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Best RV Skylights 2024

    Updated January 2, 2024

    An RV skylight is one of the best investments you can make as a proud owner of a recreational vehicle. These simple accessories, often known as travel trailer skylights, can provide you with a number of advantages. Skylights can do it everything, from letting in natural light to making your RV feel more spacious and inviting.

    Owning an RV gives you the opportunity to explore the outdoors while also taking advantage of the natural light’s splendor. A skylight lets in additional light while also allowing fresh air to enter. The best part about skylights is that they come in a variety of design options to fit your tastes.

    Class A Customs Premium Heavy Duty RV Camper Trailer Skylight Kit

    • Putty Tape, Caulk, and Screws are Included

    Class A Customs is back in fashion with this best rv skylightin 2023. Why? Because the material that makes this RV skylight is 50% stronger material than the best RV skylights. Sturdy material enhances the durability of this more durable skylight. Also, the skylight is tinted with smoke if you don’t want as much natural light in your space. In addition, it improves privacy in the bathroom. Holes are pre-drilled for easy installation. Fixing material such as putty and cap screws are included in the package, so there is no additional cost to purchase them separately. The all-in-one guarantees one-touch application as you don’t have to waste time ordering mounting hardware separately. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

    Before we review our next product, we want to assure you that the “premium” in the product name is well deserved and that you should keep it on your list of considerations despite the higher price. The durability and quality of the RV skylight is worth every penny! This particular skylight is available in 3 different color options: Clear, White, and Smoked. You can make your choice based on the amount of natural light you want to see in your mobile home.

    Compared to standard RV skylights, this particular model is made from a material that is 50% stronger. This substance makes the skylight resistant to impacts, which means that it will not scratch or break on a sudden impact. Additionally, the flange comes with pre-drilled holes, which makes installation extremely simple. You won’t even need professional help to get the job done. With three different options to choose from, it would be difficult to find a more robust skylight. We highly recommend this product!

    The new Premium Heavy Duty skylight features quality material and is thicker than conventional skylights on your RV. You’ll love the shatterproof, impact-resistant plastic, which makes this skylight one of the most durable on the market. The mounting flange is pre-drilled, which makes your work easier. Unfortunately, the installation instructions are not included in the package. You can find videos to help you with the process.

    If you’re looking for the perfect RV skylight cover with a little extra tint, this is your best option. This premium skylight is made from a material that is 50% thicker and stronger than your original RV skylight. We love this RV skylight because it’s shock and impact resistant, making it the toughest skylight on the market. In addition, the mounting flange is pre-drilled, which makes mounting easier. The required hole size on your RV should be approximately 14 1/8 “wide X 22 1/8” long Exterior Dimensions: 17 7/8 “wide X 26” long 5 “high The sticker on the vent will say 14 “x 22”. The only downside is that the instructions are not included, but you can easily refer to the video we provided earlier in this article.

    RecPro RV Skylight

    Your rig’s skylight suddenly breaks, and you need an RV skylight replacement right away? Then you should take a good look at RecPro V1422CLOD and what it can do. It incorporates thermoformed Polycarbonate, which allows natural sunlight to pass through unhindered without compromising structural integrity. As a result, this camper skylight will assist you in keeping the interior of your rig illuminated for a long period in a variety of settings.

    V1422CLOD is designed for heavy-duty outdoor use and has excellent resistance to snow, humidity, water, and other elements. As a result, if you install an RV skylight on your rig, the chances of elements getting into the inside should be small. Aside from that, the installation is so simple that you’ll be able to set it up on your bike in a flash. You won’t have to put in much effort to keep this skylight in good working order, so you can focus on other important things.

    Rugged in nature, the best rv skylights is resistant to all types of impacts, making it an excellent choice for all weather and road conditions. You can easily take your RV on longer trips without worrying about the skylight leaving you in the middle. The skylight is extremely easy to install as well as being very accurate in measurement. Accurate measurement is a crucial feature of proper skylights – it ensures you don’t make the wrong cuts on your RV roof. Therefore, an accurately measured skylight is one that we cannot recommend highly enough! To protect your thermoformed polycarbonate skylight, be sure not to use harsh cleaning chemicals or ammonia to clean the product. This type of cleaning agent can damage the surface and cause premature skylight degradation. Well maintained but simple, these skylights will last you on countless RV trips.

    The food truck skylight is weather resistant, which means it can withstand extreme weather conditions and stands firm as a winner; therefore, it is free from rust or corrosion. To top it all off the durability aspect, the material used to make it is strong and therefore durable. You won’t be browsing the internet for another skylight for a long time after you buy this RecPro RV skylight. Because it’s white, it catches and brings in more light than any smoke-tinted skylight. The added benefit of white tint is that while it brightens your space, it also regulates the heat you let in, as bright colors are known to repel heat. Your space will be bright and beautiful, but you won’t be sweaty. It is reasonably easy to install and has clear instructions to guide you through the process. For convenience, remember to purchase it with the mounting hardware at the same time so they arrive together.

    Icon 01858 RV Skylight

    ICON 01858 RV Skylight
    • Outer Dimension: 34" x 26", Dome Dimension: 30" x 22" x 4"

    The Icon 01858 RV Skylight gives your RV an updated look that is both attractive and smart. The skylight allows natural light to enter your RV thanks to its impact resistant polycarbonate material. The dome is UV resistant, preventing harmful UV rays from entering your RV. In addition, the polycarbonate material prevents deterioration due to sun damage. You will love the beautiful and durable skylight.

    RV skylight dome is available in three colors: clear, translucent white, and smoked. All three options do a great job of allowing natural light to filter into your RV; however, the option you choose will greatly affect the mood and atmosphere of your return trip. The dimension of the dome is 22 “x 30” x 4 “. As for the flange, the dimension is 26” x 34 “. In addition, the flange comes with guides to use as mounting holes, which makes installation very easy. and beginner friendly. In addition, polycarbonate is UV resistant. This prevents the material from cracking, staining or generally deteriorating due to UV exposure and prevents harmful UV rays from entering the RV This is a Perfect product for those looking for a simple and convenient RV skylight.

    For those of you looking for a good RV replacement skylight, you’ll want to check this out. First of all, it is made of thick, shock-resistant polycarbonate. Clear plastic allows beautiful natural light to shine on your RV. Additionally, this canopy is UV resistant, so it will prevent harmful UV rays from entering the RV. In addition to this, the polycarbonate plastic will not warp or deteriorate from sun damage. The dome dimension is 22 “x 30” x 4 “, while the flange dimension is 26” x 34 “Overall, you will be very satisfied with this efficient, durable, and beautiful RV skylight.

    BriRus K1422WLP White Low Profile Single Pane Exterior Skylight Kit

    The BriRus K1422WLP Low Profile White Exterior Skylight Kit contains high performance thermoformed polycarbonate for easy cleaning and durability. Being a single pane skylight, you will not need a metal flange. It has a smooth exterior and weighs only about five pounds. The best part is that there is a size to replace most of the original equipment. It comes with everything you need to install the skylight in your RV.

    The kit parts are made from thermoformed polycarbonate, making it extremely durable. Polycarbonate creates impact resistant products and these skylights can combat impact in all weather conditions. Like all other polycarbonate skylights, the parts in this kit are also essential to clean. If there is a build-up of dust, grime, or grime, all you need to do is use a cloth and mild soap to remove the stains. Due to the durability of the material, long-term imperfections are unlikely to form. With this complete skylight kit, you can complete the entire process without professional help. So the investment is worth it. The skylight adds a factor in aesthetic values ​​and functionality, and there’s an offer you can’t refuse!

    Specialty Recreation K1422ELP Low Profile Single Pane Exterior Skylight Kit

    The Hobby Special Skylight Kit is a simple design made from high quality polycarbonate known for its durability. Investing in a sustainable product is the best solution you can do with your money. Don’t be fooled by the thin coating, it is also weather resistant. You have so much more for camping and traveling with this skylight in your motorhome and you’re not afraid of a hail storm, not to mention it’s UV resistant too.

    Rust is the least of your worries when buying this skylight due to its ability to resist rust. Cleaning is quick and stress free. The glass is not clear to see the sky but it does its job perfectly and allows little natural light. When choosing this skylight, first measure the hole opening size and the total exterior size of your RV’s skylight space. You can order an inner liner separately to complete the inner hole.

    The skylight comes in different sizes and you will almost certainly find an option to replace the original manufacturer equipment. Plus, the part is easy to install – once you’re done, it won’t be distinguishable from the original! Polycarbonate thermoforming is a very easy to clean material, which acts as a great advantage. After all, who wants to put a little effort into cleaning their skylight when traveling in an RV? This low profile skylight does not use metal flanges. Choose a skylight equal to or larger than the size of your skylight. The good news is that the kit comes with screws, but you can buy additional putty just to make sure you use it effectively. The installation process is simple and fast, as it comes with a detailed instruction manual to avoid missing a step.

    Your purchase will include a skylight, interior trim, and a tube of urethane sealant. Perfect for RVs, the unit can be used for the general area or shower to take advantage of natural light while traveling.

    Duoform Plastics SLS1422B

    So you want to be able to adjust the amount of light that enters your vehicle? If that’s the case, there’s a strong chance you’ll appreciate Duoform Plastics SLS1422B. This RV skylight has an inbuilt cover that allows you to filter off light from outside sources as needed. Furthermore, with top-of-the-line heat shielding technology that reflects sunlight, the shade aids in temperature regulation, which is a huge benefit for summer travel.

    The Duoform Plastics skylight for RV shower requires only a few moments to install on standard rigs because to its simple setup technique. Its proportions allow it to work with a wide range of skylight openings without the need for adjustments to ensure perfect fit. Aside from that, this skylight excels in inhibiting mold growth due to its ability to withstand high levels of humidity. As a result, many evaluations rate it as the best RV bathroom skylight.

    The SLS1422B’s low-profile body adds significant drag to recreational vehicles after installation, which is an intriguing feature. As a result, with this camper skylight, you may alter the interior illumination as needed while still keeping fuel economy.

    ICON 01866 RV Skylight

    ICON 01866 RV Skylight
    • Outer Dimension: 28" x 15", Dome Dimension: 24" x 12" x 4"

    Despite its lack of remarkable features, Icon 01866 is a fantastic skylight for campers that rarely disappoints. This skylight is made of sturdy Polycarbonate and will stay in one piece no matter what the elements throw at it. It might also supply an abundance of sunlight to the interior of recreational vehicles because to the clear color structure. As a result, RV owners who want to replace artificial illumination from fixtures on the road with natural sunlight regularly praise this skylight.

    The 01866 takes less time to set up on recreational vehicles because it is light and compact, which is beneficial for those with busy schedules. It’s worth noting that the measurements of this travel trailer skylight are conventional, thus compatibility isn’t an issue. It merely takes re-application of sealants every now and then to maintain the water barrier. This RV skylight is for you if you prefer to spend more time traveling and less time maintaining your vehicle.

    At first sight, the Icon skylight appears to be a little pricey in comparison to its competitors, but the benefits it provides justify its cost. A one-year warranty covers post-purchase support, giving RVing aficionados piece of mind.

    Bri-Rus SL1414W

    Bri-Rus SL1414W 14 Inch x 14 Inch Rectangle White RV Parts
    • Skylights are made of high performance thermoformed polycarbonate to be long lasting and easy to clean

    Bri-Rus SL1414W, which is made of high-performance Polycarbonate, remains together well in the outdoors in most circumstances. This RV skylight is capable of dealing with anything from weather to physical impacts on a regular basis. Needless to say, many RVers who travel throughout the year and place a premium on endurance consider it a must-have. In addition, the beautiful white hue of this skylight dome provides a wonderful touch to the appearance of conventional rigs.

    The Bri-Rus skylight for RV is designed to suit skylight apertures on a variety of recreational vehicles and is available in the standard fourteen-by-14 size. You believe your vehicle’s original skylight is insufficient and are looking for a replacement that can be installed without requiring extensive modifications? Then this RV skylight is going to be one of the best options available right now. Though it comes at a high price, its long lifespan will help you save money in the long term.

    The SL1414W is a low-maintenance model that only requires basic care, so there’s no need to spend a lot of time looking after it while it’s in use. It’s also backed by a complete manufacturer warranty, so RV owners have something to fall back on if things go wrong.

    RV Skylight Buying Guide


    Whether your rig has skylight apertures or you plan to rip through the roof to install skylights, measurements must be considered. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on models that aren’t compatible with your recreational vehicle. To ensure that your money is wisely spent, consider where you want to put skylights and collect measurements. With the information gathered, you should be able to quickly establish the suitability of a travel trailer skylight.


    Skylights for RVs are available in a variety of shapes, including round, square, and rectangular options. Keep in mind that the shape of skylights can have an impact on anything from the setup process to the performance of setups. In most circumstances, you can choose the best shape for your RV skylights by considering the roof of your vehicle. As a result, you should have an easier time selecting unsuitable models from your shortlist and saving time.


    After that, your skylights would have to withstand a slew of elements in the open air. As a result, unless you have the funds to repair skylights on a regular basis, it is commonly recommended that you pay attention to strength. Normally, you can tell if a certain model will last over time by examining the material. Still, for good measure, you should read consumer reviews and see what they have to say about market models.


    While many companies manufacture skylights for RVs, a few stand out from the crowd in terms of reputation. If you’re looking for no-nonsense skylights, look for versions made by Icon, RecPro, Specialty Recreation, and others. Though the aforementioned companies’ skylights continue to generate complaints from RVers on occasion, they continue to outperform versions from lesser-known brands. Furthermore, well-known brands usually have a developed customer service that can assist consumers with problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an RV skylight?

    Simply described, an RV skylight is a structure with light-transmitting capabilities that is part of the ceiling of recreational vehicles. RV skylights are typically made up of two parts: the inner liner and the exterior cover. The inside liner allows natural light into the interior while the outer cover protects it from the outdoors.

    How can I clean my RV skylight?

    To clean polycarbonate skylights successfully, all you need is a little soap, warm water, and a washcloth – it’s that simple! Avoid using ammonia and other harsh cleaning chemicals because they can damage the temperature and UV stabilization, as well as the material’s strength.

    How Big Should the Skylight Be?

    For existing provisions, simply measure the opening and pick a skylight that suits the space. To ensure that the measurements are exact, you might have a custom-made skylight manufactured. If you want to spend less money, you can go with ready-made solutions. Most manufacturers offer alternatives that are designed to fit pre-made allowances.

    If you need to cut into your RV’s ceiling, look into easily available sizes and choose the one that best fits the size of your trailer home. As we all know, size does not always imply superiority. If you install a skylight that is too large, you may have various issues, which we shall address later in the text.

    How do you install a skylight in an RV?

    Because different RV skylights have distinct properties, the installation technique varies from model to model. Aside from that, you should think about the condition of your vehicle before placing skylights on it. Depending on the circumstances, skylight installation could take anything from a few hours to several days. Of course, you may always hire someone else to execute the setup procedures in your place.