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Best RV Screen Rooms 2023

    Updated February 12, 2023

    Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning
    Solera 362230 Family Room - 15', Gray
    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17' RV Awnings,Gray with Dark Gray Trim,211600A
    Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning
    Solera 362230 Family Room - 15', Gray
    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17' RV Awnings,Gray with Dark Gray Trim,211600A
    Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning
    Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning
    Solera 362230 Family Room - 15', Gray
    Solera 362230 Family Room - 15', Gray
    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17' RV Awnings,Gray with Dark Gray Trim,211600A
    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17' RV Awnings,Gray with Dark Gray Trim,211600A

    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room

    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17' RV Awnings,Gray with Dark Gray Trim,211600A
    • Fits traditional manual and 12V vertical Arm awnings. Note: Size listed refers to the center of arm to center of arm measurements of your awning Frame. Fits awnings with an awning rail to ground measurements between 86" To 138".

    CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room is the Best RV Screen Rooms in 2023. This rv awning screen room is the model for you if you want an RV awning space that you can enjoy the great outdoors in. It’s the most adaptable placement for a reason; it is designed to fit in just about anywhere. The setup is straightforward, and you can position the door anywhere in the room, giving you lots of flexibility to account for wind direction and other environmental considerations. This feature is one of my favourites, and I was able to make this space ready in about ten to fifteen minutes.

    This RV Screen Room comes with a set of privacy panels inside the chamber, which you can use to create a secure enclosure or open to let in the light. The glass panels let plenty of natural light into the area while still keeping the rain out. This model is impermeable to a degree, but not totally. It’s possible that rain or pests will find their way in.

    This Screen Room for RV is a good option if you want a versatile screen room. The door can be mounted on either the left or right side. It is compatible with both manual and automatic awnings. The support beams of the awning keep the roof material taut and provide an optimal slope for rainfall drainage. Clear panels zip shut on the outside of the room to keep the rain out without obstructing your view. Ground anchors, a skirting panel, and a carrying bag are all included.

    Carefree prepared a detailed video on how to set this up for the first time, in addition to the accompanying instructions. Both the printed instructions and the video demonstration are very clear, so even first-time owners will have no trouble putting it up. The dual-window panels are the most intriguing element of this device. It contains glass outside panels that protect you from the elements without obscuring your view, as well as inner blacked-out panels that provide privacy.

    Carefree Vacation’r Screen Room

    Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to 19' Awning
    • Fits awning rail to ground measurements of 86 inch to 150 inch

    If you are looking for the best rv screen rooms that is easy to install and maintain, the Vacation’r display room is for you! This fits most 18-19 foot canopies. You don’t need to drill holes in your motorhome or go to a dealer to install it. The Carefree of Colorado Vacation’r Screen Room fits most traditional awnings with an eight foot span and most 12V models. If you have a Carefree 12V canopy, this screen room is an excellent choice for your RV. Because its water drainage function has been specially designed to work with your own brand awnings. Thanks to its one-piece design, whatever the brand of your compatible awning is, installation is quick and easy. Plus, you don’t have to put permanent fasteners on your rig with the drill- and tool-free installation process. It’s also easy to disassemble and the entire piece fits neatly into the included storage bag, ready to go to your next destination.

    While this Screen Room doesn’t lean toward the elements, it’s still light enough that you can take it on the road. Plus, it’s versatile and fits almost any RV. You also don’t need to be a master installer to set it up. Just play and you are ready to enjoy your virtual reality adventure in style. This model is also ideal for those who live or travel in rainier climates, as it is equipped with a rain discharge function that will prevent water from accumulating on the roof. You can sit inside during a storm and not feel a drop. This screen room is a solid option for those who want a hassle-free and fuss-free option.

    This awning screen room is also ideal for those who live or travel in rainier climates, as it is equipped with a rain discharge function that will prevent water from accumulating on the roof. You can sit inside during a storm and not feel a drop. This screen room is a solid option for those who want a hassle-free and fuss-free option. It is also highly weather resistant and features multi-position privacy panels that keep rain, as well as prying eyes, out firmly. Please note that while privacy panels work well, they are located on the outside. The zippered door is of good quality, but you may want to replace it with a version with a magnetic closure screen if you have a lot of traffic.

    This easy-to-install RV screen room includes everything you need, including baseboards for your RV’s open areas, as well as ground stakes, a storage bag, and awning rail clips. Although there are cheaper versions, they do not have the same high functionality and ease of installation. In short, this is one of the best virtual reality screening rooms if you need a lightweight, easy-to-install model that offers great compatibility.

    Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Setup

    Purchasing Coleman’s Screened RV Canopy Tent is one of the most straightforward ways to incorporate a screened room into your RVing excursions. This 12′ by 10′ construction should provide enough of space to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bugs. As a result, customers will have 90 square feet of insect-free shade in which to engage in a variety of enjoyable activities. It becomes an exceedingly comfy location to kick back and relax while reading a favourite book or sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.

    With its double-thick fabric, you can anticipate this product to last a long time. It should be able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Several buyers were astounded by how successfully it withstood heavy rainstorms and winds. Coleman’s addition of a wheeled carry case was a great touch. As you can expect, this makes transporting the canopy tent much easier. It also provides excellent storage, which is critical for RV owners.

    This awning screen room is also one of our least expensive options, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on it. It’s fairly uncommon to hear bargain customers, like myself, say that they received a good deal on this item.

    If you want to eat outside when you’re on a motorhome trip this summer, without getting bitten by mosquitoes or keeping flies and insects away, check out the Coleman Armored Canopy Tent. While this is not, strictly speaking, an RV screening room, it is a great alternative that is perfect for the motorhome. Although it does not fit your motorhome, it is available at a very reasonable price. Coleman boasts that this screen house can be set up in minutes. It actually takes 15-30 minutes for him to set it up, depending on whether he has help and how close he is. Completely self-contained, the metal feet have holes that allow you to install them. It takes about the same time to fit into your wheeled carry bag, making it easy to transport to and from your trailer as it is quite heavy.

    Lippert Components Solera Family Room

    Solera 362230 Family Room - 15', Gray
    • ADDED SPACE — This screen room is a great way to add extra space to your campsite for dining, entertaining, sleeping or more

    The Solera 362231 RV Patio Awning Family Room is without a doubt one of the greatest screen enclosures for RVs and campers on the market. It wins this spot thanks to a variety of appealing features, including fully zippered privacy screens. These panels are a great addition for anyone who appreciates being able to relax in their RV patio rooms without interruption. Furthermore, these panels perform an excellent job of keeping rain and wind out of the enclosure.

    It’s an ideal circumstance for someone like me who appreciates nature but prefers to do so from the comfort of a closed environment. After all, I could always use these panels if Mother Nature decides to become a little boisterous.

    The Solera Family Room is a popular RV display room that adds up to 160 square feet of enclosed space for your RV. While it fits most 15ft manual and power awnings, please note that it is only compatible with Solera, Carefree and Domestique awnings. This mesh RV room is a great way to enjoy summer camping trips without bug bites. It is large enough to use the additional space as a dining room, kitchen or additional bedroom. For added privacy or when the weather starts to change, simply lower the all-weather panels and get ready for a dry, comfortable night in any weather.

    This model fits almost all types of RVs. Check your specs before purchasing, but you should be good to go. It also has a universal fit, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time. It comes with its own storage bag and is easy to install and disassemble. One of the biggest drawbacks is also what makes it so portable. This model is a light fabric, ideal for the sun but that will not withstand torrential rains or snow.

    This screen by Solera is made of light gray vinyl. It has 160 feet of enclosed space. Screened windows and vinyl roof protect you from the sun and insects. Fully zippered privacy panels keep out rain and prying eyes from neighbors near the campsite. The room ceiling is compatible with 12 volt canopies ranging in length from 10 to 21 feet. It includes a practical carrying bag for easy transport.

    ARB 813208A Awning Room

    ARB 813208A Awning Room Accesory (Deluxe w/Floor 2000mm x 2500mm Heavy Duty) for ARB Awning 814409 2000x25000
    • AWNING IS NOT INCLUDED BUT NECESSARY, Product ONLY compatible with ARB Awning 814409 or previous ARB models That are 2000x2500 or 6.5' x 8.2'

    If you don’t have an RV awning but still want to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, you don’t need to build an RV screened-in room. Instead, you can opt for the ARB awning. It will attach to the ARB 2500 x 2500 awning, which is designed to work with 4 × 4 off-road vehicles.

    Make the most of camping with your 4 × 4 or trailer with the ARB awning. Compatible with the ARB4402A and 814201 ARB canopies, this practical RV screened room is a great way to enhance your time outdoors. Use it as a fully enclosed room, roll sideways and enjoy the view, or protect yourself from insect bites with the mesh panels, this versatile model is highly versatile and extremely practical. With its waterproof floor, it is a great addition to any off-road trip. Even with the all-weather sides down, accessibility remains excellent thanks to the zippered access doors located on all four walls.

    Its mesh outer walls can be rolled up so you can enjoy nature in the shade of your awning. When the bugs start to bother you, all you have to do is close the panels and you are safe from the outside. In case of rain or when you need a bit of privacy, lowering the exterior walls will create a completely enclosed space just for you. In addition, the ARB awning has a floor. The room is waterproof, so even when it rains it won’t get wet from the water flowing from outside. It comes with 2 ropes and 6 stakes, allowing you to keep it fixed to the ground, even in strong winds.

    ARB was also kind enough to throw in two guys’ ropes and six pegs with each order. Their inclusions make securing the room more easier, particularly in high winds. You should never find yourself in a situation where the room can’t endure the weather.

    Innova 16′ Limited Add-A-Room

    16' Limited Add-A-Room
    • Fits most straight-sided RVs with awning rail to ground dimension of 100" to 138"

    INNOVA Limited Add-A-Room can be your best bet if you’re looking for an economical weatherproof awning add-a-room. This company was able to keep the price of their product low without sacrificing overall performance. As a result, it becomes a bargain hunter’s dream.

    If you don’t have a toolbox or don’t feel like fumbling with a bunch of confusing instructions after a long day on the road, check out my recommendation for the easiest RV screen room setup. This one could be set up while you sleep, and the greatest part is that it’s incredibly robust. The room is sealed off with built-in rafters and braces that protect you from any unexpected storms. This screen room is a durable option that comes with a one-year warranty.

    The flexibility to work with both manual and electric awnings was one of the most striking features of this screen room. Of course, it’s more suited to manual types, but it’s also compatible with a variety of electrical possibilities. Another feature that drew my notice was the product’s build. It’s made of reinforced vinyl, heavy-duty grommets, and tough YKK zippers for long-lasting performance. With this screen room, you can expect to receive the most bang for your dollars.

    It also contains built-in components that guard against corrosion and rust. The twist fasteners, for example, are nickel-plated and offer rust-resistance characteristics. When it came to creating this endlessly great product, this brand went all out.

    To turn this space into a completely distinct room, use the privacy panels. If you like, you can even have guests sleep inside. Use screens instead for a breath of fresh air, opening up the space so that the entire family can enjoy the sunshine without being bothered by pests or the weather.

    Alvantor Screen House Outdoor Canopy

    Alvantor Screen House for RVs should be on your radar if you’re seeking for a large space. This screen room has a capacity of 4 to 15 people, depending on the size. As a result, even the largest families travelling together will find this model ideal.

    The smallest model is 10 x 10 x 7 feet in size, with enough room for at least four adults. It has a fabric top that provides sun protection but is not waterproof. Its all-mesh sides provide 360-degree ventilation but do not provide weather protection. Because there is no possibility to add privacy screens, it is primarily used for lounging. It cannot, however, be used to increase your living or sleeping space.

    You could imagine that deploying this large choice would take a long time, yet it also excels in this area. The entire setup takes less than a minute because it opens automatically as it is removed from its bag. As a result, this model becomes a fantastic choice for those who appreciate being one with nature. It’s the ideal spot for unwinding and relaxing after a long day of RVing.

    Especially in heavy gusts, the chamber will readily fold down. However, this is designed to prevent the chamber from lifting off in those conditions and causing damage to itself or other properties. Sandbags, guylines, and mounting stakes are supplied to keep this tent stable. The chamber should be able to withstand moderately strong winds if done correctly.

    Shade Pro Villa Room Enclosure for Electric Awnings

    ShadePro - Villa RV Awning Screen Room - Add Room for Your Family Under Your RV Awning - Camper Screen Room for RV Patio or Porch Enclosure - Size 18 feet
    • Awning Screen Room for RVs: Fits most straight-sided RVs with awning rail to ground dimensions of 100" to 141" with side panels custom made to best match your awning's pitch.

    Due to its heavy-duty marine-grade fabric, the ShadePro Villa Awning Enclosure for RVs is a very durable alternative. It shouldn’t have any issue guaranteeing that this RV screen room gives years of reliable service. Because Shade Pro customises their product to match your RV, the Villa Room Enclosure is one of the best fitting RV screen room enclosures available. If you order from them, they will inquire about the size of your RV awning so that you may be assured of a proper fit.

    Drilling a couple of holes on the side of your car to secure the brackets that will hold it in place is required for installation. If you don’t want to drill holes in your RV, you can get the optional snapless side panels. The first few times you build the room, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. As a result, while getting help from another person is encouraged, if you grasp the process, you may complete it in half an hour or less on your own.

    You could reverse the panels to have the privacy flaps on the inside or outside, just like some of the more costly RV screen room kits. However, for optimal rain protection, I recommend that you keep it outside. You may also customise the door by putting it at the front or back of your vehicle.

    Wenzel Smartshade Screen Walls

    Wenzel Smartshade Screen Walls
    • Screen walls designed to fit the 10 ft x 10 ft Wenzel Smartshade canopy

    Wenzel Smartshade RV Screen Walls aren’t a whole RV screen kit, but they are an easy way to update your current one. These walls are made to suit most 10′ x 10′ canopy frames without difficulty. It also doesn’t take much work to attach them to a canopy’s frame. These items include hooks and velcro fasteners to make the process as simple as possible. I was surprised at how simple it was to replace my old, worn mesh walls with these.

    You can greatly benefit from having heavy-duty polyester mesh shielding your RV screen room once these walls are built. This mesh will keep insects out while still allowing you to see what’s going on around you.

    Two zippered apertures are included in the design to facilitate access. It is far more convenient than other methods for entering and exiting the RV screen room. After all, it will ensure that no one is forced to use the same door.

    Given its cheap price, it may also be our most cost-effective option. Many RV owners may be able to save spending hundreds of dollars on a whole new RV screen room by purchasing these walls. In some circumstances, all that is required of your old chamber is a little upgrade to its mesh walls.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do RV Screen Rooms Work?

    By enclosing the area under your RV’s awning, RV screen rooms provide additional space to the side of your RV. An awning must be erected on your car, as it will function as the room’s roof. To get the maximum room out of it, completely extend it and make sure it doesn’t fold in on itself.

    Some rooms may require additional drilling to fasten brackets on your motorhome side for fixing the side panels, depending on the model. Others have snapless side panels that don’t require any extra bodywork on your car. Regardless of the model, you will hang the top portion of the screen room on the awning sides to set it up. The lower half will then need to be secured using pegs and ropes, which are usually included in the package.

    On the RV side, you’ll need to install skirts to cover the motorhome’s lower portion. After that, a wheel-well cover will be fitted over the wheel, entirely enclosing the space. These are only general guidelines for most rooms; you’ll need to check with the manufacturer for precise instructions, as each model differs in terms of features.

    How to clean RV screen room?

    You simply need to wash your RV screen room with clean, fresh water once a season to maintain it clean. If you have to pack it up while it’s still damp, make sure to dry it as soon as possible to avoid mildew ruining your tent. Avoid putting sharp things near it, especially if you have a mesh screen room; while they can take a beating, you don’t want to risk breaking it, especially when you’re outside.

    Make no campfires within or near the screen room when camping outside. Heat and smoke could harm it, and if you get too close, you could accidentally set it on fire. If you’re packing up the room, make sure to fold it neatly rather than crumpling it and stuffing it into a bag. As a result, its service life will be extended and inadvertent damage to the panel surfaces will be avoided.