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Do You Need to Rotate RV Tires?

    Updated December 12, 2022

    This is a common query among more recent RV owners and those taking their dogs along. You might be asking if RV furnaces are safe because safety should always come first in life. Yes, it is the answer. Furnaces for RVs are just as safe as ones for homes, but as with anything, you must be sure to take the right safety precautions.

    Do RV Tires Need to Be Rotated?

    Yes, you should rotate the tires on your RV. RV tires experience regular wear and tear, just like any other vehicle. This covers concerns like mechanical faults that hasten tread wear as well as uneven wear caused by regular driving. The majority of professionals advise rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual if it contains more detailed information regarding tire rotation.

    You might not need to rotate the tires before it’s time to replace them if you don’t frequently use your RV. But failing to rotate your tires could cause them to dry out and break. Driving on them keeps them flexible. As a result, your tires may become dangerous even before it’s time to rotate them if you don’t drive your RV frequently, especially if they are exposed to UV radiation.

    Why Are RV Tire Rotations Important?

    There are several reasons why tire rotations are crucial. Safety comes first. Uneven tire wear can make driving less safe and raise the risk of blowouts and other hazards. Additionally beneficial to the general health of your equipment is having tires that wear more uniformly. Driving will be less jarring if the tires are wearing evenly.

    You may also save money by rotating the tires on your RV. The fundamental goal of tire rotation is to ensure that all of your tires are wearing equally so that they last longer. The savings from not having to change tires increase with the size of the RV. Tire rotation not only extends tire life but also enables spot inspections.

    Which RV Tires Should You Worry About Rotating?

    When it comes to rotation, you should pay attention to each tire. Under typical circumstances, the front tires frequently lose their durability first. This is due to the fact that they exert the most force when turning. If your rear tires are “duallys,” meaning they come in sets of two on each side, rotate your front tires more frequently. You should also examine your dualies, though.

    Do Trailer Tires Need to Be Rotated Too?

    Trailer tires need to be rotated since they deteriorate over time like the tires on your car. But similarly to your autos, keep an eye out for uneven tire wear on your trailer. Your tires may be overinflated if the middle of the tread wears out, for example. Underinflation could be indicated by more wear on the edges on the outside. Your trailer may be overloaded to one side if the tires on one side show excessive wear compared to the other.