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Best TV Antennas for RV 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna

    Our first product on this list is the OA8300 Directional HDTV Antenna OA8300, which provides great feature sets. Its compact and stylish design fits perfectly inside or outside any RV. This satellite tv antenna compact design is also 70% smaller than most antennas. Therefore, removing this device will not be much of a problem. This aspect makes the installation more manageable. It helps that this King RV TV antenna comes with simple instructions for the installation process. This feature is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. In fact, almost all customer reviews have reported that the installation takes only 25 minutes.

    King is a well-known brand that always promises the best for its users. With this unit, King not only fulfilled his promise once, but he also surpassed himself. For this reason, we believe that this unit deserves mention in this list. After all, not all RV TV antennas are able to provide such a long list of channels. And they have really added a lot of great features to this King RV TV antenna. First, the King Jack OA8300 is easy to install. The instructions are easy to follow and the package comes with universal mounting brackets for the RV. It actually took about 25 minutes to set it up.

    King Jack antennas include RVs and home universal mounting brackets. Its advanced technology improves the reception of UHF signals as well as the continuation of VHF broadcast channels. A quick and easy upgrade upgrades the antenna to Digital HD. It features long range signal acquisition and wide reception coverage to detect the strongest signals fastest and maximize reception. It is very light, discreet and easy to install. Many stations come out clearly, and the signal is strong and the image does not drop or freeze. It doesn’t need to be turned on and off, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it and getting out of the RV Park. It has a chic and modern look. This is a powerful and affordable replacement for RV TV antennas.

    This is the King Jack Replacement Antenna, a live antenna designed for long range signal acquisition to provide users with more channels for street satisfaction. This antenna reduces the digital or manual time you use to find the channels you want. It uses modern and innovative technology that allows it to receive VHF broadcasts while improving its UHF signal reception. The King Jack antenna has wide reception coverage to help you maximize your response and identify the most reliable signals.

    Include television in your list of sources for road adventure. Make the most of your home by watching some of your favorite shows from the comfort of your RV. With King, all employees understand how important it is for adventurers to keep world events high. For this reason, they have improved their King Jack antenna design, equipping it with many innovative technologies to bring out the best of experienced quality in any directional live antenna on the market. Its design may seem straightforward at first but it is a high-tech unit with higher performance than its predecessors.

    In addition to having a simple installation process, this model is also outstanding in other respects. Its extensive coverage would be a great example of another useful aspect. This feature makes it easy for the device to lock in TV signals. We also need to mention that this device comes with an upgrade which means you can upgrade Batwings to Digital HD. These upgrades are important to ensure better signal and image quality. One downside is that the design requires it to be mounted 90 degrees so that it can be lowered completely which can be problematic for some RVs. Also, if the tilt is more than 3 degrees, you can’t put it on the roof of your RV.

    The use of its technology which improves the reception of UHF signals is another feature of my choice. This feature suggests better success with DTV channels since 80% of news is broadcast using UHF signals. However, its focus on DTV does not mean that its effectiveness is compromised in the case of VHF channels. In fact, this device also provides great reception for these stations. Combining these two features will get you more channels than ever before. Overall, this is a great device to start this list, as it sets a high standard for other models.

    KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna is one of the Best TV Antennas for RV in 2023

    Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna

    Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna
    • Enhanced antenna exceeds at receiving digital TV signals.Fit Type: Universal Fit

    Discover a satellite antenna Winegard sensor TV antenna modeled for RVs for all your road trips. This product is an exceptional unit designed as an advanced antenna device for easily receiving all digital television signals. It operates seamlessly within a 55 mile radius, adopting all VHF and UHF programming available to provide great service for every user. Enjoy news channels like CBS, Fox, NBC and many more from the comfort of your RV at minimal cost. This antenna is the most durable unit on the market, characterized by its powder coating system that keeps the components out.

    Winegard RV Antenna The longest RV antenna in America. It has been praised by many travelers for its ease of use and control. It comes with an elevator assembly and a wide antenna. The Winegard antenna has a unique range and it comes with a built-in amplifier that amplifies any weak signal to give you a crystal-clear reception every time. Travel comfortably without getting in the way of all the exciting stories and entertainment in the world. The Winegard brand is one of the leading names in making RV antennas. This satellite beauties have more than ten years of experience in their design; So, they know the market demand and the best way to approach this national need. All the products launched by this company are durable and highly effective, a lifetime that surprises many users.

    This antenna receives all VHF and UHF broadcasts available within a radius of 55 miles. It receives local SD and HD live TV broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and many more sub-channels not provided by satellite. It weighs 9 pounds, is powder coated for long lasting durability, and is intended for roof installation. This antenna is very easy to install, the reception is great and most channels have a clear picture. It goes up easily by hand and the gears work very easily to raise and lower the device. It comes as a complete kit with a powered switch, cocks and other parts. The antenna is made of metal and plastic and has a good solid feel, and the connections and cables are of excellent quality. The huge range means it can provide local channels with HD high definition in most places. This feature is suitable for campers who prefer to park their RV away from the campground and RV parks. It is also worth mentioning that this capability came from Winegard who connected a boosted UHF antenna to their Sensor II model. These two devices together can create the best live antenna experience meaning

    Another interesting feature is the easy-to-use crank. This feature allows rotating, lowering, or winding the device and requires very little effort. It’s something like this that shows that Winegard cares about the needs and wants of its customers. The installation process further proves this review as the product comes with simple instructions. As a result, you can expect that this task will be completed fairly quickly and fairly without anyone else’s help. In fact, many customers report that the installation takes less than 25 minutes. This time frame is more than reasonable. This will ensure that I will not waste my whole day looking for how to properly place this model on my roof.

    One problem is that the side of the antenna extends a few inches and can interfere with things like the air conditioning unit. Some report that the antenna is made of inferior material compared to the previous model. For example, one of them has a plastic gear that you can snatch if you don’t care.

    Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna is one of the Best TV Antenna for RV in 2023

    KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna

    The KING OA8500 Jack Over-the-Air Antenna proves that good things come in small packages. Its compact size is aerodynamic and reduces wind resistance. It is easy to install with the included hardware. The reception is impressive with its improved technology. The only red flag we saw did not mention miles for the signal range, even on the manufacturer’s website.

    KING’s OA8500 Jack HDTV Aerial Antenna rotates 360 degrees to eliminate dead spots. This is because the signal meter locates strong signal reception and can scan for various local channels. Apart from this, the improved technology improves the reception of the UHF signal. Even so, you can keep 80% of the VHF broadcast channels. Aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance. Meanwhile, the compact design makes this unit 70% smaller than traditional VR antennas.

    As it has 360 degree rotation, King OA8500 could eliminate dead spots and provide strong signal reception in many environment. With a combination of SureLock signal search and built-in signal counter, the OA8500 makes signal acquisition easy. In addition, thanks to the streamlined body that minimizes wind resistance, the King antenna handles gusts well outdoors. Other than that, the King OA8500’s housing is made of UV resistant plastic so it can withstand exposure to the sun for long periods of time.

    The King antenna can latch onto UHF signals in use and allows RV enthusiasts to view programs on most HDTV channels. If some of your favorite shows are playing on the remaining VHF channels, don’t worry, the King OA8500 still offers wonderful reception. Being a ready-to-go antenna, OA8500 eliminates the hassle of raising and lowering the antenna on the road. That’s why King’s Antenna is known as the best RV TV antenna for people who travel a lot.

    Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV’LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna

    Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV'LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna
    • Your purchase includes TRAV'LER Satellite Antenna | Power Inserter | 4-Way SWM Splitter | IDU with Power Supply | Printed Documentation

    Winegard is proud that the SK-SWM3 is the only RV satellite antenna on the market that is compatible with DRCTV HD programming. I was very impressed with this feature because it no longer requires you to test the signal with a portable signal strength meter and compass. You can just sit back and wait for the antenna to adjust. We have a list of more unique antenna models designed for Winegard RVs. This is the Winegard Slimline antenna, one of the best RV antennas in their RV antenna line. This is a product designed for RVs. It addresses all potential issues with access to street TV channels, including a few weather changes and interference from wireless connections somewhere. This is a fully automatic satellite dish that works well with all DIRECTV HD receivers. For full SD and HD programming, this antenna device simultaneously provides 103 degree, 101 degree and even 99 degree reception.

    Enjoy watching different programs on separate TVs simultaneously with Winegard Slim Antenna. This device can be easily used with all DVRs as it allows you to simultaneously record or watch your favorite shows from different satellites. With this antenna you can enjoy HD which not many domes can. Slimline is considered to be the only mobile antenna on the market today that is programmed to provide the best DRCTV HD programming for users. It is a satellite antenna made with images that is approved and certified for the most reliable signal power supply. It is designed for use in RVs or caravans only.

    This universal RV TV antenna will see all DIRECTV satellites from 103, 101 and 99 satellites to maximize HD programming. It has been approved by reflectors and has been certified to provide strong signals. Installation took more than an hour without any assistance. If you want to install it quickly, you need to hire a professional or someone to help you. This auto-turging dish is quite large and heavy, so you need to be careful. In fact, it is not recommended to install this system if you are a first time. Once configured you can power up the system and watch TV in just 5 minutes.

    The Winegard SK-SWM3 allows the whole family to watch multiple channels simultaneously. So it is ideal for those who go on family trips and those who tend to watch TV at the same time. But you must remember that Direct HD receiver and HD viewing program are sold separately. Anyone who has a good eye for a good TV antenna has the potential to invest in this device. Anyone would appreciate it for watching a huge number of TV channels from their unit. However, this is not the case. These devices will also prove to be ideal for families who like to watch several channels on the street at the same time.

    Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV’LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna is one of the Best RV TV Antenna in 2023

    Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV Antenna

    Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV Antenna (HD, Digital, 4K Ready, ATSC 3.0 Ready) - Black
    • Optimal UHF reception with strong High-Band VHF allows you to catch your favorite broadcast channels wherever you go

    Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV antenna is a stylish product that is not only streamlined, but also looks great. Although the range is less than other models, the quality of audio and video reception is excellent, with its built-in amplifier.

    When camping and wanting to stay connected to the world, you can rely on the Winegard Antenna as it is an amplified model, considered the next generation in HD broadcast and digital TV. I love that this antenna can provide clear, quality HD programming. And in places where 4K UHD is available, it can get the job done, too. It can provide numerous VHF and UHF signals that allow the whole family to watch their favorite TV shows wherever they are. Another reason to buy this Winegard RV TV antenna is that it saves users money by not having to pay monthly fees for their favorite TV shows wherever they go.

    Winegard RVW 205 Sensar Wingman Replacement Antenna

    Due to its very compact construction, the RVW-205 Sensar IV has minimal wind resistance and therefore withstands windy conditions well. The antenna manufactured by Winegard also contains a powder coating, so it can stay together for many years. Sold at an affordable price, the Winegard RVW-205 Sensar IV is often sought after by RV enthusiasts with tight wallets. If you decide to take RVW-205 Sensar IV, you will receive replacement electronic pins and clips along with the antenna.

    Winegard is synonymous with simplicity and efficiency. When it comes to range, the Winegard RVW 205 Sensar Wingman definitely does its job. It is capable of picking up a signal from over 55 miles away, allowing you to get clear reception on your channels. To add to its already strong signal connector, it also has a built-in amplifier that can even receive a good signal for the weakest channels. This allows you to always get HD reception.

    When it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to pay special attention to the Winegard RVW-205 Sensar IV as it is very robust. All you need to do is clean the surface of the Winegard RV TV antenna from time to time. The RVW-205 Sensar IV is backed by a two-year parts warranty as well as a one-year labor warranty. Your original antenna head breaks suddenly and needs a replacement? In this case, it is strongly recommended to consult Winegard RVW-205 Sensar IV. With an impressive reception range, Winegard’s VR antenna replacement allows you to view a variety of programs even in the lowest signal areas. Other than that, RVW-205 Sensar IV acquires UHF and VHF signals so you never miss your favorite shows when traveling between locations.

    What to Look For When buying the Best TV Antenna for RV

    Reception Quality

    The ability of a satellite antenna to deliver reliable signal quality is critical to its performance because it determines the number of channels the satellite receives. Make sure the antenna model you choose provides the best reception quality, resulting in more channels and more entertainment in the end. Determine how far your antenna can go and what type of satellite you have access to. In general, antennas have better coverage and are a better choice. If the signal reception distance is short, you may need to purchase an antenna amplifier.


    You need to consider the type of antenna you want to buy – indoor or outdoor. Remember, outdoor types have better coverage but a huge size. On the other hand, the interior is more compact and it can fit inside but it has less coverage.

    HDTV antenna
    These antennas are cheaper and easier to install than satellite antennas. A few channels available, including Fox, CBS, ABC and PBS, give you easy access to all the local programs you want.

    Satellite antenna
    These antennas are more expensive than their HDTV parts. They are intended to receive digital channels; Thus, they can be bulky and much more difficult to assemble.

    It combines the features of satellite and HDTV antenna into one product. It is an economical and very powerful unit designed to receive all kinds of channels in a very short time.


    The hardware used to build the satellite can help or slow down the way it can receive channels. The most commonly used materials for antennas are plastic and aluminum and are strategically used in various parts of the device to ensure that these materials still give great durability. According to experts, the best type is aluminum antenna, because this material helps to provide effective functionality.

    You can also base your choice on the type of material used for the antenna. Most antennas are made of plastic and others are made of aluminum. If you have ever bought outdoor antennas, it is more recommended to buy aluminum type as they are more durable and more durable. Even if it rains, they do not rust. Plastics are good for indoor antennas.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I use a RV TV antenna?

    Usually all you have to do is set up the antenna and you can start using it. Most of the antennas on the list just have a plug and play installation, so you don’t need to pay for the installation. Just follow the manual and you can start searching for channels. Also check the reception every time after installation to see if you are getting the right reception.

    After installing your antenna according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can start scanning for channels. Installation is usually straightforward and does not require many tools.

    How do I get better reception on my RV TV antenna?

    Having a good antenna can help you to receive a better reception but sometimes it is not enough. At this point, your next bet will be to buy an amplifier to give you access to all signals, even the weakest.

    One way to get a better reception in motorhome antennas is to invest in a good amplifier. Amplifiers can help you get more signals so you can have access to more channels in higher definition. Note that you may experience RV antenna amplification problems when you first use it. But take the time to learn how to use it.