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Best TVs for RV use 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen TV for RV Use

    Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI Input (AC/DC Compatible)
    • πŸ“Ί π‚π¨π¦π©πšπœπ­ π„π§π­πžπ«π­πšπ’π§π¦πžπ§π­: Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a 21.5" DLED FHD TV, perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, RVs, and small spaces. This will make the TV a PC monitor!

    This led widescreen hdtv is absolutely perfect for your VR because it delivers crisp high definition image quality that provides fantastic details and contrast. The monitor has a wide spectrum of wide colors. Due to its relatively small size (24-inch screen), this TV is ideal for VR use because it doesn’t take up too much space when it’s not compressed – it’s the right size. The TV has HDMI, USB and AC / DC ports which means you can use it to watch Netflix, HBO etc. means connected to your firestick or your laptop. PC input allows you to use the TV as a computer monitor which adds multi-functionality to your RV’s space.

    TVs are often the most expensive accessory in an RV. If you want a great product that won’t break the bank, this HDTV model from Supersonic is a great choice. It uses liquid crystal technology for clear and vivid image quality with 1080 progress scanning capability for smooth movement. For the RV, the 22-inch version is Happy Medium. But if you prefer something a little smaller or larger, they have seven other screen sizes ranging from 13 inches to 40 inches. It includes ports for HDMI, USB and AC / DC, so you can easily connect a smart remote to access more channels and apps like Netflix and HBO. AC / DC compatibility is an important feature for using VR because it allows you to run without any problems. There is also a function that allows PC input, so that the monitor is connected to a computer.

    This model is suitable for use in VR and easy to wallet with high quality image and smooth movement. The speakers on the TV itself are quite small, but they are good enough for up-close viewing in a comfortable RV setting. It has ports that allow you to connect different devices so you can access different channels and applications on the go. It also provides better TV reception as I get more channels than I expected from my RV antenna. I also like that this product has a built-in card reader and a USB drive which I find very useful whenever I try a burned DVD test. It is also suitable for any RV because it consumes very little energy to operate. There is no viewing problem when installing it on RV. It is also light in weight and has clear instructions on installation, which makes installations easier. The only concern here is warranty / customer service. Since Supersonic was acquired, it was difficult for anyone to communicate with a warranty replacement. Just be aware that there is a risk of breakdown just like any other electronic device. Of all the TVs on the list, this is probably the weakest, but in a tough place like an RV or a boat, it’s not a problem at all.

    The sound is good as expected from some HDTVs. Despite the fact that the speakers on these TVs are small, the sound quality is still good if you are sitting at a reasonable distance from the screen. If you want to get better sound, you can use any speaker and attach it to the TV. This HDTV is great in that it takes up some space when you take it to a camp and it also makes electronics a good VR TV. It is light as a feather and can hold really well. I also noticed that the package includes various features like remote control. The remote works great and has plenty of control and adjustment options.

    Jensen JTV19DC LED TV

    Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV with Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner, HD Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p), 1366 x 768 Full HD, Dual Function Wireless Remote Control, Black
    • This is a 12V DC Product Only, A Power Inverter is required to connect to 120V AC (Not included), Integrated HDTV (ATSC) tuner, HDTV-ready (1080p, 720p, 480p)

    Optimized for road applications, this 12-volt RV Flat Panel TV – Jensen JTV19DC is well received by RV enthusiasts who regularly travel. With a combination of conformal coated circuit boards and a rugged chassis, JTV19DC handles corrosion and vibration excellently. Needless to say, compared to the average RV TV, the TV made by Jensen lasts a long time. Also, since Jensen’s JTV19DC is a DC model, it could be powered directly by RV battery banks. With front speakers, Jensen’s TV can deliver refined sound to users on a regular basis, which is a big plus. The image resolution of the JTV19DC is also sublime and that means your displayed images would be quite sharp.

    As for controls, Jensen JTV19DC incorporates side controls that simultaneously increase aesthetic values ​​and facilitate the regulation of functions. A remote control is included, so RVs should be able to fine-tune the Jensen RV’s performance without having to stand next to it. Available at a reasonable price, JTV19DC is the best virtual reality TV in the eyes of people who don’t like to spend a lot of money but who crave quality. Jensen RV TV is one of the most innovative TVs for RVs because it is HD ready. One of the things I love about it is its sleek, modern look and design. It also has a sturdy frame compared to other RV TVs on the market today.

    Its unique design makes it an extraordinary product among other options. But it’s not just its aesthetic appeal that I adore. This unit also has an industrial grade metal cabinet, which is reinforced to prevent vibration. That being said, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged due to the vibrations it will receive during operation.

    AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV

    Axess TVD1805-24 24-Inch 1080p LED HD TV | VGA/HDMI Inputs, Built-in DVD Player, Full Function Remote
    • Wall mountable | mount not included | Brightness is 160 cd per square meter, plus or minus 10 percent

    If you are looking for a high-end VR TV, the AXESS TVD1805-24 LED HDTV is not an oversight. This model has many features that would be worth considering by any RV owner. For example, this LED TV and DVD combo offers a first-rate viewing experience thanks to its great picture quality. This aspect comes from the fact that it is capable of providing 1920X1080 Full HD resolution.

    This high-quality image can be extended to various functions, as this model has multiple connections and inputs for all types of devices: VGA, USB, HDMI, etc. It’s pretty obvious that users of this TV will never be short of ways to entertain themselves. And if you are not the most technically qualified person, AXESS offers an expert installation module at a reasonable price. These experts will take care of the entire process and make sure you can’t mess it up in a detrimental way.

    Packed with features and functionality, the Axess TVD1805-24 12V Smart RV TV is very self-aware in a wide range of settings. Along with the Full HD resolution, the Axess TV receives positive reviews from many critics when it comes to the sharpness of the images. Plus, thanks to the inclusion of bright built-in speakers, the TVD1805-24’s sound quality is superior to that of conventional RV TVs. All in all, if you need a small RV TV with well-balanced performance, the Axess TVD1805-24 is the best RV TV you can own.

    Free Signal LED Flat Screen HD TV for RV Camper and Mobile Use

    FREE SIGNAL TV Transit 12 Volt Flat Screen TV for RV, 32 inch TV with LED Screen, AC/DC Powered with HD Resolution, HDMI/USB Inputs, Use in RVs, Campers, Boats and Off-Grid Applications
    • Mobile High Performance 32 inch LED TV - Get HD picture quality from this superb DC-powered 12 volt television with 1366 x 768 resolution. Groundbreaking engineering results in a lightweight TV with dynamic audio response and advanced noise reduction circuitry.

    Who says camping doesn’t include a little luxury? Take the time to enjoy the modern comforts and watch movies on a flat screen TV like home or watch it doesn’t seem practical to bring a flat screen to any RV, but this LED TV is specially made for RVs and campers. It can be easily mounted on a wall or balanced on a table with an included stand. This model is light and mobile It is energy efficient while providing HD image quality and 1366 x 768 resolution; It uses less than 49 watts. It has a simple 12 volt DC powered flat screen TV with three HMDI input ports so you can connect it to your computer to stream movies and shows. If you use a CHD 1260 power supply adapter, you can also convert it as power. An included battery-powered remote control lets you easily navigate through different channels.

    This 32 inch TV is equally ideal for campers and RVs because it is a super lightweight 12 volt DC powered model with 1366 x 768 resolution. This great TV offers advanced noise reduction and is exceptional. This RV TV is very easy to set up with 12V connection and can be used to convert the setup at home using CHD 1260 power supply adapter. A stand is included with this TV, but easy to mount on the wall, suitable for any RV interior. A one-year replacement warranty is provided along with free signal TV support in case something goes wrong. Standard RVs and RVs don’t have too much interior space to have a large TV. For this you need a TV that is as thin as possible. It should also be of medium height. Free Signal TV Transit is both compact and won’t take up too much space in your car. In addition, it provides an entertainment experience that can make your trip more interesting. The transit is actually designed specifically for people with high mobility. However, with the help of proper power supply adapter, you can also use this TV at home. The portable design of the TV allows it to draw power from the traditional 12-volt battery.

    One thing we like about transit is that the quality colors of its images come to life like watching a movie on a 4K screen. The brightness and contrast settings are also perfect. They give you an idea of ​​reality that very few other VR TVs can match. This TV has various connection options. You can connect up to three HDMI devices at once that let you play your favorite games and listen to beautiful music anytime. Mounting the unit is also hassle-free. He feels as comfortable as a wall on a table. If you want a home theater experience on the go, this model is the right solution. You don’t have to sacrifice picture or sound quality just because you’re traveling. This TV provides both cases and the manufacturers provide free technical support if you have any problems. It’s not as versatile as the other few options on our list, but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. With three HDMI ports, it’s still possible to connect to a computer to stream content.

    Pyle 23.6″ 1080p LED TV for RV use

    Pyle 23.6" 1080p LED TV, Multimedia Disc Player, Ultra HD TV, LED Hi Res Widescreen Monitor w/HDMI Cable RCA Input, LED TV Monitor, Audio Streaming, Mac PC, Stereo Speakers, Wall Mount (PTVDLED24)
    • HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: The TV HD boasts multi-viewing modes & built-in full range stereo speakers Also included are HDMI & RCA inputs for further customization

    The Pyle 1080p LED TV is a great choice for people who want a reliable viewing experience in their RV and RV. It has a variety of connection options and the right size that should fit with the compressed space of a modern tour. The 1080p LED TV has a 23.6-inch screen. This is not significant. However, Pyle confirms that using a screen with a higher pixel resolution will get you the most out of your viewing experience. It will provide you with more life footage than it can deliver 720p units. Expect a burst of color to come out of the LED screen as soon as you watch your favorite movies.

    We have a number of features about this TV that really set it apart. First, the sound quality is great because it has a full range of stereo speakers and multiple viewing modes with both HDMI and RCA input so you can connect your media to customize your view. The TV has an updated visual display with a high resolution full HD 1080p screen that captures a wide range of colors, which is supposed to create a more realistic image. Since the base stand is fully removable, the TV can easily mount to the wall of your RV which will not only save space in your motorhome, but also create a better viewing experience. You can also use the TV as a computer monitor, it is compatible with PC and Mac. Another great feature is the built-in CD / DVD player, which means you can use it to watch your DVD collection with your family or listen to your favorite tracks.

    When it comes to movies, Pyle TV lets you enjoy legacy movies in DVD format. The built-in DVD player on the TV has a slimmer profile than other TV + DVD combos we’ve seen. This helps to ensure better mounting options for the TV. This guarantees better space saving capacity. This Pyle TV unit provides users with many input options. There are plenty of ways to make your road trip more entertaining from HDMI to RCA and the like. Also easy to browse streaming music and your image collection.

    The Pyle LED TV looks very impressive for its size, its audio quality does not match its video editing. The lower the volume the less you can imagine. And if you are the kind of camper who likes to drive with the window open, this can be a real problem. Volume is not the only problem. The shaft lacks electricity and the treble feels more like broken glass. Excluding its poor audio quality, the Pyle 1080p LED TV is still a good product for home and RV use. Image clarity matches high resolution televisions. And it makes a great platform for personal recreation during multiple connections.

    Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0″ 720p TV DVD Combination

    Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 720p TV is another TV and DVD combo that will ensure this unit meets all your needs. This product might just be the best TV for travel trailers thanks to its sleek and compact design. This design ensures that you don’t need a lot of space to install this model within your platform. And it features a sleek polished metal finish that will fit perfectly into the interior of any RV, RV, travel trailer, or other mobile home.

    Assembled from the ground up with universal compatibility in mind, the Scepter E246BD-SMQK works well with many systems, new and old. With a solid coaxial digital output, the E246BD-SMQK allows people to connect it to many devices in a minute. The Scepter TV also contains a built-in USB port so that VR enthusiasts can use it to stream content ranging from images to slide shows via flash drives. This is why Scepter E246BD-SMQK is the number one choice for those who prefer to stay entertained. The image quality it offers is also top-notch. You shouldn’t have any problems in this area with this product, as it has received almost universal praise in customer reviews. It’s always refreshing to see praise for image quality, as many low-end models fail in this regard.

    Sceptre E246BD-SMQK’s low power consumption means that leisure owners don’t have to worry too much about increasing utility bills. With simple maintenance requirements, the Scepter TV would perform well for years without requiring special attention from users. When it comes to installation, the Scepter E246BD-SMQK comes ready to assemble, making it easy to attach to the interior walls of RVs. Notably, the E246BD-SMQK’s sleek brushed metal texture blends seamlessly with normal deck themes.

    What to Consider When Buying the Best TV for RV


    Do not be tempted to use a standard TV in RV. You can save some money, but RV TVs are specifically designed to prevent more movement and so it will last longer. You can’t have a home TV in your car, even if you want to use it. A home television set is not designed and built for road use and operation. It is not designed for vibration, shock and justling due to movement in your trailer or RV. You can expect it may not work for moving cars. That is why you should choose the TV of your choice for the purpose of recreational vehicles. Keep in mind that the best entertainment TVs can withstand movement and vibration, and Jensen and some of the top brands we’ve listed in the review should include one that can handle changes in weather and temperature as well as humidity levels. Many types of RV TVs are more innovative because they have flat and anti-glare screens, making them ideal for daytime viewing.


    When buying a TV in your RV, you should consider the size of the screen. Remember the size of your RV and where you will place your TV; Are you going to mount it on the wall or are you using a TV stand? Before you decide to make a purchase, make sure you take all the necessary steps. Make sure you have enough space; Note that an RV is quite small; Therefore, you must be sure about the size before purchasing.

    One of the most important things to consider when buying a TV for your RV is the size of the screen. You need to consider the size of your RV and where you will place it after buying your TV. Are you planning to mount it on the wall or using a TV stand? Measure lots to make sure you have enough space and always feel smaller than your home; It’s a lot of small space, remember and you don’t want to use too much energy either. Most RV owners go for thinner LCD TVs from about “8 to 19”.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a RV TV?

    RV TV is a type of television that is specially designed for use in RV. They are designed to withstand all regular movements of the RV, such as shocks and vibrations from the road. Unlike regular TVs, they can withstand the shock caused by shock. An RV TV typically uses a 12-volt power supply, which is less than a normal TV – suitable for use with the RV’s power supply. The reinforced frame creates a secure connection to the rack, which is also great for driving with the need for extra protective assistance to prevent vehicles from moving. RV TVs are designed to fight the temperature and conditions of an RV and will not break when exposed to moisture. They often have an anti-glare coating so that the glazed image from the window is not affected.