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Best RV Trash Cans 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    When outfitting an RV, garbage cans might not be your primary priority, but they should be. Everyone will know if you make the incorrect choice, after all. But if you make the proper decision, no one will notice. It will quietly complete its task without making a scene. Additionally, you won’t smell the leftovers from last night’s dinner in the garbage; only the aroma of hamburgers frying.

    You should treat your RV the same way you would your house, including cooking, cleaning, and enjoying your time there. Waste is produced during the preparation of meals, taking showers, and even while camping outside. You’ll require a clean place to store it. Outdoor travellers have a ton of fantastic RV trash can and trash carriers to pick from that are slim, small, and even adorable.

    Amazon Basics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can for Narrow Spaces

    This fantastic stainless steel trash can is small enough to fit into even the smallest locations, measuring 25.4 x 18.3 x 11.6 inches. It has an inner capacity of 10.5 gallons (40 liters) and a heavy-duty plastic liner bucket that is removable for easy cleaning and rubbish disposal. It boasts a soft-close lid and a whisper-quiet operation, and its fingerprint- and smudge-proof body is stylish enough to fit in even the most upmarket RV kitchen. This is one of the Best RV Trash Cans 2023.

    KaryHome Hanging Small Trash Can

    KaryHome Hanging Small Trash Can with Lid Under Sink for Kitchen,Food Waste Bin,Kitchen Compost Bin for Counter Top,Blue
    • NO Fruit Flies Compost Bucket – Our indoor compost bin designed specifically as a hidden non smelling fruit fly free with super easy access for load and unload. NO charcoal filter costs, NO need, NO odors, NO fruit flies.

    With the help of this clever little device, you can keep your food scraps tidy and off the kitchen floor. It has a 1.3-gallon (5-liter) capacity, is 6.9 x 8.3 x 9.6 inches high, and comes with a mounting device so you can hang it inside your kitchen cabinets. It is constructed of durable, non-toxic plastic with a tight-fitting lid that will keep fruit flies out and scents in and was created with reducing food waste in mind. You may choose from a variety of super-cute colors to complement the style of your kitchen, and thanks to its understated form, it fits even the smallest RVs and trailers. This is one of the Best RV Trash Cans 2023.

    AmazonCommercial 10 Gallon Commercial Office Wastebasket

    Look no farther than this 10-gallon RV trash can if you’re seeking for high-quality and reasonably priced ones. This tough and dependable RV trash can with the recycle logo is ideal for regular use and is available in black, gray, or blue. It weighs little under three pounds, is built of dependable polypropylene, and has dimensions of 15.5 inches long by 11.5 inches wide by 19.75 inches high. Additionally, it may be stacked for simple transport and storage. Additionally, it offers outstanding value for money making it one of the Best RV Garbage Bins in 2023.

    1.3 Gallon- Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can Wastebasket

    This tiny garbage can is really handy despite its straightforward design. It features a sleek appearance and a small design. It is the ideal size for use in RVs and compact kitchens, measuring 7.7 x 4.4 x 16.2 inches and having a 1.3-gallon (5-liter) capacity. Because stainless steel resists fingerprints, it will always look spick-and-span and hygienic.

    When full, you can quickly empty it thanks to the sturdy plastic liner, and the bucket and handle can be cleaned with light soap and water. The rectangular form maximizes every available square inch of storage space, and the strategically placed foot pedal provides a touch-free lid.

    Baffect Bathroom Trash Can Toilet Brush Set

    Baffect Slim Bathroom Trash Can Toilet Brush Set, 2L Small Trash Can with Lid, Waste Bin Toilet Brush Holder Garbage Bag Tissue Box Holder 4 in 1 Bathroom Kit (White)
    • 4 in 1 function: 1 removable bathroom trash can, 1 toilet brush and toilet brush holder, 1 tissue box and garbage bag holder. The integrated design meets the daily needs in small bathroom. It saves space. Please note that this slim trash can is only 0.6 Gallons and is specifically designed for narrow bathroom spaces. If you need larger capacity, you can choose other sizes of trash cans in our store.

    Looking for the ideal method to maintain a spotless and organized RV bathroom? Look no farther than this wonderful toilet brush and garbage can combo. This three-piece set comes with a toilet brush that is tucked within, a small trash can, and a tissue holder. The brush can be quickly tucked away when not in use and is specially slanted for optimal cleaning. Being only 2.8 inches wide, this set is incredibly tiny and suitable for any RV bathroom. The white design would also complement any decor beautifully.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Should You Put Your Trash Can in Your RV? 

    This brings up the crucial issue of where to install these discrete RV garbage cans. It must be conveniently located without being in the way. We are all aware of the limited space available in RVs, and many of them lack a specific trash area. Also recycle, if you will.

    So, where in the RV should you put your garbage can for maximum efficiency? Some individuals prefer to leave it outside, although doing so raises the possibility of animals coming inside. Some people keep their garbage cans in the restroom, but you should be concerned about the odor. In the end, the location of your garbage can is up to you, but there are a few considerations.

    Consider the area in which you will spend most of your time and cook. You should keep your garbage can close by if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it’s convenient to access. If there is room underneath a cupboard or sink, you might be able to store a small trash can there. A garbage can hanging over a lower kitchen cupboard might be a better choice for you.

    A collapsible bin or bag holder might be a better choice for you if you spend more time outdoors and cooking. Make sure your garbage can is out of the way and won’t cause any issues for you or your RV wherever you decide to place it. A strategically positioned garbage can is useful and only noticed when it is required.

    What Is the Average Size of an RV Trash Can?

    The needs of you and your home will determine the typical size of an RV trash can. The majority of RV garbage cans, however, are between 10 and 20 gallons. Some are bigger, holding up to 30 gallons, while others only hold two gallons. Consider your household size and how frequently you’ll need to empty the trash can while looking for an RV. If it is too little, you’ll have to unload it more frequently. However, if it is too big, it might occupy too much room in your RV. But don’t think about it too much. It could take a few tries to find the appropriate size, but in the end, the trash can is less important than the enjoyment you get from filling it up.

    What size bag do I need for a 20-liter RV garbage can?

    For a 20-liter trash can, you should ideally choose a 5-gallon bag or one that is a little bit larger.