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Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    Maintaining the toilet bowl is one of the biggest hassles of living in an RV. To maintain the toilet appearing fresh new, you must deal with gross materials and odors. To eliminate the stink and remove the stains, you need something more useful than an RV toilet cleaner homemade formula. The top RV toilet bowl cleaner ought to be both efficient and simple to apply. The mixture ought to be secure for your household as well as for the environment and animals. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of RV toilet bowl cleaners that you can take into consideration for your upcoming RV vacation.

    Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Holding Tank Enhancer

    Our top toilet cleaning option is an Amazon’s Choice product. This is the Toilet Cleaner and Booster Tank from Unique Camping & Marine. This dual-use product comes in a 24-ounce bottle, but you can also order up to 12 bottles in an Amazon order if you want to stock up. For best results, use this toilet bowl cleaner weekly. First of all, you need to put water in the toilet until it is half full. Next, toss a Unique RV toilet cleaner directly into the toilet bowl, moving it around with your cleaning brush. Let the product do its magic.

    Exclusive RV Toilet Cleaner is specially designed for black and gray holding tanks. This product is designed to deodorize, clean, and remove tough stains from RV toilets. Thanks to the organic formula, this product eliminates odors on board and breaks down solids with ease. One thing Unique does best is the use of natural and organic ingredients. The formula does not contain harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to keep everything fresh. It is odorless and so far I have not seen any discoloration in my RV’s toilets. In addition to making the toilet glow, the bacterial mix can improve the RV’s sewage holding tank. These bacterial ingredients feed on the microbes present within the water holding tank, thus generating enzymes to eliminate this odor. What is left in the tank will be carbon dioxide and water.

    In other words, this formula will have no problem keeping your plastic / porcelain toilet perfectly clean. But it will also ensure that beneficial bacteria end up in your storage tank, which will help reduce odors. Platform owners should also find the use of organic ingredients attractive. These ingredients ensure that the use of this cleaner does not cause environmental problems. Therefore, accidentally knocking it off its platform will not cause any damage. Several buyers have been satisfied with its effectiveness against hard water stains. These stains tend to be a huge and recurring problem in RV toilets. But this cleaner has proven to be a useful tool so that it is not a problem. This is the Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner in 2023.

    Star brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Marine & RV Formula

    STAR BRITE Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Formulated for Boat, RV & Portable Use - Removes Stains from Plastic & Porcelain Bowls - Compatible With Most Holding Tank Treatments, Fresh Scent 16 OZ (086416)
    • MARINE & RV FORMULATED - Expertly crafted for marine, RV and portable toilet applications, this cleaner provides optimal performance in unique bathroom environments, ensuring effective cleaning every time

    Star Brite offers another easy way to clean your RV’s toilet. This RV toilet bowl cleaner can clean, shine, and remove stubborn stains from porcelain and plastic bowls. I applied it to my plastic RV toilet and the hard water streaks and stains were removed in no time. This 16 oz toilet bowl cleaner is blue and smells good enough to remove terrible toilet odors. I love that it doesn’t cost a fortune as I can count on this brand when I’m on a tight budget. Best of all, this formula will not damage valves or seals; instead, it lubricates them.

    You can use it without worrying about putting your toilet valves or seals at risk. Star Brite designed its formula to avoid damaging these crucial components. To use the toilet bowl cleaner, dab a little on the top of the toilet bowl. The product should begin to flow down the sides of the container. Wait about 10 minutes, then use a rag or brush to clean the toilet and remove any residue. Flush the toilet and do it again if necessary. Star Brite Cleaner will reduce unwanted odors and provide lubrication without scratching the bowl. In fact, you can still trust this product even if you have a porcelain or plastic toilet bowl.

    One of those traits should be its biodegradability. This aspect is essential in any high-end toilet cleaner. After all, this ensures that the cleaning product breaks down naturally and doesn’t damage the floor when spilled. This is just another way to ensure that the soil of our planet does not come into contact with harmful chemicals.

    Eco-me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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    If you are looking for a natural cleaner, Eco-me Natural Powerful RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner would be an ideal choice. This product uses natural vegetable oils with antibacterial characteristics to guarantee you a flawless odor without endangering the environment.

    You can also rest easy knowing that this product does not use any toxic ingredients. This aspect ensures that users can get a shiny toilet without breathing toxic fumes. Therefore, it is ideal for use in a small and confined space, such as a motor home. Its use process is not complex either. Users will only have to spray it into the toilet bowl and under the rim. Next, you’ll need to use an RV toilet brush to scrub, and the toilet bowl should sparkle in minutes.

    Eco-me stands out in this area because it takes a lot of risk and research to switch to products without animal testing. Like the popular Ecos toilet bowl cleaner, Eco-me uses plant-based ingredients to safely clean toilets. The formula does not contain irritants, such as artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates. It’s also free of harsh chemicals, like ammonia and bleach, to fight tough stains. Eco-me only uses natural plant essential oils, which I prefer because I am sensitive to bleach and other toxic cleaning ingredients. My favorite is the herbal peppermint scent, which smells so refreshing and immediately removes the awful smell from the toilet. I love that this cleanser is thick, like a conditioner, so the solution clings to the container instead of curdling in the water. Better yet, the bottle is huge, considering its price.

    Dometic D1216001 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Dometic Blue D1216001 is another biodegradable formula that can help keep your toilet bowl spotless. I love that this product can be safely used in the RV without compromising the black tank. In addition to cleaning the toilet bowl, this liquid also cleans the seat. The best thing about this Dometic D line is its ability to dry spot-free without cleaning. This product is easily rinsed off without leaving residue. Also, the consistency is thick, so it sticks well to the container and does not fall into the water.