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Best RV Toilet Paper Holders 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    YIGII Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

    YIGII Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder - Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Stand no Drilling Stainless Steel Brushed
    • Material: Toilet paper roll holder constructed by 304 stainless steel, rustproof and easy to clean.

    The RV YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder is one of Best RV Toilet Paper Holder in 2023. It detaches and offers a compact construction to perfectly fit into small spaces. So I don’t see any reason why small rig owners shouldn’t like this model. Its compact stainless steel construction would ensure you maximize your bathroom space. Larger rig owners won’t be crazy to consider this model either. It never hurts to try to save as much space as possible while on board in any motorhome. Another attractive feature is the design of the product’s towel rail. It offers a special kind of elegance and minimalist quality that is a perfect match for what most people want in a medium. In other words, the product will not take up much space and will be directly integrated into the interior of the bathroom.

    The simple design of this toilet paper holder. It’s thin and unobtrusive, which solidifies my pick for this product. In addition to being stylish, the 304 stainless steel construction is easy to clean and resistant to rust. What I like the most about YGII is how easy it is to install. The square base has a sticky pad so you can stick this item on any wall. I believe this YGII toilet paper holder can stick to any smooth surface such as ceramic, smooth glass, and solid wood walls. Fortunately, the sticker is very durable. The YGII tissue holder remains firmly attached to the wall and does not tip over easily. It is easy to change a new roll of paper with its vertical design, just drop it on the pole.

    Installing this toilet paper holder is also not a problem to worry about. YIGII was even kind enough to write the instructions directly in the product description. I couldn’t even mess it up because the whole process consists of peeling off the adhesive pad and sticking it to the wall surface.

    KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

    KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll Holder Hand Towel Holder for Bathroom RUSTPROOF Brushed Finish, A7070-2
    • Self Adhesive Strip: Quick and easy mounting. Strong adhesiveness and waterproof. No drill holes needed. Remove easily and no trace left behind. Suitable for bathroom and RV.

    The KES RV self-adhesive toilet paper holder offers a sturdy and pleasant appearance with its stainless steel construction. I could see how this would fit in well with just about any RV bathroom that I have come across. Another easy-to-love feature is the self-adhesive strip on the product. This made the assembly of this product much easier than expected. The quality of the adhesive is much better than what I have experienced with other adhesive toilet paper holders.

    KES is a waterproof RV toilet paper holder with a self-adhesive strip for easy mounting. Surprisingly, the adhesive strip is waterproof, so the backing won’t fall off even if you expose it to moisture. No need to drill holes as this bracket can be attached to any wall like a sticker. It’s great that the A7070-2 accommodates most roll paper sizes. I love using different sizes from standard rollers to mega rollers, and this mount fits like a T. With the open-sided swingarm design, changing rollers is a breeze. Just insert the roll of paper into the arm and you’re done.

    The overall durability of the product is pretty impressive too. It is made of high quality stainless steel to help protect it from accidental damage. It shouldn’t even have a problem getting installed by a clumsy person like me. I was also pleased with the backing’s ability to adhere to multiple surfaces. For example, it is more than capable of adhering to stone, glass, marble, and other similar smooth walls. This aspect is another reason why I found the adaptability of this product quite amazing. Another feature that strikes me is the matte black color scheme option. It would fit perfectly into the interior of my RV bathroom and provide a much needed update. Honestly, stainless steel toilet paper holders don’t look any more stylish than this one.

    mDesign Metal Over The Tank Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder

    mDesign Metal Over The Tank Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Dispenser and Reserve for Bathroom Storage and Organization - Hanging, Holds 1 Roll - Chrome
    • CONVENIENT STORAGE: This compact, space-saving toilet paper holder has room to store an extra roll of toilet tissue; Holds even jumbo-sized rolls of toilet tissue; Ideal for small bathrooms with little storage space; Maximize unused space to store extra toilet paper just where you need it

    If you have any doubts about adhesive tapes, you can get the mDesign toilet paper holder that hangs over the tank. I put mine under the tank top and am glad it doesn’t budge every time I grab a sheet. I think it works the same when you hang it in front of a closet door. Since this bracket fits perfectly on the side of the toilet tank, it becomes very accessible. I don’t have to go any further to grab the toilet paper. Best of all, the toilet paper is out of sight when I enter the bathroom.

    mDesign is built with steel wire, which I find to be very strong. I like the hook design because it makes the bracket easy to install without the need for screws or tape. With the chrome finish, this product automatically enhances the aesthetics of RV toilets.

    This option features a more compact design than even wall-mounted toilet paper holders. The mDesign RV’s tank-mounted toilet paper holder uses an over-tank construction to easily fit in small bathrooms. How do you offer this remarkable space-saving advantage? This brand has based its entire design on the concept of hanging this product over the toilet tank. As a result, it does not take up any unoccupied space in your bathroom.

    VAEHOLD Toilet Paper Holder

    Toilet Paper Holder Self Adhesive - VAEHOLD Kitchen Washroom Adhesive Toilet Roll Holder No Drilling for Bathroom Stick on Wall Stainless Steel Brushed - Black
    • MATERIAL - The toilet paper holder is made of 304 stainless steel, with a durable rustproof surface; Easy to care - Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Without sharp edges, children can use it safely.

    VAEHOLD has a clean appearance thanks to its black hue, which effectively hides dirt and dust. Because my RV bathroom is so small, I enjoy that I can install this holder vertically. I used 3M adhesive to attach this item on my tile, and I believe it is quite secure and will last a long time.

    Enticing feature for every rig owner is the product’s construction. It has no sharp edges, making it excellent for families travelling with children. This function is also quite useful for those of us who feel ourselves to be clumsy. It has been shown to function well on smooth surfaces. The adhesive capacity of this alternative to stick to their wooden or ceramic tile bathroom walls was praised by many purchasers.

    Because this toilet paper holder is stainless steel, it not will corrode even if it is exposed to moisture. When it gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a moist cloth. The VAEHOLD warranty is impressive. This item comes with a two-year satisfaction guarantee, which includes free replacements and no hassle refunds.

    Installation is a breeze with this item because it comes with self-adhesive tape. Simply hang the holder on the wall and wait 24 hours before covering it with a tissue. This holder, to be more specific, adheres to any flat surface, such as ceramic tiles and marble.

    mDesign Metal Over The Tank Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Dispenser

    mDesign Metal Over The Tank Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Dispenser and Reserve for Bathroom Storage and Organization - Hanging, Holds 1 Roll - Chrome
    • CONVENIENT STORAGE: This compact, space-saving toilet paper holder has room to store an extra roll of toilet tissue; Holds even jumbo-sized rolls of toilet tissue; Ideal for small bathrooms with little storage space; Maximize unused space to store extra toilet paper just where you need it

    This next option, unlike even wall-mounted toilet paper holders, has a more space-saving design. The mDesign RV Tank-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder has an over-the-tank design that makes it easy to fit into compact bathrooms.

    How does it achieve this significant space-saving benefit? The entire design of this brand is based on the idea of hanging the product over the toilet tank. As a result, it doesn’t take up any space in your bathroom that could be used for something else.

    The design is large enough to accommodate additional roll storage. This feature relieves some of the stress of needing to keep everything under your bathroom sink. Instead, add an extra roll to this holder and use the empty space for anything else. It makes a much bigger difference than an RVer might think at first.

    Lytool Toilet Paper Holder Self Adhesive

    It’s difficult to envision a toilet paper holder that is more stable than Clink’s RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder. It’s well-known for its 3M adhesive, which provides a strong hold that won’t come free for years. This device has a 6-month warranty, which is one of its more interesting characteristics. These types of products don’t typically come with a lengthy warranty. When they do come, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of them. Another appealing feature of this holder is its contemporary appearance. The J-shaped bar takes up less space and allows you to spin it freely.

    Wilifdom RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

    Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder, Wilifdom Bathroom Lavatory Toilet Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll Towel Holder -SUS 304 Brushed Stainless Steel Dispenser Wall Mount
    • The Toilet Paper Holder uses powerful 3M adhesive. No drilling, no damages and no tools. Install in seconds, and stay securely on the wall. 3M adhesive is also against water.Always keep strong adhesiveness

    The Wilifdom RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder is one of the most simple, high-quality designs on the market. Its low-profile design allows it to mix in better with the rest of your bathroom’s decor. It makes use of a strong 3M adhesive that can cling to any flat surface. It also has waterproof properties to ensure that long-term use in bathrooms does not compromise its integrity.

    Owners of RVs will also have a design option, which is always a nice touch. You can choose between horizontal, vertical, or suspended. For rig owners, the product’s maintenance and care operations are excellent. Scratch, corrosion, and fingerprint markings are all avoided thanks to the stainless steel design. I’d simply have to clean it with a light cotton rag every now and then.