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Best RV Power Cords 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV extension Cord- UL Listed, (30 Feet), 30 - Feet, black
    Camco Power Grip 25-Ft 30 Amp RV Extension Cord - Rated for 125V / 3,750W - Features Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Copper Wire for Superior Conductivity & Coated w/Heat-Resilient PVC (55191)
    Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)
    Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV extension Cord- UL Listed, (30 Feet), 30 - Feet, black
    Camco Power Grip 25-Ft 30 Amp RV Extension Cord - Rated for 125V / 3,750W - Features Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Copper Wire for Superior Conductivity & Coated w/Heat-Resilient PVC (55191)
    Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)
    Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV extension Cord- UL Listed, (30 Feet), 30 - Feet, black
    Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV extension Cord- UL Listed, (30 Feet), 30 - Feet, black
    Camco Power Grip 25-Ft 30 Amp RV Extension Cord - Rated for 125V / 3,750W - Features Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Copper Wire for Superior Conductivity & Coated w/Heat-Resilient PVC (55191)
    Camco Power Grip 25-Ft 30 Amp RV Extension Cord - Rated for 125V / 3,750W - Features Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Copper Wire for Superior Conductivity & Coated w/Heat-Resilient PVC (55191)
    Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)
    Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)

    Camco 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV

    Camco Power Grip 25-Ft 30 Amp RV Extension Cord - Rated for 125V / 3,750W - Features Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Copper Wire for Superior Conductivity & Coated w/Heat-Resilient PVC (55191)
    • POWER YOUR RV EFFORTLESSLY: Power up your RV with Power Grip's 30-amp extension cord. This camper essential is 25' long, ensuring you have enough length to keep your RV powered during your adventures.

    Our first choice, the Camco PowerGrip 55191 Heavy Duty 30 Amp Extension Cord is one of the Best RV Power Cords. This sturdy extension cord shouldn’t be a problem, making your life easier with lots of amazing features. One such feature is its user-friendly structure, which is straightforward as the cable comes with NEMA TT-30P and NEMA TT-30R connectors. As a result, its use becomes an easy task: connect the power cord to the female connector and plug the male connector into the power supply.

    The Camco Heavy Duty 25 ’30 Amp Power Grip Extension Cord comes with special handles as they can be a bit difficult to plug and unplug. The special handles make this process a bit easier. Best of all, the Camco Heavy Duty 25’30 Amp Power Grip Extension Cord is covered in a heavy duty sheath. It’s tough enough to be walked on or hit, and it’s weather resistant. It comes with a special locking mechanism at each end of the plug to ensure a firm and secure fit, and also to increase the seal.

    If the plug has 4 pins, you have a 50 amp installation. However, if you only see 3 pins, keep in mind that this is a 30 amp trailer. This power cord camco has 3 pins. This means it is a 30 amp cord. Copper has high electrical conductivity and ductility with heat resistance properties. That is why it is the preferred option for electrical cables. And yes, this RV cable has only 10-gauge copper construction. A flame retardant material covers the copper cables. In addition, a PVC jacket encloses the cables to protect them from the effects of harsh outdoor conditions and prevent wear.

    Many buyers were also impressed with the PowerGrip grip on this product. This aspect makes plugging and unplugging the cord much safer. It offers a level of security that few other options can offer. Another cool feature worth mentioning is the grip of the PowerGrip grip. Offers a bit more control when connecting the cable to a power source. In addition, the handle ensures less strain and damage to the cable.

    If you need a heavy duty extension cord or extension cord for your RV that is good length, great durability, and is not that expensive, the Camco Heavy Duty 25ft 30A Electric Grip Extension Cord could be the one. best. option for you. The Camco Heavy Duty 25’30A Power Grip Extension Cord is designed so that you can connect a standard 30A RV outlet to a standard 30A outlet. It’s a pretty standard power cord that should work for most RVs, as well as most other power sources. This particular option is available in different lengths ranging from 12 to 50 feet, in case you are fine with a shorter cable or need something a little longer.

    Conntek 15306 RV 50-Amp 30-Feet Extension Cord with Ergo Grip and Power Indicator

    Conntek is one of the leading companies in the Best RV Power Cords industry and their Conntek 15306 is no exception when it comes to quality and durability. The power cord comes with a 30 foot cord for convenient connection. This is a 50 amp power extender that you can use to power multiple rigs. This power cord is designed for outdoor use, which means it works well for camping. It comes with 12,500 watts of power, making it one of the strongest RV power cords you’ll find. It is also easy to use as it comes with LED power indicators. It is also an extension cord that can be used as a power cord. It is 5 feet taller than our previous option. In other words, it is 30 feet long. The cord is manufactured in accordance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) compatibility standards.

    Between cost and sustainability, Conntek took the cake on this one. If you’ve never installed a new power cord in your RV before, the main problem we face is cutting through the casing to expose enough wires from the inside. Conntek took care of this inconvenience which technically shortened the overall power cord. You get a 6-inch RED extension to give you some freedom when moving your wiring, while maintaining the overall length of twenty-five feet. This cord operates at 30 amps and the durability of the plastic and rubber housing is predicted to last for centuries. The only difficulty with this cable is that the casing is so thick that handling may take longer than expected. However, we would take this in a short lifespan each day.

    The smaller the gauge, the thicker the wire and the higher the amperage. So being a 50 amp power cord we would expect the wires to be a bit thicker than previous models. And yes, the wires in the 50A RV Conntek 15306 Extension Cord are rated 6 and 8 based on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) size chart. Furthermore, they are 100% copper for perfect conductivity and also provide superior flexibility. The cord has 2 molded ends. The robust construction guarantees resistance to abrasion and the elements. You will also appreciate the Ergo handles as they allow for easy on and off. Also, among the commendable features of this cable are the blue LEDs. The power LEDs are located at the ends and will light to tell you if the connection is successful.

    Valterra Mighty Cord RV 30-Amp Extension Cord

    Valterra Mighty Cord RV 30-Amp Extension Cord, 15-Foot Power Extension Cord, Red
    • EXTENDABLE POWER: 15-foot extension provides up to 30 amps or 120 volts of power to your RV, camper, or trailer

    Looking for a Best RV Power Cords that can last a long time? The Valterra Mighty Cord RV 30A Extension Cord could be exactly what you are looking for in a power cord. Its construction will ensure the product a useful life of several years. For example, this 30 Amp RV cable was constructed with a heavy duty friction housing. This accommodation has been designed with camping activities in mind. And it won’t have any trouble withstanding prolonged outdoor use. It promotes a high level of durability, which will ensure that you are not looking for a replacement anytime soon. Buyers also have more options with this model. It is available in four size variations and two different amperage levels. A rig owner can easily find a size / amp combination to suit his needs with these many options.

    It is a 50 amp cord and provides up to 125/250 volts of power to its equipment. With that much, you can power whatever you have in your RV. Camping has never been so much fun! Also, since this is a 50 amp cord, we would expect the plug (male end) to have 4 pins, each pin for each cord. In other words, this cable has 4 wires under the insulation jacket. Copper wires use 6-8 gauge construction. Therefore, they are designed for extended functionality. However, the thicker construction makes the longer versions a bit heavy to transport and roll. This extension has a rubber housing. This jacket offers the inner threads superior protection against aggressive elements. Hence, this is one of the motorhome cables that will withstand the abuse of regular use in rough camping.

    Buyers also have more options with this model. It comes in four size variations and two different amperage levels. A rig owner can easily find a size / amp combination to suit his needs with these many options. As a result, this Valterra RV power cord becomes an extremely user-friendly option. This convenience only increases when you look at the shots of this model. You can remove and plug it in without breaking a sweat.

    Leisure Cords 25′ Power Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard

    Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)
    • This 25 foot, 30 Amp locking power cord allows you to connect the campground or park power to your RV, Motorhome, Trailer or vehicle.

    Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap. The same goes for RV power cords. There is no shortage of inexpensive extension cords; the trick is to find one that works as expected and is not easily damaged. Electricity is, after all, a dangerous thing to handle. One RV power cord that I have found works well but still counts as an “economy” product is the LeisureCords 25ft Power Cord.

    It’s no wonder the most pleasing aspect of this cable to me is its affordability. But that is not all. It works as expected, allowing an electrical current of up to 30 amps. It’s not hot even when used for a few days, which is one of the things that worried me. Bargain shoppers will be delighted with the ability of this product to work effectively. In fact, there is no reason to believe that this model will have trouble licensing a 30 amp electrical current as its product description promises.

    It has a twist-lock feature, which is great for keeping it plugged in and not accidentally unplugging. The plug itself can be twisted after plugging in, plus it has a threaded ring to keep it secure. You can see from the trim on the plugs and the cord itself that it is very strong. I purchased this item as a temporary solution when the power cord that came with the RV is no longer usable. I am pleased to report that now more than a temporary solution is used, but a long-term solution.

    GoWISE Power RVC3003 25-Feet RV Extension cord w/ Handles- 30 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female

    This GoWise extension cord is 30 feet long and has a 6/3 + 8/1 wiring configuration. It’s strong and has an easy-grip handle to facilitate removing the plug easier. This cord has an outdoor rating. This cord is ideal for recreational outdoor requirements because it has both a 50-amp male and a 50-amp female connection. This extension cord’s ends are both bent at 90 degrees. They are easy to remove and provide a strong bond.

    This extension cord has a thick and protective coating. A waterproof cover will protect your plug from moisture, dirt, and other debris.When not in use, the accompanying carrying strap keeps your extension cord tidy and orderly. It also facilitates moving and traveling with the extension cord while safeguarding the internal wiring.This is a high-quality extension cord that is compliant with both American and Canadian safety regulations. When in use, it is flexible, simple to manipulate, and gives a secure, snug fit.

    The GoWISE Power 30ft 50A RV Extension Cable isn’t the most advanced option available, but it will get the job done. It is a simple and affordable option for the rig owner who wants a simple solution to their extension needs. The product is able to adapt to this role due to its simple design. This design consists of resistant materials, which guarantee effective and long-lasting results. Honestly, a product at this low price shouldn’t build that well.

    Camping or traveling in an RV is difficult, especially if you are away from the power line. To solve this problem, you definitely need a long power cord or an extension cord. If you are looking for a reliable power cord to help you connect your RV to a power source, the best product to consider is the GoWISE Power 50ft 30A RV Extension Cable with Molded Connector and Handle.

    Kohree Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Plug Adapter

    Kohree 30 Amp RV Power Extension Cord 50 ft with Grid Handle Heavy Duty, 30M/30F 90 Degree Locking Adapter, LED Indicator & 15M/30F Power Adapter(1875 W), 125V, 3750W, ETL Listed STW Wire
    • ⚡【Specification】 Male Plug: 30 amp (NEMA TT-30P), Female Plug: 30amp (NEMA L5-30R) locking connector adapter. Rated: 125 volts/3750 watts. Use: when your RV is equipped with a 30 AMP twist lock power inlet and needs to plug into a 30 AMP power source.

    Consider this choice if you require an RV cord adaptor to plug a motorhome’s 30-amp power input into a 15-amp power source. The Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Adapter from Kohree is more capable of the job. The heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic and 100% copper wire design of this product is one of the reasons for its effectiveness. This construction provides the toughness required for the operation to be completed safely and properly. This wire is insulated with a PVC coating, which provides weather resistance, great conductivity, and the adaptability to reach power boxes in campgrounds, RV parks, and residential premises.

    This power cord is only appropriate for RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and other recreational vehicles that require a 30 amp connection. This cord has a twist-lock on the side that plugs into your RV, which ensures the security of the connection at that end. The opposite end has a 90-degree receptacle with a convenient handle for plugging into electrical boxes. Because of the 90-degree receptacle, it is sometimes easier to connect this power cable to outlets that have flip-up covers for enhanced weather resistance.

    The fact that this dogbone power cord comes with a little 15 amp to 30 amp adaptor is a plus. This enables you to plug your RV into 15 amp outlets, which have different plug configurations than conventional 30 amp outlets. Furthermore, when you plug in at a different location, this power cord makes it easier to determine whether you’ve made a successful connection. It has a green indicator light on the female end that illuminates when there is electricity.

    Miady 30ft 50Amp Heavy Duty RV/EV Extension Cord

    Miady 30ft 50Amp Heavy Duty RV/EV Extension Cord, Easy Unplug Design with Cord Organizer, 6/3+8/1 Gauge, ETL Listed
    • Hard Service Rated: ETL Listed, 6AWG/3C+8AWG/1C 100% copper wiring in STW jacket without lead, resists abrasion, short circuit and corrosion, providing safety.

    Anyone seeking for a 30-foot extension cord should consider Miady’s 50-Amp Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord. It offers a lengthy number of useful features that any rig owner would appreciate having in their power cord.

    One of these amazing characteristics is the product’s finger grip handles. These grips make removal and plugging easier. As a result, you may anticipate the plug and cord to endure longer than a model that does not include them. It doesn’t hurt to have an extension cord designed specifically for RVing conditions. It has a STW jacket that is wear, corrosion, and short circuit resistant. As a result, it provides a high level of safety that any rig owner will enjoy.

    It is one of the most adaptable alternatives available, making it an excellent choice for medium-sized RVs, campers, trailers, and 5th wheels. This adaptability is due to the use of NEMA 14-50P and 14-50R connections, which allow it to work in a wide range of applications. Most consumers were delighted with Miady’s customer service as well. Their customer service garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, which is unusual. I even called them with a few queries and had nothing but praise for the experience.

    Parkworld RV 30A Extension Cord NEMA TT-30 with Handle

    Parkworld RV 30A Extension Cord NEMA TT-30 with Handle, Camper 30amp TT-30P to TT-30R (75FT)
    • Recreational Vehicle 3-prongs TT-30 connectors with handle and lighted, easy to push and pull.

    If you need something longer than 50 feet, Parkworld’s RV 30A Extension Cord comes in a 75-foot version with a practical design. This RV power hookup cord will make it easy to locate an appropriate power source. After all, the product’s expanded length gives you additional options when looking for a suitable camping spot. You would no longer have to settle for a substandard location because it is close to a power supply.

    The cable’s high degree of elasticity will aid in this regard. It will let you to maneuver around obstructions and make the most of the product’s 75-foot length. To be honest, what’s the point of having such a long extension chord if it can’t be used in a variety of ways? You will also profit from the fact that this product is molded with an electroplated copper terminal. This feature prevents surface oxidation and reduces the formation of rust. As a result, the product should provide top-tier outcomes for an extended period of time.

    If you don’t need the extra length, this model is also available in 36-foot and 25-foot lengths. Both choices have proven to be a huge hit with their respective buyers. Parkworld appears to have knocked it out of the park with this extension cord. Aside from these features, the model includes a number of others that have been mentioned in previous evaluations. These features include a heavy-duty PVC jacket, a low price, outdoor use capabilities, and a lightweight design. Each of them will be critical in ensuring your satisfaction with this particular extension cable.

    Best RV Power Cord Buyer’s Guide


    The first item to consider is the length of your RV extension cord. RV power cords are typically hefty and bulky, especially when manufactured of heavy-duty materials. Longer cords, such as 50-foot alternatives, will inevitably weigh more and take up more storage space than a 30-foot chord.

    As a result, consider if you require a 50-foot cord. Is it possible that a 30-foot extension wire will suffice for all of your needs? If this is the case, there is no reason to spend additional money on one of the more extensive choices. Instead, you should use a regular 25 to 30 foot extension cord. It is also worth noting that the right size demonstrates the operation of the cord. People that want to use their extension chord all the time, for example, might be better off with a smaller option. They should also park their vehicle closer to a power source.


    Each RV extension cord will have a capacity. This aspect will indicate what it can support and be used for throughout its usage: how many amps are allowed, what power supply it can utilize, what type of device/appliance it can support, and so on.

    For example, 12 gauge RV extension cords with a maximum current rating of 20 amps are available. There will also be six gauge variations with a capacity of 50 amps. In other words, depending on the power that can flow through it, each option can have a particular application.

    Before purchasing an extension cord, every rig owner should check the quantity of amps that their RV can accept. It will prevent you from making a mistake and purchasing anything that will not be useful in your scenario.


    Once you’ve determined the appropriate capacity and length, carefully examine the construction of each alternative. This entails assessing the materials employed in their designs. The materials used will have a significant impact on the functions that the power cord can perform.

    I’d recommend thinking about the wire’s flexibility and power capacity. In most circumstances, rig owners will choose for extension cords composed entirely of copper wire. This copper wiring is a good option because it has a higher power capacity and does not easily corrode. If everything goes as planned, this wiring will not overheat and cause difficulties.

    You should also evaluate the storage capacities of each option. I’d search for solutions that have a reputation for being long-lasting, even with heavy use. If you’re a full-time RVer, this element is essential to avoid having to buy another power chord in a few months.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV power cord?

    The RV power cord is one of the most ignored pieces of RV equipment. However, thinking about it, this should not be the case. Because the RV electrical cord is required for both passenger accommodation and actual travel, it should be at the top of an owner’s priority list. The RV power chord connects a power supply to an appliance (or a piece of equipment). It can mean disaster in your trips if not carefully chosen and examined. Consider the inconvenience!

    How to care and clean RV power cord?

    It is as simple as wrapping up and storing your RV power wire to care for it. Of course, wipe away the mud and grime to ensure that they do not damage the PVC sheath while it is stored.

    Some power cords include handles and cords to aid in keeping the wire coiled. If yours lacks this feature, you can simply use lock ties to keep the cord coiled when storing it.

    What’s the Difference Between 50 and 30 Amps? What About 12 Volts?

    Are you unsure if you require a 50-amp or a 30-amp power cord? The configuration of the plug is an easy way to know which cord you need. A plug with four prongs (or slots) has a current rating of 50 amps. Thirty amps is one with only three. These are not the same as three-pronged household outlets. In a 30-amp plug, look for a triangular design. The bigger the amount of amps, the more power that can pass through the cable at the same time. Larger electrical loads can be supported by higher amperage. Heavy equipment, such as air conditioners, require more amperage to operate securely.

    Voltage is the amount of electrical force produced by a battery. If you use 120-volt shore power for your campsite hookup, your energy will come from that source. If you’re connecting to your RV’s electrical system, you’re most certainly taking power from the 12-volt battery.