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Best RV Wheel Chocks 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

    X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012
    • Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to tandem tire applications

    The first product on our list and our top is the X-Chuck Wheel Stabilizer. Equipped with a handle for ease of use, this RV Chocks is one of Amazon’s best sellers, and for good reason. These are to prevent tire changes and to minimize movement as you go inside. The most unique feature of the X-Chucks is their ability to move and change gears as well as the ability to work in tandem with the movement of the tires. Also, they differ from competing models with the ability to harden by increasing action.

    If you are looking to stabilize your RV wheels then there is no need to look any further than these high quality metallic X-Chuck wheel stabilizers. Made of durable aluminum, these arches are designed to fit between tandem tires, preventing them from running when applying pressure. Use X-Chocks as a very effective and safe way to chock motorhome tires, providing maximum stability and working with natural movement instead of changing the tire contrast.

    These chocks adjust from 1 inch to 12 inches in diameter and will work with even the toughest tires. The anti-rust coating helps protect this model from the elements and the smooth, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use. A comfortable grip is included in the ratchet wrench set, which makes the pair ready to go out of the box. For best results, it is a good idea to use both traditional themed beans / levelers and install these X-shaped beans as a last step. They will provide the best stability by saving your RV or camping trailer from tipping. The only downside we noticed is that they don’t work with wide-pitch tires. Measure the distance between your tires to make sure they fit you.

    When you activate the X-Chuck Wheel Stabilizer, you wonder why this idea took so long to come to market. They stabilize the wheels by increasing the pressure instead of the ramp chock. These are suitable for most RVs, RVs and trailers, including some that don’t take angles well. Although they may take a little longer to install than wedge type beans and are harder to remove at first, they work like a dream when you get them to hang. These are designed to act as a rigid spacer between the two wheels which prevents them from rotating by friction.

    X-chocks, which are not ground chocks, can accommodate wheels of different sizes and perform well in any area. They are incredibly tough and reliable. Once locked in place, they fit snugly and securely. Furthermore, this product is incredibly durable thanks to the anti-rust coating and rugged design. Its superior flexibility is maintained by the ability to hold tire spacing applications as low as 1 3/8 inch while still having the ability to extend up to twelve inches. If you want a product that works with you, not against you, you don’t need to look anymore.

    The bottom line with X-Chuck wheel stabilizers is that it is the ideal choice for those looking for the best RV wheel chock to keep their tires in place and reduce oscillation. As well as the side pendants cannot be completely omitted, these X-chocks are easy to use and reasonably priced. After seeing what recent buyers have to report from their usage experience, there is no doubt as to why they are the best sellers on Amazon.

    X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer is the Best RV Wheel Chocks in 2023

    Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope

    Camco Camper/RV Wheel Chock - Keeps Trailer In-Place to Safely Unhitch or Park - Compatible with Wheels Up to 26” in Diameter & Molded of Heavy-Duty Hard Plastic - 2-Pack (44414)
    • SUPERIOR WHEEL CHOCKS FOR TRAILER TIRES: Camco RV Tire Chocks are designed to keep your trailer in-place while it’s unhitched or parked. They act as a safety measure, providing stability and ensuring your vehicle doesn’t move or roll.

    Tired of buying unreliable chock that gives you little or no control over the movement of your RV? The Camco pair of yellow clits are effectively designed so that most clits do not impress their owner in general with incredibility. Thanks to their hard plastic construction with UV inhibitors, these clits are designed to withstand heavy wear. Simple and easy to use, these wheel chocks from Camco are made from durable hard plastic with perfect UV inhibitors, if you are looking for an alternative that won’t break the bank, they are durable and weather resistant, they are perfect for locking the wheels of your RV or camper trailer Makes. These can be used with tire diameters up to 26 inches and come in two different styles with and without rope ties.

    Initially designed for re-hatching, these wheel chocks will also work in most other situations where you need to lock the wheels of your car, if they fit together properly. These are lightweight, which makes them ideal for small cars. Keep in mind, however, that they will not work with very small trailer wheels. Overall, this is a great choice, suitable for occasional use. With these chocks, it is important to remember that they are not designed for heavy loads, large tires or long-term parking. For these uses, it is a good idea to consider more sustainable options.

    Camco is an organization most campers have heard of. The reason is that they make a lot of camping and RV gear at a price that is hard to beat. It’s like IKEA RV accessories. Of course, they also make wheel chock for RVs. You can buy these with or without; I recommend the rope because I have a pair without them and they are hard to carry. Of course, you can also attach your own rope to something you don’t have. Having a wheel table with handles makes it easy to get these out of my storage bogie.

    Camco wheel chocks are suitable for trailer tires up to 26 inches, remember we want to cover at least 25% of their tire height. What makes them so different from other products is the weight. They represent more than half the gross vehicle weight of the competition I compare them to. Why? Because it is made of plastic. Camco is promoting one by one with UV inhibitors made from durable hard plastic, so durability shouldn’t be an issue. A good start for someone with a small trailer, for heavy trailers I recommend rubber wheel tables that can support heavy RVs. These are driven by both single and tandem axles.

    Designed to fit most vehicles perfectly, this two-pack allows you to re-hitch your RVT without causing any hills. Customers prefer the width of the table to adapt to the full length of the entire tire; This area of ​​a fungus is much larger when it is larger. If you want to buy with confidence, buy with Camco.

    Camco has been a leading manufacturer of RV products and accessories for over 50 years. Their years of experience prove the quality of their work. These great RV wheel chocks come in two packs, so each wheel is covered. Camco uses a durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors to create long-term and finish work regardless of the weather. Customers report their use successfully in snow and severe weather. Reaching with the camcho wheel table is no longer a problem.

    These RV wheel chocks are very versatile. Use these for your RV, horse trailer, boat trailer, motorhome or truck. They make sure your car or transporter is not going anywhere. These wheels are convenient to carry chock, so don’t wait to catch any joints until it’s too late and you don’t chase your car over the hill.

    Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope is the Best RV Wheel Chocks in 2023

    MaxxHaul Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

    MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack, 8" x 4" x 6"
    • Compact Size: Measuring approximately 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 5 inches in height, these wheel chocks offer a convenient and space-saving solution for securing your vehicle or trailer.

    The best rubber wheel chocks in most situations, these MaxxHaul heavy duty wheel blocks will get the job done. The chocks are made are made for all-season construction and heavy duty rubber traction pad make them a great choice for protecting your vehicle or trailer in almost any climate. The rubber wheel chock are designed to outperform plastic or resin wheel chocks, which eliminates some pads and other performance-related issues. It is a reliable product of MaxxHaul. Solid construction and strength work well for many buyers. This product is resistant to harsh weather. It can withstand a lot of objections and so it is a good investment.

    A built-in handle makes it easy to place and move without the risk of a stuck hand or finger. Also, the rubber has an oil resistant surface coating that makes them secure. Their lightweight yet durable design is strong enough to hold most vehicles in a safe place and their small size makes them easy to store and carry. One thing to keep in mind is that rubber has quite a strong odor, so these odors tend to give up this odor. Working in a well-ventilated area tackles this problem very quickly. Other than that, keep in mind that very large tires will not work with this different types of bean. You will need something bigger to protect these tires.

    But what we will say is that you will never place these chocks in the wrong place – just dry and you will find them! Long-term shoppers recommend keeping them out of the house for a week or two to get rid of the odor. Some fans even claim that the abundance of reviews about their scent persuaded them to buy MaxxHaul’s chock! Most of the buyers seem to like the product very much because of its impressive construction, strength and performance. This chock has proven to be a great investment for most. Although many consumers complain about the smell of rubber, they don’t seem to consider it a reason to make a decision because the smell goes away in the end.

    Rubber chocks works very well for many people. RV owners working with heavy loads can use it. We say this because it is made from a thick, quality rubber that allows such a tire to easily withstand heavy loads. Somehow reduce the horrible odor, it will be a significant improvement. . To widen the user base they should make it more suitable for larger tires. Another great place to grow is to add a brightly colored ribbon to each end of the pagoda to make it more visible.

    MaxxHaul Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock is the Best RV Wheel Chocks in 2023

    Camco Nesting Wheel Chocks

    Camco 1 Pack 44418 Dark Gray Wheel Chock-Pack of 2, 1 Pack
    • Secures your Trailer: Designed to keep your trailer in place for safe and simple tire changing.Fit Type: Universal Fit

    Camco Nesting Wheel Chocks are lightweight, highly compressible RV chocks designed to hook and unhook your trailer. They are made from a dark gray plastic and snap together for easy storage between uses. They fit under tires up to 26 ” in diameter and do a good job of keeping your trailer stationary on a level slope. Because they are made of such lightweight plastic, they should not be used on a slope or as a safety wedge when working under or on your RV. For their intended use, they are a great product at an affordable price. They are perfect for RV enthusiasts looking to save as much storage space as possible.

    What to Consider When Buying the best RV Wheel Chocks


    When considering traditional RV Wheel Chocks, this is the way to go for thick rubber. This is due to the loss of rubber being ineffective by heavy loads. Compared to plastic, you won’t easily find smaller sections that get smaller. Also, it is better to go for steel X-chock with anti-rust and UV coatings. Always remember that your wheel chocks are primarily used as a protection device. If you go for X-shaped beans, look for models with hardened steel. If you choose a shackle design, look for thicker rubber or something that won’t chip or crack under pressure. Even better if they are ribbed or have tensile material.


    When shopping, a thorough review of what they materiel they are made of can make all the difference in the long run. The advantage of investing in a solid set excluding your ordinary DIY wheel chocks (2x4s and logs) is that they are a safe and reliable tool. With it, having the perfect joint can stabilize your RV while wandering around the interior of your home. Common materials include wood, rubber, (hard) plastic and steel. While they all perform the same function of keeping your RV stable, the material can play a role in the life and protection of the table.


    There is nothing worse than investing in a quality wheel chock and realizing that the space between the wheels is too small or too big. Know the space in the middle of your wheel length and the wheel length before making informed choice. Also, if you are buying a traditional charcoal chock, it is important to make sure that it fits your car wheel perfectly.


    You don’t have to buy wheel chock based on size or appearance, just grip it best to find it later. Buying wheel chock is an investment in your safety – you would feel foolish to own a table with a great reflective tape while sitting at the bottom of your RV trench. The two main sources of this traction are the underside, which must have grooves or spikes and the side part of the wheel, which must have large grooves and patterns.

    Ease of Use

    Setting them up should be a simple process that requires very little or no effort, leaving you to take care of the more demanding ones. For this reason, an essential feature of large models is that they can be easily configured. You want to set up (or remove) a camp at different times and a set that you can compress or delete in seconds is ideal.


    Where you place them can certainly make a pair better or worse. While some welds slide behind the wheel, others have the option to extend between the wheels. The difference between the two doesn’t seem to be much, but you’ll soon see that it doesn’t happen when they’re tested. Models that slide behind the wheels slip, while extended (tandem) wheels lock the wheels firmly between the wheels.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are RV Wheel Chocks?

    Once the old man understood how the wheel could roll, he began to look for a better way to avoid rolling it. Not only does it sound easy, it really is. A simple stem placed opposite the wheel will prevent it from rolling. They still work with your RV today, just as they did with tanks and carts thousands of years ago. Wheel chocks are one of those incredibly effective products that you don’t know how lucky you are until they’re finished. Their very simple task is to roll from the main function of a wheel – rolling. The wheel will be held firmly against the ground at the bottom of the table, providing a challenge. Although wheel chocks should be used with parking brakes, most high quality wheel chocks can do without them.

    How Many Wheel Chocks Do I Need for My RV?

    Using two wheel chocks should be fine. This way your RV will be stable on both sides. If you have a single or tandem axle trailer, use a four-wheel drive. By covering all the possible aspects that the trailer can roll, you will reduce the risk of accidents and be safe. Two people from each side will work.

    How to Use RV Wheel Chocks?

    How you use RV wheel chock certainly depends on the size of the wheels and the design you choose. If you have a trailer, keep the trailer attached to the towing vehicle during installation, keep the parking brake enabled on the vehicle. Next, install the wheel chocks on both sides of the trailer. This will help prevent the trailer from moving when you unload from your two-car.

    Traditional Chocks only need to be tightened with pressure on the tires and between the tires. Simple as that! X-Chocks are arguably one of the most powerful clit designs on the market. To set up the device, simply hold the X-Chocks to start the wheels. Most trusted products will come with a ratchet that allows the BL RV of the product group. X-Chocks can be converted to an extended position. Continue the cranking force until the X-Chuck is firmly in place.

    In some cases, the use of a ratchet is not even necessary, as several models include a knot that can be screwed by hand. It must be held firmly on the bottom wheel to make sure it is in contact with the tire while

    Does it matter if I have a single axle or tandem axle?

    The importance of wheel chocks is not related to your single or tandem axle. If you have a tandem axle, make sure both wheels have chocks. And I recommend keeping the wheel chock on both sides of the trailer. But it is important to choose the product to buy. Having a single axle probably means your trailer weighs no more than 4000 pounds. Therefore, you do not need the most powerful wheel chock.