Best RV Transfer Switches 2021

Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Can handle 2 sources of 30 amps at one time

Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch! It should be considered by anyone looking for a 30 Amp RV transfer switch. In fact, this model has become a favorite with drilling equipment owners due to its easy installation process.

This RV and RV Automatic Transfer Switch provides enough power for the essential devices in your motorhome. It delivers 30 amps of power to your switch panel, powering your air conditioner and other critical devices when your RV’s power is low. Most ATS devices only connect to generators. You will be glad to know that you can also connect this ATS to your inverter.

If you have solar panels on your RV, this device should be able to draw AC power from your inverter and move it to your distribution center. You will have enough power to run your devices until you can reconnect your vehicle to a ground power station.

This simple setup process occurs, including knockouts, making the whole task that much more manageable. Several clients indicated that it was much easier than expected compared to their past experiences. As someone who is not the best at work, it was exciting to meet these critics. You would probably always pay a professional to do this, but more experienced RVs shouldn’t have a problem. This advantage alone makes it a more profitable option than many of the others available.

Buyers will also love the performance of this 3-way RV transfer switch. You should have no problem managing shore and generator power sources thanks to its automatic design. You should have no problem switching between the two whenever you need to. Another key advantage it has over other models is the impressive durability of the product. It has been built with hard materials, which will greatly extend its service life. This 30 amp RV automatic transfer switch component is even UCL certified.

Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch - 240 VAC, 50 Amp
  • Rugged, heavy duty, screw type wiring terminals ready to wire to contactor base

If you are looking for an easy to install RV 50A transfer switch, get the PD52V 5200 series from Progressive Dynamics. Not only does it fit in your motorhome like a glove, it also provides you with enough power for your RV’s essential appliances and electronics.

Automatic transfer switch with advanced timing circuitry makes it easy to switch from generator power to shore power. It supplies the proper electrical current to your distribution center, powering your devices when your RV’s 12-volt system runs out of power. The product works best with RVs and rigs equipped with a 50 amp electrical system.

This timing feature makes it a perfect fit to be a boondocker automatic transfer switch. After all, energy sources can get a bit vague as you move away from civilization. This would protect your equipment against a surge from a faulty ground power source.

If you plan to do the installation yourself, the removable protective cover on this product will help you greatly. Remove that cover to access the wiring diagram inside, which should make the process pretty straightforward. You should also like the protective cover as it does a great job of preventing damage to the transfer switch. In other words, this feature should help ensure that the device lasts much longer than its one-year warranty.

The PD52V 5200 Series may not be the perfect automatic transfer switch for your RV. However, it does a great job of directing traffic from your generator or dock power station to your RV’s breaker panel. Its robust design also makes it a worthwhile investment.

Surge Guard 40100 Basic Automatic Transfer Switch

Surge Guard 40100 Basic Automatic Transfer Switch - 50 Amp
  • Time delay at power up. Connection type: Screw terminals

The Surge Guard RV 40100 Basic RV Automatic Transfer Switch is another simple option capable of being a boon for any boondocker. This model turns out to be a dominant generator, which would be more practical for this type of RV. What does dominant generator mean? This means that this RV generator transfer switch identifies generator power as main power rather than port power when the two are connected. In other words, this model will not automatically switch to ground until the generator stops.

The basic design of this automatic transfer switch follows that of other ATSs on the market. The only difference is its dual voltage function. Most products are available in 110-120 or 220-240 volts. This ATS can accept both electrical systems, allowing you to enjoy greater versatility in different applications.

Some products give priority to the electrical current from the grounding unit. This product continuously monitors the generator output power to decide when to switch to ground. The switching delay is quite fast. Some products can switch to port socket in 20 seconds. This TTY can do it in 3 to 4 seconds.

As soon as the system detects stable generator power, it automatically switches from ground to supply enough electricity to your motorhome. Wait approximately 30 seconds before activating the generator to account for momentary blackouts or instability in the power supply.