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RV Murphy Beds – Are They Worth It? Should you buy?

    Updated December 10, 2022

    Murphy beds are really a common feature in RVs because they’re a wonderful way to maximize space in a mobile home. You’ve come to the right site if you’re interested in RV murphy beds but aren’t entirely sure if an RV with a murphy bed would work for you.

    Recently, RV Murphy beds have gained popularity because of how much space they may save. However, are they worthwhile? To determine whether or not these types of RV beds are actually worthwhile, let’s examine more closely at their advantages and disadvantages.

    What Is an RV Murphy Bed?

    A bed that folds up against the wall is known as an RV Murphy bed. A Murphy bed effortlessly folds away while it is in the up position. These beds increase the amount of floor space in an RV and are preferred by those who wish to make the most of their living quarters.

    Any bed that can be folded up into an empty area to save space is known as a murphy bed. Murphy beds totally fold into the wall in RVs, and a couch frequently fills the empty space they leave. They are designed to be folded up during the day and then collapsed for use as a bed at night. Because they boost sleeping capacity without taking up precious floor space that can be used during the day, they are primarily seen in smaller RVs.

    How Does an RV Murphy Bed Work?

    Latching or other safety features hold the bed to the wall. In order to unfold a Murphy bed, you must first unlock the safety clasp. If a bed folds down over a couch or other piece of furniture, the furniture normally rests flat to make room for the bed. Murphy beds for RVs manually fold down and lock into position.

    Pulling a lever to free the bed and raising it back up against the wall is how you store a Murphy bed. The spring system used on the majority of Murphy beds aids in raising the bed back to the upright position.

    Pros of an RV Murphy Bed

    Small RVs work best with these beds. There is a lot more floor space and room to walk around when the bed is folded up. Additionally, these beds are excellent for campers without a private bedroom. The RV converts effortlessly from a bedroom to a living area when the bed is raised.

    The most obvious and likely best advantage of a murphy bed is the amount of room it can save. It’s wonderful to free up that extra living space utilizing a murphy bed since you’re likely to be cramped no matter how big an RV or travel trailer is. When you use it, that’s the only time it occupies space. Apart from that, it is entirely hidden, freeing up more floor space that can be used for seating, dining, or simply more freedom for movement.

    They work well with any RV that lacks a dedicated bedroom. The bed space is typically a part of the living room or kitchen area during the day in RVs with murphy beds. This means you can convert the room to a living room or kitchen during the day and a bedroom at night.

    Cons of an RV Murphy Bed

    There are drawbacks even though they increase living space and enable you to switch your RV from “night mode” to “day mode.” They require more work than a conventional fixed bed, for instance. Some people find the hassle to be more bothersome than it is worthwhile. You might not feel like lowering your Murphy bed after a long day of driving. On hectic mornings, you might not want to spend the extra time making and folding the bed. The Murphy bed could, of course, be left in the down position, but that would mean giving up important floor and seating space.

    The wall bed is typically situated in the living area, so if you travel with others, you probably won’t get that extra privacy. Additionally, RVs with murphy beds won’t have a separate bedroom.