature deterioration.

    You can have peace of mind knowing that you will always have a product to use in outdoor adventures if you use the outdoor awning mat. Furthermore, I appreciated that this product is only four pounds and has a.2 inch thickness, making it easy to fold and travel. If you don’t want to buy a separate carry bag for your new mat, you might want to choose a product that comes with a nylon carry bag to make storing and transit easier and faster.

    What to look for when buying an RV Patio Mat


    What kind of RV patio mat do you require? As you may be aware, there are numerous sorts of patio mats from you to choose and later purchase. As a result, you must understand what will best suit your demands and tastes. What patio carpeting, for example, will suit your personality? It could be due to the color and style of the mat.

    More importantly, you might want to think about one that won’t hurt the lawn. If you do, you might wish to consider a mat made of eco-friendly materials. If you care about the ecology, you might want to choose one made of recycled plastic bottles.


    When deciding on RV patio mats, search for one that provides the characteristics you require. Some of them, for example, include both ground stakes and a travel case with a handle. Some, on the other hand, come with a carrying bag or case in which to store the mat while not in use.

    While most mats are simple to fold, store, and keep anyplace, they can be more useful if they come with a carrying case. However, keep in mind that those that have a carrying case and stakes, for example, can be more expensive than those that do not.


    The simplest initial choice you can make to narrow down your options is selecting on the size of your rug. Some people may prefer a camping mat that only covers the area on the ground beneath their RV stairs. Others may prefer to be able to move further out of their trailer in bare feet without fear of stepping into dirt or onto grass.

    In terms of comfort, a larger rug will allow you to have a larger indoor-outdoor living space that will keep cleaner for the duration of your campsite visits. Because many RVs have little interior room, it can be very convenient to extend the amount of room that you can comfortably hang out outside of your trailer.


    Fortunately, the majority of these RV camping mats are really light. The heaviest one on our list, I believe, is still under 10 or 15 pounds. And the good news is that you probably won’t have to transport it a long distance before setting it up.

    However, there is no necessity to buy a heavier rug for RV camping. The only justification would be if you always camp in windy regions. Even if this is the case, you’re better off sticking with a lightweight patio mat and then staking it down or holding it down with rocks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a RV Patio Mat?

    This is an RV patio mat that sits on the outside of your car in your RV patio when you sit with loved ones or want a place to relax. It can make you and your loved one feel comfortable sitting at home because it allows you to install something outside the RV like a chair.

    What seems to be true is, an RV patio mat stays outside of your RV and works as a patio. But its real purpose is to create a comfortable environment outside your RV. It removes dirt and makes you feel at home. It is an essential element for camping and motorhomes.

    How do RV Patio Mats work?

    RV mats are really easy to use. All you need to do is open it and place it at your campground. The mat should then be secured to the ground using ground stakes. RV mats are constructed of virgin polypropylene, a fibrous thermoplastic. It is incredibly light and resistant to moisture, making it excellent for outdoor use. Snow, water, and other liquids cannot pool between the weave’s holes. They are resistant to UV and sun damage and will not fade when exposed to sunshine.

    RV mats are extremely adaptable and may be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can take them with you on camping trips, road vacations, and excursions, among other things. They are quite simple to use; all you have to do is properly unfold the

    RV patio mat and then tether it.They can be used as indoor carpets on your patio, sun deck, or verandah. The rug’s permeable material is a huge benefit. It’s a fantastic product in my opinion.

    What are the types of RV Patio Mats?

    As you might expect, there are many different types of RV deck cards and there will be quite a few articles on their list. However, it would be a good idea to highlight a few of these types, so you can get a better idea of ​​what you are looking for in an RV patio mat.

    The first type is called a breathable or grass-friendly mat, as the name implies, ensuring that the grass under the mat is not damaged. They protect the grass by allowing light, water and air to enter through the mat. Therefore, if you plan to spend an extended stay in an area, recommend getting a breathable or grass-friendly mat. After all, we want to save as much grass as possible.

    In the same vein, you can help save the environment by buying ecological carpets. These rags are made from plastic bottles and other plastics to ensure that these things do not contaminate the earth. With the help of these mats you can enjoy sitting outside your RV knowing that you are helping the environment. Pretty beautiful, isn’t it? In addition to these two types, you can also think of an RV patio mat suitable for any situation you may want to go through. So, it all depends on the carpet that matches your choice and your lifestyle.

    Are RV Patio Mats waterproof?

    The majority of these carpets have a woven weave that allows water to travel through without accumulating on the mat’s surface. When the mat does become wet, this helps it stay dry and dry faster. These mats aren’t completely “waterproof.” Instead of holding water, they are engineered to dry fast if they come into touch with rain or snow.