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Best RV Stereos 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Jensen JWM62A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Bluetooth Wallmount Stereo with App Control, Plays: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3, DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEG, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby Black 8.5" x 8.5"
    iRV Technology iRV34 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 /USB/SD/HDMI/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones wall mount RV Radio Stereo
    Jensen JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia Navigation System, Electronic AM/FM Tuner with RBDS, DVD/CD/MP3/WMA Playback, Built-in Bluetooth with External Microphone, Built-in GPS navigation and Mapping
    Jensen JWM62A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Bluetooth Wallmount Stereo with App Control, Plays: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3, DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEG, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby Black 8.5" x 8.5"
    iRV Technology iRV34 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 /USB/SD/HDMI/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones wall mount RV Radio Stereo
    Jensen JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia Navigation System, Electronic AM/FM Tuner with RBDS, DVD/CD/MP3/WMA Playback, Built-in Bluetooth with External Microphone, Built-in GPS navigation and Mapping
    Jensen JWM62A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Bluetooth Wallmount Stereo with App Control, Plays: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3, DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEG, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby Black 8.5" x 8.5"
    Jensen JWM62A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Bluetooth Wallmount Stereo with App Control, Plays: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3, DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, JPEG, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby Black 8.5" x 8.5"
    iRV Technology iRV34 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 /USB/SD/HDMI/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones wall mount RV Radio Stereo
    iRV Technology iRV34 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 /USB/SD/HDMI/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones wall mount RV Radio Stereo
    Jensen JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia Navigation System, Electronic AM/FM Tuner with RBDS, DVD/CD/MP3/WMA Playback, Built-in Bluetooth with External Microphone, Built-in GPS navigation and Mapping
    Jensen JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia Navigation System, Electronic AM/FM Tuner with RBDS, DVD/CD/MP3/WMA Playback, Built-in Bluetooth with External Microphone, Built-in GPS navigation and Mapping

    Jensen JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

    Our first product is the Jensen JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo, which offers many features that would be perfect for any equipment owner. This Bluetooth VR stereo system makes the device easier to use compared to other models. Jensen JWM60A is an all-in-one model that can suit the audio needs of current RVing aficionados in a variety of settings. This RV stereo would take a wide range of audio sources at any time because to its universal format support. Furthermore, it has an integrated Bluetooth connecting button, allowing users to easily stream audio wirelessly. The wireless connection has a range of about thirty feet, which is more than enough for most recreational RVs.

    Jensen’s Bluetooth USB CD / DVD AM / FM Wall Mount Stereo System is a digital AM / FM tuner with 30 programmable preset stations, 12 AM and 18 FM. It has electronic fader and bass balance controls and uses a skip protected disc mechanism and has a sleek, slim profile designed to cover mounting screws. The most popular features of this radio are that it allows us to connect our devices via bluetooth and we can also download a free Jensen jControl application that will allow us to control the basic functions of the radio through our smartphones.

    In fact, it even has a 33-foot range, which means you shouldn’t have a problem accessing it from outside your RV, either. It can also work with various video formats such as DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD, and JPEG. It seems that Jensen thought of everything when creating this product with features like these. This product even has a slimmer profile design to allow you to easily hide the product’s mounting screws. The USB input is another nice touch that Jensen added to this fantastic device. This USB input has proven capable of charging both Android and iPhone devices. You shouldn’t have any reason to leave your phone low on battery with this device on board your RV. All you need to do is plug it in while driving and the battery will charge quickly. It has three speaker zones and an eight speaker output that gives us total control over music playback throughout the house. This stereo will play different formats. Jensen JWM60A is one of Best RV Stereos in 2023.

    BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo

    BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Car Stereo - Single Din, Bluetooth, No CD DVD Player, AM/FM Radio Receiver, Wireless Remote Control, MP3, USB, Aux-in,
    • Next Generation 616UAB - Now includes Dimmable Illumination for Buttons and LCD Display, Updated Dancing LED lights, and Added Mute Function

    Boss Audio Systems is a well-known audio business that produces a wide range of audio equipment for your RV, including speakers, components, accessories, and even stereo players. Because it is the most economical RV stereo on this list, the Boss Audio Systems 616AUB RV radio is ranked first. Even at its current price, it has a total power output of 200 watts, which is quite impressive. The best aspect is that it can do all of this while maintaining a single din physical size, making it extremely portable.

    Despite its small size, it has a variety of connecting choices, including Bluetooth, USB, aux, and radio, allowing you to listen to any music track you want. Backlighting on the LCD display ensures that it is visible even at night. One of the best things about Boss Audio Systems is that, despite their low price, they come with a relatively long 3-year warranty.

    Jensen JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia Navigation System

    Wall-mounted RV stereo systems aren’t much better than Jensen’s JRV9000R Touchscreen VR Multimedia Navigation System. As with all products from this brand, it has been built with top-notch functionality and unmatched durability. This particular model is separated from its integrated navigation system. This should make it easier to find your next campground and help you avoid problem areas along the way. Several buyers have pointed to this feature to save them a lot of time on long-distance hikes. You should also find the product’s 6.2-inch touchscreen attractive. This feature makes it much more comfortable to use than with similar devices. It makes it easy to switch between its many functions, such as using Bluetooth, listening to AM / FM radio, or using HDMI-connected devices.

    This touch screen has many useful features such as HDMI / MHL input, Sirius XM capabilities, Bluetooth, and AM / FM tuner. Each of these should make your life on the road that little bit more exciting. With these characteristics in mind, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a way to entertain yourself on those long trips across the country. It has everything a person could want in any of these devices, and it features some aspects that most companies don’t even think of offering. I also love the front USB drive on this product to ensure an easy way to charge your iPad or iPhone. It’s a nice little touch to make sure you can always charge your phone when you need it on the road. This device also has built-in navigation, which will come in handy on your travels. This will make it much easier to get to your next stop. In addition, it will ensure that you take the fastest route possible, with a world-class navigation system.

    If you’re looking for one with camera inputs, you might want to check out the item that comes with three camera inputs with presets, including Flat, Classic, Optimal, Jazz, Rock, and Techno. There is really nothing more we can ask for in the model that has these options. So, when comparing different HDMI RV entertainment system products, you may want to check out this model. It is also lightweight and compact weighing only 5.5 pounds.

    However, some people have reported calibration problems. However, these were only isolated. Most of the feedback this stereo has received has been positive. It is also one of the most versatile with different compatibilities. You can also consider it for its Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and GPS mapping.

    iRV Technology iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo

    iRV Technology iRV34 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 /USB/SD/HDMI/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones wall mount RV Radio Stereo
    • Perfect car stereo and car audio receiver replacement for genesis gt-2.0.Faceplate size W 9-5/8"x H 8-1/2"x D 1"; mounting hole size W 7-3/4"x H 7-1/2"x D 5".

    IRV Technology iRV34 wall mount RV stereo is a one of the best stereos for RV. This product uses Bluetooth technology to ensure that users can transfer music files from their smartphone directly to a smartphone. As a result, platform owners will have unlimited access to their favorite songs from their portable devices. This aspect is made possible by a downloadable phone application, which has a simple interface. Another option that makes it easy to use is the iRV34 Wall Mounted Stereo RV Radio from iRV Technology. As with the previous device, you can use Bluetooth to transfer music or other files from your smartphone directly to the stereo for your enjoyment.

    This ability comes from the app located on your cell phone, which has received a lot of praise in buyer reviews. In addition to its excellent bluetooth skills, you should also like that this product comes with an HDMI input. It allows you to connect devices like Blu-ray players, PS4 or Xbox to the stereo. This aspect will allow these elements to access the surround sound that this VR stereo system offers. It will make movies and video games much more enjoyable than ever.

    This product also received a lot of praise for its easy installation process. Many buyers went out of their way to celebrate the ease of replacing their old units with this one. It seems that even someone like me could do something, which would be a miracle. We must bear in mind that this device has no problem using multiple music and video formats: AM, FM, CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, DivX, etc. it might be necessary.

    For this reason, these devices will reproduce your audio in surround sound quality within your computer. As a result, its use is much more enjoyable for everyone involved. It will honestly make you think you’re sitting in a movie theater with its top-notch audio quality. The product’s 3-zone speaker configuration is another main feature that any computer owner would appreciate. This will ensure that you can hear sound where you need it within your equipment. Also, it has a reputation for being great for prepared meals, as it can be loud enough to be heard outdoors. But people who want to buy this stereo system will have to fork out a large part of the change. This is not an ideal solution for low-cost buyers.

    Furrion DV3300 Two-Zone Independent Wall Mount RV Stereo and DVD Player

    The Furrion DV3300 Dual Zone Freestanding Wall Mount RV Stereo is an RV DVD stereo combo ready to meet all the rig owner’s needs. It comes with many features that will make your life on the road much more relaxed. For example, this product comes with an HDMI input located on its front panel for easy and convenient access. You can use this input to connect devices such as DVD players and game consoles.

    Finding a RV stereo system also means trusting trusted brands that are committed to the quality and performance of their products. One of them is Furrion, known for its commitment to providing high-quality sound equipment and entertainment systems to its customers. One of those they offer is the FURRION 120W entertainment system, which is packed with amazing features that you will love. Just like when you buy speakers like BOSE RV speakers, you should also check the compatibility of stereo systems. I find that this particular model can support different connections and formats including WMA, MP3, and MP4. You can also use it to support AVI media formats.

    You should also find the USB port useful. There will be no problem quickly charging your smartphone, be it an Apple or Android device. As a result, it offers a bit of versatility and can be something that everyone uses on board. The versatility of this product extends to the number of video and music formats it can play. These include CD, DVD, MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI, AM, and FM. In other words, you can play just about anything you come across in today’s world.

    Jensen AWM968

    Jensen AWM968 was designed with Bluetooth capabilities, so it could easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices and play their music files as Best RV Stereos should. Furthermore, this stereo can stream audio from flash drives thanks to the inclusion of a USB connector. A CD/DVD player is also included, allowing RVers to play a variety of optical discs such as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RV, and more. As a result, individuals do not have to be concerned about compatibility issues when it is there.

    Because the Jensen stereo has a radio receiver, RVers may listen to the radio while on the road. This stereo reduces the difficulty of adjusting to specific frequencies with several radio station presets, saving you time and effort. Do you intend to add a camper radio DVD player to your rig in the future? In that situation, it is recommended that you set aside some time to investigate it.

    The alarm clock feature is also a welcome addition. It should keep you from sleeping on your rig all day. These characteristics, of course, are supplemented with the normal features that we’ve come to expect from our prior reviews: Bluetooth, USB port, HDMI input/output, low price, 3-zone speaker arrangement, and so on. It truly has everything an RV stereo could ever need.

    However, several consumers had issues with the DVD player not operating properly. This issue was only mentioned in a few reviews, but it’s worth knowing about for anyone considering purchasing it. Because the AWM968 just takes a few minutes to install, RVers rarely need to rearrange their schedules to do so. Jensen backs its top-of-the-line sound system for recreational vehicles with a one-year warranty, putting RV owners at ease.

    BOSS Audio BV6658B Car Stereo

    BOSS Audio Systems BV6658B Car Stereo System - Single Din, Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling, Aux Input, USB, DVD, CD Player, Built-in Microphone, AM/FM Radio Receiver
    • Push To Talk – Connect to your Smartphone’s Android and IOS assistant with a push of a button via Bluetooth. This unit Lets you access information, accept commands, and keep driving

    The BOSS BV6658B is a versatile and adaptable stereo that is considered by many as one of the Best RV Stereos. Because of the built-in USB connector, this model can quickly connect to a variety of electronics and access the audio sources they include. Furthermore, the Bluetooth functionality allows RVers to play music wirelessly, which is convenient. As a result, many people who prefer to have complete control over the audio sources they listen to consider this RV stereo to be the best.

    The RV stereo from BOSS has the ability to receive radio transmissions on both AM and FM bands, which is a unique feature. As a result, RVers would have no trouble listening to local news while travelling if they picked it up. If you want to upgrade the radio in your recreational vehicle, you should consider adding this stereo to your shortlist. With excellent durability and vibration handling, years should pass before you need to consider replacements.This RV stereo also features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to make and receive calls at the touch of a button. There’s no need to take your hands off the wheel because the RV stereo’s Bluetooth technology provides the same experience.

    Once you get this top RV stereo, you will have complete control over Spotify and Pandora apps. This RV stereo’s 2-zone setup allows you to play music in two different RV spaces. With this RV stereo, you may play one song through the front speakers and the other through the back speakers at the same time. Overall, it’s a low-cost RV archetype with distinctive characteristics that satisfies all of your requirements. It also has some amazing features, such as a 3-year warranty, an LCD that allows you to operate the product, and much more!

    As demonstration of confidence, BOSS generously provides a three-year manufacturer guarantee to anybody who purchases the BV6658B. That implies that if your stereo breaks down due to a flaw during the warranty period, you can get a replacement without paying any additional fees.

    Magnadyne RV6200

    MAGNADYNE RV6200 AM/FM/BT/DVD Wall Mount RV & Camper Multimedia Receiver
    • [FEATURES] This RV and Camper replacement radio has an AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth and DVD. 3 zone audio control and 45W X (A/B) channels); 25W X 2 (C channels)

    Magnadyne RV6200 is the first alternative for individuals who believe their RV radio to be lacking, as it was designed to replace original radios. This RV stereo features a beautiful touchscreen display that makes operation supervision and configuration changes a breeze. It also takes up less space in the interior of rigs due to its compact size. As a result, the existence of this RV stereo within campers rarely causes other systems to be replaced.

    Magnadyne ships its RV stereo with a mounting plate and a wire harness adaptor to make installation easier. As a result, installing this radio is virtually a walk in the park, and no specialised tools are required. It has a DC/DVD player, Bluetooth wireless connection, inputs/outputs, and other features to access and handle audio sources. This stereo can also charge electronics in an emergency, which is useful for RVers who travel with phones, tablets, computers, and other electrical devices.

    These aren’t the only advantages that this great equipment offers. Because it runs on 12 volts, you may expect this device to save energy inside your rig. It saves users money in the long run as a result of this. The complete backlight illumination deemed by some consumers to be a useful enhancement to this product’s capabilities. This feature assures that a person can utilise it at any time of day or night.

    RV6200 is made of sturdy materials and can withstand all of the demands of RVing without breaking down. Naturally, many reviews of RV stereos rank this one as the finest in its price range in terms of longevity.

    Pyle PLRVST400

    Pyle Double DIN In Dash Car Stereo Head Unit - Wall Mount RV Audio Video Receiver System with Radio, Bluetooth, CD DVD Player, MP3, USB - Includes Remote Control, Power and Wiring Harness - PLRVST400
    • RELIABLE MULTIMEDIA DEVICE: The Pyle RV Audio Video Receiver is a great driving companion. It allows you to have full control over your car's music or visual entertainment! Equipped with AM FM radio, CD DVD player plus an integrated alarm function

    The Pyle Double DIN PLRVST400 RV Stereo is another another camper radio DVD player that is ready to serve whoever purchases it. It will ensure that your driving journeys are enjoyable rather than boring. As you can see, this device has a lot of capabilities to make sure you have a good time on the road. Wireless Bluetooth is one of these features, allowing you to play video or music files from your device.

    Despite its lack of unique design attributes, the Pyle PLRVST400 adapts fast to operating situations, making it suited for year-round travel. This stereo, as a multimedia model with CD/DVD player and AM/FM radio receiver, would easily meet the entertainment needs of RVers. It also plays audio files in a variety of formats with ease, thanks to its excellent reading compatibility. Unsurprisingly, this RV stereo is popular among RVers looking for sound systems that can play audio from a variety of sources.

    Pyle’s audio comes with a remote control, allowing users to modify settings from a distance. RV owners could change the performance immediately thanks to the built-in controls on this audio. In terms of maintenance, it simply requires a little attention from RVers after installation until it fails. This model will be the best RV radio DVD player for you if you prefer to spend more time enjoying yourself and less time maintaining equipment.

    Pyle backs PLRVST400 with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing faults to reassure buyers. As a result, if you choose to get this radio, you will have something to rely on should difficulties arise. Last but not least, because it is a cost-effective type, it is suitable for most RVers’ budgets.

    iRV iRV68

    iRV Technology iRV68 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/HDMI in&out w/ARC/Digital 5.1/Surround Sound /Bluetooth /NFC,3 Zone Independent Wall Mount RV Radio Stereo w/APP Control, USB charge both Android/Apple
    • 3 Zones Wall Mount RV Stereo, supports HDMI in&out with ARC /Digital 5.1 Surround Sound/APP control/NFC/A&FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/Clock. Zone 3 audio source is independent, speakers can be mounted outdoor of RV and can be controlled separately.

    The iRV iRV68 is superior to typical recreational vehicle stereos since it was created specifically for today’s needs and is meant to last. This stereo regularly provides large increases to signals coming from audio sources thanks to the presence of a digital amplifier. It’s also capable of connecting to different speakers with independent controls, allowing it to cater to the preferences of RV aficionados. As a result, it’s the best RV radio money can buy for folks who want unique experiences.

    In terms of interoperability, the iRV68 is an RV stereo with HDMI, allowing RV owners to stream audio from televisions. Aside from that, this stereo’s Bluetooth capability allows users to connect to gadgets in a flash and transfer music at will. All RVers need to do to establish a wireless connection is scan the NFC tag on the device’s housing. As a result, no matter where RVers store audio sources, this stereo will have no trouble finding them when the time comes.

    It boasts a three-zone speaker setup and can play most popular music and video formats. It includes Bluetooth capability, which makes connecting your phone and listening to music in your RV a breeze. This stereo has excellent sound quality and can play music from your TV via the HDMI port. The only disadvantage of this device is the lack of a warranty.

    The iRV stereo, which is available at a low price, might easily fit into RVers’ budgets. It’s worth noting that this stereo comes with everything, eliminating the need for users to purchase additional gear.

    Jensen JWM62A

    Jensen JWM62A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Wallmount Stereo w/ App Control, 3-Speaker Zones / 8 Speaker Output 8X 6 Watt, Receives Bluetooth Audio (A2DP) & Controls (AVRCP) from Devices
    • The Jensen JWM62A is the Official Replacement of the AWM968 & JWM60A, the footprint is the same as well as the wire harness so it is a direct replacement. Jensen added the feature of App Control and 2 Video outputs for the new model JWM62A

    Jensen’s JWM62A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Sound is another another high-end stereo system from this well-known manufacturer. Jensen appears to have a grip on this market, based on the popularity of their models in comparison to other companies. The remarkable features packed into their sound systems have earned them this status. Its Bluetooth range of 33 feet is a good example. It assures that you can use a smartphone or similar device to access this merchandise practically anywhere inside your rig or close outside.

    It’s a feature that helps to make this audio system one of the more practical ones on the market. For individuals who aren’t comfortable using their smartphones, the device also includes a remote control. Buyers will also like the more compact form of this product. This design assures that installation won’t be too difficult. When customers talk about their experiences with this Jensen product, it’s one of the many things they applaud.

    Despite its unassuming appearance, the Jensen JWM62A is a great stereo that never fails to wow when used. With three speaker zones, it may be able to create matched experiences for RVers with different sound preferences on the same rig. Furthermore, because of its compact profile, this radio is ideal for automobiles with limited inside room. Needless to say, it receives great feedback from RVers who own small travel trailers and value space efficiency.

    People may easily keep an eye on the operation of JWM62A while travelling thanks to the display. It’s worth noting that the display is dimmable, allowing RVers to check sound settings even as lighting conditions vary. Owners of this RV stereo can use the controls buttons to make modifications, but a phone app is also available. You may turn your phone into a remote and control the sound performance from a distance by downloading the phone app to your phone.

    Because of its inputs and outputs, the Jensen stereo is compatible with a wide range of devices. Because it uses such a small quantity of electricity, the strain it puts on the battery bank is insignificant.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV stereo?

    You can’t buy an RV stereo system until you know what it does and what it offers. The first thing to understand is that these devices are essential for guaranteeing that people do not feel bored while on long RV travels.

    These systems, as you may know, let people to listen to music while commuting on lengthy, monotonous journeys. This information should be enough to convince anyone considering becoming a rig owner of the importance of these devices. The only thing that might be able to make those highway miles fly by are RV stereo systems. After all, nothing beats travelling across the nation while listening to your favourite music.

    How do RV stereos work?

    RV stereos function by boosting the signals from a visual or audio source. The audio is then expected to be played through the stereo. When viewing movies, playing video games, or listening to music, this activity will provide a far more appealing surround sound. These devices will, in most circumstances, have Bluetooth capabilities. This feature will make it much easier for you to access your digital files and streaming apps on your smartphone or tablet. You can listen to the music from these sources on the stereo. Users can also connect an appliance to a USB port to view their files, such as a flash drive. Some rig owners enjoy using these systems to play music from video games or movies, which requires a TV screen and player to be connected.

    The volume level and sound quality of the system can also be controlled by the rig owner. Most RV stereos will have easy-to-use control panels that let you to adjust the volume, fader, treble, and bass to the desired level. However, technical advancements have made it possible for these stereos to play more than just your music. They’re RV DVD stereo combo systems that can play DVDs and CDs, giving you even more options for entertainment.

    As previously said, top-tier RV radio systems will have outstanding extra functions like as built-in navigation and alarm clocks. Another great feature is the presence of USB ports, which make charging your phone much easier. These characteristics should be enough to give you a decent idea of how these RV stereo and RV stereo DVD player systems operate within a trailer. It should also give you a better understanding of why they’re such an important part of RV life.

    How to install an RV stereo?

    Setting up an RV stereo is not a job for the faint of heart. There are a lot of moving pieces in this system, which might be confusing at times. However, the majority of these gadgets will come with comprehensive, easy-to-understand instruction manuals. It’s considerably less probable that an issue will arise if you follow these instructions.

    You might also hire an expert to do the work for you. Some manufactures even provide expert installation as an add-on for a small fee during the purchasing process. When it comes to installing new sound systems, I would advise beginner customers to go this route.