Best RV Propane Tank Covers 2021

ADCO 2112 White RV Propane Tank Cover

The ADCO White RV Propane Tank Cover is a softshell tank cover in polar white color. It is available in a variety of twin and single sizes to fit 20 and 30 pound propane tanks. The first thing we noticed about the ADCO tank cover was how sharp it was. It has a wooden top that gives it a much more structured look than comparable softshell tanks. Best of all, it’s still as easy to install as standard soft cases. It is made of sturdy vinyl with a smooth nylon zipper. The suit makes it easy to put on without sacrificing UV resistance or waterproofing.

ADCO features a high quality, durable vinyl propane tank cover that protects your propane tank from the elements of the environment such as wind, dust, insects, and insects. Propane tank covers are perfectly suited for double propane tanks up to 30 pounds capacity. It’s inexpensive, durable, and minimizes long-term expenses. It also features an elastic bottom hem to ensure the cover stays in place to protect the tank from the elements. Plus, it looks like diamond-plated steel that complements your vehicle. It also comes with zippers along its diameter and on the top to use the hose or hold the tank tubes without removing the caps. Plus, it features a durable diamond-coated vinyl fabric for long-lasting wear, wear and oxidation resistance. Equally important, it is weather and water resistant and therefore an ideal camping tool to help you cook, boil water and air conditioning.

Weber 7137 Tank Cover

Weber 7137 Tank Cover
  • UV inhibitors in fabric resists fading

Look no further than the Weber 7137 if you want to protect your propane tank and your budget isn’t that big. Its drawstring bag design allows it to fit tightly around standard 20 pound propane tanks, while its fabric blocks out both weather and UV light. For an exceptionally low price, the Weber 7137 Tank Top offers an alternative to the unsightly appearance of many propane tanks and saves you from having to clean the tank several times a year. Unfortunately it only fits 20 pound propane tanks. Sometimes it can also be difficult to put on and take off the tank cap. While leaving the top open means you can use the tank when covered, it leaves the valve unprotected from the elements and road dust.

The Weber LP tank top is specially designed to meet the aesthetic and dimensional needs of the wide range of Weber grills. It’s made of water resistant fabric with a drawstring closure on the top. The advantage of this design is the incredible ease of installation. All you have to do is open the circuit all the way and put your 20 pound propane tank inside. Pull the cord and you will have closed it.

When it comes to Weber, you can be sure that you will receive a quality product. And, if you have a Weber propane tank, it makes sense to choose a cover that is also made by Weber. This way you can be sure that the blanket will be the perfect match for your tank. The Weber 7137 tank cover is made of a durable, breathable material. It measures 3.9 inches by 13.9 inches by 16.5 inches. Fade resistant polyester material is designed to protect your propane tank from the harsh effects of heavy rain and sun.

Camco 40539 Heavy-Duty Dual Propane Tank Cover

Camco 40539 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover (Black)
  • Protects propane gas bottles from flying debris while streamlining the look of your RV

The Camco line of heavy duty propane tank covers is a popular choice for RV enthusiasts. Not only does it provide solid protection for multiple 20- or 30-pound propane tanks, Camco’s plastic cover also integrates seamlessly with the look of your RV for easy access to all of your valves. Although we have highlighted the black model, it is also available in colors such as polar white.

When we got our hands on this bad boy, we were in awe of how tough he was. It is made from tough polypropylene that is UV resistant and able to withstand a few bumps without flickering. We are confident that this would remove some rocks or other debris from the road without damaging your propane tanks. Best of all, it looks extremely sharp.

Installation is easy too – just slide the cover over your tank and snap it into place without fiddly zippers, velcro, or laces. However, there is a price to pay for this simplicity – this case doesn’t always stay in place and sometimes requires the addition of a strap or elastic. Another problem with the Camco 40558 blanket is that it is not as strong as its name suggests, and while it protects against weathering and fading, direct hit is another story. The installation was also much faster than we expected. It uses a clamshell design that slides over your tanks and snaps into place. Once fully installed, you can open or close the top access door to connect your tanks as needed. If you’re willing to spend a little more on the Camco Dual Propane Tank Cover, you’ll get premium performance and aesthetics for your propane tanks.