9 Best RV Showers 2020

Best Shower for RV 2020

Oxygenics White Standard Handheld Shower For Van

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Having a handheld shower is convenient when you are living in a van, and if you are looking to invest in a durable and robust shower, then Oxygenics White Standard is one of the most excellent showerheads in the market. Oxygenics White Standard has a movable head, so you can adjust it in the direction you need. The head of the shower increases the pressure of the water, and therefore covers a broader range. This feature enables one to use water efficiently, as preserving water for a Recreational van is an utmost priority. In a way, it also conserves the environment.

A unique feature of the product is that it increases the content of oxygen in the water. It operates with a single button and can be switched to spray and drizzle. The technology used in oxygenics handheld sprayer reduces mineral clogging. The valve regulates the temperature of the water so that you don’t experience any brief moment drenched in extremely cold or scalding water. Oxygenics handheld sprayer is convenient to use. The built is strong yet lightweight and durable. All the accessories for installing the shower is included in the kit.


Easy to control the flow of water
Functions with a single button
Made with durable parts
Value for money
Easy to install


Adhesive sticker to hang the shower may work
A bit stiff
Water pressure is not high

Oxygenics White Standard Handheld Shower is the Best RV Showers in 2020.

Dura Faucet Rv Showerhead Df-Sa130-Wt

Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT RV Shower Head and Hose Kit (White)
  • FEATURES | Durable and lightweight, this handheld shower head and hose set is perfect for replacing your current standard sized model so you can shower confidently and comfortably.

Dura Faucet manufactures high-quality Rv faucets. The product has a robust and sturdy build that extends its durability. Dura Faucet is one of the most reliable brands and is compatible with campers as well. The product has a 60-inch extendable synthetic hose. It is flexible and handy when you have kids or elderly. The handle has a grip that allows the user to hold it comfortably. The on and off switch controls the valve. Because of its trickle, switch the water entirely from flowing when not in use; this helps to save plenty of water.

The showerhead generates an ample amount of water pressure. The intense pressure the water covers a larger surface area. Moreover, the kit comes with mounting brackets and hardware. Anyone can easily install dura’s shower head and hose. The Dura faucet shower head and the hose has a sturdy build and is non-corrosive. Therefore, the color of the product will not fade.


60-inch hose
Grip wand
Easy to install
Includes mounting hardware
Excellent fit


Decent quality
Water leaks even when the push button switch is turned off

Dura Faucet Rv Showerhead is the Best RV Shower in 2020.

Camco 43712 Rv Showerhead With On/Off Switch

Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (Off-White)
  • On/Off switch allows to pause water flow while shampooing, reducing amont of water used

Camco’s showerhead and the hose has an on/ off switch with valves that do not let allow trickle. The valve completely shuts off the flow of water. This saves a lot of water when living in a recreational vehicle. Camco’s shower head and hose are convenient for any kind of bath.
The sliding button on the handle regulates the valve. It controls the pressure of the water. Shower heads with intense pressure head conserve 50% of water.

The diameter of the showerhead is 4″ and 9″ in length. The product has five different spray settings for the convenience of the user, from gentle to stimulating. The shower spray tips are made up of rubber; therefore, it is easy to clean it. The washers of the product come with the kit.


On/off switch on the showerhead
Intense pressure head
Saves water
Five spray patterns
Rubber tips for easy cleaning
Easy to install
Perfect for vans and boats
Well built
Value for money


Many complained about water leakage around the circumference of the head
Requires a lot of pressure to function well
Once turned off the showerhead may supply cold water for a few seconds

Camco 43712 Rv Showerhead is the Best Shower for RV in 2020.

Dura Faucet Df-Sa170-Wt Rvexterior Shower Box Kit With Lock

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT RV Exterior Shower Box Kit with Lock (White)
  • DETAILS | RV Exterior Shower Box Kit Space Saving 90 Degree Elbow, UV Protected, 60” Vinyl Hose, Synthetic Waterways, Mounting Cutout: 11”x 6”

Dura Faucets is one of the well-known brands in this industry. Dura faucets have a terrific design and do not compromise with quality either. Recreational vans and motorhome owners highly prefer them.

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT is one of their best handheld showers. The product includes all the hardware required for its installation. A plumber will not be required to install the shower. The showerhead generates excellent pressure for you to have a great experience. The valve switch makes it convenient to turn off the shower when lathering or shampooing.

The valve stops any trickle allowing you to save a lot of water. The showerhead is made up of stainless steel and resists corrosion.
One of the best features of Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT showerhead is its compatibility with any standard hose. The product has a chic look and offers a wide range of designs. It has a sturdy construction that guarantees its durability. Keeping in view the safety of family, the product is lead-free.


Easy installation
Value for money
Intense pressure head
Sturdy construction


May leak around the showerhead
A weaker valve
No on/off switch,
Water pressure may differ

PIH RV Handheld High-Pressure Shower Head

The PIH RV Handheld High-Pressure shower head is another great product for your Rv. The PIH showers guarantee and deliver intense water pressure. The product has an on/off valve that shuts off trickle entirely, which allows the Rv users to conserve water. The flow of water is excellent and has extensive coverage.

To give you a great experience, the PIH RV Handheld High-Pressure shower head has multiple settings of strong shooting, light massage, and pause. The showerhead instantly increases the pressure, and there is a regular flow of water. The kit comes with a showerhead, one shower bracket, a clamp for the wall hose, and an adjustable wall mount.

You will be able to fix PIH RV Handheld high-pressure shower with almost all the regular fittings. One of the best features of this product is that it works on 2xp turbocharging, which allows you to preserve water. The product is lightweight, making it easy to adjust it at any angle.


Easy to install
High-pressure handheld shower
On/off valve
Switch for Pause
Multiple setting
Value for money
Kit includes showerhead, one shower bracket, a clamp for the wall hose, and an adjustable wall mount


Pause setting is not durable
The hose is comparatively shorter than another hose
Factors To Consider Before Buying A Shower For Your Van


The price range varies significantly. But you don’t have to spend money on something that does not meet your requirements. Many durable and sturdy shower heads are available at an affordable price. The products now not only have an elegant construction design but are also affordable.


Maintaining your hygiene while living off-grid now has become so convenient. The strength of handheld showers is one of the essential features. Always look for a product that is well built and sturdy; you don’t want to end up investing in a cheap product. Look for showerheads that are also made up of stainless steel or are non-corrosive. The longer the durability, the less you will spend on replacing its parts.


Nowadays, many Rv showers have an easy installation shower kit. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and an instruction manual. You don’t require a plumber to install the shower. Another factor to pay attention to while buying a shower for you is that it is compatible with your regular shower hose in use, lest you’ll have to hire a technician to install it. However, modern handheld showers save a significant amount of water.

Shut Off Valve

An on/off switch is present on the hand of handheld showers; these make the showers very convenient to use. This is a handy feature while one is lathering or shampooing, there’s no need to turn off the faucet, but only the valve. Many handheld showers have trickle valve switch.
The valve completely stops the flow of leakage. Living in an Rv requires one to conserve as much water as possible. This way, you’re not saving water for yourself but also preserving the environment.

Water Pressure

The preferences vary from person-to-person. Not every shower supplies the water with the same pressure. Enquire about the water pressure of the shower. Some showers may not function well when the pressure of water is low. To maintain water pressure between 40-60 psi, most manufacturers will recommend you install a water pressure regulator.


The quality and performance of each shower vary significantly. It is always advised to buy showerheads that supply water with moderate to high pressure. There are several products now that have broader coverage too. This helps to use water efficiently.


The modern handheld showerheads now allow you to adjust the flow of the water. There are many features in a handheld shower these days. Some even have up to 5 different spray settings, ranging from gentle to pulsating massage. Select a shower that assures a maximum of 2.0 gallons per minute.

Anti-Clog Showerhead

This is another important feature you want to consider before buying a shower for your van. Over time limescale and hard water usually clog the shower. And you may have to replace it or invest in a new product. Therefore, a showerhead with a rubber surface does not allow it to clog. Moreover, it is easy to clean it, which can extend its durability.


As the showers, get old, they often get clogged and stop supplying an adequate amount of water. One way of unclogging it is to scrub the holes of the showerhead. The Rv showers and faucets manufacturers always recommend their customers to know the quality of water that they are using.


Invest in a shower that guarantees high-quality performance and works efficiently. There are multiple qualities of products with sophisticated designs that are yet simple to use. The shower kit now includes all the necessary hardware for its installation. It requires minimum efforts to fix the shower and can be done by a beginner too.

In many models, now you can simply have to fix the showers to a standard hose. It is also recommended to check the grip of the product you desire to buy to avoid any accidents. Choose a product that makes it easy for you to control the water. Many showerheads offer 1.5 – 2.0 gallon per minute


Can I conserve water with the Rv shower?
Yes. The modern showerheads have a high-pressure technique as per the requirements of the customers. Moreover, the valves make it convenient for the user to turn off the shower while lathering or shampooing. The trickle system completely prevents the flow of water from the shower, allowing you to save water and sustain the environment.

Can I use a regular showerhead in RV?
Most showers are compatible with almost every standard shower hose. A showerhead, preferably with a low flow, will work. To save water, you can purchase a flow stopper. Since you have limited water, one should always use a recreational van’s handheld shower to save the consumption of water, as they have a trickle valve.

What are better-handled showers or regular showerheads?
It depends on your preference. Regular showers consume a considerable amount of water and require space too. Whereas, the handheld showers have a flexible hose and are convenient to use. They don’t occupy a lot of room and saves water.

Do Rv showers head leak?
Modern showerheads don’t usually leak. If the unit you just purchased is leaking, it is suggested that you immediately get a new set under warranty. But if you used it for a while, it could have worn out, and in this case, you replace it with a new shower head to save a significant amount of water.