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Best RV Thermostats 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Honeywell TH5110D1006 Non-Programmable Thermostat

    The Honeywell Non-Programmable Thermostat is the first choice for a non programmable rv thermostats that will work reliably, in either heating or cooling mode, and offers other easy-to-use features at an economical price with an ease of installation. The easy to read backlit digital display lets you adjust the temperature and fan settings in an instant. This RV electronic thermostat can operate conventional heating (furnace) and cooling (air conditioning) and a heat pump. Being lightweight and compact, Honeywell’s TH5110D1006 could be used in all kinds of environments. With an easy-to-view digital display, the Honeywell Thermostat allows RVs to enter the current temperature at a glance. Additionally, the TH5110D1006’s display has a built-in backlight so that people can view readings in low light conditions. As a result, those who often have to travel at night and don’t want to deal with dark readings find the Honeywell TH5110D1006 the best RV thermostat.

    In use, Honeywell’s robust push button thermostat control interface means adjusting the indoor temperature is a walk in the park. With the TH5110D1006 at your side, you can adjust the temperature inside your rig to your liking. When it comes to power, Honeywell’s TH5110D1006 is designed with two options: batteries and cable. The Honeywell Thermostat’s battery compartment is very accessible, making it easy to replace batteries when necessary. When it comes to after-sales support, Honeywell backs your RV Digital Thermostat with a five-year warranty. Therefore, if your TH5110D1006 breaks down due to defects, you can claim a free replacement.

    Customers find the system functions easy to control and appreciate the convenient access to the replacement battery door. They also like that this model has a battery to power the thermostat display and it doesn’t need a direct power cord to work. Customers find that this thermostat keeps their RV’s interior temperature more stable as they can set the exact number they want on the digital display. While many people choose to install this RV thermostat on their own, the manufacturer recommends seeking professional help for best results and maintaining the warranty. This is one of the Best RV Thermostats in 2023.

    Coleman RV Camper Thermostat

    The Coleman RV Camper Thermostat is a great choice when looking for an analog RV thermostat for your RV. The simple design allows you to quickly adjust your heating or cooling options without a difficult digital display to fear. When you install a new RV thermostat, its white color and sleek design will fit perfectly into any RV interior. This non-programmable thermostat is a reliable and economical option for running your heating or air conditioning. The built-in thermistor air temperature sensor operates the unit automatically. You will also appreciate the ability to adjust the fan speed to suit your needs.

    With a user-oriented design, Coleman 7330G3351 provides quick and effortless temperature adjustments inside RVs. The Coleman manufactured thermostat is capable of controlling almost any system used by recreational vehicles to regulate temperature from air conditioners to heat pumps. Once you have set your temperature, the 7330G3351 automatically activates the heating and cooling devices to prevent the temperature from rising or falling below the set level. So if you add Coleman 7330G3351 to your RV, you can manage the temperature within your rig however you like.

    If you want to avoid the frequent problem of an RV thermostat not working, you need to find one that is durable and made from rugged components designed for mobile environments like an RV, RV, RV, trailer. trip and a truck. By choosing Coleman T-stat you won’t have a lot of trouble to deal with as it is designed for on or off-road applications. It is for you if you plan to use not only a thermostat for RV but also for the home.This model also offers simple operations as it can offer you full control of your gas, heat pump, electric band heating, hydronics, fans and air conditioning from a convenient and easy-to-use thermostat.

    Since the 7330G3351 is an analog model, it offers easy installation and simple maintenance requirements. Naturally, the Coleman Thermostat is highly regarded by RV enthusiasts who want more time to play and less time to battle with the team. It should be noted that the Coleman 7330G3351 is also connected directly to the RV’s power system. If you choose to buy the 7330G3351, you don’t have to worry about battery changes during operation.

    The Coleman RV Camper Thermostat is a simple thermostat unit that provides full control of your fans, gas, air conditioning, heat pump, and electric band heating systems. It is one of the most convenient wall thermostats, designed for easy use by customers. To help you maintain the ideal environment you need for your daily activities; You can set your thermostat using the easy slide selector switch. This is a switch that regulates the temperature in your room through the thermistor’s air temperature sensor, turning on cooling and heating as needed. Switches built into this thermostat’s design allow you to control your space’s heating, cooling, and fan speed settings the way you want, ensuring you’re comfortable all day.

    The Coleman RV Programmable Thermostat complements any home effortlessly with its sleek and attractive appearance. We love this contemporary motorhome because it’s electronic and reduces your electricity needs. This item is well designed and highly appreciated by many RV owners around the world. With little to no problems, this thermostat promises to do its job to the best of its ability. It is the best RV Programmable Thermostat.

    Dometic D3106995.032 Heat Cool Analog Thermostat

    When shopping for a new thermostat for your RV, trailer, truck, boat, or bus and your home, you should look for one that can give you more value for your money. The Dometic 3106 995.032 is one of the top competitors for many RV and RV owners looking to get more for their money. When it comes to performance, the dometic rv thermostat is one of the best options because it can be used to control heating or air conditioning. For this reason, you can use it for your air conditioner or oven. You can also use it for your home or mobile home.

    Despite its fairly straightforward appearance, the Dometic 3106 995.032 is still a solid thermostat that never fails to meet the needs of motorhome enthusiasts. Possessing dual control, the 3106995.032 could handle both RV cooling and heater. For this reason, with the Dometic thermostat, you don’t have to move around the entire facility to operate the oven and air conditioner. In addition, the Dometic 3106995.032 control interface features handy sliders, so you should have no problem applying temperature settings.

    All motorhomes require some type of heating or ventilation system to keep the interior spaces as comfortable as possible. The design of this RV thermostat is one way to ensure this. To be fair, according to the editorial team, this Dometic thermostatic unit is impressive in everything it does. Directly from the manufacturing plant, it is ready to use and can be installed quickly without the help of others. The simple design of this device includes a temperature slider. This slider gives all users the ability to manipulate and change their temperature levels within a range of -32 to 0 degrees Celsius.

    When making a purchase, you need to make sure the thermostat you are replacing is also a Dometic RV analog thermostat to avoid wasting money and damaging your heating system. For this product to work at home or in the office, you must have the analog control board already configured. In addition, this thermostat covers all operations except the use of heating bands and pumps. We recommend this product to all home and business owners who want the right comfort and satisfaction in every interior space. The 6-wire analog thermostat is not only versatile because you can control your heating or air conditioning, but also because you can use it for other applications. You can also use it as a direct replacement to upgrade your old Duo-Therm 3106 995.032 motorhome thermostat.

    Thanks to its small construction, the programmable rv thermostat takes up little space, so finding a place for it is a breeze. Additionally, the 3106995 setup process is also straightforward and only takes a few minutes. It goes without saying that RV enthusiasts who need to quickly replace broken thermostats generally find the Dometic 3106 995.032 to be the best RV thermostat on the market. Since replacing the Dometic thermostat is also fairly inexpensive, purchasing it would likely have negligible impact on your spending plan. In terms of maintenance, the Dometic 3106995.032 only needs rudimentary care to keep it running and to focus your attention on more important tasks. As proof of confidence, Dometic offers anyone who takes possession of your thermostat a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

    Suburban 161154 Wall Thermostat

    Suburban 161154 Wall Thermostat - Heat Only - White
    • Package Dimensions: 4.826 L x 10.922 H x 8.89 W (centimeters)

    As reliable as any digital rv thermostat on this list, the Suburban 161154 RV Thermostat Heat Only is an extremely easy-to-use analog model that simplicity makes it bearable. Honestly, this product isn’t special, but in a way that’s what makes it one of the best. And while it is one of the best, it still has the lowest price among all the thermostats on this list. It seems that Suburban wanted to create a thermostat that was cost effective and efficient to use.

    We love that the Suburban wall thermostat is on our list of awesome recommendations. This is a heating thermostat designed solely as the most economical heating system. It is manufactured by specialist engineers looking to create the best space saving thermostats for the convenience of all customers. The Suburban group of companies is known for its careful design of water heaters, horizontally vented gas heating systems, and heavy duty ignition systems. They have been providing high quality heating systems since their inception in 1960. We love the ease with which the company designs and manufactures the most efficient and durable products on the market.

    The Suburban Thermostat is a reliable 12 volt RV thermostat that is very simple and easy to use as it does not require any complicated procedures. The fact that it is analog also means that it is more durable and does not require a lot of attention or maintenance. Compared to other models, the Suburban Wall thermostat has no special features or elements, making it one of the best units available on the market today. For all users looking for an inexpensive and highly efficient thermostat to use at home or in the office, you can use this RV thermostat. Customers around the world love the Suburban wall thermostat because it is a model that creates comfort in every space it is installed in.

    Emerson 1C26-101 Mechanical Heat/Cool Thermostat

    If you want to get the most out of your new RV thermostat, the Emerson 1C26-101 Mechanical Heat/Cool Thermostat is a wonderful option. This analog RV thermostat is suitable for single-stage heating and cooling systems and is available at a fantastically low price that will suit almost any budget. It weighs 6.1 ounces and has dimensions of 8 x 6 x 3 inches, making it the ideal size for any RV. The thermostat has three settings (heat, off, and cold) as well as a mercury-free mechanical bimetal thermometer. It’s engineered to last, with tough snap-action contacts and an adjustable heat anticipator. You’ll enjoy the value and usefulness this thermostat provides in your RV once you’ve followed the simple installation instructions.

    White Rodgers 1C20-101 Economy 24 Volt/Millivolt Heat Thermostat

    The White Rodgers 1C20-101 Economy Heat Thermostat is an excellent choice for any RV owner searching for long-lasting performance. This RV thermostat is designed for robustness, with durable parts and sections that can withstand the rigors of traveling and camping in the great outdoors. This thermostat is 6 x 6 x 2 inches and weighs 4 ounces. It has sturdy snap-action contacts, an adjustable heat anticipator, and a mercury-free bimetal thermometer that works for single-stage heating. It has a temperature range of 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will keep you warm when you need it the most. Furthermore, the low-voltage nature of the device maintains functionality simple. However, keep in mind that this RV thermostat is exclusively for heating systems; it will not function with heating and cooling RV configurations.

    What to Look for When Buying an RV Thermostat


    Analog rv thermostats

    Analog RV thermostats are the most basic and “classic” form of thermostat available. An analog thermostat is compatible with both heat-only and heating-and-cooling systems. Analog thermostats are commonly found in older RVs, but some RV owners enjoy their basic simplicity. However, this simplicity has a drawback: an analog thermostat cannot be set to a precise temperature. You can only choose from a limited set of options.

    Digital rv thermostats

    Analog thermostats have been modified and upgraded to become digital RV thermostats. These gadgets, often known as electronic RV thermostats, function similarly to analog thermostats but feature electronic microprocessors that provide a more precise temperature measurement. This improves the overall accuracy of digital models by allowing them to start and stop your heating and cooling system more effectively. Digital thermostats also make it simple to check the exact temperature inside your RV — as well as the temperature you’re setting the thermostat at. Their crystal-clear display panels can also highlight additional information.

    Programmable rv thermostats

    Programmable RV thermostats are the most sophisticated type of RV thermostat available. They have more capabilities than digital thermostats and provide you with both freedom and convenience. You can configure your programmable RV thermostat by storing your favorite temperature settings in the device and then adjusting them at different times of day. This enables the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of the furnace or air conditioner based on your preferences, eliminating the need for you to alter the thermostat each time.

    Power source

    RV thermostats typically use one of two power sources. A thermostat can be connected or linked directly to your RV’s wall — and HVAC system. A thermostat can also be powered by batteries. You should select the power source that best meets your requirements. Battery-powered thermostats typically necessitate monitoring because the batteries might quickly deplete. They are, nevertheless, incredibly energy-efficient and frequently have smart features. Hardwired thermostats are extremely dependable, but they are inefficient and might be difficult to install in some instances.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV thermostat?

    An RV thermostat is a piece of equipment that allows you to control the heating and cooling systems in your RV. It might be analog, digital, pre-programmable, or none at all, and it can also assist your unit in automatically shutting off and turning on to maintain proper temperatures.

    How does an RV thermostat work?

    The RV thermostat serves as a communication link between you and your HVAC system and furnace. It instructs those systems when to switch on and off, and in the case of programmable RV thermostats, it can even modify temperatures based on your preset preferences.

    Why do I need an RV thermostat?

    To manage your air conditioner and heater, you’ll need an RV thermostat. Even if you have a fantastic unit, you won’t be able to utilize it until you have a reliable RV thermostat.

    How long do RV thermostats last?

    The lifespan of different makes and models of RV thermostats varies, as it does with any other piece of electronic equipment. However, it is not unheard of for well-made things to last 10 years or longer, especially when well cared for!

    Can a house thermostat be used in an rv?

    In most cases, you cannot use a house thermostat in an RV. RVs typically have simpler heating and cooling systems, as well as smaller thermostats. Some thermostats, though, will function in both — and many RV thermostats will also work in mobile homes. Before purchasing, double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations and specs.

    How do I know if my rv thermostat is bad?

    There are several ways to identify a faulty RV thermometer. When running your HVAC system, look for issues such as the system running continually without ever shutting off or the temperature inside your RV being different from what is set on the thermostat. If your thermostat is unresponsive, has no power, or will not switch on or off, it is most likely malfunctioning.