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Best RV Steps 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Second Step for Fifth Wheel

    Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Second Step for Fifth Wheel is the Best RV Steps in 2023. This rv entry steps installs easily and locks in place with six locking spacers for added stability. This trailer set of steps has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes with a handrail to give you extra help getting on and off. It gives you a total of three steps and each is seven inches high to make it easier for people with walkers or canes to navigate. The tallest step on this deck is 21 inches, and each step in this set is 27 inches wide. It incorporates an interchangeable handrail that people can switch from left to right and vice versa. If you value safety and want solid RV steps with handrails, the Stromberg Carlson step will be your number one choice. It should be noted that the Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R is also made of steel. For this reason, make sure it would take several travel seasons before the EHS-102-R needed to be replaced.

    This set of RV steps has the added safety feature of a portable RV handrail to help you get in and out of your motorhome. The RV steps weigh twenty pounds and are a bit bulky to store due to the added railing. The handrail is interchangeable, so you can install it on the left or right side. This set of stairs indicates that it is a 2-step stair, but the top platform serves as the third step. The types of rv steps are non-slip for added safety. At just 20 pounds, anyone will be able to lift it. I can easily lift this product even though I have a serious back problem. Even my kids can use it. Finally, folding step these travel trailer steps so easy to maintain. A simple wipe of a damp cloth removes dirt, mud or grime from its surface.

    Reliable and dependable, the Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R RV steps is generally highly regarded by recreational vehicle enthusiasts of all ages. Sold fully assembled, the Stromberg Carlson RV steps is ready to use right out of the box and can be attached in no time. Plus, with a 150-pound capacity, the EHS-102-R fits easily into typical RVs. Finally, since the Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R has die-cut treads, its traction exceeds that of common models on the market. When it comes to affordability, the Stromberg Carlson Step is affordable and that means fitting it into your spending plan is a breeze. As proof of confidence, Stromberg Carlson backs the EHS-102-R with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Lippert Components Solid Step Double Step for RV

    Lippert-733932 Solid Step Double Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway , Black, 30-inch
    • ADDED STABILITY — This RV step assembly boasts an extra-wide top step and aluminum treads, ensuring a steady platform. Its adjustable legs are designed to accommodate uneven surfaces, providing a secure foothold

    Lippert Components 30 “Premium Double SolidStep is the best RV steps as it does not require any electrical wiring for a complete installation. It is a folding manual entry step for RVs and offers a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. These steps weigh 45 pounds, so not heavy enough to complicate the installation process. They have a maximum width of 30 inches and are designed to accommodate 29-36 “RV entry doors. The top step is 13 “deep and the bottom step is 8.5” deep. There are also two adjustable leg extensions located on either side of the lower step. These extensions can be individually adjusted to provide added stability and to help ensure the step is level with each new campsite.

    This sturdy RV step from Lippert Components has a 400-pound capacity – meaning it’s not only safe to use (even for taller men like me), but it can withstand more wear and tear than your stirrup. typical folding. The top tread plate fits the door perfectly as well, so I can close the RV’s door without a problem. The Lift Assist version of this Solid Step allows me to adjust the step legs with a single click and it automatically locks in place. This RV steps is especially useful when the ground is not level and I need to adjust the legs to different lengths to match the terrain. However, if your motorhome door is less than 27 inches above the ground, the tread plate may not be flush with the door and therefore not suitable for your mobile home. .

    Lippert’s step contains latches in both sizes, so RVs would have no problem securing it to door frames. To activate / deactivate the latches on the SolidStep (678040), simply operate the handle on the back. Interestingly, Lippert SolidStep (678040) is designed with an integrated skid plate that prevents damage to deck sidewalls and skirts. Naturally, those who wish to keep their RVs in tip-top shape while traveling have a very high opinion of the Lippert setting. Upon arrival, Lippert SolidStep (678040) comes with mounting brackets so RV enthusiasts can snap it into place in an instant. If you have to hit the road early and need a decent step fast, SolidStep (678040) is for you.

    MOR/ryde International Inc. STP-4-30-03H Fold Up Step

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    Constructed from premium aluminum, the MOR / ryde STP-4-30-03H is lightweight RV step compared to conventional RV steps, but could handle anything outside. With its adjustable feet, the STP-4-30-03H allows RVs to create a consistent and stable entry for RVs on any terrain. Plus, with a sturdy twisted handle, the MOR / ryde walk takes just seconds to unfold and secure. For the casual RV enthusiast who wants practical RV folding steps, the MOR / ryde STP-4-30-03H is one of the leading models on the market.

    This RV step has a weight capacity of five hundred pounds, therefore it is capable of supporting the body weight of most people with relative ease. In terms of compatibility, MOR / ryde’s walk is very customizable and should therefore work well with standard platforms. Additionally, the STP-4-30-03H MOR / ry setup process is known to be undemanding and does not involve specialized tools. As a result, installing STP-4-30-03H is just a walk in the park and only takes a few minutes. The way the Step Above MOR / ry is packed is that it folds up on the trailer. This is both good and bad. This is good because the RV steps won’t have to deal with rocks, dirt, and weather conditions as they go down the road. This is bad because any stone, dirt or water that is on the steps when folding them will enter your motorhome. The best way to avoid this is obviously to sweep the steps before folding it, but that’s another thing to do before packing, so that’s something to think about. In terms of maintenance, the MOR / ryde step requires little attention from owners of operating RVs. This is a huge advantage for RVers who like to spend more time having fun and less time keeping equipment on board.

    If you are looking for a more durable replacement for your RV steps, MOR / ryde ladders are our preferred choice. We love them because they are easy to install and fold in the caravan on the go. A twist grip lets you release them when it’s time to head out. These ladders adjust between 34 and 36 inches in height, making them compatible with many types of campers. They also have adjustable feet that allow the ladder to sit securely on uneven ground. MOR / ryde steps are durable and waterproof; they also have non-slip strips.

    Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step

    Camco Adjustable Height RV Step Stool (43676)
    • Provides Additional Height: Offers up to 9-inches of additional height and supports up to 1,000 lb.

    Sometimes it is not necessary to climb the steps of RVs all the time. Some of them can even be stored inside the motorhome if they are not being used. If you are looking for a fully adjustable RV step, the best to go for is Camco’s Height Adjustable Aluminum Platform Step. Camping in an RV means taking a lot with you. The first property of the Camco RV stage is that it can tolerate up to 1000 pounds of weight. When you have to carry these heavy loads, it will provide you with comfortable support. Also, it will not break under your weight or that of the item.

    Non-slip rubber feet make them safer. This rv entry steps is perfect for RVs but offers other uses as well. We think they would be great to use at home or in the garage. With just a small adjustment, you can easily choose the perfect height. We even tested them on two people and found they were super strong. The platform is very wide and gives a lot of space. The extra width makes walking easy and safe. Another advantage of Camco is that it can be adjusted to fit the height of your vehicle. Even to level uneven surfaces, you can change its height between 7.5 inches and 9 inches. It is made of sturdy and robust aluminum, with its platform measuring 19 inches x 14.5 inches. All these aspects explain the support provided by the product.

    Being a portable product, you can easily store it inside the vehicle when not in use. This will make it easier for you to use the step and increase its durability as it will not be affected by climatic factors such as rainwater and mud. The weight of the stairs adds to this advantage, as you will have no trouble carrying it anywhere. In case it gets dirty, you can easily clean it.

    Homeon Wheels Stable RV Steps

    Homeon Wheels Safety RV Steps, Adjustable Height Folding Platform Step with Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Handle, Reflective Strips and T Level, 16.5" x 12.2" RV Step Stool, Supports Up to 1000lbs
    • EXTRA STABLE: This adjustable height folding platform step stool offers a 16.5" x 12.2 " platform that can provides extra stability for Rvers comparing to those that only has a 7.9" x 6.3" platfor; Secondly, this RV steps, coming with non-slip rubber feet and gripper strips, can offer super traction when you exiting or entering your RV

    When you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of installing steps and want to keep the cost down, Homeon portable RV stairs are the way to go. The first reason this item is on this list is because of its affordable price. It is less expensive than the majority of the alternatives presented here. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your wallet when making the buy.

    The foldable functionality of Homeon, in my opinion, sets it apart from other portable options. When you aren’t using it, simply fold its legs inwards to make it compact and easy to transport. The step also has a handle on the side to add to your convenience. As a result, you can easily pick it up and go wherever you choose.

    With the option to modify the height, this becomes one of the most useful products to own. It’s also not restricted to being utilised as an RV step. Because it is lightweight and portable, you may put it near sinks or basins to allow your child to thoroughly wash their hands. Why would you want to overlook Homeon wheels when you can get so many perks for such a low price?

    The top has a large 16.5-inch by 12.2-inch platform that can hold weights of up to 1000 pounds. Because the platform is larger than similar other possibilities, it outperforms them. It also has double locking in its legs to ensure that they are firmly secured and do not tremble while climbing. Its legs have rubber grips that increase friction between the legs and the floor. As a result, you may set it anywhere and it will not cause any problems or slippages.

    Quick Products QP-S5W2S Economy 5th Wheel Stair

    Quick Products’ QP-S5W2S 5th Wheel Stair is a good option for RVers searching for steps with a handrail. When climbing these steps, the railing will provide additional stability and support. The handrail’s adaptability comes in handy because it may be attached on either side. It’s an important feature because it allows each user to account for factors such as door swing and comfort. It proves to be an excellent method to make this alternative more appealing in a variety of situations.

    With your RV, pulling out and folding steps sounds fancy because they can simply go out of the way when not in use. They aren’t, however, stable. Any movement in the car can cause them to shake. You may not be able to utilise the stairs at the same time if you have children who are making a mess inside. Many people prefer movable stairs because of this. And one of the better possibilities in this is Quick Products.

    You should be aware that nothing needs to be assembled or mounted in this stair. There will also be no need to fold it every time you need to travel and draw it back when needed. The main advantage here is that you won’t need to become a mechanic specialist to get it right. All you have to do is place it in various spots based on the requirements.

    FLSEPAMB Portable RV Steps

    FLSEPAMB RV Steps RV Step Stool 19" x 12" Aluminum Folding Steps with Anti-Slip Surface, Rubber Feet, Grip Handle, Suitable for RV Travel, Camping, Household Use, Supports Up to 500 lbs
    • 【Strong Stability】:This Aluminum Folding platform step stool features tubular aluminum, has 19" x 12" platform providing stability. The welds are continuous around the four legs and the legs with rubber feet can make the step stand stable on the ground.

    Folding step stool that will make accessing your RV much easier is the FLSEPAMB Portable RV Platform Step. It will save you from having to rely on insecure or dangerous RV stairs, which could put your safety at risk. The seven non-slip gripper strips are one of the key reasons for this option’s increased safety. These features are essential since they all generate friction, ensuring that users do not slip when stepping on this stool.

    Users will also not have to worry about tracking mud or dirt into their RVs. The slotted form of this stool aids in the removal of harmful chemicals from your shoes. I can’t tell you how useful this feature would be for me, given my hiking and bike routines. Furthermore, purchasers profit from the use of this device not just when entering or exiting their RV. Customers have used this stool in their homes, garages, and other places where a stable platform step is needed.

    Adjusting the leg height of this product is also believed to be far more comfortable than other possibilities. Because you can modify them to four various height settings. Holding two buttons on each side of the legs is all that’s required.

    Ollieroo Portable Steel Folding Step Stool

    Ollieroo Metal Folding Step Stool, Wide One Step Stool with Non Slip Rubber Platform, 7 inch One Step Ladder, Max Load 330 lbs for Adults Kids, Portable Foot Stool for Kitchen Bedroom(Grey)
    • FOLDING AND SPACE-SAVING: It is very simple and convenient to use the folding step stool. Super easy to fold away and open the stool in seconds. Our small step stool is only 1.8 inches after the folding. When you don't need it, you can stash it in a drawer, between the refrigerator and wall, or any other narrow place.

    Look no further than the Ollieroo Step Stool for a basic yet effective portable RV step. This step’s platform is 15.2 inches broad and 10.2 inches deep. It’s a very light step, weighing only four pounds, and it’s really easy to move around. This step’s legs extend to a maximum height of 6.8 inches. When the legs are folded in, however, the step is just about two inches thick. This minimum thickness makes it simple to store this step beneath or inside your rig until needed.

    The legs are reinforced with non-slip grips on the feet, and the single platform step has a maximum weight capability of 330 pounds. The anti-slip plastic on the platform’s top is designed for both adults and children, making this step safe for both. It also has a carry handle on the side, making it even easier to transport.

    Among these goods, Ollieroo’s Portable RV Step Stool is the most cost-effective. However, don’t assume that because it’s inexpensive, it can’t assist rig owners on their journeys. It comes with a comprehensive variety of useful features that ensure safe access into your RV.

    Its tough, durable build, which is strengthened with non-slip grips, is an outstanding example. Ollieroo combined these two characteristics to develop a product with top-tier stability and durability.

    Buyers Products 3013658 Poly Step

    Buyers Products’ 3013658 RV Poly Step is a good option for RV owners who don’t like the thought of aluminium or metal RV steps. It’s made of a polyethylene rubber substance that rivals the toughness of these more durable materials. Because its polyethylene substance is UV resistant and has a high density, it may match these other products. As a result, consumers won’t have to worry about long-term damage from the sun or weight.

    You might be shocked to learn that this step can easily carry 350 pounds. As a result, it should be able to hold most persons that seek to use the stairwell. It’s a level of durability I didn’t expect from a product built of this material. The only drawback to these RV stairs is that they appear to weaken a little when exposed to too much sunlight. It still functions and is steady, but it has a wobbly feel about it. This is not a good idea if you have knee problems.

    Mor/Ryde StepAbove 3 Step

    You may believe that any branded RV stair would suffice. When one of the stairs breaks and you fall, you understand how important it is to have a “perfect” set of steps. As a result, you must choose the proper product the first time around if you do not want to waste your money and time.

    MOR/Ryde is what I recommend if you’re looking for camper steps that will allow you to approach and exit your RV safely on uneven ground. During your camping trip, you will need to explore muddy areas with uneven surfaces. As a result of their adjustable feet, these stairs are one of the greatest selections on this list.

    The fact that the product is available in many sizes is the most intriguing feature. You can select one of three alternatives based on the step height, door width, and flange to flange distance. It will allow you to exactly fit the steps on your RV.

    CR Brophy Machine Works AS04 18″ Wide Aluminum Scissor 4 Step

    CR Brophy Machine Works AS04 18" Wide Aluminum Scissor 4 Step, Silver
    • Light weight stairs manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum for maximum strength and durability

    Steps aren’t just for your RV’s front door. They can also be utilised to climb on and off the elevated beds from within the truck. Because all of these heights are different, you can’t use the same model of stairs for numerous uses; instead, you’ll need to hunt for two different products. If you find yourself in a similar scenario, C.R. Brophy is the product you’re looking for.

    Let’s start with the design of the stairs, which sets it apart from all of the other options. The stair is made up of a scissor mechanism that allows it to be folded and stored in numerous locations. The stairs automatically adjust to the terrain on which they are operated.

    There are no doubts about its durability because it is composed of heavy-duty aluminium, which provides both strength and durability. The stair’s mounting brackets are simple to put together. As a result, you won’t have to put in a lot of work to get them correct. There’s also no need to worry about corrosion or other damage because the steps collapse when not in use. The product is also strong enough to give you with the necessary support. There are no restrictions on weight as well. As a result, you may put a lot of weight on them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are RV steps?

    These are the steps leading up to your RV door’s entry. Keep in mind that your camper’s side door is two to four feet high (depending on where you’re parked). You can’t jump in or climb in! This is where a set of camper steps might come in handy.

    How To Make Sure You Get The Right Size RV Steps?

    Measuring your existing steps is the quickest approach to get the proper size RV steps. The width of the stair assembly, the stair height, and the diagonal distance from the centre of the step assembly at the crossbar to the border of the bottom stair are the three key measures you’ll need.

    Start by locating the two mounting bolt holes in the frame if your RV doesn’t already have steps. These are typically located beneath your RV door. At about a 30-degree angle, measure the distance down to the earth from those holes.

    How Many RV Steps Do I Need?

    The majority of camper step models have one to four steps. The amount of stairs you need will be determined by the height of your RV or trailer. Extra steps are required for higher rigs, however more steps can be inconvenient if your rig is lower to the ground.

    Although two-step designs are the most prevalent, many RVers with smaller rigs prefer single-step designs since they are more portable and less expensive. This is also true for RVers who are younger and more active.

    A three- or four-step approach will be beneficial for individuals with a more powerful equipment. These designs allow for shallower steps, which take less effort to complete. This makes them ideal for RVers who are unable to raise their knees extremely high or who use a walker or cane.