Best RV Macerator Pumps 2021

Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump with Garden Hose Discharge Port - 12 VDC Motor
Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self Priming, Run Dry Protection, Waste Evacuation, 12 Volts DC,Black
SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V
Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump with Garden Hose Discharge Port - 12 VDC Motor
Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self Priming, Run Dry Protection, Waste Evacuation, 12 Volts DC,Black
SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V
Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump with Garden Hose Discharge Port - 12 VDC Motor
Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump with Garden Hose Discharge Port - 12 VDC Motor
Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self Priming, Run Dry Protection, Waste Evacuation, 12 Volts DC,Black
Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self Priming, Run Dry Protection, Waste Evacuation, 12 Volts DC,Black
SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V
SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V

Best Portable RV Macerator Pump

Flojet 18555 000A Portable RV Waste Pump with Garden Hose Discharge Port

Our first portable mash pump, the Flojet portable mash pump, leads the product review section in a positive way. You see, this RV shredder pump is easily one of the best in the business for a multitude of reasons. Designed to connect to RV waste outlets and discharge with standard garden hoses, Flojet 18555000A eliminates the need to bring sewer hoses. On top of that, the Flojet 18555000A is a lightweight portable rv pump, so its handling is wonderful compared to conventional grinding pumps. Since the size of debris handled by the Flojet pump rarely exceeds ⅛ of an inch, the chances of blocking also tend to be quite low. Therefore, Flojet 18555000A is the Best RV Macerator Pumps for those who want to conveniently empty debris.

The Flojet toilet pump efficiently empties all black and gray holding tanks and removes up to 30 gallons of waste in less than three minutes. Such speed and efficiency are hard to come by; So; we recommend this device for your vehicle. The Flojet portable rv macerator has several advanced features over other competing brands. For example, this unit is rated at 13 GPM, which is up to three times that of competing products on the market. With this pump, you can pump your trash uphill or around the corners of your RV. The RV waste pump also has a discharge port that allows you to connect an additional hose to clean both the pump and the discharge pipe. This allows you to clean things in a closed system and again reduces your need to get your hands dirty when disposing of your sewage.

The best of its range, this grinder pump gives you a flawless experience. The device includes an on / off switch that may appear to be zero. However, this simple feature will save you time and effort when you want to use the tool. Like the previous product, this pump has a dry run protection feature that shuts down the pump if the tank is dry for more than 30 seconds. This prevents your pump from burning out and damaging your entire system. The pump will give you quick results because it can drain a 30 gallon tank in just three minutes. Industrial blades will reduce debris to a face size of just ⅛ “. This pump also has a water hose inlet that can remove excess debris and debris from your tanks and hose.

If you really don’t want to get too close to your RV’s sewage outlet, you will love the Flojet 18550000a. It comes with a portable on / off switch that allows you to operate it from a safe distance once everything is plugged in properly. Convenience is key when disposing of septic tanks and this grinder pump offers just that.

Given this information, you can imagine that most of the customers who end up buying this fantastic product end up singing its praises in the Flojet RV mash pump reviews. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you can pump out any kind of trash or troublesome materials that might get into your RV’s trash system. It even comes with a portable remote, giving the user unprecedented control over the RV grinder pump experience. Ultimately, this product is an easy-to-use tool that has all the necessary things that you could want in the Best RV Macerator Pumps in 2021.

Best Lightweight RV Macerator Pump

SewerFlo Quick Release RV Macerator Pump

If you want the Best RV Macerator Pumps that is really easy to put on and remove your existing RV’s septic outlet. In fact, it’s compact, lightweight, and fits directly into a standard three-inch RV septic outlet. The SewerFlo Quick Release RV Mash Pump is a fairly standard portable RV mash pump that shouldn’t cause you much trouble while using it. In fact, it probably won’t cause you any problems.

First of all, it has a garden hose inlet that allows for easy cleaning that is a lifesaver. Honestly, some of these pumps can be a real problem to clean, so a product like this could get rid of them. Its ability to easily connect and disconnect in seconds is one such aspect that shows just how convenient this could be for an RV owner. There is nothing worse than a product like a grinder pump that takes forever to set up and use.

The quick release allows you to limit the time spent cleaning, as this feature makes it easy to unplug the device. The only downside to this product is that it can easily break from the materials used in the adapter. The other downside is that this product is not part of a kit, which means you will have to purchase the hose and all other additional necessities yourself. Also, if you are looking for a product that you can use over longer distances, especially when traveling and camping frequently with your RV, you might want to take a look at this quick release RV mash pump. After all, it is also very easy to connect it to the battery of the motorhome for its 12V operation.

With this particular model, this potential problem will never be a problem. It’s also helpful that its design allows it to quickly connect to the standard 3-inch waste outlet. These two features combine to convey the high level of ease of use of this pump. Being able to handle gray and black tanks is another aspect that you can put in the column more for this particular product. And it’ll empty those two tanks pretty quickly thanks to its powerful self-priming pump.

This portable grinder pump is the highest rated product on Amazon. The inlet hose will allow you to clean the entire interior of your hose and tank, removing most of the debris that is still in your tanks. The quick release also makes the cleaning process a bit quicker, ensuring less tech savvy RV owners have no hassle. The same thermal protection included in other products is present and this protection is more than adequate to help limit the damage caused by overheating when shutting down. This product can also pump debris up to 9 feet high. The portability will also give you more flexibility to empty your waste tanks.

Best 24-Volt RV Macerator Pump

Jabsco 18590 Series Macerator Pump

Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self Priming, Run Dry Protection, Waste Evacuation, 12 Volts DC,Black
  • DC macerator waste pump for emptying marine holding tanks, ideal for use when not in a discharge restricted are, also suitable for fish box and livewell receptacles

If you are looking for the Best RV Macerator Pump, the Jabsco 18590 series mash pump is an excellent choice. As you would expect from any RV permanent grinder pump, this product can be installed directly underneath your RV.

This model is part of the 189590 series, which is effective, efficient and durable. This is a self-priming waste disposal system designed to empty marine holding tanks. When not in a restricted discharge area, the Jabsco pump is ideal for use with Livewell containers and fish boxes. In less than three minutes, this unit quietly empties a typical 30 gallon trash container with its quiet motor block.

This pump has a dry running protection system, which is gradually gaining popularity in the industry. It allows your engine to stop when the waste tank is empty, protecting your powerful engine from damage and also helping you save energy. After each drain, users are encouraged to flush their holding tanks with gallons of water as this will reduce the likelihood of sediment build-up. The Jabsco RV Macerator Grinder Pump is a well-designed system that works well for all RVs and campgrounds. It is inexpensive and very efficient.

Reliable and dependable, Jabsco is highly regarded by countless RVs, from beginners to veterans. Featuring a heavy duty four blade shredder, the Jabsco manufactured pump is capable of handling and removing waste at a relatively fast rate. That’s why it only takes a few minutes on 18590-2092 to empty typical RV tanks and that’s a huge plus for time-constrained RVs. Additionally, the Jabsco 18590-2092 uses a stainless steel motor to run consistently under many conditions.

The four-blade design reduces solid waste particles to a size small enough that you don’t have to worry about clogs in the attached pipeline. This blade design will cut through things better than a two blade pump, which you will find important if you’ve ever had to deal with a messy septic blockage. A stainless steel shaft is responsible for the rotation of these blades. Shaft force is really what will make or break the operation of this pump.

What makes 115VAC units so popular is that they run faster than any other type of RV Macerator Pump. Alternating current is much more efficient when the pump is running, which means that the waste tank will empty more quickly. The dry run feature is an added bonus that automatically shuts off when your tank is empty, which means you can get on with your work without having to wait and turn it off. Durability is not an issue with the use of stainless steel materials. The only downsides that come with the product are that it can easily overheat due to its high-voltage design, plus the dry-running feature isn’t as efficient as the manufacturers claim.

Best Quick Release RV Macerator Pump

Shurflo 3200 001 12V Macerator Pump

SHURFLO (3200-001 12V Macerator Pump
  • Designed specifically for sanitation waste and fish box evacuation, SHURFLO's Macerator pump features a premium impeller design with run-dry capability and includes our seamless shell e-coated motor with O-ring sealed end bells and sealed manual turn key

The SHURFLO 3200-001 12V Macerator Pump is the first permanent rv macerator on our list, which means that you should expect it to be around your RV for quite some time. It also helps that it has a variety of features that make it a top-notch product. Its dual blade and shell construction is one of those features, as it ensures that this product has unique polishing capabilities. In fact, many customer reviews have praised the crushing performance of this model when it comes to its ability to prevent debris from clogging.

In use, the Shurflo pump’s double-blade system quickly grinds debris into a slurry that could be removed with standard water hoses. The 3200-001’s sublime performance means you don’t have to wait long to empty your RV’s waste tanks. Additionally, the Shurflo 3200-001 has basic maintenance requirements, making it the best RV grinder pump for people who want to spend more time traveling and less time maintaining equipment. For its values, the Shurflo pump is inexpensive and earns praise from many RV grinder pump reviews. As proof of confidence, Shurflo gladly offers anyone who chooses their RV grinder pump a one-year warranty. Therefore, if your Shurflo 3200-001 breaks down due to manufacturing defects, you can claim a free replacement.

One of the fastest and most efficient pumps available today, the Shurflo certainly deserves a place on our top pick list. With a maximum flow rate of 13 GPM, it allows users to empty their water tanks quickly and easily. However, the unit may need to be replaced every year. It is one of the best RV mash pump systems not only for a trusted brand, but also for its robust features and functions. It’s tough, ensuring it will last for years and meet our strict requirements. Especially when our platform is away from the sewer, we can count on the great performance of this pump that will help us empty the waste without breaking down.

Combining a rugged engine and thermally protected construction, the Shurflo 3200-001 never fails to meet the expectations of recreational vehicle enthusiasts. Since the 3200-001 is quite lightweight, you should have a hard time moving it from place to place. Apart from that, Shurflo’s grinding pump housing is highly resistant to knocks and knocks, ensuring stable operation in a variety of environments. It should be noted that the Shurflo 3200-001 can run dry without damage.

Clean Dump CDTO Twist On Portable Macerator System

If you really need a RV Macerator System that can move your RV’s waste a considerable distance uphill, you should look into the Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System.

The Clean Dump Twist-On Macerator System is well designed and is a great RV companion for all your debris. This shredding system includes all the necessary needs for efficient waste removal, such as alligator shavings and hose. It does not use gravity, but the product can pump its waste up to 150 feet. This Clean Pump RV shredder system operates efficiently thanks to its durable stainless steel frame. The same material is used for the pump shaft, which improves its performance and also extends the durability of the model. It can also withstand high pressure levels. This pump system comes as a complete kit, which is one of the many reasons we recommend it.

As a complete portable shredding system, Clean Dump CDTO can be used right out of the box. Equipped with a stainless steel cutter and wear plate, the CDTO converts waste into tiny particles that accelerate waste removal. The RV Macerator Pump is capable of moving trash up to 150 feet, so you don’t have to worry too much about reach. Similar to its competition, CDTO is a self-priming model, so you have several options in terms of mounting position. The Clean Dump CDTO mulching pump port is designed to accept common hoses and that is why you can say goodbye to handling / washing dirty sewer hoses. In addition, the pump impeller is made of stainless steel which will hold together well if used regularly. If the impeller gets stuck, all you need to break it is a screwdriver. Lastly, the grinding pump used by CDTO has a handy automatic shutdown that kicks in after about 20 seconds of dry running.

This clean and fast operation ensures a hassle-free process with quick results, that’s all that everyone wants from a product like this. It is also helpful that this particular model works with all Clean Dump hoses. This model, which is a complete kit, is not bad either, as it comes equipped with all the essentials you need for a grinder system, such as a 10-foot hose, alligator clips, and a power cord. 20 feet. It also comes with a Flojet 18555 grinding pump.

This portable RV Macerator Pump comes with a full kit of materials and features that other brands wouldn’t bother to include. The pump itself can run up to 150 feet, depending on the environment and the waste flow can also be regulated, thanks to the plastic faucet. However, while the 150-foot distance capability sounds impressive, that’s not what you get in the box. The included hose will only go ten feet away. Stainless steel effectively protects the tree. However, the widely used plastic material is not as durable as you would like and will not last long if abused.

Best Budget RV Macerator Pump

Amarine Made 12V Self-priming RV Macerator Pump

The Amarine Macerator Pump is another fantastic product on our list with its almost unbeatable price. But the good thing is that it is not affected by performance given its relatively low price. You see, this RV grinder pump makes sure the engine never gets too hot with thermal protection. With this thermal protection, you ensure that your pump will be protected against blockage overwork. Therefore, you never have to worry about the pump overheating. Instead, this pump will stop before it becomes a problem. Part-time or seasonal RVs could benefit by selecting an inexpensive mash pump such as the Amarine Made Self-Priming Pump. For an RV sewer pump that can remove up to 12 gallons of liquid waste per minute, this selection is extremely affordable and inexpensive. This pump has a thermal limiting function that protects the internal motor from overheating. This usually happens if a blockage occurs and the motor keeps working overtime to clear it.

Despite being a more economical model, this pump also has dry-running protection. Like the others above, this means the engine won’t be damaged if you run it and walk away for a while before coming back to check. Disposing of junk from RVs often takes a few minutes, so it’s something I do often when I’m in the middle of other tasks. Dry run protection is a great feature to protect your investment if you get distracted and don’t return to check your pump for longer than expected. Finally, one of the best features of this grinder pump is its portability. It connects directly to your RV’s septic outlet and can be easily removed when needed, making it ideal for anyone with an older RV who might consider upgrading their rig in the next two years.

Giving you peace of mind with thermal protection, overheating is a common problem that only certain devices can protect against. The portable and flexible nature will allow you to use this pump in any RV and in any situation. The 12 foot lift will also help reach taller sewage tanks. Along with that, the 12 GPM will also empty your tank in no time. The only downside to using this product is that the kit does not include all the additional parts and features that other products offer. You will need to purchase all of these parts separately.

SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V

SeaLand T-Series Sanipump Discharge and Macerator Pump with Whisper Quiet Motor T12 12V
  • An industry standard, the T-series discharge pump has been redesigned to reduce audible noise

If you don’t want to install a loud macerator pump to help with waste disposal, the SeaLand T-Series Sanipump is a good option. The T-Series RV waste macerators have been developed to be substantially quieter when operating, so you don’t irritate yourself or your RV park neighbors. This pump, designed to handle up to 240 gallons of waste per hour, has plenty of capacity for RVs with 50-gallon wastewater tanks.

With a macerator pump, having a big capacity is essential because you won’t be able to just open your septic valves and let gravity do the work. The waste pump itself must have sufficient capacity to keep things moving smoothly. And, if you leave your pump running to dispose of garbage, you won’t have to worry about it running dry because, unlike many impeller pumps, this kind is engineered to go dry without causing damage.

Remco 9911-02-12 Macerator Pump

Remco 9911-02-12 Macerator Pump #2 Stainless
  • Package Dimensions: 10.922 L X 32.258 H X 15.24 W (Centimeters)

This pumping system may be an excellent choice for conventional RV and marine sanitary pumping applications. It fits gray and black water tanks and cheerfully produces professional-grade results even for inexperienced users. In terms of performance, it is nothing short of outstanding it exceeded expectations with its effective garbage management.

Furthermore, the garbage disposal place was approximately 60 feet from the carrier truck. Using a reasonably long hose with this kit resulted in nearly no problems. This unit can also accommodate 3-inch standard quick-attach intake ports, which are common in travel trailers. As a result you canremove this macerator pump and transfer it to another RV without causing major problems.

What are the factors to consider when choosing an RV macerator pump?

Different Types of RV Macerator Pumps

Macerator pumps for carriers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications. However, all types of RV macerator systems, whether a 120v RV macerator pump or a 12v device, can be divided into two categories: permanent and portable.

Permanent Pumps

Permanent macerator pumps are preferable if you have a specific place beneath your RV where they can be easily installed. Permanent macerator pumps are also ideal for anyone who wishes to do a one-time installation and reap the benefits of the pump indefinitely.

Portable Pumps

Portable waste pumps are usually the best option for older RVs. Most older RVs lack a built-in macerator, as do some modern models. That is why, for older RV owners, a portable option is preferable. The extra benefit is that you will be able to transport the pump if you decide to upgrade to a newer RV.

Portable pumps are also an excellent alternative for anyone who is unable to establish a permanent solution due to the nature of their RV setup.

Frequency Of Use

The amount of time you intend to utilize your rv sewer pump will determine the best solution for you. Infrequent users, for example, may benefit from a portable pump that can be withdrawn and kept in a robust carrying case until the next time it is needed.

However, if you reside in an area where you will be utilizing your waste pump multiple times each month, you will want a more permanent solution. This way, you only have to install the pump once, make sure it has enough power, and then use it with the push of a button every time you need to dispose of RV waste.


The last thing you want is for your RV’s waste disposal device to fail unexpectedly. You also don’t want the pump to become inoperable after a few uses. As a result, it is strongly advised to pay close attention to the durability of an RV waste pump’s construction before purchasing the item.


Macerator pumps are not created by magic, especially when cleaning and maintenance are taken into account. In other words, these machines are incapable of self-cleaning. If you want these gadgets to operate well for the rest of their lives, they must be serviced on a regular basis. The average unit should be cleaned once every few weeks. To be cautious, though, always examine the owner’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RV Macerator Pump?

RV macerator pump is remarkably similar to a trash disposal in the kitchen sink. As you can see, it connects to your waste output and grinds it up. The garbage is then pushed through a garden hose-sized hose into an appropriate waste-containing zone.

It primarily serves as an alternative trash remover in times of crisis, such as when your black and gray waste values do not line up with the RV dump station or when your RV is parked too far away from it. In either instance, an RV macerator pump would be really beneficial.

How does a RV macerator pump work?

A macerator waste water pump can help to reduce the mess and stress of emptying trash from an RV. The machine grinds and mashes relatively large garbage into smaller particles before combining it with water for disposal. That is the basic operation of these devices. However, their inner workings constitute sophisticated networks of components that operate in unison to generate the desired results.

An RV black water macerator pump is reasonably easy to find, although some RV macerator pumps can work with both black and gray waste tanks. Furthermore, these adaptable models are ideal selections because they provide greater versatility and a better value.

Why do I need a RV Macerator Pump?

For RV owners, the best-case scenario is to always have access to a dumping station or a site with full hookups. However, any RVer will tell you that this isn’t always the case. A RV macerator will allow you to grind up your RV waste into a small enough size that you will be able to dump it in places where you would not otherwise be able to.

How do I install my RV Macerator Pump?

The precise installation instructions for your macerator pump will differ based on the manufacturer. Before turning on your pump for the first time, carefully read all instructions to guarantee appropriate installation. If the instructions are unclear, contact the manufacturer before using your pump for the first time.

How to use RV macerator pump?

In general, the procedure for operating an RV macerator pump will resemble the following step-by-step guide:

To begin, connect your RV macerator pump to the waste outlet on your RV.
Connect the RV macerator pump to the exit hose.
Run the hose to the location where you want the waste to go, such as a sewer entrance or a toilet.
Connect the pump to your RV’s battery.
Remove the drain valve from your tank.
Start the pump.
Run it until the waste no longer flows out.
Switch it off.

How far will a Macerator Pump?

“It depends,” is the response to that query. Some types can pump trash up to 25 feet vertically. Others are capable of vertical pumping over a shorter distance.

Some of the most powerful RV macerator pumps may shoot garbage up to 300 feet horizontally. Casual users, on the other hand, may choose to employ an RV macerator that can pump waste water from a distance of 100 feet or less.