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Where Is Reset Button On RV Furnace?

    Updated December 12, 2022

    You might need to restart your furnace if you’ve recently experienced electrical problems with your RV or if your breaker has been tripping. Nevertheless, depending on the brand and model of your particular furnace, it may occasionally be difficult to recognize this button. Thankfully, the majority of RV furnaces are fairly straightforward and easy to use. The majority of camper furnaces come with two blower motors, one for burning and the other for circulation. The reset button for your RV furnace is typically positioned right within the blower chamber, where these motors are housed.

    It might not always be necessary to totally reset your furnace. As was previously indicated, you could want to reset your furnace if it continues tripping an alarm or if the fan no longer blows. Resetting might not always be necessary in these circumstances, though. You should start by turning the furnace off and back on. It might not even require a complete reset; it could simply have briefly stopped working due to a minor electrical outage.

    Another possibility is that the blower motors in your furnace are faulty or damaged. Resetting won’t work in this situation because you’ll need to replace the motors, if not the entire device. Another possibility is that a bearing has dried out or that something has come free, like nuts and bolts or a squirrel cage. You should strive to keep track of all of these and check them regularly to avoid running into emergencies. Motor bearings must occasionally be lubricated with oil because they are known to malfunction when they become dry. Try to regrease them once a year at the very least, perhaps while you are winterizing.

    If your furnace has completely stopped operating and you’ve established that none of the problems mentioned above are the culprit, you should begin a series of troubleshooting techniques. To begin with, you should confirm that your batteries are in fact providing power to your furnace. It is usual to instantly assume that there is a problem with your furnace, however batteries frequently have issues, so they may be to blame if your RV’s furnace isn’t working.

    Check the batteries in your RV to discover whether they are low on power or weren’t charged correctly to begin with. You might want to test and check if your issue is actually with your furnace or power supply by using a completely different battery that is fully charged. Your batteries may have been harmed by a surge if you’ve experienced power outages or other electrical issues. This can cause issues with anything that gets power from your batteries. If you use a multimeter to measure the type of power flowing from the battery, you should be able to determine whether your batteries have been harmed by a power surge. Similar to other battery-powered appliances in your camper, a furnace needs 12 volts of power.

    Why Is My RV Furance Reset Button Tripping?

    Reset buttons on furnaces frequently trip, which is a problem that RV owners frequently experience. This can be really annoying, especially if you enjoy taking trips in the winter. Given how challenging dealing with electrical can be, there are actually a variety of reasons why your furnace’s reset button is tripping. Here are some of the most frequent causes of furnace trips in RVs, along with some tips on how to avoid them in the future:

    obstructed valves. Valves are crucial for your furnace since air circulation is how it operates and maintains optimal operation. Sometimes dirt, dust, or other material can clog valves. It is crucial to keep your furnace free of any form of obstruction since obstructions can cause overheating, which can result in issues like the one we’re going through in this post. Depending on how frequently your camper is taken out, you should try to clean out the furnace’s valves at least once a year.

    Overheating. There are several ways that overheating might begin, but it is not good for the health of your furnace. Your reset button tripping as well as numerous other issues with your furnace can result from overheating. A clog in your valves can occasionally prevent you from getting any airflow at all, causing overheating. As was previously said, it’s crucial to keep the furnace in your RV clean to prevent overheating.

    Low fuel or gas. You may be running low on fuel or petrol if your reset button keeps tripping. Avoid letting your petrol tank run completely dry at all costs to prevent electrical issues. To prevent tripping, you should keep a tight check on your gasoline level and recharge as soon as you can.