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Best RV Sofa Beds 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    RecPro Charles Collection | 70" RV Jack Knife Sofa w/Arms | RV Sleeper Sofa | RV Couch | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | RV Furniture | Camper Furniture | Mahogany
    Thomas Payne 380400 68" Tri-Fold Sofa in Jaleco Chocolate
    RecPro Charles Collection | 65" RV Hide A Bed Loveseat | Memory Foam Mattress | RV Sleeper Sofa | Pull Out Couch | RV Furniture | RV Loveseat | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Putty
    RecPro Charles Collection | 70" RV Jack Knife Sofa w/Arms | RV Sleeper Sofa | RV Couch | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | RV Furniture | Camper Furniture | Mahogany
    Thomas Payne 380400 68" Tri-Fold Sofa in Jaleco Chocolate
    RecPro Charles Collection | 65" RV Hide A Bed Loveseat | Memory Foam Mattress | RV Sleeper Sofa | Pull Out Couch | RV Furniture | RV Loveseat | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Putty
    RecPro Charles Collection | 70" RV Jack Knife Sofa w/Arms | RV Sleeper Sofa | RV Couch | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | RV Furniture | Camper Furniture | Mahogany
    RecPro Charles Collection | 70" RV Jack Knife Sofa w/Arms | RV Sleeper Sofa | RV Couch | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | RV Furniture | Camper Furniture | Mahogany
    Thomas Payne 380400 68" Tri-Fold Sofa in Jaleco Chocolate
    Thomas Payne 380400 68" Tri-Fold Sofa in Jaleco Chocolate
    RecPro Charles Collection | 65" RV Hide A Bed Loveseat | Memory Foam Mattress | RV Sleeper Sofa | Pull Out Couch | RV Furniture | RV Loveseat | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Putty
    RecPro Charles Collection | 65" RV Hide A Bed Loveseat | Memory Foam Mattress | RV Sleeper Sofa | Pull Out Couch | RV Furniture | RV Loveseat | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Putty

    RecPro Charles Collection RV JackKnife Sofa

    Made with an emphasis on functionality, the RecPro JK-70CM is a sturdy daybed that rarely lets its owners down. By making heavy use of tough, breathable polyurethane fabrics, the JK-70CM maintains excellent ventilation in a variety of conditions. For this reason, the RecPro sofa bed keeps the temperature at acceptable levels and eliminates hot spots. It goes without saying that RecPro’s JK-70CM tends to be highly sought after by RV enthusiasts who want to stay cool on the road.

    For those who don’t have a lot of headroom in the space where they intend to fit a new razor sofa in an RV, the 70 ” RV Knife RecPro Charles Collection Sofa is a great option. It has two double-zero recliners that save space and don’t need a lot of room to recline or fold. In fact, you will only need a minimum of three inches of clearance around this sofa bed to function effectively.

    The Jackknife RV Sofa Set is made from a beautiful faux leather material with a polyurethane finish, this finish makes it more resistant to stains and spills and also makes it easy to clean up if you accidentally spill something. The razor-sharp design of this RV sofa makes it really easy to fold and the dimensions of the sofa measure 70 “x 29.5” x 35 “(width x depth x height).

    While the RecPro sofa bed isn’t exactly lightweight, it still has wonderful maneuverability and speeds up the installation process. Plus, with a padded head and back cushions, the JK-70CM offers sublime support for RV joints. So, with RecPro JK-70CM on your kit, you could say goodbye to body aches. When it comes to affordability, the RecPro RV Daybed is inexpensive, so you don’t have to cut key expenses to get it. The RecPro JK-70CM’s design is accessible, so cleaning is intuitive and in most cases only takes a few minutes. If you like spending more time traveling and less time cleaning furniture, the JK-70CM is for you.

    The JackKnife sofa bed is exceptionally soft and durable. Although it looks soft and comfortable, the sofa is made of a sturdy material that is quite durable and will outlast its competition. The sofa is innovatively designed to fit into any compact space. This is one of the Best RV Sofa Beds in 2023.

    Thomas Payne 380400 Tri-Fold RV Sofa

    Thomas Payne 380400 68" Tri-Fold Sofa in Jaleco Chocolate
    • Designed for luxury during the day and a restful sleep at night

    At first glance, the Thomas Payne 380400 costs significantly more than the standard RV daybed on the market, but the values ​​it offers are worth the price. With high-density foam, the Thomas Payne RV Tri-Fold Daybed is renowned for providing excellent support. Also, the lack of grab bars in the 380400’s construction means RVs would sleep through the night undisturbed. As a result, the Thomas Payne 380400 is receiving a shower of praise from RV owners who want to turn a blind eye to quality.

    The three-fold design of this sofa bed allows it to fold completely and the PolyHyde padding requires very little maintenance over the life of the sofa bed. It features an aluminum alloy construction on the frame and requires minimal assembly before installing it on your RV. The high-density foam sleeping surface allows for decent comfort and there are no annoying support bars to puncture and interrupt your sleep. However, many triple bed users still choose to add a mattress topper for added comfort. The sofa measures approximately 68 “x 34” x 38 “(width x depth x height) and the seating area measures approximately 53” x 22 “x 20”.

    Since the 380400 contains low-maintenance padding with impressive stitching, it only needs rudimentary maintenance and looks good for many years. The Thomas Payne sofa bed also incorporates an aluminum frame for great maneuverability in many applications. At any time, RV enthusiasts can quickly reshape the Thomas Payne 380400 to meet today’s demands. For those who plan to hit the road soon and need a versatile caravan sofa bed replacement, the 380400 is definitely a good buy. Once people picked up the Thomas Payne daybed, it would come with a one-year warranty covering defects. Unsurprisingly, the 380400 is sought after by RV enthusiasts who prefer to be cautious.

    If you are an active camper who likes to drive your motorhome around the country, this sofa bed is a piece of furniture for your mobile home. Play games, watch a movie, or just kick back and read a book, this daybed will take your relaxation time to the next level. To top it off, this sofa bed is one of the most ingenious designs ever. Easy four-step unfolding makes it easy to use and fold. You can relax there in the compact space of your RV without any hassle. The best part is that this model is available in different colors to match the interior of your RV and motorhome.

    Pearington Mia Sofa Bed

    Versatile and durable, Pearington MIA-BRW-95 is highly regarded by recreational vehicle enthusiasts who travel year-round. With foam and polyester padding, the MIA-BRW-95 is superior to the average RV sofa bed when it comes to plush. Plus, because the Pearington daybed uses an easy-to-clean microfiber fabric, keeping it clean is a breeze. This is a great advantage for people who have tight schedules and do not have a lot of time to take care of the furniture inside.

    If you’re looking for a great deal, look no further, the Pearington Mia Daybed is a fantastic option for you. This sofa bed is available in mocha color and is made with comfortable materials. It is a futon type sofa bed in which your guests will enjoy sleeping. In addition to the comfortable back cushions, this sofa bed also comes with scattered cushions at no extra cost. It will help make your RV more cozy and comfortable. All cushions are made of foam and polyester. The good thing about Pearington is that it also has storage space under the lower cushions. This is perfect for RVs because you will need to use as much space as you can. The dimensions of the bed are 85.8 x 35 x 34.1 inches. It also has a hardwood frame. It is easy to fold into bed. It should be noted that in general the sofa is quite heavy.

    Assembled with an all-natural wood frame, the Pearington daybed is lightweight but still has excellent strength. If you take MIA-BRW-95, it would take you years to consider replacing the RV sofa bed. It should be noted that the Pearington MIA-BRW-95 is created with separate positions for rest, relaxation and sleep. So it is very easy for caravan owners to get comfortable with the Pearington daybed. Available at a reasonable price, the Pearington MIA-BRW-95 fits into the purchasing budget of various motorhomes. Therefore, adjusting the MIA-BRW-95 to the spending plan will be very easy. Pearington backs its sleeper sofa with a one-year warranty.

    RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa

    If you’re dead set on obtaining a new jackknife sofa for your RV, the RecPro Charles RV Jackknife sofa is without a doubt one of the best selections on the market. It comes in four different colors to make it simpler to coordinate with the inside colors of your RV, and it’s quite simple to set up when you need it.It is also available in 62″, 68″, and 72″ lengths. This means you’ll have options for selecting a sofa that you know will fit in the space where your old RV sofa bed was removed.

    The height of this RV sleeper sofa is 34 inches from the floor to the backrest, and the depth is 27.5 inches. This sofa does require a full eight inches of clearance, and you will most likely want to buy an additional mattress topper to improve its sleeping comfort.

    The main benefit of this couch bed is that it can be put up in seconds when you have visitors staying in your RV. It also has an all-metal frame, so you can expect it to last for many years. This couch bed also has 11 inches of clearance underneath it. This provides plenty of secure storage room for any additional RV supplies that you may be keeping under your old couch or sofa bed.

    The last sofa bed on our list is the RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa, which may not be the most exciting option, but it provides good quality at a reasonable price. This is not a combination to be taken lightly. This model contains all of the necessary features to complete the task. Suprima fabric is an ideal example because it is both easy to clean and long-lasting. As a result, you should have no trouble keeping this sofa in excellent condition for many years.

    Thomas Payne 379929 Tri-fold RV Sofa Bed

    Thomas Payne 379929 Grantland Doeskin 60" Trifold Sofa
    • 60" Tri-Fold RV Sofa converts to sleep surface in four simple steps

    Thomas Payne 379929 Tri-fold RV Sofa Bed would provide an excellent sleeping area for anyone. I mean, it appears to meet every need an RV owner might have. For example, this sofa turns into a bed in only four easy steps. This isn’t a time-consuming or stressful process, which is usually a plus in products like this. Other consumers appear to concur with this notion, since its use method was frequently lauded in customer reviews. Another part of this couch bed that piqued my interest was its structure. It has robust PolyHyde upholstery, which ensures that this product will not tear easily. It also helps that the material is simple to clean, as I am a regular spiller and clumsy person.

    This product’s construction also does not necessitate a lot of assembly. And, as someone who despises duties like these, you can bet this aspect appealed to me. Furthermore, its sleeping surface is made of high-density foam, making it a comfy location to slumber. It also comes with a one-year warranty, which is a wonderful addition. It never hurts to carry a little extra insurance in case something like a tear or rip occurs. And this feature will undoubtedly provide this sensation of comfort.

    Overall, this tri-fold RV couch bed will more than satisfy the requirements of anyone searching for one of these products. Except for one point, it appears that there isn’t much to complain about with this product.

    Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zeb Sleeper Sofa

    Signature Design by Ashley - Zeb Contemporary Microfiber Sleeper Sofa - Twin Size Mattress - Chaecoal
    • MICROFIBER UPHOLSTERY: Cushions are wrapped in soft polyester/nylon upholstery. Pull-out memory foam mattress provides better airflow for a cooler nights sleep and sits atop a supportive steel frame

    Ashley Furniture Company is well-known and respected in the furniture industry. It is a popular and sought-after brand because it offers high-quality, comfy, and attractive clothing. The Zeb Sleeper Sofa is one of their best-selling items. The Ashley Furniture Zeb Sleeper Sofa is made of polyester and nylon, and it is soft and comfy to the touch. It also includes a memory foam mattress, which can improve your sleep significantly. It adjusts and follows the curves of your body to prevent discomfort and irritation. Furthermore, the mattress is permeable, so it keeps you cool while you sleep.

    Ashley Furniture’s Zeb Sleeper Sofa is also long-lasting and robust. Its cushions are encased in thick poly-fiber, and the mattress is supported by a sturdy steel frame. It provides adequate backing and stability, allowing you to use the sleeper sofa without concern. However, you will not be bothered because the mattress is thick enough to conceal the structure. Furthermore, the Twin-size option makes it extremely compact and ideal for tiny living areas. It is functional and adaptable since it includes a pullout bed that converts your sofa into a bed in less than a minute. With a width of 55 inches, it is an ideal fashionable and adaptable item for RVs, motorhomes, and campers. Its exposed feet have a faux wood finish, which provides flair as well as solidity.

    Apart from that, Ashley Furniture’s Zeb Sleeper Sofa has a simple design. It has a lovely, modern, and domestic atmosphere thanks to the liner design and box cushions. Furthermore, the sofa’s simple form allows it to blend in with your other furnishings. The Ashley Furniture Zeb Sleeper Sofa is also incredibly simple to put together because it comes with thorough and easy-to-follow instructions. It’s also light and can fit through 32-inch or bigger doorways, making it simple to move and transfer. The Zeb Sleeper Sofa is also covered by a three-year warranty.

    Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress

    Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress, Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress, Queen
    • 5 inch mattress with 1 inch of Gel Memory Foam and 4 inches of High-density Base Support Foam

    The Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress provides one of the best sleeping experiences of any sofa bed on the market for those who simply need a mattress replacement for their sofa bed and want to ensure that all of their overnight guests sleep on the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattress possible. This mattress is five inches thick due to the addition of one inch of gel memory foam on top of the four inches of high-density base support foam. This mattress is made with high-quality foam that is CertiPUR-US certified in terms of durability, performance, and substance.

    The Zinus mattress comes with a 5-year limited warranty and a knitted Jacquard cover to protect the inside foam from stains or spills. This cover is removable and machine-washable, allowing you to clean it without having to move the entire mattress. This mattress is also available in twin, full, and queen sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your current camper sofa. It is also transported in a compressed and rolled box and delivered directly to your door for your convenience.

    RecPro Charles Collection 65″ RV Hide A Bed Loveseat

    Sleeping is made more difficult by the limited space inside an RV or camper. RecPro, on the other hand, has devised a clever solution for you. RecPro Company is a trusted name in the RV furniture industry, offering premium, stylish, and compact pieces. The Charles Collection RV Sleeper Sofa w/ Hide-a-Bed is one of their best-selling items.

    RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa, made of imitation leather, is a picture of ultimate luxury, with soft and substantial padding. Furthermore, the 5-inch cushioning is designed to resist flattening and maintain softness and comfort. The sleeper sofa allows you to sleep sweetly and comfortably even without sheets or blankets. As the loveseat can accommodate a lot of people, the RecPro65” Sleeper Sofa is tiny, versatile, and long-lasting. Because of its robust all-metal construction, the loveseat can easily hold up and support two sleeping guests. It has a convertible bed frame that can be readily pulled out with the help of a handle. Furthermore, this permits the RecPro Sleeper Sofa to withstand road hustling and jostling.

    In addition, the sofa has a depth of 90 inches. This gives each sleeper a spacious and pleasant resting area. RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa is also extremely long-lasting. The faux leather is composed entirely of polyurethane, making it resistant to tears and spills. It is also very simple to clean and maintain.

    Apart from that, the RecPro Sleeper Sofa provides style to your living room. It comes in four various hues that will undoubtedly complement the interior design of your home. The synthetic leather is designed in a Tiona pattern, giving the sofa a scaled and sophisticated appearance. RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa is also incredibly simple to put together because to its modular structure and design. It’s also quite light, making it easy to transport and fit through narrow openings.

    Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed Series

    Intex 66552EP Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa: Built-in Cupholder – Velvety Surface – 2-in-1 Valve – Folds Compactly – 46" x 88" x 26"
    • VERSATILE LOUNGING – Whether you are just relaxing or need an extra space for a house guest, this chair is the perfect 2-in-1 home or camping solution

    The Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed is a terrific alternative if you need an inflatable RV couch bed that you can put up inside or outside of your rig. This bed is not only inexpensive, but it is also fairly enormous in size. With dimensions of 80” x 88” x 26”, this bed has enough space for 3-4 people to sit comfortably when in “sofa mode.” However, it effortlessly pulls out to provide sleeping space for up to two individuals.

    Because of its inflatable nature, it is also one of the lightest RV couch sleepers available, and you will not need to bolt it down because its weight poses a concern when your RV is in motion. This means you can easily set it up outside of your RV under the awning if you need more sleeping/sitting room on a family RV trip.

    Cup holders on the armrests on either end of the camper couch sleeper are a pleasant convenience feature, and the velvety material used to build it makes for a very comfy sleeping surface. You’ll need a pump to inflate this best rv couch, but it’s also quite easy to stow in your RV’s underground compartments until you’re ready to use it.

    What To Look For When Buying An RV Sofa Bed


    Obviously, you must select an RV couch bed that will fit in the space where you wish to install it. While it may seem straightforward to measure your present sofa and match the proportions to your new sofa bed, doing so can lead you into problems.

    If you buy a new sleeper sofa for RV that is not the same style as your previous one, it may require more (or less) clearance around the bed to function effectively. The amount of clearance required should be considered to ensure that your new sofa bed will fit in the place where you intend to install it.


    The sort of mattress used in an RV sleeper couch will determine how comfy it is to sleep on. And, because some RV sleeper couches do not come with their own mattress, you’ll need to know which sorts of mattresses are suitable with them if that’s the case. Memory foam mattresses are undoubtedly the most comfortable products on the market today.

    While you can always acquire a mattress topper to improve the comfort of a sofa bed’s sleeping surface, you’ll need to consider that extra cost when considering whether or not a particular couch bed fits into your budget.


    You should also consider the frame below an RV sofa bed’s construction.This construction will determine how effectively your RV couch bed withstands weight and resists breaking while you’re bouncing and bumping down the road in your RV. When inspecting the frame construction on RV sleeper sofas, two buzzwords to look for are steel tubing and all-metal construction.

    Aluminum alloy is also a strong and long-lasting material that is lighter than steel and other metals. As you might expect, couch beds that rely on air mattresses are the least durable solutions available. While they are sometimes the most cost-effective solutions, the chances of their lasting are much lower than if you spend a little more on an RV couch bed with a more sturdy frame design.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV sofa bed?

    An Rv sofa bed is very similar to one you may find in your own home. The key distinction is that they are constructed with RV criteria in mind. This attribute indicates that these things were designed to fit through the horror that an RV door portrays. If you’ve ever tried to fit a home couch bed into an RV, you know how important this is. Don’t undervalue it by spending a fortune on a model that won’t fit through your RV door.

    Aside from this, you can anticipate everything else to be quite consistent. It will be a full-fledged sofa with armrests and cushions. It can also be converted into a bed by pulling a mechanism within the model. The way its bed works depends on the type you get, which we’ll go over in more detail later. However, this is a broad summary of what you may expect from an RV couch sleeper. Honestly, purchasing one could make your RVing experience more enjoyable.

    After all, having an extra sleeping space in your RV is never a bad thing. You never know when a friend or family member is going to drop by. Plus, it’s good to use the bed function and watch a movie every now and then.

    How To Make An RV Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

    If you’re not content with the quality of sleep you’re getting on your RV sofa bed, there are a few things you can do to make it more comfortable. The first method you should explore is purchasing a mattress pad, foam topper, or egg crate to place on top of your folded-flat camper couch.

    This is a fairly inexpensive remedy that can definitely soften a hard couch bed. If you purchase a tri-fold or jackknife couch bed, you should consider a mattress topper an important item. This will make either of these sorts of couch beds far more comfortable for a full night’s sleep.

    Another method is to ensure that you have a very comfy pillow to go with your RV sofa bed. This is a sometimes overlooked tactic, but it can have a significant impact on how well you sleep on an RV sofa bed. Body pillows, in general, are really handy for sleeping on an RV couch bed.

    However, they may be too large for jackknife beds that are a little smaller. As a result, a body pillow is ideally paired with a tri-fold, conventional, or air mattress sofa bed. However, if your RV only has room for a tiny jackknife bed, a well-stuffed standard pillow mixed with a few of throw pillows will make your couch bed sleeping experience much more pleasant.